15 Things We Didn't Know About Scarlett Johansson

All stars—without a doubt—have their secrets. It’s inevitable. Sometimes it’s drama with a partner. Sometimes it’s drugs or alcohol. Sometimes their entire life is locked up and stored out of reach from the paparazzi and the media. Naturally, this kind of stuff is hidden from us, and we really have to search if we even hope to figure it out.

Now, we aren’t supposed to know everything about every actor out there. It would be pretty challenging to begin scavenging for information of that depth. We can figure out some things though, and it helps us to better understand celebs—to an extent. There can be connections between a rocky childhood and substance abuse.

Plus, it’s just interesting to learn more about people. We can all admit that we’re a little bit nosy and care more about people’s drama than we actually should. It is normal though, and there is little harm in it.

It’s impossible to come to a conclusion about which celebrity in all of Hollywood is the most private. Scarlett Johansson is definitely high up there on the list though. We’re going to dig in to the dirty details of her life—especially the ones surrounding her family!

15 Money-Motivated Mother

To kick it off, let’s look at Johansson’s rise to fame. It all began with her mom, Melanie Sloan. Sloan was a big fan of movies, and she apparently had the same hopes for her young daughter. Though she did just want to give Johansson a shot at becoming a star, it most likely had more to do with the fortune than the fame.

When Johansson was just eight years old, her mom began taking her to auditions. She continued to audition for plenty of commercials and films for much of her childhood.

Throughout this time, her mom took 10 percent of her earnings, because she considered herself to be the young girl’s manager. Eventually—nearly a decade ago—Sloan was fired from being her daughter’s manager, and it supposedly took a toll on her financial stability.

14 High-Maintenance Highness

Plenty of celebrities have been known to be dramatic. They have lots of money and attention, so they feel as if they can do whatever they want. The fame just gets to their heads. Johansson is no different. She is even considered to be one of the biggest divas in all of Hollywood.

We could go on for days about all of the drama that she’s pitched over the years. She’s often feuding with other celebrities, and it’s usually her fault. One flight attendant said that Johansson was the “brattiest and most spoiled” celebrity she’d served on private jets over the years. Could this have anything to do with her childhood? She was raised in poverty, so maybe the fortune she has now is just too much for her to handle. She should definitely learn how to pull herself together though.

13 Divorce In The Genes

A lot of us have realized that Johansson likes to jump from guy to guy—more on that later. She’s always seemed to rush into relationships and then things end badly. We hear all about it, of course.

She was married to Ryan Reynolds in 2008, and they divorced in 2011. Then, she met Romain Dauriac in 2012, got married to him in 2014 and they got a divorce in early 2017 because their marriage was “irretrievably broken.” She’s got a track record of short and fast relationships and marriages.

When Johansson was 13 years old, her own parents went through a nasty divorce. We aren’t sure what caused her parents’ breakup, but it could have been something that seemed minor. Perhaps she just thinks that a little bit of relationship drama should end it altogether. Maybe she just wasn’t made for long-lasting relationships.

12 Back To Her Roots

Just a few months ago, Johansson was on a show called Finding Your Roots. This show led her back through her family tree, and she apparently learned a lot. Prior to this experience, she had known that her mother’s ancestors had lived in Europe in Jewish communities.

What she didn’t know is that some of her relatives died in the Warsaw Ghetto during the Holocaust. These individuals—who were living in cramped quarters with very little rationed food—numbered 400,000 at the highest capacity. Only about 20,000 or less actually survived.

This news hit her really hard, and it showed a lot about her emotions. Though she doesn’t seem like she’s got herself all together, at least she isn’t totally insensitive. We wonder if she suspected any of it before she actually had these things confirmed.

11 Not-So-Secret Shots

As we will soon learn more about, she isn’t so private about her personal life. She likes to share about it—a lot. It’s often more than we care to hear about, and she doesn’t seem to have a filter. Maybe this next secret won’t surprise us too much.

Let’s see how this all went down. It began with her cell phone being hacked. Keep in mind that this was back in 2011, so the security on our devices was pretty weak. She had some nude pictures on her phone, and they were mass-released to the Internet.

Even to this day, Johansson complains about how the leaked pictures were embarrassing. We’d think that that would stop her from flaunting her body all over the place, but apparently these are two different things in her mind.

10 The Custody Battle

We just checked out some brief details about Johansson’s divorce history, and we know that she just got through her split with Romain Dauriac. What we didn’t mention is the custody battle over their young daughter. Yet again, Johansson is wrapped up in all kinds of complicated family drama.

The problem at hand is that they both wanted custody of Rose Dorothy Dauriac—and each for different reasons. Johansson was asking for full custody of the young girl, but the baby daddy wasn’t having it. He was concerned that Rose would be raised by a nanny because of all the traveling and shooting that Johansson does. He expected the three-year-old to move to France with him. This resulted in a co-parenting decision, but we’ll see how long that lasts for this struggling family.

9 Too Close For Comfort—With Woody Allen

There have been rumors coming out about Woody Allen and his daughters over the years. He very possibly had some gross relationships with them. Whether they are true or not, the stories are enough to make anyone want to avoid this guy—at least one-on-one. Almost everyone would agree that they would try to steer clear of a known predator.

Anyway, Johansson either doesn’t believe the rumors or doesn’t care. As we all know, she’s one who loves attention and men. She has continued to work with Allen, even after all of the allegations have come out.

To make it worse, she defends him. She’s said, “It’s not like this is somebody that’s been prosecuted and found guilty of something, and you can then go, ‘I don’t support this lifestyle or whatever.’ I mean, it’s all guesswork.” Did something happen when she was a child that makes her think that this stuff is okay?

