15 Things Women Do While Pregnant That He Can't Stand

Ladies, they're never truly going to hate us... forever.

We may make some mistakes that he doesn't agree with. We may invoke a feeling of hate within him temporarily. Ultimately, if he's meant to be ours than he will survive.

He will get over the minor things we do while pregnant that make him a tiny bit angry. Or maybe a whole lot angry. Truly, we cannot be held accountable for our actions while we are pregnant.

We are taken over by another human being, and how our body receives the child, is out of our control.  We are the mother of their child so we do get a nine-month free pass when it comes to being cray-cray.

Having said that, it doesn't mean that our actions won't have long lasting affects. Put simply, listen to him. Love him. Honor him. Respect Him. And if all else fails, ask for forgiveness later.

As we are navigating our way through pregnancy and love, let's try to keep the peace by keeping in mind our men.

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15 Asks Him To Shave Her Parts

Aww... Remember when you two were dating and would take leisurely bubble bathes together. Getting to know the ins and outs of all of each others curves and edges. Finding the hidden birth marks and explaining the stories behind the hidden scars.

You may also remember romantically washing each other and he may have even shaved you as a romantic gesture and a way to come up close and personal with your intimate areas. Now fast forward to your pregnancy.

The hairs you just can't see and reach are there and you know they need to be cleaned up before the big day arrives. Spare your man the misery of grooming you down under and go get a Brazilian. You are sexy in your pregnant glory and what isa  sexier surprise for your man than a smooth silky hair-free night of intimacy.

14 Calls Him Daddy Outside The Bedroom

Once a child is conceived the word "Daddy" will take on an entirely different meaning for both parents.

Let him enjoy his last 9 months of raunchy dirty talk in the bedroom. After baby comes home you may not be able to scream Daddy in the same erotic way you used to and he may not be turned on by it anymore.

Also, until you pop your kid out, calling him Daddy outside of the bedroom may seem emasculating. Please call him by his name when you are out and about. He may be apprehensive about being a father and could find it annoying to be called Daddy in front of his friends.

13 Replaces Lingerie With Granny Panties

Once you are pregnant, make salon appointments for 9 months. Make appointments to get your nails, hair, eyebrows, and any other waxing that you already need maintenance on. Buy one sexy nightgown in your size and one in each of the larger sizes. Buy lotions that make you feel sexy.

Take time to think about what makes you feel like a strong and beautiful woman and put plans into place to make sure these things keep happening.

When I was pregnant my dentist told me to schedule my next couple of appointments in advance because my own personal care would be the last thing on my mind. She was right. I'm glad I made those appointments because for the first time in my life I had cavities.

It's normal to get sloppy because all of your energy is going into taking care of your little one but make sure to plan time for yourself.

12 Denies Him Guy Time

What guys do and talk about in their man caves and private clubs will always remain a mystery to us.

This is just like the fact that he will never understand why we always spend $100 to get our hair styled, cut, or coloured at a fancy salon, instead of visiting the chop shop in the strip mall that he goes to.

My monthly visit to the salon is my sanctuary. Plain and simple. I leave feeling revived, renewed, and I get caught up on all the latest gossip, and I get to feel pretty.

In the same way, guys also need their time to reconnect over the things that keep their friendships strong. Showing your man that you value his friendships, and alone time, shows that you value his emotional wellbeing.

11 Forces Him To Watch Romantic Comedies (And Falls Asleep)

For goodness sakes, you've tried to watch your movie three nights in a row now and have fallen asleep every time.

Let's be honest, the minute you sit down to watch that movie, whether you have picked it or not, your eyes will become tired, your body will enter a deep state of relaxation, and the next thing you know, the movie is over. Be grateful that your man is staying in the house with you and not chatting with the bar flies down the street at Moe's Tavern.

It's not all about you, it's not all about him either, but if you are the type who falls asleep, spare him the agony of sitting through another movie that just isn't his style. He will love you even more if you suggest that new scary movie that makes you cringe. Just close your eyes and drift into dreamland as he gets what he wants for the moment.

10 Expects Him To Nest With Her

What hell it must be for these guys to have to pretend that they want to help with your shower, or take care of the baby registry, or take up shopping when it's always been a chore at the bottom of their list.

Yes, we all have to do things we don't want to do at times but this is an area that we can cut him a break. Take another female with you. Take your mom, BFF, Aunt, cousin, friend or neighbor with children to create and shop for your registry.

Any of the people above will understand and will have insights to share. Bringing a man to shop for baby supplies is like cutting his jewels off.

9 Wont Ever Put Out

We all have our insecurities about our bodies whatever they may be. However, it makes us stronger women to look inside and find a way to feel comfortable in our own skin.

Whatever your hangup may be just remember, sexual satisfaction for women has so much to do with what is going on inside of our brains. Sure your body has changed. Own it!

