15 Things Unborn Babies Hate In Mom's Stomach

When we think about pregnancy, we usually only think about the way the mom is feeling and what they are going through. We don't take the time to consider what the unborn baby enjoys or dislikes. Some people don't believe that babies have feelings or senses before they are brought into this world. However, they can sense happiness, anger or stress within the womb. However, they really can sense things. Whatever their mother is feeling emotional they experience it as well. That is because mom's body is releasing certain hormones based on how they feel at that very moment, and it travels through the placenta and right to the little one. In other words, if mom is unhappy her child will feel unhappy too.

There are plenty of things that an unborn baby loves or hates. It is so hard to be able to pick up on what's going on in mom's tummy without an ultrasound machine. One other way a mom can detect how the baby is liking or disliking something is by their kicks and movements. Babies can even be startled inside the womb, and it is noticed by him/her moving rapidly to a different location or position. It will look like mom's stomach had taken up a life all of its own. If you are interested in learning more about what the baby hates in their mom's tummy, continue reading.

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15 When Mom Laughs, The Baby Gets Jerked Around

This has been proven multiple times, and it could turn out either way. During a study using multiple pregnant women and an ultrasounds machine, they would have the mom laugh a lot, and her unborn baby would get to go on a trampoline-like ride while mom would sound like a hysterical hyena and laugh like crazy. Whenever the mom got the giggles, it made her stomach go up and down. With this study, while mom was laughing, the doctor would use the machine to see the baby's reaction.

To their surprise, it turned out great for some of the little ones because you could see the baby smiling while inside the womb and bounce around which would only make mom laugh even harder. For the other half of the babies, it would appear that the baby was sad or crying in mom's belly. They weren't really pleased with being jerked around. It is a little known fact, but babies begin crying without sound, inside of the womb.

14 Poking The Belly Too Much

Another amazing way mom may be able to bond and interact with her baby, depending on the little one's mood, of course, is by poking the baby when they kick. Kind of like playing tag and very similar to flashlight peek a boo. The unborn baby can either hate it or love it.

If you are trying to do this and it seems like he/she is being more active as you actually briefly get to touch your child; it is a good time to play tag. The baby will absolutely love this time with its mommy. On the other end of the spectrum, if the baby starts rapidly shifting from side to said and away from mom's touch, that means it does not want to interact right now and want to be left alone.

13 Going On A Bumpy Ride

This is very close to moms laughing like a hyena and tossing and turning all night. There are plenty of moms who decide to be driven around on the bumpiest road they could find in their area to try to give starting labor a little push since some moms get sick of being pregnant or it could be that these women do not want to get induced by a doctor because of being overdue.

Usually, when mommy finds the bumpy road, her baby is bouncing around inside her wondering with the heck is going on. It may find being inside the womb very uncomfortable at this point, if it's not heading for the exit after all this, it soon will be. If this sounds fun, it usually is for mom, but the baby may get sick just like being on a rollercoaster ride for too long.

12 Loud Noises

Couple listening to music on headphones

It can be very relaxing to an unborn baby when mom plays soft and mellow music close to her belly. Some moms use headphones and place it around their bump, but that is not fully necessary. As long as you are playing it about as loud as your speaking voice, they will still be able to hear it amazingly. Unborn babies do not like loud noises because it can actually startle.

One minute everything is silent or at a normal level regarding how loud things are, and the next it may sound like a concert just started right outside of the womb, with the bass thumping and people screaming. That is not what the unborn baby wants to hear. Listening to loud music or TV shows will not inspire the little guy/girl to become the best DJ ever or the best actor in history.

11 Stressed Out Mom = Stressed Out Baby

Wherever the mom is emotionally, no matter if it's good or bad, the unborn baby will end up feeling the same way. Just a tad less extreme, though. This is because of the hormones that mom is producing based off of their feelings at that moment, will travel to their unborn baby. This is part of the reason most doctors will tell a pregnant woman to limit her stress or stressors.

Although, just the fact that a woman is with child makes de-stressing feel almost impossible since mom's hormones run rampant. The little one growing inside of a woman's tummy does not like stress and the way it feels. It is enough to have him/her start silently crying within the womb. It is best for the mom and her unborn child if she were to use some relaxation techniques on a regular basis.

10 Getting It On

This one is a rare phenomenon, but it happened many times before to some shocked moms-to-be, and who usually don't find out until delivery day. When a woman is starting her third trimester, occasionally an egg will drop. That does not usually happen to the majority of women who currently have a bun in the oven. What that means is if this happens to a woman, she runs the risk of getting pregnant while baby number one is getting close to the delivery day.

Here is why the first baby who claimed that territory does not like it: they now have to share their already small space with another baby who is growing as well. This is why a lot of OB/GYN's will tell moms to use a rubber in the third trimester; to keep this from happening. Mom's with two babies inside their womb risks losing baby number two during the delivery process. So, unless a mom knows how to renovate the babies' living quarters and make them larger, she should play it safe!

9 When Mom Doesn't Stretch Out Her Body

Another thing unborn babies don't seem too fond of is the lack of room to move around inside the womb. But hey, at least it's free rent! Babies will try to move around, change positions, and try to stretch out for relaxation purposes and to get comfortable. As they grow bigger and bigger, they lose a lot of space which leads to decreased comfort. It is almost as if the walls were slowly closing in on them.

While babies may not be pleased with their tiny environment 100 percent of the time, it is all they know after a while. We are unsure if unborn babies are even aware of the change of space or if they can tell that the surrounding area seems to have shrunk in size. Since they are unable to communicate when they come out, we will never know for sure.

