15 Things To Know About New Trend Called Belly Pumping

It might not be fair at all, but America is known for being somewhat of a fat and lazy nation. The good news that might be changing somewhat. In our world today it can kind of seem like more people are concerned about health and fitness than ever before. There is nothing wrong with people wanting to be healthier. It is noticeable with how many healthy options there are on menus at restaurants and all the gyms that are all over the place. All those gyms mean that people are exercising.

In fact, at times it can seem like everyone is exercising, and not just exercising but participating in the latest exercise fad. This country is no stranger to exercise fads. As amazing as it may seem exercise fads can also involve pregnant women.

There is a new exercise that is becoming very popular among pregnant women that is called belly pumping. The thing about belly pumping is that it is exactly what it sounds like. Belly pumping is a pretty interesting phenomenon, and that are 15 things you should really know about the exercise that many pregnant women are doing.

15 It's An Exercise Craze

The first thing to know about belly pumping is that it is something of an exercise craze, and yes, it can honestly be called that. You just need to Google it and that will prove it. It seems as if every news outlet has done a story on it talking about the new exercise known as belly pumping. Numerous women are doing this new and unique exercise.

Not only are they doing it they are putting it on the internet for the world to see.You may have even heard about it on television. It is certainly something that is taking the world by storm, and seems to be everywhere these days.  There is a good reason for all this attention.

14 It Makes The Baby Bump Disappear  


The reason that videos of woman doing it have been taking the internet by storm. It appears that women are making their baby bumps disappear which is a sight to see. There are likely various reasons why women do it. However, women are probably doing this exercise because of the health benefits that it is suppose to have for women.

Of course, women are not actually making their baby bumps disappear, but rather exercising in a unique way. What they are doing is expanding and contracting their abdominal muscles through diaphragmatic breathing ( breathing from the diaphragm). This pulls their babies deeper and deeper into their abdomen as they inhale and pressing them forward as they exhale. That creates the illusion that women's baby bumps are essentially disappearing which is what is amazing everyone on the internet.

13 It's All Over Social Media 

These days you can always tell if something is popular by checking it out on the internet especially on social media. In fact, celebrities are often judge by how popular than are on social media. Nothing is anything if it is not on social media. It was mentioned that you can find out just how big belly pumping is by Googling. For further proof just check out social media.

Videos and images of women doing belly pumping are all over sites like Instagram and Facebook. Considering that belly pumping looks like women are making their baby bumps almost magically disappear it is no wonder that people want to share it with their friends on social media. Social media is also helping belly pumping become a bona fide craze just like it has done with so many crazes in the past. For example,do you remember the Ice Bucket Challenge or planking?

12 It's Not Actually Called Belly Pumping 


If you want to find out all about this new exercise fad doing a search for belly pumping is a good way to go about it. However, that might not exactly be the best thing to do. The fact is belly pumping is just sort of a nickname for the exercise that is so popular with mothers to be. It’s actual name is less descriptive.

The exercise is actually called the Bloom Method. Information and a dedicated website for the exercise method can be found simply by Googling the Bloom Method. It is only called belly pumping because when doing the exercise it does rather look like a woman is pumping her pregnant belly. It gives people a much greater idea of what the exercise is than it's actual name of the Bloom Method. Also it is not hard to imagine that people may simply like calling it belly pumping rather than the rather boring sounding Bloom Method.

11 It Was Created By A Personal Trainer

If you do go to the Bloom Method.com you can read about it’s creator. Ironically her name is not Bloom. It is actually Cates, Brooke Cates. Considering she invented an exercise you can probably guess what she does for a living. She is a personal trainer that lives in Colorado.

Being a personal trainer she knows a thing or two about exercise. She claims she invented the exercise because she wants to empower women before, during, and after their pregnancies. She also claims the Bloom Method uses innovative techniques when it comes to exercise. Just looking at someone doing the exercise and making her pregnant stomach go away, it is hard to not agree with her on that point.

10 It Can Help With Back Pain 

It is true that a great many women are practicing the Bloom Method or belly pumping. Some women may be doing this just to try it out and catch on to the new big thing. However, a lot of women most likely practice belly pumping because of the health benefits that is associated with it. One such benefit is that it can help with lower back pain.

It is not hard to imagine why pregnant women would want some relief from back pain. It is a very common symptom of pregnancy. The creator of belly pumping, Brooke Cates, makes the claim that belly pumping can help women with lower back pain. The reason is likely because belly pumping strengthens your abdominal muscles.

9 It Can Help With Stress 


Belly pumping helping with back pain might be a fairly obvious health benefit. However, what could be considered less obvious is that belly pumping could actually help you with stress. This a another claim from the creator of belly pumping. The key to this is breathing from your diaphragm.

