15 Bizarre Things These Moms Are Doing That Make Them Completely Normal

Sometimes, parenting can make moms feel a little crazy. When they really sit back and think about all of the crazy things that they have done as moms, it’s normal to question if they are doing something wrong. Nobody wants to be deemed the “weird mom” but some of the things moms do really are weird.

The thing is: weird is normal. There is no doubt that motherhood is a job that requires many different hats. However, a great mom can pull off all the different styles perfectly. And, although it may look weird for someone on the outside, other moms know that it is completely normal.

It’s really funny when moms do certain things with their kids and feel like they are the only ones doing it, when in reality most moms are in the same boat. From smelling dirty diapers to avoiding certain aisles in the grocery store when you’re with your kids, motherhood is more similar than people want to think. Often times, certain actions are mimicked simply because that person saw another mom doing it. When actions are done in public, it feels like they are not as weird or secretive. In fact, here are 15 examples of weird things moms do that are completely normal.

15 Smells Her Baby’s Bottom

mom smelling dirty diaper

Most of us now don’t think twice when we see a mom pick up a little baby and take a big whiff of their butt. However, this is pretty weird when you truly think about it. It’s not every day that we see humans smelling each other’s butts. We aren’t animals after all. However, this weird act of parenting has become completely normal.

Smelling diapers in public has become a commonality. We don’t even blink when it’s seen and this is because so many people started doing it that it became normal.

Anything really can become normal after a while if enough people start doing it.

According to Motherly, smelling a diaper to see if it was time for a change is such an instinctive and innate response. For most mothers, it’s done without even thinking. One mom explains that men are not as quick to get on board with this whole snipping thing. And, it can actually work against them. There have been many times when men go to change their child’s diaper just to find out the smell was gas. This could have been avoided if he just sniffed the butt. In those early stages of parenthood, every moment is precious and it’s clear that snipping the butt is the best way to go.

14 Caters To Her Kids’ Weird Food Demands

Some parents make whatever food they want and if their kids don’t eat it then they go hungry. However, it is also very normal to go out of your way to make your kids meals that they will actually eat. I know it can be hard sometimes and other moms might think you are catering too much to your child or bending over backward just to please them. However, that is completely normal. We want our kids to be happy and healthy. If we know they aren’t going to eat that spaghetti we put on the table, we make them something else because an empty stomach is not a healthy child.

According to Today.com, picky eating is common among children just like it’s common among parents. However, picky eating has become one of the most common parental concerns. It is advised to simply keep trying and provide your child and your family with healthy options, but don’t force them down their throat. Mom’s are told not to cater to the picky eaters of the family, but many of us have a mommy instinct and just can’t let our child go hungry, and that is totally normal. As long as the alternative food is healthy too, there really isn’t a problem.

13 Picks Her Child’s Nose

mom smelling dirty diaper

Picking noses is something that is definitely not accepted in society, but when a mother picks their child’s nose, that is totally normal. When children are young and get congested, they really have no idea how to remove all that gunk from their sinuses. They just know that their head hurts and they can’t breathe out of their nose anymore. While picking your kid’s nose might seem gross and too invasive, it is actually a completely normal thing that moms do. They have even created those little sinus suctions to help do the job.

Apparently, there are a lot of parents who pick their baby’s noses, but they are unsure of whether it’s normal or not.

According to Imamother.com, the kids might not always like it when their mom picks out the boogers, but leaving the hard stuff in there can make your baby look like they have a cold and it could even bother them.

Let this be some reassurance to all the moms out there that there is nothing wrong with removing gunk from your child’s nose and it is a completely normal mom thing to do. That doesn’t mean people in public won’t still think it’s gross. But, other moms will totally understand.

12 Checks If Her Baby Is Still Breathing

mom check for breathing

It’s pretty common knowledge that most moms will overreact and stress and worry about everything regarding their child. Especially when their child is in the baby faze, putting them down for a nap or even for the night can be an extremely stressful time because you’re not going to be able to make sure that they are okay for every second of the day.

While it may seem a little crazy or over paranoid, a lot of moms will actually check in on their kid in the middle of the night to make sure that they are still breathing. This is a totally normal mom thing to do and it really just shows how much love a mom has for her child.

When I was growing up my brother had really bad anxiety and always thought that his heart would stop beating if he fell asleep. So, my mom would have to sit on his bed with her hand on his heart and make sure that it was beating until he fell asleep. This might seem crazy, but moms will do anything to make sure that their child feels safe, healthy, and taken care of. When mom’s check in on their children, it’s because they love them so much and it is a totally normal thing to do.

11 Carries A Mini Grocery Store With Her

moms food snacks purse

Moms just always seem to have everything that their kids need even when they are out of the house and running errands. Moms know that kids get cranky and tired throughout the day. They can see ahead and know that by the third stop on the list of errands to do, their child is going to be hungry and bored. It is so normal for moms to carry an endless number of little kid snacks inside her bag.

