Fashion Mishaps: 15 Things Women Should Avoid During Pregnancy

Mostly everyone appreciates a sound investment, but when it comes to maternity clothes, spending upwards of $200 on a pair of pants that one will only wear for a few months doesn’t sound too much like investing. Everyone has heard the old adage, ‘When you look good you feel good’ especially when it comes to pregnancy.

On top of the hormonal changes and everything happening physically, after month four it gets tougher to button those pants and everything else. One would think that after centuries of women getting pregnant and having to clothe themselves, clothing lines would finally have some knowledge about pregnancy and what looks flattering on women.

But, unfortunately, maternity lines that are reasonably priced and don’t look like a tablecloth from a 1945 auction are the exception to the rule.

Luckily, we have scoured the fashion world in search for the worst maternity clothing lines so the nine months spent growing a baby can actually be spent focusing on enjoying the glow of motherhood and less about worrying about a nip slip or looking like a ruffled covered garden. Here are 15 things to certainly not wear during pregnancy! Unless, of course, it’s “on trend” to look like a floral blimp this season.

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15 Spandex Bodysuits

Since Susan Powter made them popular back in the 1990s, one thing has remained true, spandex bodysuits should not be worn unless within the walls of a gym or while on a treadmill. Although putting mommy-to be's comfort first is worth an applause in this case, head to toe spandex with a five to six-pound baby bump in the front is not ideal, talk about seeing EVERYTHING (every line, every unflattering roll and surprise pregnancy pound you've put on).

Wearing a spandex bodysuit, while comfortable is like setting your pregnancy ego up for failure unless you are the woman pictured above.

Opt for a cute pair of denim overalls and a t-shirt instead.

Overalls may even take less time to get out of in one of those lovely active bladder moments during pregnancy.

14  Sheer Jumpsuits

For most women, pregnancy is a magical time when her body slowly changes to protect and nourish a beautiful little human. And for many women, this is also a time to show off those newly adorned curves and growing baby bump. But wearing anything sheer, especially a jumpsuit may be taking it a step too far. We get it you want to show off, but does the world really need to see that much of your constantly changing body?

Not to mention that like most maternity clothes and sheer jumpsuit you may find that actually fits will undoubtedly boast an unusual print or incredibly cheap material (more on that later) which just by the looks of it, passersby will want to redirect their gaze elsewhere. Don't be that pregnant lady. If you wouldn't wear it pre-pregnancy, chances are you don't need to wear it while you are about 30 pounds heavier and "glowing."

13  Loud Prints

Via: Daily Mail

Do you feel like someone is following you around with a vehicle motion alarm and wide load sign every time you walk into a room? That dress with the crazy colors, obnoxious floral print or fruit shapes is not helping you to be any more subtle. It's not your fault. Maternity clothing has a way of screaming "Here I am!" when all many of us want to do is say, "has it been 9 months yet?"

While the baby is on board just say no to loud prints.

This includes neon polka dots, jungle and animal print themes, prairie-like florals, and geometric anomalies–just no. Consider solids or the very fashionable maternity staple, horizontal stripes, instead. Because, let's face it, being pregnant is hard enough without adding bad fashion to the mix.

12 Peek-A-Boo Stomach

Luckily for the general public, the peek-a-boo stomach is generally the interesting choice of expectant mothers for "special occasions" only. We've all seen the pregnancy photoshoots with new mommies-to-be showing off the protruding bump in a cut out of flowing material usually intending to make the mother look downright ethereal, but the peek-a-boo stomach, no matter the occasion, winds up looking like you've got more of a growth than a pregnancy.

As if that is not bad enough, now you have an otherwise perfectly acceptable flowing maxi dress that could have been used post-pregnancy as well that now has a huge cut out that your then belly once filled. Good luck wearing that later. All in all the same rule applies, if you wouldn't wear it when you are not carrying a growing human why would you now?

