15 Things These Moms Do To Pass The Time

There is no telling what some of these women do when they think that nobody is watching. From secret admissions to hilarious situations, these moms hold nothing back. Some of them are lonely housewives who engage in questionable behavior out of sheer boredom. They flirt, sneak around, and do all sorts of shady things without anyone ever knowing.

Other confessions are more innocent and many of these ladies have guilty pleasures that help them get through the grueling days of being a stay-at-home mom. They might hide from their crazy kids or binge eat in the laundry room. Some of these women lie to their husbands about where they are or would do just about anything to get a break from the demands of motherhood. From sneaking a drink to escaping to the movies, these ladies are fessing up.

Sometimes a mom might have a disgusting habit that they don’t want anyone to discover or have strange thoughts that they hide from the world. Many of these mothers have a wandering eye and engage in all sorts of salacious activities. You won’t believe what these women admit to doing when they thought that nobody was watching.

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15 Gangsta Mom


This Whisper confession introduces us to a mom who doesn’t fit the stereotype of a suburban mom. Sure, she may look the part while driving her kids to school in her minivan, but this lady has a secret pleasure. She’s probably all smiles as her children step out of the vehicle for the day in the drop off line and the moment that van door slides closed, she partakes in a hilarious indulgence.

Our confessor admits that she listens to gangsta rap on full blast as she drives home from dropping her kids off at school. I can just envision this woman, rapping at her reflection in the rearview mirror as she drives through her quiet neighborhood. I sort of want to be this woman’s friend. I bet that she’s a blast to be with on mom’s night out.

14 Alone In The Night


Regret can be a heavy emotion to deal with and this mom confesses that on nights when she can’t sleep, she engages in some shady behavior. On those lonely nights, when insomnia hits, and her family is fast asleep, our confessor sneaks off to her computer and trolls her ex-boyfriend's Facebook page. Clearly, this woman still has feelings for her old flame because she admits to crying her eyeballs out as she looks at pictures of his life without her.

This is a pretty big secret to carry around. It’s all too easy to look at someone’s profile and think that their life is perfect. Chances are, her ex’s life probably isn’t all that he makes it out to be on social media. Although, many women find themselves married with children and looking longingly at the man that got away.

13 A Moment Of Peace


This woman is a total genius and should win an award for “mom of the year”. She has the most clever way to carve out a moment for herself in the midst of parenting young children. This mother admits to playing hide and seek with her children but with a twist. The little ones hide and while they’re quietly hidden somewhere in the house, she simply doesn’t look for them. Instead, she puts her feet up and reads a magazine in peace.

This is an amazing solution to surviving a long day with rambunctious kids. The house is silent, the kids are busy, and mom gets a break. Everybody wins in this scenario. I wonder how long the children stay hidden before they realize that their mom isn’t even looking for them?

12 50 Shades Of Mom


By the sounds of this juicy confession, things get a little bit steamy for this mom while she waits in the car line to pick her kids up from school. This woman admits that she secretly reads the book 50 Shades of Gray in her car. For those of you who have been living under a rock and might not know what she’s talking about, 50 Shades of Gray is an erotic romance novel written by EL James.

For those of you that are familiar with the series, you know just how salacious this admission is. I sort of love the idea of a cookie cutter mom getting all revved up by this book while she’s waiting for her children to get out of school. Why not add a little bit of excitement to otherwise boring day?

11 Hot For Teacher


This next mom is totally hot for her kid’s teacher and admits to some pretty naughty behavior. She confesses to wearing low cut shirts to parent-teacher conferences. Not only does she intentionally flash her lady lumps but it sounds like she gets pretty flirty with him as well. I have a few questions for this lady.

What kind of game does this mom have? I can just imagine her squeezing her chest together as she leans in while they go over her child’s progress report. Maybe she chews on the end of a pen seductively as they review reading scores? Does she bat her eyelashes while he discusses her child’s class performance? The possibilities are endless. I suppose that flirting with the teacher certainly is one way to ensure that your kiddo gets good grades.

10 A Gross Habit


Our next confession stars a woman who got caught doing something totally gross while she was alone in the bathroom. Much to her chagrin, her teenage son burst open the door and discovered her biting her own toenails. Um...gross! First of all, if she had this secret habit that she didn’t want anyone to know about, then she totally should have locked the door. That’s a crucial step when you’re trying to be sneaky.

Also, how does one bite one’s toenails without pausing to think that it might not be a good idea? I mean, feet are covered in germs. Not to mention that she must be pretty limber to be old enough to have a teenager and still somehow manage to get her toes to her mouth. Her poor son is probably traumatized.

9 Keeping Things Spicy


After a couple have been married for a bit and have little children, it takes some work to keep the romance alive. Between sleepless nights, busy schedules, and the sheer insanity of it all, sometimes a lady has to take things into her own hands. This next confession was written by a mom who admits that she engages in some saucy behavior while her kids take naps.

