15 Things We Didn't Know About Carrie Underwood

Most people might have seen this headline in the news recently: Carrie Underwood might look different the next time we see her! Carrie herself has warned fans that she might be sporting a totally different face the next time we see her - but not in the way you think. She had a “gruesome” accident a couple of months back, which, according to her had details too gory to divulge, But she did reveal to the whole world that the accident harmed her arm and...her face!

But don’t worry, it’s not like she is going to be totally unrecognizable - just perhaps a little different. She had some work done on the affected area, as well as hid from fans for the better part of a couple of months. But besides her face post-accident, it seems like country star Carrie Underwood has other things she has hidden from her fans for a long time. If you are a Carrie Underwood fan, this article is for you! You might just discover some things you never knew about her, despite loving her for more than a decade now! Here are 15 absolutely shocking things Carrie Underwood has hidden from even her most devoted fans.

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15 Is She Hiding Her Baby Bump?

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Could Carrie Underwood be expecting another child with husband Mike Fisher?! According to Reality Dish, apparently she is. In articles by both Reality Dish and Hollywoodlife, Carrie is reported to be hiding her growing baby bump. So it looks like Carrie Underwood may have many more trips to the hospital in the near future, it not just because of her recent injury! If this news is true, we wish the happy family all the best!

Sources report that Carrie was “absolutely radiant,” had a “coy smile all night,” and made costume changes that were designed to hide the first telltale signs of pregnancy. So could Carrie and handsome husband Mike Fisher be ready to welcome a sibling for Isaiah Michael into the family? We’ll have to watch this story closely. Carrie is clearly quite good at hiding things from fans!

14 The Plastic Surgery Rumors

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So we already know that Carrie Underwood suffered a terrible mishap during this last winter. She fell and hurt her arm and face, had to get hospitalized for it, and had to get stitches too. As if the physical pains were not enough, Carrie also had some emotional scars to work through. Which is understandable, when a major source of income is one’s physical appearance, it would certainly be stressful to have that jeopardized.

And while fans and followers wish Carrie well and hope for her speedy recovery, her hidden face gave rise to a different set of questions: did she end up getting plastic surgery after all? A recent Instagram photo surfaced just last month, where we can see Carrie’s wrist all wrapped up - but her face is looking somewhat spotless. Is it the work of really good makeup - or the work of amazing plastic surgeons? I guess we won’t know until Carrie herself says so.

13 Her Infamous Accident

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Carrie Underwood is famous for her amazing vocals and her flawless legs. Anyone who follows her social media accounts knows that she is an avid fitness fan. It’s a bit surprising then that Carrie managed to trip and fall at her house last year. Carrie had her accident - falling and hurting herself - at her home in November of 2017, She only made a statement about the accident in January this year. But even then, the details of her unfortunate accident were kept under wraps.

Instead, Carrie tells news sources and worried fans that she suffered a pretty bad cut on her face. Besides that, she had to be hospitalized due to a broken wrist. And while she divulged to her fans that her doctor put in about 40 to 50 stitches on her face, she was going to spare AKA hide the shocking details of her accident, only opting to call it “gruesome.” Afterwards, Carrie says she is “determined to make 2018 amazing and share things with you along the way.” Except, of course, the gruesome details of her accident!

12 ...And She Still Has Nightmares

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While we know that Carrie has been slowly recovering, in a physical sense, since her brutal accident in November of last year, what we did not know is that she has been having a more difficult time recovering emotionally. It’s entirely understandable for stars to keep certain parts of their life under wraps. They don’t owe us anything, after all. But some fans have been a bit worried, not knowing how their favorite country star is dealing with the trauma of her accident.

According to Hollywoodlife, sources close to Carrie say that she “has been having nightmares” and has a hard time looking at herself in the mirror. The accident itself has been an “emotional rollercoaster,” not to mention her recovery! Another friend of hers divulges that she’s “gone through hell.” Poor Carrie. And now that fans know a little of what she’s feeling, they can offer her support!