Sometimes, it might even look like she is carrying a mini grocery store in there just because she has multiple different snack options and treats. While this might seem like a way to bribe your kids to get them to run errands with you, it’s actually just a way to make sure they are taken care of when they get cranky.

Moms can ask a lot of their kids sometimes and so it’s only normal and fair to give a little back to them when they need it.

According to Modernmom.com, it is best to keep healthy snacks on you so that you don’t have to feel bad about what you are giving your child. Some healthy snack options that were suggested were fresh fruit, veggies and hummus, crackers, and trail mix. All of these foods are nutritional and energizing and yet, the moms don’t have to feel guilty about them later. It’s the perfect tactic.

10 Secretly Watches Those Little Kid Shows

I know, I know, Sunday morning cartoons are for the kids. At least, that is what most moms tell other people. However, it is totally normal and pretty adorable when moms also get attached to those animated characters.

When I was growing up, Rugrats, Rocket Power, and As Told By Ginger were the biggest shows. My brothers and I would make our parents watch them with us and the fact that they seemed to genuinely enjoy them made the time even more special. Most good parents will at least pretend to like shows like Barney or Teletubbies simply because they know it makes their kids happier.

However, many moms really do enjoy these shows and even find themselves watching them when their kids aren’t around. There is nothing to be embarrassed about because this is totally normal. According to Popsugar Mom, kid shows are actually catering to the parents as well and becoming family shows. When there is a funny or creative show on television, and parents have some downtime to kill, it’s totally normal to just relax and enjoy the show with your kids. With any good storyline, parents are bound to get hooked on these shows just like their kids.

9 Makes Sure Her Child Is Going #2

moms make sure kids go poop

The ins and outs of pooping are not always the most fun conversation to have, but as any good mom will understand, sometimes it’s a necessary one. Once children get to the potty training phase, it’s harder for moms to monitor when the last poop has taken place.

It can be a bit concerning because going days without going number two can cause problems, blockage, and really start to hurt your child’s stomach. This is just one of those gross topics that moms can’t afford to avoid because it isn’t classy or cute.

Sometimes being a good and concerned mom needs to come first, which is why keeping track of your kid’s #2 schedule is totally normal.

Popsugar states that if your child is constantly constipated, it might actually be hurting them to go number two. It is recommended that this is addressed through a change in diet. A few basic tips are to eat more fiber, drink enough water, and remove any foods that they may be allergic to.

When it comes down to it, talking about poop and dietary issues is just one of those things that mothers don’t get to avoid. It is a necessary topic of conversation for many kids and parents and that is why it is totally normal. It may feel odd to talk about these things with other people, but it is truly nothing to be weird or awkward about.

8 Starts Talking To Herself

moms who talk to themselves

Once moms start talking to themselves they might feel like they’ve gone a little crazy. But, fear not because this is a totally normal aspect of motherhood. When moms first have babies, they talk to them all day long even though those babies can’t talk back yet. Moms get in the habit of basically talking to themselves, simply because they want their newborn to hear their voice and let it sooth them. As time goes on though, it might be normal for some moms to stay in that habit of basically talking to herself.

According to Elite Daily,

moms who talk to themselves are not crazy at all, they are actually geniuses.

For some people, thinking out loud helps them organize their thoughts and make sense of everything that is going on. When you are a busy mom with a million things to do, it might make things much easier to start talking out loud. Our memories actually work better when we verbally say things out loud. However, that doesn’t mean this will only happen in the comfort of your own home. Some moms talk out loud to themselves when they are outside on walks, at the grocery store or even waiting to pick their kids up from school. If this is you, don’t worry. It’s a totally normal mommy move.

7 Uses Wipes For Everything

Via: nicole__angela Instagram

Oh, moms and their baby wipes. It is truly a love dynamic. Some moms really don’t know how they would survive if they didn’t have those wet wipes on handy all the time. However, as motherhood progresses, many moms will realize that they use those handy baby wipes for way more than simply wiping their baby.

Baby wipes have become napkins, paper towel replacements, makeup remover and so much more. When I was younger, I went with my friend to feed her pigs and we all used baby wipes after to clean our hand and our boots. Baby wipes really do have a million uses and it’s totally normal for moms to be innovative and take advantage of all of them.

According to Modern Parents Messy Kids, you can actually clean your entire house using baby wipes. And, with certain natural wipes, moms can feel completely comfortable letting their kids help out and use these wipes to clean as well. Baby wipes are made to be really thick and absorbent because they are designed to be used for kids’ faces, hands, and butts! Many moms claim to keep these wipes around the house so they are available for multiple uses and when kids get messy.

6 Busts Out Animal Noises On The Daily

parents make animal noises kids

Moms will do just about anything to keep their kids happy and entertained. Sometimes, this even means getting down on her hands and knees and making animal noises and pretending to be animals with their kids. The best moms are the ones who don’t worry about what other people will think and don’t get embarrassed to be hands-on and play with their kids. Kids have wild imaginations and simply love life when they are little. By joining in on the fun, moms bring a smile to their kid’s face, they teach them about animal noises, and get to let loose and have a little fun too.

