15 Things To Try For Conceiving A Boy

In the past, baby boys were very much preferred over baby girls. Back during when cavemen and fires on sticks and stones were a thing, baby boys would be the ones to grow up into Fred Flintstone and gather food and make shelter for the family. Baby boys who grew up to be men would end up being the protectors and provider for the family while baby girls would grow up to tend to the little ones and to well, reproduce.

Come the Renaissance age, baby boys were expected lead in the war and to rule over kingdoms ( Elizabeth the first notwithstanding....she was one in a million). Sure, men back then wore tights, puffy pants and and ridiculous looking wigs. But they were still the head of the family. And today in the age of technology, the heads of countries and many big corporations are still mostly headed by men (c'mon Hilary! Prove em wrong like Margaret did!)

Hence, many families still prefer to have boys. While gender rules have changed tremendously since the 60's, some households who still hold onto traditional thinking still prioritize boys over girls. In some countries, baby boys so highly viewed that parents resort to abortions, abandonment and even murder upon finding out that their little ones' gender is a female. Shudder.

On a lighter note, when women are planning to try and have a baby boy, or at least are being pressured by family members to try for a boy, then this article might just be for them. Or, if a woman happens not to care about her baby's gender but just happen to have 6 girl toddlers, then maybe this article can shed some light on increasing her chances of birthing a baby boy. Doth thy want to conceive a boy? Let me count thee ways.

16 Ditch The Gym

While being fit and healthy are important, over exercising can actually affect one's chances of getting pregnant. Let alone conceiving a baby boy. After all, too much of anything is never good. Now this does not mean a woman should just sit on the couch and pile up on tacos.

What she can do is exercise but do it in moderation. Studies have proven that excessive exercising increases thr heart rate (like duh!) and this in turn can affect a woman's monthly cycles, reduce her ovulation and menses. So try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising in a way that looks less like there's an OCD problem with gyms.

For one, if a woman has no issues with obesity, then why not try to jog once or twice a week around the park instead if running at the threadmill five days a week? Or we suggest going swimming or hiking once a week, the waters and the view of trees might relax the body, mind and soul even more than the normal rigorous exercising routines.

15 Hello Mr Moon!

According to old wives tales again..man they sure have many tales. Having an intercourse under the full moon won't only turn your man into a wild sexy wolf, it'll increase the chances of you conceiving a baby boy! Whoa!

So the next time you spot a full moon, drag your man into the car, shove him into the office bathroom, pull him into the garage....do anything to take his pants off. You'll be on your way to having a little version of your partner running around! But then again this is a myth that has not been proven.

In fact, many shake their heads at this advise and swear that it increases the chances of conceiving a baby girl instead. So if you are a believer and do not mind having a baby girl instead, go ahead and give it a try.

14 Get Out A Calendar Ladies

Keep track of your ovulation and have a nooky when you are at the peak of ovulating. The window opening for this is very narrow with a limited time frame of 12 to 24 hours. So double check the dates carefully before jumping into bed.

The reason why one should have an intercourse during the ovulation period is because the egg will be there. And if you listened to Mrs Brown in biology class, you'll know that male sperms swim very fast, and therefore will most likely reach the egg before the female sperms ( who swim at a more leisurely pace BUT get to live way longer than the male sperms).

So if you miss the ovulation date by a day or two, chances are the female sperms that arrived last are probably still hanging and chilling around waiting for the egg while the male sperms have gone to lala land.

13 Tell Him To Lay Off The Cigars

It is no secret that smoking kills. It not only kills the cells in one's lungs it also zaps your spouse's sperm count. Not a believer? Go to any website on Google and every article will tell you to get your spouse to lay off smoking.

It not only gives your partner bad breath ( imagine humping while pinching your nose) and yellow teeth ( imagine kissing and licking mustard looking teeth)....eeew. That would be a major turn off. To further convince you, even if you somehow manage to conceive a baby, the baby might not live long enough to see his or her chain smoking dad who succumbed to bronchitis or lung cancer.

Furthermore, the baby might grow up inhaling second hand smoke which would definitely affect his or her health.


