15Get On An Airplane

While some airlines don’t let pregnant women fly after 28 weeks since that is the start of the third trimester, most doctors agree that after a woman is 36 weeks along, she definitely shouldn’t get on a plane.

According to Self.com, flying on an airplane in your third trimester is always risky, even if the airline allows it. Flying later in pregnancy could cause you to develop a clot or go into early labor. If women do go into early labor on a flight, they may

experience complications and will not have the proper medical staff and technology to properly care for them and their baby.

Khloe Kardashian took a lot of heat when she flew to Cleveland on a private jet near the end of her pregnancy. She knew she was too pregnant to be going back and forth from L.A. to Cleveland, and one could argue that a private jet is a little safer, but the risks of delivering in the sky without a proper medical team are still clear.

If a pregnant woman is concerned about whether she should fly or not, it is a good idea to speak with her doctor, but if she is close to her due date, they will say that it’s best she keep her feet on the ground.

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