8 Flashing The Peek-A-Boo Light

One bonding method for a mom and her unborn baby is by playing flashlight peek a boo. For the moms who do not know what that is, it's when you take a flashlight and shine it in your belly. It works so much better the further along mom is because the baby can see the light like we still notice sunlight with our eyes closed.

The unborn baby, when they are happy and want to play, will actually move around like he/she is chasing the light. However, if the baby is in no mood to play or they are trying to get some rest, they will actually move away from it or not even interact with it. So, this one goes both ways. It's all about the right timing. If you can see him/her moving away fairly quick, give it up and try again later.

7 When Mom Tosses And Turns In Her Sleep

This one slightly goes hand-in-hand with mom's hysterical laughter. When she is tossing and turning all night and flipping back and forth, what do you think happens with her unborn baby? They are thrown from side to side as well. One minute the baby is trying to rest, and the next it's like an earthquake. It's a good thing that babies don't have any furniture on the inside yet. Otherwise, their rent-controlled studio apartment might need renter's insurance!

When mom is rolling around at night, the baby may not be too thrilled about it. That means they will have to relocate to another position and try to get comfortable all over again. Depending which position mom is laying in, the baby may also end up losing some of their precious space.

6 Eating Too Much Spicy Food

A lot of pregnant women are unaware of the fact that unborn babies can actually taste whatever mom has ingested. Babies develop their sense of taste fairly early in the pregnancy; within the first trimester. The reason babies get the opportunity to sample mom's meals is that when she is eating, the flavoring actually travels through the amniotic fluid. Babies can open and close their mouths while still in the womb, allowing the baby to enjoy or hate mom's meals and snacks.

Surprisingly, one type of food most babies tend to dislike is spicy foods. If moms mouth is on fire, there's a good chance that the babies will be too. There are not too many people out there that love a burning mouth and horrible heartburn. Moms may think that if the baby is kicking up a storm after eating the spiciest thing they could find, they like, but that’s not always the case.

5 Startling The Baby

Unborn babies can actually startle easily. Part of the reason they do is that when they cannot see what is around them other than bright light or what surrounds them inside the womb. Babies usually do not even open their eyes to see those two things mentioned above until about their 28th week. This is to allow the baby's retinas to develop.

A baby can get startled by loud noises, mom or someone else poking her belly really hard, a sudden and quick movement from the mom-to-be and a bunch of other stuff. When the little one gets startled, he/she usually quickly jerk away from where it feels the threat has come from. You can actually watch moms stomach bounce from one side to the other. I can't think of many women who actually like to be startled themselves.

4 Sad Mom = Sad Baby

This one is exactly the same as if mom feels stressed out. If a mom-to-be is extremely anxious and depressed (which happens more than people realize due to a woman being pregnant) these two feelings can have a very negative impact on the unborn baby. It can turn into long-term issues if these feeling are chronic instead of every now and then. For babies, they can feel these negative things from their mother due to the pregnancy hormones which are then passed along to the little guy/girl.


Babies who are in the womb do not like to feel those horrible hormones and feeling that mom has inflicted on her baby. It can make them very sad, even to the point where they will sometimes cry inside of mom's belly. When the soon-to-be mom is really anxious all the time, it causes the baby to be as well, and when they are born, they are riddled with anxiety and have a higher chance of being colicky. When mom is depressed so is the baby, and if mom is consumed in a depression state, the baby will most likely be diagnosed with depression before they turn eighteen.

3 Getting It On In The Third Trimester

When mom is in her third trimester, and she decides to get it on with dad, or some random stranger she met at Walmart, it could also make her baby angry or upset. Not because he/she is getting poked in the head- that just not happen in real life, but because of what happens to mom's abdominal muscles while she is doing the deed.

So, during this process of bedroom playtime, mom tightens her abdominal muscles which, in turn, causes the baby to lose even more space inside its mother's womb. A lot of people don't actually seem to take this into consideration. Again, the little one would feel as if its walls are closing in on them. How would you feel, as an adult, if the walls actually started creeping closer and closer to you without a way to get out or move around?

2 Bad-Tasting Foods

Remember how I said that unborn babies already have the ability to taste what their mother has eaten from the amniotic fluid; This is because it travels from her mouth to the fluid, then to their little one's taste buds. Baby's do not only dislike spicy food at times but nasty tasting foods as well. There are no real ways to tell what a specific baby is going to like or dislike unless you happen to be having an ultrasound done while eating various foods.

Babies in the womb are capable of making different facial movements. That is why on ultrasounds the doctor or the technician will be able to pick up on when they are crying, smiling or frowning. If you are able ever to see what they dislike, maybe avoid that food unless it's part of your pregnancy cravings. We all know how bad those can get!

1 Babies Can Cry In The Womb

It is not fully known or understood why unborn babies cry inside the womb; we just know that they do. A video ultrasound showed a baby whose mouth opened up, lower jaw quivering, three sharp inhales, and then one exhales. All of which are common signs that someone is crying. During this study the baby seemed relaxed and fun, then music was played on the outside of mom's belly, and after that is when the crying began. A few minutes afterward, that same baby was shown having another crying session. It was simply amazing. Some anecdotal about things moms do that make their babies cry are said to be things the babies hate, such as loud noises, mom starving herself (because baby goes without eating then, too), being startled, and mom’s own negative moods. (rewrite)

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