11 Have A Quickie

When one has a quick intercourse, one tends to thrust a lot harder and faster. Hence when one thrusts harder, one's penetration will go deeper. And since the male sperms usually swim better and faster against the current compared to the female sperms, the chances of the male sperms reaching the finishing line are way higher. Simple logic. If it still doesn't make sense, think of it as driving a really fast car. Chances are the impact a fast car has will be far greater than a car driving at slow speed when both ram into aunty Mary's white picket fences.

So the next time you feel like having a slow and romantic evening with your partner, don't. You might just end up with a baby girl with pigtails. So make it quick. Like lightning quick. Forget about taking it slow and easy and matching the rhythm to some boring classical music in the background. Better yet, play some heavy metal song to get you guys in the groove.

10 Go On A Pro Alkaline Diet

Yours truly swears by this method. And yours truly has scientific research to back up this claim. Male sperms are known to thrive more in an alkaline environment than they are to a more acidic environment.

Hence, try to switch your diet to one that is more prone to increase the alkaline level in your body. Alkaline forming food such as broccoli ( yuck), beet ( double yuck) and cucumber ( triple yuck) are considered boosters when it comes to trying for a boy.

Alternatively you could try orange juice ( they turn into alkaline once entering your digestive system somehow), tomatoes and bananas are great too. Try reducing the intake of too much meat as they contribute to increasing the acidity in your body so you can substitute your proteins with nuts and tofus instead. Oh the sacrifices a mother has to go through for a baby boy. Hash tag #dramaqueen.

9 Pile Up On Coffee Guys!

Coffee to us is like a booster which keeps us perky and alert after having partied all night long. Coffee to sperms acts as a similar thing. It helps to fuel the sperms' energy to reach their life goal.

So make sure your partner downs some coffee ( a few cups if possible) right before you guys hit the sack. No, we're not talking about frappucino, we are talking about hard core coffee. Double espresso, long black and the Vienna  are just a few that might help increase the stanmina of the male sperms.

They will somehow absorb the caffeine ( don't ask me how,  my biology fails me at this point) and perk up and swim towards the egg at Michael Phelps' speed. The sperms carrying female chromosomes while probably fueled by the caffeine too will be no match for the male ones. Think male sperms on steroids and you'll get the idea.

8 Study Up On Karma Sutra Positions

Any position that allows deep penetration is believed to be more advantageous for the male sperms. The reason being, the male sperms will probably be able to swim better and faster against the 'current' compared to the female ones.

So be creative and try all styles that would result in a satisfying penetration. The old school doggy style ( be it in a kneeling position or flat against the bed) is said to be the safest bet while doing 'it' standing up is said to be more thrilling and satisfying. Or you could copy a scene from Fifty Shades and straddle on top of your partner.

Nothing like a display of power to show who's the boss. Who run da world? Girls! Even though we're trying to conceive a boy....heh.

7 Cough Or Not, Drink Cough Medicine

Believe it or not, but according to old wives' tales, taking cough syrup right before the action starts will help boost your chances of conceiving a boy. According to the tale, the cough syrup concoction will enter your bloodstream and somehow affect how the speed of the male sperms. Mid wives are sure creative when it comes to biology.

Anyways, the concoction which is to somehow miraculously make its way to the reproductive section of your body will act as a booster for the male sperms. Again, male sperms on steroids.

While there has been no scientific proof and no statistics to show whatsoever (rolls eyes), many couples have admitted to using this trick, just for luck as they would put it but with mixed results. Some ended up with twin girls. But others would swear by it ( after conceiving 3 girls and finally getting a boy).

Either ways, taking cough syrup in a minimal dose should do you no harm. In fact you might sleep better after frolicking all night long.

6 Check The Lunar Calendar

The Chinese claim to be able to predict your baby's gender based on two simple facts. And while there has been no formal study on the authenticity of this claim, many have laid claim that this tip worked wonders for them. So folks, follow these two simple steps and you should be in your way to having a baby boy.

Step one, check out your lunar age at the time you plan to conceive a baby. Normally people would add roughly an additional year to their age but if you want to be on the safe side, try to get ahold of some authentic lunar calender ( either online or from a shop in China town).