According to Icanteachmychild.com,

making animal sounds can actually help and improve your child’s development. Animal sounds are a monumental milestone in children.

Once young kids make the connection with the sounds that animals make and actually attempt to mimic it themselves, their language development usually takes off from there. So when moms make animal sounds, it is a totally normal part of parenting and even assists with child development. For kids, learning animal sounds is a fun precursor to reading and helps with cognitive development since you're asking what an animal says, and they have to think and then respond.

5 Stays Unfazed By Bodily Fluids

baby gross bodily fluid

There is no doubt that moms almost instantly have to become immune to the grossness that is associated with bodily fluids. Babies are honestly just mini humans who only know how to pee, poop, and throw up when they are little. As a mom, your main job is to simply take care of this mini human when they are first born.

If moms were grossed out by bodily fluids, it would be very difficult to do the job. It may seem like it goes against nature, but it is totally normal for moms to simply attack those dirty diapers and spit up stains with pride. As new moms, you quickly realize that time is precious and wasting time being grossed out about diaper explosions and throw up will only make your more tired and exhausted. It’s better just to get them cleaned fast.

According to Starvalleyindependent.com, in the beginning, stages of motherhood, spit-up or throw-up seemed like the worst thing ever. However, as time goes on, most moms are very thankful when the fluids come out of the north end instead of the south end. It is really just about picking your battles. All the messes need to get cleaned up anyway, and usually, spit-up is easier than a diaper explosion.

4 Sits In The Car Because Her Kid Fell Asleep

So, you have a million things to do and your child decides to fall asleep in the car. You as a mom know that if you wake them up, they will be cranky and a handful for the rest of the day. However, you are running out of time and need to get your errands done. The dilemma is a real one, and one that so many moms have had to go through. It is totally normal to spend over an hour just sitting in your car because you simply don’t want to wake up your sleeping kid. It can actually make for some really good memories as your child gets older.

According to Theconversation.com, if kids are falling asleep in the car it means that they needed that sleep. Our bodies know when we didn’t get enough rest and it will find times or places to allow us to catch up. This is why so many moms don’t wake up their kids. They know that their baby needs that rest, and so sitting in the car becomes a normal part of their weekly routine. Some moms even choose to bring books or activities so that they can try to be a little productive while their child catches up on sleep.

3 Avoids Specific Aisles In The Grocery Store

Some people call it genius, others call it desperation. Either way, most moms know how dangerous it can be to walk down certain aisles in the grocery store when you have curious kids with you. One wrong move and you have a million grabby hands trying to pile in sugary cereal, candy, and toys.

Moms learn quickly that it is best to just skip the aisles that she knows she doesn’t need anything in because this way she doesn’t have to battle a begging little kid who can be very convincing at times.

According to Thehumblehomemaker.com, toddler meltdowns in the grocery store happen to the best of us. It doesn’t matter how great of a parent you are. Sometimes kids just throw tantrums and the only thing moms can control is how they choose to react to it. While it may be easy to cave under public embarrassment, it’s important to remember that there will be judgment everywhere. The best thing to do is to stick to your guns as a mom. It is advised that moms should avoid going to the grocery store during a mealtime or a nap time. They should also bring snacks with them, and of course, avoid the aisles that might cause the chaos.

2 Takes Selfies With Her Kids

This may not have been normal even a few years back, but now taking a selfie with your baby is totally normal. We see celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian using Snapchat filters on their new daughters, and tons of moms snapping cute photos of their faces with their kids.

Some people try to bash on technology and make it seem like taking selfies or being consumed in your phone is somehow conceited or teaching your child something bad. But, don’t let this societal stigma stop you from doing something you love with your kids. There are tons of moms and families who enjoy snapping selfies throughout their day or even week and then having those memories to look back on.

According to Scary Mommy, advocating for more photos with the kids and family is a good thing. It is a terrible feeling when you are looking for pictures of someone and you can hardly find any. Selfies allow moms to take pictures with their kids even when her husband is not around. These are family memories that you will never get back and it is totally normal to want to capture those moments even if it is through a selfie.

1 Cries Every Night

teen mom crying chelsea houska

Moms cry. I understand that this might seem taboo or be something that a lot of moms want to hide, but it really does not need to be this big secret. Being a mom is a hard, stressful, and tiring job. Sometimes moms get overwhelmed and hit their breaking point. Sometimes moms just need a few moments to themselves to have a good cry and then they can pick themselves back up and get back to the parenting.

It is so normal for moms to cry, but for some reason, it is perceived as a sign of weakness and so many women try to hide this or only cry in private. However, it is much better and healthier to simply let your emotions out and embrace how you are feeling.

According to Mom.me, new moms cry a lot after they have their baby and it is something that they are not prepared for. They cry because they are happy. They cry because they are tired. Moms cry for a lot of reasons. It might be because of other people, it might be because of the hormones, or it could be because of the stresses that come with motherhood. However, it is important to understand that crying is a normal way of expressing your emotions and so many moms are in this same boat. So, please, don’t feel like an outsider for crying because you are not.

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