15No More Photo Ops With Dad

Since then, he hasn’t been seen with his daughter, although some reports have suggested that they allegedly see each other behind closed doors. Of course, those reports aren’t confirmed either, so your guess is as good as mine. Only Tom knows the truth.

Back when Katie Holmes was still married to Tom Cruise, the Hollywood actor was in his daughter’s life everyday. As a matter of fact, a day didn’t go by that Tom wasn’t spotted out and about with his family. Yet the moment Katie shocked the world by filing her divorce

papers, all of that changed. Right after the announcement, Tom took Suri on a special daddy and daughter trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

In Touch Weekly states, “Though Tom nor Katie has ever publicly commented on the situation, it's been reported that Tom hasn't seen Suri in years, as after leaving Scientology, Suri and Katie became suppressive people.’ In the church, the phrase is used to refer to anyone who has left the religion, and members are allegedly forced to cut off communication with them — though Katie is trying to bend those rules for the sake of their daughter since Tom refuses to quit the church.”

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