Step two, check out your lunar month of conception ( again refer to the lunar calender). At a loss? No worries. This writer tried to match her lunar conception to match the proposed dates but gave up in the end because she had no idea how it worked but still ended up with a baby boy.....so people, there's still hope for the hopeless!

But if you're one of the few intelligent ones then you can then match your lunar age against your lunar conception date and based on this play a Bingo game on the Chinese baby gender chart (easily obtained online). Still don't get it? No worries. Move on to the next tip.

5 Always Try For The Big 'O'

Orgasm according to the Shettles Method is the key. Orgasm supposedly creates a less acidic environment in the vagina ( a large volume of alkaline secretion is discharged into the vagina during orgasm...this is what most people think to be a woman's  form of ejaculation even they climax) thereby making it a more friendly place for the weaker and more sensitive male sperms to survive. Yes, the male sperms are just as sensitive as your average Joe. They might look macho on the outside but inside they're just marshmallows. Teehee.

So if you're a guy reading this, you'll know what to do. Find the best way to drive your woman nuts and please her in any way possible. And to be more specific, it is best for women to achieve orgasm right before their partner ejaculates. Talk about timing. You'd think this was assume synchronized gymnastics competition or something. But if you're not one to achieve orgasm easily do not be disheartened. Think of Magic Mike and his washboard abs. That just made my day. Ohhh yeah.....Still not working? Smack yourself on the head and move to the next step.

4 Ask And Ye Shall Receive

Never underestimate the power of prayers. That's what most religious people would tell you. And if you're a believer yourself then now would be the best time to test your own faith. Go on, go down on your knees and knock on heaven's door.

Keep reminding yourself of the parable of the woman who kept hounding on the judge to give her a fair judgement and finally after all her stalking and nagging, he relented and gave her a justified treatment. That's what we should do ladies. Pray and pray and pray until the Big Guy up there goes," Alright! Alright! Stop yer yappin'! I'll give you a boy. Just leave me alone already!"

There was once this woman who would always kneel down almost every day in her bathroom and looked out the bathroom window ( cue to "The Prayer" by Celine Dion). After less than a year of prayer, she was blessed with a healthy baby boy ( who soon grew to become koala like and clung to her legs everyday without fail, especially when she tried to send him off to school).

But the point is, you don't lose anything by praying, in fact your prayers might just get answered in the most beautiful way.

3 No Thongs for Him

Guys like it cool. So do their male sperms. Studies have shown that male sperms are able to thrive in colder temperature than female sperms so in order to increase the chances of having a chain swearing footballer, encourage your partner to wear lose fitting pants like boxers. Better yet, get him to strut naked around the house. It'll do wonders for you both.

The reason why loose fitting pants are preferred over those sexy tight briefs is that the tighter the clothing that wraps around your partner's reproductive parts, the higher the temperature will be. Imagine yourself wearing a tight knit sweater to a shirt that is triple your size. Surely you'll feel warmer with the former. So what are you waiting for? Time to hit the stores and shop for those pants that all grandaddies love!

2 Good Ol' IVF

Thanks to modern medicine and technology, you can now choose the gender of your baby. Want a girl? Not a problem! Prefer a boy? Sure thing! But this comes at a price, both financially and physically.

Financially you'll have your pockets slightly drained as IVFs cost an average of ten grand each time. Yes, each time. IVFs do not guarantee a successful implantation every time. It's modern technology, not a miracle.

Physically because the mother to be will be subjected to countless jabs and needles poking at them. So much so that some women develop a phobia of needles in the end ( this is an extreme case) but if having a boy means so much to you then by all means give it a go. You will be one of the brave and strong ones that mothers all over the world silently salute to.

1 Pull Off An Angie Or Madonna

When all else fails, you can turn to adoption. This isn't too say that adoption is the worst solution of all...it could in fact turn out to be the best decision ever made. Some people shun the idea of raising a child not if their own flesh and blood but others feel it is a blessing to be able to raise a child, be it of a different bloodline as every child is a gift from God.

Celebrities aside, there have been countless stories of how childless couples who adopt babies from the orphanage end up loving g them more than life itself. If fate has led you down this road then why not embrace it and raise that little boy with love and care? After all, look at how blessed Maddox is now ( and hot too).

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