15Waterbeds Can Be A Hazard

via: sciencemag.org

Apparently chilling in a waterbed is not an option for pregnant women. Studies have shown that waterbeds are not safe for women carrying a baby in their womb. Those who sleep in a waterbed have an increased rate of miscarrying. The concern here is the temperature. It is not safe

to overheat one’s body when pregnant. Studies have also proven that exposure to a temperature of 101 degrees for a long time can cause a miscarriage. It is, therefore, best to keep the temperature cool.

Electricity is used to heat the waterbed. It, therefore, omits a low frequency magnetic field (EMF). Some small studies show that when a pregnant woman is exposed to EMF, there is a higher risk of miscarriage and other birth defects. If you have a waterbed it is better to look for an alternative to avoid any risks of losing the child or having a child with defects.

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