11  Graphic Tees That Make You Say, "What ?!"

Who doesn't love a funny t-shirt? Texts like 'baby on board' or 'does this baby make me look fat' and other babyisms are fine to wear on a t-shirt, but then there are those that make you gasp. Do not get caught wearing a shirt with some sort of inappropriate innuendo about your future baby, that's just strange and uncomfortable for everyone within eyes view of you and your silly shirt. Calling your baby stupid on a t-shirt or blaming the father on a shirt is also strange behavior for an expectant mother.

Are those really the qualities you want to pass along? Poor style and poor word choice? Why not just stick to solid v-neck tees instead. At least a plain tee can be dressed up or dressed down during the later stages in pregnancy and 100% cotton t-shirts are a nice, less irritable option as the skin around your belly stretches to accommodate your growing baby.

10 Crop Tops

What on earth is appropriate about being visibly pregnant and walking around in a crop top? Where does one expect to go with half a shirt and three times as much belly; the math alone does not add up. We get it you are happy to be pregnant. But we can see that you are pregnant even if you wear an entire shirt. Going back to the general rule of thumb: were your abs good enough to wear a crop top pre-pregnancy?

So why would you think a mini you bulging from your midsection would finally be the shining crop top moment?

Opt for an oversized button down shirt with a pair of fashionable comfort band leggings and stylish boots instead.

You'll be covered, comfortable, cute, and happy.

9 Ruffles - Big Or Small

It takes a special kind of person to willingly try to look like a lampshade from the 1960s. As your burgeoning belly begins to reach the point of what feels like no return, there is one thing to keep in mind. Ruffles and maternity do not mix. Come to think of it ruffles past the age of 6 do not do too much for anyone. Most maternity lines do not make avoiding ruffled garments an easy feat, however.

All maternity lines at typical chain retailers like H&M, Target, and Old Navy tout a variety of ruffled looks that will have you looking like your grandmother's dust ruffle in the blink of an eye. Because at this point you may just be desperate enough to try on the last available shirt that will actually fit your growing belly. Hang in there, more advice is on the way.

8 Very Expensive Fashion Brands

Via: YouTube

My guess is: during the time spent growing a tiny human, being mistaken for Morticia from the Addams family is not your objective unless you are into that. Not only will inappropriate maternity fashion brands such as 1et1font3 set you back a pretty penny, at prices averaging $60-$120 for a dress and $85 for a top, they will also make your future offspring question your judgment several years from now as they scroll through pictures of your obviously strange choices for prenatal attire.

Brands such as these offer up some cardigans and long tunics that will sure to wow your wallet, and we understand that maternity shopping is tough, but since your children will probably eventually question your judgment anyway about something, it may as well be about something other than your fashion sense and the amount of money you spent to look that... chic?

7 Lauren Conrad's Maternity line

Finally! Thanks to Lauren Conrad, moms to be can access a reasonably priced maternity fashion line at Kohl's with a label designed for making your friends who aren't expecting, jealous. And then we saw what Kohl's had to offer. Though there are less mind-boggling prints, the line has a lot more dull colors meant to make you blend into the wall behind you, babydoll cut tops designed to tent your growing bump, and lacy arms to emphasize the lack of muscle tone in your pregnant arms.

And with the average piece priced at just $20 who cares if you're throwing away money for clothes one would obviously never wear again postpartum.

One reviewer on Kohl's.com said of one of Conrad's dresses, "I just got this dress in the mail today and I'm returning it tomorrow. I ordered a small (my normal size) and when I put it on this is the most unflattering article of clothing I've ever seen myself in. It has elastic right under the bust and then does a weird poof out immediately after making me look significantly larger than I am, it was like wearing a lifeless sack..."

Sounds like a winner to me.

6 FillyBoo Dresses

Beware, these dresses will have you looking like a lost, pregnant, Amish woman. Scared yet? So are we. This maternal fashion line sets themselves apart by calling themselves the destination spot for Bohemian inspired maternity clothing. The only problem is that the prices will have your pocket saying 'boo-hoo' instead of Boho. Fillyboo's handcrafted dresses average roughly $300 and their dresses are cut to make the average pregnant non-model look like a stuffed sausage wearing a wedding dress from the antiquity.