11 Where Are Her Stitches?

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It is no surprise anymore that Carrie injured herself and had to get stitches on her face. She has been sparing everyone the horrid details of the accident by keeping both the specifics and her face under wraps. Sure, there has been some debate as to whether or not there is any credence to this story, especially after a fan recently uploaded a picture of them together But why lie really?

But as to Carrie’s own Instagram feed, you won’t see any pictures of her face. Even if she’s posting pictures of herself working out with her adorable son, like in a recent photo released just last week. Carrie took a lot of flak for this picture, as people criticized her for being too worried about her face instead of just enjoying the moment with her child. Either way, the outcome of her accident remains a secret!

10 Her Wedding Cost Half A Million Dollars

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It is no big shock that celebrity weddings often cost a fortune. After all, if you do have a lot of money, influence, and fame to boot, there’s nothing stopping you from throwing lavish and grandiose wedding ceremonies. Except, of course, if you want to keep it modest and secret. Don’t worry, country princess Carrie Underwood didn’t hide her marriage from the rest of the world. But while her marriage is not a secret, her wedding costs were.

Her nuptials costs, you’ll be surprised to find out, reached half a million dollars! That’s right: $500K! Now that’s a whopping amount for sure. If I were her, I would definitely keep those dollar signs under wraps. Even though that is not really a surprising figure in the Hollywood industry. After all, celebrities like the Kardashians regularly have expenses that far exceed that.

9 She Has Another Dream Job

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Watching Carrie Underwood perform on stage - ever since her start on American Idol - we just could not imagine her as anything else. She has made a name for herself singing her heart out at concerts, making great albums every other year or so, and appearing on TV as a singing sensation. But did you know that she has been harboring the desire for a secret dream job? That’s right, even Carrie Underwood sometimes daydreams about doing something different.

We all know that she took up Mass Communications during her time in college. She had been saving up money from her time of the show as well, to pay for her schooling. Her time on American Idol also counted as internship hours. And if she didn't win, she would have pursued her original dream of becoming a journalist/TV anchor! In any case, Carrie was destined to be part of our television screens.

8 When She Got A Little Too Close To Her Fans

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Now you may have seen photos floating around on the internet of Carrie giving a sweet, chaste kiss to a (very lucky) twelve year old fan. Wasn’t it adorable? If i was that fan, i would be jumping with joy. But don’t worry, that sweet little kiss didn’t turn into a makeout session; that would be inappropriate and disturbing! And even if that piece of information shocked you, it wasn’t really a secret.

But what Carrie has kept secret from fans is the fact that she did indeed make-out with a fan (not a young buy of course!) before during one of her meet and greet sessions. That fan? Well, he is now her husband, hockey player Mike Fisher, whom she met backstage in 2008! Now that is one lucky man. He literally met and married the girl of his dreams!

7 She Has A Fear Of Turtles

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We have already found out so many new tidbits about Carrie Underwood from this list. Her off-screen personality, her dreams, her teenage years, and her recent accident. But let us go deeper into the life of the amazing Carrie Underwood: her fears! While she may look like a force to be reckoned with on stage, she is nothing when confronted by...turtles?! That’s right, turtles.

It turns out if there is one thing she absolutely despises, it’s turtles. So even though turtles would have a difficult time catching up with her, she would very much like to be very far away from them at all times. An interesting piece of information, as we know Carrie to be a lover of horror movies and a lifter of very heavy weights. Everyone better watch their backs around her; but turtles have nothing to be scared of!

6 She Has A Dark Side

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Looking at Carrie Underwood, what with her angelic smile, her golden locks, and her preppy personality, one wouldn’t think she could ever be capable of having a dark side. She’s won numerous awards and accolades, as well as hearts of her many fans all over the world. Surely, she must have a dark side to have achieved all this, right? Right!