Think of yourself as a sexy pregnant goddess. Get yourself in the mood by rubbing cocoa butter all over, slipping on something that makes you feel sexy like a sheer flowing nightie or babydoll lingerie.

Once prepped, think to yourself or say it out loud to your man, "You want this, don't you?" Mind over matter ladies. Think those dirty thoughts and let the passion unfold.

8 Expects Him To Give Up Alcohol

I must admit I am guilty of this one.

I thought that if I couldn't do it, he shouldn't be able to. The problem with this is that trying to force a man to do something he doesn't want to do, makes him resent you. Because of this, he will most likely do it anyway, whether it be in front of you, to piss you off, or just do it behind your back in a deceitful manner.

If a man chooses to give up these vices of his own free will then he's a keeper. He's in it for the long haul. It doesn't mean that the guys who don't give it up are bad guys. It just means that they like alcohol and they don't have a tiny life inside of them.

7 Spends Too Much Money

Haha... He does not like this. Sucks to be him on this one because we will be spending extra money and we need to. There are a lot of necessities that babies need.

Sure, we don't need to buy the most expensive stroller on the market but we do need to make sure we get a quality one. When preparing for the arrival of a baby the bills do add up a little.

Thank goodness we, as strong women, make our own money and can spend it any way we see fit. So, maybe, splurge on the carseat, then ask your man if you can borrow his credit card for some new lingerie. It all evens out in the end.

6 Dramatizes Everything

OMGoodness! Hormones! Hormones! and more Hormones!

Yep, we can sometimes be drama queens. We can sometimes cry over simple things. We can sometimes yell instead of speak. We may many times become very emotional about our viewpoints because...WE ARE WOMEN. HEAR US ROAR.

He may not like it but he can't do anything about it and many times, neither can we. We all have those moments where we are exploding on the outside and on the inside we are thinking, "I need calm down but I can't!" In these moments its best to excuse ourselves until our hormones have stopped speaking for us.

5 Becomes Clingy AF

As our little family is growing it is normal for the claws to come out a bit. Feelings such as jealousy and insecurity are sometimes unavoidable. When these feelings arise remember this.

If he is a cheater, he will cheat. No amount of worrying or bitching or internet stalking will stop it from happening.

So, for your health and for the health of your baby, let it go. Cheaters are always exposed. It's not a question of if. It's a question of when. So focus your energy on the good things that your man is bringing to the table. We need to remember that we can't control others but we can control our reactions to them.

4 Insists The Baby Takes Her Last Name

This just plain pisses him off. The mom's last name hyphenated is too much.

Try teaching a preschooler to spell their first, middle, and hyphenated last name. Sure it's doable but in all reality, it's a pain in the bottom. The other thing that we do that makes him hate us is to give the baby our last name instead of his.

I struggled with this but in the end my children got their father's last name. I told him I did it to keep the peace. In reality, one day, I may change my last name. Then my kids would have had a different last name then I do anyway. These things seem like they mean the world to us when we are pregnant. Truthfully, down the line, it doesn't matter.

3 Everything He Does Is Wrong

Ladies, he's not going to do it your way, ever. He's going to do it his way.

Our guys try hard to please us. They try hard to do what's right, but they are not mind readers. They don't have our motherly instincts. They have fatherly instincts.

In the end, this all balances out. Men feel deflated when they feel that although they are doing their best, it is not good enough for you. As partners, we want to make each other happy. And more than that, we want to do the best for our baby.

So maybe, take a step back, and let your man figure out how to be the best parent he can be, in his own way.

2 Talks About Her Bowel Movements

Everyone achieves a level of comfort with their partner that allows us to show them parts of ourselves that we don't necessarily show with everyone else outside of our bubble.

When pregnant with all of the new changes, it might be tempting to talk incessantly about our bodily changes, ALL of our body changes.

Now even the most supportive guy wants to believe that the sweet sexy enigma he fell in love with is still a lady in the street but a freak in the bed. So, as a lady, save the farting, burping, pooping with the door open and conversations about constipation and hemorrhoids to be shared with your doctor and your closest girlfriends.

There will be plenty of time to talk about poop after the baby is born.

1 Turns Him Into An Errand Boy

Fetch my body pillow baby.  It's just on the other side of the room but I don't feel like getting up.

Sure you are pregnant but unless you have a medical reason to be on bedrest then men hate it when you become lazy. Let's not use our pregnancy as an excuse to make our husband be our errand boy or housekeeper.

There is not one ounce of his being that wants to run out at 3am and buy you that banana split. He will however resent you for making him lose sleep and being too lazy to get it yourself.

Put yourself in his shoes. Just because he's a good guy who will ask, "how high?" when you ask him to jump, doesn't mean that you should take advantage of that. Even good guys get burnt out when their lady becomes bossy. Pregnancy is not a free pass for laziness.

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