This woman snaps naughty pics of herself and sends them to her husband while he’s at work. Kudos to this lady for using her free time to keep things spicy. This should be a lesson to all the tired moms out there. It may be tempting to take a nap while the little ones are napping but your marriage will be better if you change out of your sweats and into something slinky now and again.

8 White Lies


Our next confession shines some light on the secrets that women hide from their husbands. This harried stay-at-home mom admits that after she’s had a hard day with the kids, she hands them off to her hubby, and runs out the door. He thinks that she’s going shopping at the grocery store but he is totally in the dark. This mom confesses that she actually goes to a bar instead.

Who can blame this woman? It’s clear that she feels cooped up at home with the children and needs a break. I'm sure that her husband wouldn’t care if he knew that she made a pit stop at the local bar. However, it’s probably more fun for her to keep it a secret. Or maybe he’s a controlling jerk? Either way, it’s obvious that this mama needs a drink!

7 Blame It On The Dog


This next confession was written by a mom who has a problem with self-control. She admits that while her kids were at school, she ate almost all of their Halloween candy. If this wasn’t bad enough, when her children discovered that most of their treats were gone, she totally blamed it on the dog. Quick thinking, mom! I have to admit that I’m impressed.

This lady is probably the smartest person alive. I really can’t blame her for eating all the candy. Who can resist the lure of chocolate? She probably works really hard to keep her household running smoothly and deserved a sugary reward. I bet that the dog is bad news so the cover-up totally worked. This is a foolproof plan that every mother should enact next Halloween.

6 Mommy's Little Secret


Moms can learn a lot from each other and all the mamas should take notes from this lady. She confesses that she hides snacks in the laundry room. Her family thinks that she’s behind closed doors, folding clothes and ironing shirts, but she has a dark secret. Instead of tending to the laundry, our confessor is actually shoving Little Debbie snacks into her face.

I sort of love that out of all the deviant things one could be engaging in when they’re alone, this woman is binge-eating Fudge Rounds and Star Crunches. If her house is anything like mine, no snack is safe from the kids, so hiding treats really isn't a bad idea. I hope that no one ever discovers her secret stash and she can enjoy this indulgence forever.

5 No Shame


Being a mom is hard work, especially if you’re breastfeeding a baby. So, we're thrilled that this mom found a treat in her nursing bra. She admits that she discovered a bite of a chocolate chip cookie in there and totally ate it. This is hilarious on so many levels.

To start with, she is indirectly confessing to enjoying a cookie at some point in the near past. Then, she is being exposed as being a messy eater who might drop cookie crumbs down her shirt. Finally, our confessor admits that she has no shame and ate said crumb when it was found later. This woman should be a mascot for tired moms everywhere. May we all find yummy treats in our bra and scarf them down without a second thought.

4 What He Doesn't Know


This next confession was written by a church-going woman who tells a white lie to her husband now and again. While he thinks that she’s attending bible study, our confessor is actually sneaking away to see a movie. Look, she doesn’t get any judgment from me. Sometimes a mom’s got to do what a mom’s got to do. If she can’t carve out any time for herself, then good for her for being sneaky.

I hope that this is just a guilty pleasure and that her husband isn't so controlling that the only way that she can go to the movies is if she lies and says that she’s at church. Whatever the case may be, we’re all for women taking a break and enjoying a chick flick now and again.

3 Flashing Mama


Next, we have quite the scandalous Whisper confession. This woman admits that she is so bored as a stay-at-home mom that she totally flashed her lady bits when getting out of the shower in front of the bug-guy. This took some clever timing and strategic planning on her part. She had to jump in the shower and wait to exit until he was spraying right outside her bathroom window.

This woman is not kidding when she says that she’s bored. Who has the energy to orchestrate all of this naughty stuff? Clearly, her husband just isn’t doing it for her anymore. If you find yourself purposefully flashing the exterminator, it might be time to schedule a romantic trip with the hubs. I’m sure that the bug-guy loved the show, though.

2 Clueless Hubby


Many women find themselves in a situation similar to the next confession. This woman admits that her husband is so clueless that she texts other men while he is sitting right next to her on the couch. He is so engrossed in playing video games that he's oblivious to the fact that she is going behind his back and chatting with other guys.

If he would get his nose out of the game and pay even the slightest bit of attention to her, then she wouldn’t feel the need to text other men. Unfortunately, many ladies admit that their husband is so wrapped up in playing video games that they feel completely ignored. These poor ladies are desperate for attention and will go out and find it, even if it's right under their husband's nose.

1 Sneaky Mama


This sneaky mommy is tricking her kids, big time. She admits to pouring wine in a plastic cup and then telling her children that she’s drinking juice. Either this woman just figured out an amazing parenting hack or she has a problem with alcohol. Whatever the case may be, she’s pretty clever for finding a way to partake in an adult beverage without her kids knowing about it.

For those that have had little kids at home, some of us would probably confess to needing a stiff drink after the countless house of kissing boo boos, changing diapers, cooking, and keeping the house clean. I could use a drink just from typing all that stuff. Kudos to the moms who find a way to make it through the day without having a mental breakdown.

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