Cates claims that breathing from your diaphragm helps put the body in a state of parasympathetic nervous system activation. That is a fancy way of saying that breathing from the diaphragm helps calm us down. Cates believes that breathing from your chest and not your diaphragm actually stresses the body, and activates a sort of fight or flight response in the body. If there is one thing a pregnant woman would want it is less stress.

8 It Helps Maintain Connection To Deep Core Muscles 

It is important to point out that belly pumping does not just involve your breathing. It also involves your muscles. To be more specific it involves your deep core muscles which may not get all that much of a workout under more traditional circumstances. That is part of the reason it helps with back pain.

Belly pumping involves using your deep core in a completely new and different way. Your core muscles are getting a workout like they never have before. A new kind of workout is good for these core muscles. Belly pumping helps moms learn how to perform deep core activation and awareness. When you are pregnant it is especially important to be as healthy possible considering all their body is going through.

7 It Can Prevent Loose Skin 

People do exercises often to be healthy. That can especially be true for pregnant women. Nevertheless, no one can really criticize people, pregnant women included, for wanting to exercise for more vain reasons as well. There is a somewhat vain reason for pregnant women to do belly pumping.

It is not hard to understand that after a woman develops a baby bump that after having the baby there is some loose skin. Loose skin happens anytime weight loss occurs. Belly pumping is said to help prevent women from having loose skin after giving birth. Even though loose skin prevention does not actually have anything to do with health it is not hard to see why pregnant women might want to do something to make their skin less flabby.

6 It Helps Keep The Placenta Healthy 


Of course, a pregnant woman would want to keep herself nice and healthy while they are pregnant. However, they are also obviously very concerned about the health and well-being of their unborn child. It turns out that belly pumping can also have an impact on the baby’s health as well as the moms. Belly pumping can help keep a baby’s placenta healthy.

Brooke Cates claims that exercising during the first and second trimester is very important to keeping the placenta healthy. Exercising pumps more blood and oxygen in the placenta which causes it to become larger and healthier. Therefore, belly pumping can make the placenta more healthy. Lastly, the healthier the placenta is the healthier the baby will be as well.

5 It Can Help With Labor 

Belly pumping can have benefits to a woman while she is pregnant, but the best benefit may occur when it is actually time to have the baby. Belly pumping is said to help a woman with labor. Belly pumping is all about using your abdominal muscles. It is for that reason that women that practice belly pumping have babies faster and more controlled labor than other women.

In short, women that practice belly pumping are more than likely simply better at pushing than women that do not practice it. That is because of their stronger abdominal muscles. With the promise of a easier and quicker birth it is not hard to imagine why women would want to do belly pumping. Fortunately, that is not where it ends.

4 It Can Help With Postpartum 

A quick and easier labor is probably enough reason to get women interested in belly pumping. However, it turns out that belly pumping can actually help women after they go into labor. Belly pumping can also help a woman postpartum as well. To be more specific it can help a woman recover more quickly postpartum.

It is not hard to imagine how belly pumping can help a woman recover after giving birth. Belly pumping can make labor easier which means that a woman would have less to recover from. Nevertheless, belly pumping is said to help women recover after giving birth in general. This is said to be because your core is stronger from belly pumping which can help women heal quicker.

So far, so good, right? However...

3 It May Not Actually Be Better Than Other Exercises 

Belly pumping is a new and different exercise craze. The thing is something new and different might not be for you. You might be into something more traditional like yoga and Pilates. If that is the case then you could be in luck according to some experts.

It turns out that some experts believe that belly pumping is not really any better than other kinds of exercises. Things like yoga and Pilates can also strengthen your abdominal muscles and core which is at the heart of what belly pumping does.That means if the new belly pumping is not for you then you could be okay with more traditional exercises. However, experts claims about belly pumping do not end there.

2 It Might Not Have All The Health Benefits It Claims To 

The creator of belly pumping, Brooke Cates, makes several somewhat remarkable claims about the health benefits of it. As mentioned they included help with back pain and loose skin. The thing is, however, some experts believe that a great many of those claims are not true. The helping of loose skin is a good example of what they are talking about.

Things like stretch marks and loose skin are largely determined by genetics. Some doctors claim that belly pumping cannot help with an easier labor as well. All that means if you are practicing belly pumping for some of the more remarkable effects it is said to have you could be wasting your time. As the old saying goes, if it is too good to be true it probably is. Most importantly though...

1 It Is Perfectly Safe 

Experts might believe that belly pumping will not be all that beneficial to a woman, but they agree that it will not hurt the woman or her baby. It is not hard to look at a women doing belly pumping and questioning its safety. A woman is practically making her belly bump disappear after all. Nevertheless, everyone seems to agree that doing it will not hurt a pregnant woman and more importantly an unborn baby.

It should be remembered it only appears that the baby and baby bump are disappearing. It is not actually going away. In fact, some say it is kind of like giving your baby a hug. So even though it might look harmful it is not.

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