8 Food Stamp Family

This totally isn’t Johansson’s fault, but it does explain her mother’s need for her daughter’s money. It also helps us to understand why Johansson may be such a diva. She’s had a hard time adjusting to the fortune that comes along with the lifestyle she’s ended up living.

When she was growing up, her family was living in Manhattan. She’s one of four children, which means money was tight enough anyway. They happened to be living in poverty, too. She has mentioned that this whole experience was traumatic and made for a challenging childhood. We definitely believe it.

Because of the financial situation, her parents were likely stressed. That could have played a big role in their divorce and probably made the whole situation a lot worse for the kids.

7 Keeping Things Open

We aren’t sure why Johansson is so public about some parts of her life. It doesn’t make sense when she’s got so many secrets buried deeply inside her. She seems to be very picky about what she hides and what can come to the surface. One thing that she likes to flaunt is her sex life.

Back in 2005, she openly admitted that she did the deed in an elevator in a luxurious Hollywood hotel. This was supposedly with Benicio Del Torro, who later stayed neutral. He never confirmed the statements made by Johansson, but he didn’t deny them either. Of course, she later retracted her confession—too late.

Additionally, she’s got a long history of hooking up with dozens of guys. She had a hook-up streak with Justin Timberlake, too, according to rumors. She has even mentioned that she thinks raunchy magazines and videos are healthy for people to see. TMI!

6 Just Jealous

We all get jealous sometimes, and it’s a normal feeling! As we’ve learned, anything with Johansson can’t be totally normal. There’s always more to the story, and it tends to be a big deal. This could definitely have something to do with her parent’s divorce back in the day or her childhood on food stamps. Maybe she’s just always wanted something more or better.

Shortly after she got hitched to Dauriac, she began having jealousy issues. She claimed that this only started when she got married to him and figured out that he was her “one-and-only.” Remember that they are now divorced.

Nonetheless, she tried to explain herself by saying, "I think maybe in the past I didn’t have the same kind of investment. Not that I liked my partner less, I just wasn’t capable of it or caring that much.”

5 An Undercover Wedding

Usually when celebs get married, it blows up all over every magazine cover and news website. It’s a pretty big deal, and we all seem to be interested in it. For some reason, Johansson stepped out of the boundaries of the typical Hollywood wedding publicity. We would expect her to overshare about this event, but she didn’t.

This could have been because of her rocky dating history. It also could have something to do with her parents’ divorce and her own divorce. Maybe she didn’t want to make it bigger than it had to be—especially if it may not last (which it didn’t).

When she got married to Dauriac, they had a completely private ceremony. The details about the wedding were kept a secret for over two months after they had gotten hitched.

4 Promiscuous Princess—Or Not?

As we know, Johansson has a long list of exes, and she doesn’t seem to be slowing down. She rushes into relationships, makes mistakes and things end tragically. She then jumps to another guy. Yes, a lot of celebrities do this, but she’s always busy with the men and doesn’t take a second to breathe before running to the next one.

Though it looks like she’s totally promiscuous, she claims that she isn’t. She has said, "Contrary to popular belief, I'm not promiscuous." We don’t really believe her. All the signs point back to these wild dating behaviors, and we’ve never seen her take a break.

Could this have anything to do with her childhood? Well, if she didn’t have what she wanted or needed growing up—because her family was in poverty—she may be trying to fill a void. She has also been very flirtatious since she was young.

3 Some Routine Tests

Going along with her haphazard love life, we would all be hopeful that she has taken the necessary precautions for her safety. Not to mention, she should look out for the health of the guys she’s involved with, too. Now, if she would slow down a bit, this wouldn’t be an issue at all. As we’ve seen, she doesn’t know how to take it easy, so she’s left in this routine.

Johansson has openly admitted that she gets an HIV test two times every year. This is pretty contradictory to her thoughts about her not being promiscuous. She has stated, “It's part of being a decent human, to be tested for STDs. It's just disgusting behavior when people don't. It's so irresponsible." While we appreciate her honesty, we think she’s a little too obvious about the testing and her sex life, too.

2 What’s With Tom Cruise?

Some of us will remember the situation vividly. About a decade ago, Johansson was supposed to be filming Mission Impossible III with Tom Cruise. He is a Scientology enthusiast, which is important to know because of what happened next.

Johansson quickly removed herself from this role, and the reason given was scheduling conflicts. After dropping out of this movie, questions arose. It was so sudden. It is rumored that Cruise might have tried to get her into Scientology. It’s thought that he even took her to a Scientology center at one point.

Amidst the rumors, she managed to keep it all on the down-low. She refused to share any information—aside from her initial reason for leaving. Could religion have been a problem when she was growing up? Maybe she had some bad experiences and was scarred for life.

1 Scandalous Scenes

We may be hopeful that a leaked nudie picture and an elevator quickie are the only two things that Johansson has confessed about her personal life. Unfortunately, she just can’t keep it to herself. She is pretty much known as a sex symbol, but she often denies that claim. She also likes to complain when people treat her as such.

Over time, we have seen some raunchy photo shoots from Johansson. Yet again, we have trouble believing that she isn’t promiscuous when she dresses and poses the way that she does. Add in the laundry list of men she’s messed around with, and we’re pretty overwhelmed with her love life.

She’s even said, “One of the best things for a woman to hear is that she is sexy.” While she may be right, she is contradicting her own words. She has previously stated that she wants to be admired for her acting instead of her body.

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