She does have a dark side, apparently. Carrie herself said so! In an interview with the OC Register, Carrie says with a smile: “I do have a dark side.” She then reveals to the reporter, as if in great confidence, that she can be quite “moody” at times. Well, who among us isn’t!? Thank goodness, and here we were thinking Carrie Underwood was just about perfect! But in all seriousness, Carrie still holds herself with humility despite her moody moments.

5 She Was Part Of A Teenage Fan Club

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Before her shining star blessed us with its presence, Carrie was just like us: a student, with her own talents, hopes, and dreams. Ploughing through university, having a circle of friends...and having a fan club! Before Carrie herself had fans, she was a fan! And she might not want the rest of her fans to know this particular detail of her fandom experience. After all, one’s teenage years can only be so dorky. I think a lot of our teenage years were that way too!

Jonathan Taylor Thomas, the actor best known for his portrayal of the young Simba in The Lion King, was a heartthrob in his teenage years. And Carrie was at the forefront of recognizing this. She was part of the Jonathan Taylor Thomas fans club when she was a wee girl! Embarrassing teenage stories - We’ve all got them!

4 Secret Performances

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If you heard Carrie Underwood sing, you would stop what you are doing and listen until the end of the song. Her voice is pure power, belting out wonderful notes and melodies and serenading our ears. Her country music is sweet and amazing. She is also a formidable presence on stage, which is why American Idol couldn’t pass up the chance and make her the star.

So we wonder: how come Carrie would want to hide a performance from her fans and news outlets alike? She’s so good! Turns out, she and her husband hid the news of her performing prior to the Stanley Cup playoffs between Fisher’s team and the Chicago Blackhawks. It was so secret not even her husband’s teammates knew that she would be performing! We bet that made for a memorable surprise for music and sports fans alike.

3 Fashion Fails From The Past

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Once we look at Carrie Underwood, we just can’t take our eyes off her. She is just absolutely stunning! Her gorgeous blond locks, her dazzling smile, her amazing figure, and her impeccable fashion sense just scream Hollywood A-lister. But did you know, once upon a time, that she did not have the amazing fashion sense she does now? It’s true!

I mean, sure, we can’t expect pre-American Idol Carrie to always wear fashionable clothes. But we also didn’t expect her to have quite the strange, if not terrible, the fashion sense that she displayed in high school. Besides having bad teeth (which warranted braces more than once), she also got a perm smothering her bangs with gel, but somehow missing the rest of her hair. Que horror! Her mom tried to warn her about it, but teenage Carrie obviously didn’t listen.

2 Her College Experience

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We have a little bit of an idea what Carrie Underwood was like in high school, her hair all “gooped up” in gel, permed and twisted. Her mouth all braced up, her singing prowess undoubtedly still good. But what do we know of Carrie Underwood during her university years? She gave us a little bit of a peek into her college experience, and it is something that not many fans may be aware of. It may even surprise you!

Carrie Underwood took up a Mass Communications degree at Northeastern State University located in Oklahoma. So that’s right: if she did not win the American Idol competition, she would have still ended up on our tv screens! But this time as a reporter or news anchor instead! Either way, we would have been blessed with her gorgeous presence. How’s that for a Carrie Underwood secret, eh?

1 How Is She Off Stage?

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We already know Carrie Underwood has a bit of a dark side. She has admitted to being a bit moody, and she is definitely not perfect. It might have come as a shock some, or not surprised others at all, but there are still so many layers to Carrie Underwood we have yet to find out. One of this is her off-stage personality. Is she a totally different person when the cameras aren’t rolling?

According to the country singer herself, yes! So when you run into her in the streets, you’ll be surprised if you didn’t recognize her. She describes herself as being “incredibly disappointing” to people, and that she wouldn’t know what to say when you come across her at the grocery store. She elaborates that the singer Carrie Underwood is different than Carrie, the person she really is.

Sources: DailyMail, HollywoodLife, RealityDish, TasteOfCountry, CountryRebel

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