Luckily, though, with this line, one never has to worry about the dress quality as we do with many other maternity fashion lines. I guess it is true what they say, you get what you pay for. So why are these items about $300 again? Lace, embroidery, carpe, cotton, attention to detail, looking like a doily, check! Oh yeah, that's why.

5 Anything From Motherhood Maternity

Regardless of where you search, most moms will tell you the same thing. Do not waste your money buying from the Motherhood maternity line. One blogger and mommy said, "I can't sew a straight line and I think I could put out a better maternity line than these people. Everything in the store seemed frumpy, as though pregnant ladies are just dying to wear weird henley shirts and tops with an empire tie waist and pull on some 'three sizes fit all' jeans and pants with tiny little back pockets and weird baggy legs. I realize that they need to keep costs low to sell at the under $50 price point, but their fabrics were as bad as those at Old Navy and they were charging more for them."

Baby Center blogger Gemini Fire said of the line, "Everything in Motherhood Maternity makes my nausea flare. I'm a stylish girl who likes to look good and this is annoying. It took me 12 hours yesterday to scour stores and the net to piece together a halfway decent work wardrobe from seven different stores."

Well, there you have it. This fashion line is really not advised.

4 Plunging Necklines

Via: Pinterest

Our favorite celebrities like Kim K, Chrissy Teigen, and Blake Lively set the trend, and some less than favorite average Jane's have taken the trend and made us wish it would stop. We understand that your pregnancy has made 'the girls' very impressive and for you, that may constitute a need to show them off. But, I assure you there are about the same amount of people interested in your "girls" as there would be if you weren't pregnant, and that there really is no need to show that much of them off.

Leave the plunging necklines to red carpet dresses and the celebs.

They have teams of people and LOTS of double sided tape working in their favor to assure the general public that their fashion choices won't result in disastrous fails, and hey, sometimes they don't even get it right.

3 Not So Pretty Bows

So apparently being during pregnant is the perfect opportunity to dress up like a present, that is certainly why so many maternity clothing lines offer outfit choices with Minnie Mouse size bows sewn to their fronts. Surely every designer wants moms to be wearing huge bows on the front of their bodies as some sort of indicator light.

Yes, babies are a gift, but that doesn't mean future moms have to look like one. A small bow here or there is okay, especially if it can be tied as more of a knot, just don't go overboard. Most of the looks featuring bows are wrap shirts, and dresses, tops, and skirts with the bow attached right below the bust line, on the bust, or on the side of your growing baby bump. Why? we don't know.

2 Pea-In-The-Pod Maternity Wear

While going through the arduous task of going maternity shopping, some moms have coined the clothes they do find as, "shapeless, flimsy, and poorly cut." One mom-to-be said that many of the clothes she found during her shopping experience were just plain out weird. "Many of them have weird accouterments, like bows or ribbons or bell sleeves or froofy collars; they're ostensibly intended to draw attention away from your belly, but they just look like the sartorial equivalent of a Lisa Frank three-ring binder," said blogger EJ Dickson. She then went on to talk about how special A Pea in the Pod maternity wear is.

"Rachel Pally's bell sleeve maternity tunic from A Pea in the Pod isn't much better. Is this a dress that wants to be a top or a top that wants to be a dress? Either way, at $215, no one's wearing it," Dickson continued.

1 And Anything Else That Looks Like A Trash Bag

Via: Pinterest

Let's face it. You have already put on some extra weight, okay a lot of extra weight. Why add more frump to the equation by dressing like a trash bag? Go for clean lines and comfortable breathable fabrics. Black is slimming and denim can still be your friend. Use your sound judgment to find pieces that will walk the line between comfortable and good looking by asking yourself, will I wear this after I deliver?

Would I have worn this pre-pregnancy?

Choosing staples that will help the transition through that last difficult trimester into whats knows as the fourth trimester, or what I personally like to call the, "I haven't quite lost all the baby weight yet and haven't slept since delivery," phase. As a soon to be mom remember it's important to quite literally trust your gut when it comes to fashion.

References: Racked, What to Expect Blog, Baby Center, and Pinterest.

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