15 Things Women Feel Right After They Get Pregnant

Some women have talked about knowing that they were pregnant from the moment it happened. That is obviously an exaggeration since pregnancy symptoms do not start to appear until the embryo successfully implants itself into the lining of the womb. The earliest that this can happen is about one week after conception.

Everyone has heard that it is hard to distinguish between early pregnancy symptoms and typical PMS symptoms. That is because when during PMS, progesterone levels are high much in the same way as in early pregnancy. The reason that these symptoms end whenever Aunt Flo is done paying a visit is that progesterone levels finally drop.

That does not happen when you are in your first trimester, and you don't want that to happen either because that is what keeps the unborn baby inside! But there are actually subtle differences between early pregnancy symptoms and PMS. Although some women may not notice any difference between the two, others will know right away that they are pregnant before they are close to being due to their period.

In the majority of cases, it happens around 10 days after the fact. Once it does happen, this is when the hormones start doing their thing, which means you end up having plenty of early pregnancy discomfort. Let's find out the 15 things that women feel right after they get pregnant.

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15 Do You Smell Cookies?

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Have you found you are smelling things that you normally wouldn't? Or, do you find that your sense of smell is stronger than ever before? For instance, if your mother constantly wears the perfume that you can't stand and she happens to visit, you would be unlucky enough to feel queasy by smelling it from another room.

The fact that you can smell things as easily as your dog does is a sign of pregnancy.

According to Mother and Baby, this is one of the earliest signs there is whenever you are expecting!

Hormones obviously are the culprit and it can be pretty awful- especially if you are dealing with other symptoms such as queasiness and nausea. In fact, when you can't get away from a smell that you can't stand it can really make the whole experience quite awful.

By the way, even if something smells good like the scent of cookies or bread baking becomes too overwhelming- that can easily make you sick! This even applies if you aren't pregnant. However, if you can't get away from smells whether they are on the pleasant side or not, it can be a definite sign that you are indeed pregnant!

14 Flavored Everything

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If you are starting to notice that everything tastes like loose change or a metal rail in your mouth, it might be a sign that you may be pregnant.

The constant metallic taste that you have in early pregnancy is called dysgeusia, or it is referred to as metal mouth. According to the Huggies Australian site, dysgeusia is due to the rise in estrogen during early pregnancy. The unfortunate part is that it usually presents itself during the time when you are facing morning sickness, which is a double whammy.

According to the same site, it is believed that dysgeusia is nature's way of signaling to the mom-to-be to consume more iron, calcium, and calcium, all of which are absolutely crucial. Your electrolytes need to stay balanced, and you don't want to be dealing with anemia and poor bone health while you are pregnant.

Another possibility is that while you are in your first trimester, you are retaining more water and dysgeusia can be linked to that as well. However, the good news is this metallic taste does go away in the second trimester when the hormones begin to level out. That certainly contributes to the meaning behind why the second trimester is referred to as the honeymoon period! Who wants to taste metal all the time, especially when you feel lousy?

13 Nose Troubles

nose problem
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If you are having a lot of nose and sinus congestion as well as more nosebleeds when you are approaching the day you expect your period to come- that is a sign that your period will not come! According to an OBGYN at the University of Pennsylvania Health System, in Philadelphia, Dr. Nathaniel DeNicola has an explanation for why your nose is also affected during the early stage of your pregnancy.

He told Parents Magazine that there are two reasons for this to happen. The first is due to the rising estrogen levels causing your blood vessels to dilate, which is why the mucous membranes in your nose swell up. The other factor is due to the increased volume of your blood putting pressure on your vessels! So you have a double whammy there and that is why you are dealing with nasal and sinus discomfort on top of everything else.

So if you suffer from allergies and you are pregnant, you are going to have a rough time! However, a saline spray can help relieve some of that discomfort. You'll need to buy more and more tissue for the rest of your pregnancy because unfortunately, it won't settle until after you deliver.

12 Why Is The Room Spinning?

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If when you get up after having been sitting, only to have to sit back down as a result of the room beginning to spin, then there is a good chance that you might be supporting a life inside of you.

I personally do not remember having dizziness of any kind when I was pregnant, but apparently, it is a common early pregnancy symptom.

According to WebMD, the dizziness is related to the blood vessels dialing, and it can also be related to your lower blood sugar and lower blood pressure.

Remember that you have a living being taking all of your supplies and are not leaving you with much! So that is why your blood pressure and your glucose levels drop during the early stages of pregnancy. That would definitely cause you to experience dizzy spells and having those awful scares that you are about a faint.

The only thing you can do is stand up very slowly and don't rush or else you will collapse otherwise!

11 The 'Have To Go' Feeling

The most annoying thing imaginable is whenever you have to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes during the day and at night. It is even worse at night because the constant need to go to do #1 is interrupting your much-needed sleep. However, if you have a reason to believe that you might be pregnant, like the fact that you and your partner were active during the month- and even if you are not even technically late- frequent urination is most definitely a sign of pregnancy.

According to WebMD, this sign usually starts around the sixth or eighth week of pregnancy, but I do think it can be sooner than that because it was for me! You have the hormones to blame for the constant need to go to go to the bathroom. According to Parents Magazine, the shift in your uterus can also be the reason for having to tinkle all the time as it can put pressure on your bladder.

However, frequent urination according to WebMD can also be an indicator for a UTI, diabetes. It can also happen as a result of using diuretics. Either way, if you all of a sudden are finding that you have to do #1 all the time, it is time to see the doctor!

10 Tender 'Girls'

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Breast tenderness is definitely one of the signs that you may be pregnant. Although confusing, it can also be a sign of PMS since the symptoms can be quite similar. However, there is a slight difference as far as the tenderness you might have right before you are expecting your period and the type you have while you are pregnant.

When it comes to pregnancy, your tatas may be even more sensitive due to the hormone levels increase and so on.

In fact, the clinical assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the Ohio State University Medical Center, Dr. Melissa Goist told Parents Magazine: "Breast tissue is extremely hormone-sensitive. When progesterone and hCG start flooding the body after the egg is fertilized, they increase your blood volume, which makes your breasts swell and feel heavier than usual."

Based on what Dr. Goist said, that certainly explains your breasts may be more tender during pregnancy than it would be due to PMS. With ordinary PMS, there is no hCG involved. I just remember how I knew I was pregnant with my daughter even before I was late (though it was a timed due to taking Clomid and it was an IUI procedure) as my breasts hurt more than usual. I was right.

9 Take The Food Away

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The one thing that many pregnant women have even before they know they are pregnant are drastic changes in their appetite. One moment you may be ravenous which is likely due to the fact that your unborn baby is taking everything from you which is why you are also so exhausted. However, by the same token, you can easily lose your appetite out of nowhere.

Foods that you once loved will all of a sudden turn you off and according to What To Expect, you have to do what you need to do to combat this issue as much as possible as it is important to get all of the nutrients you need!

One easy tip is to only stick to foods that you don't mind and to avoid those that bother you. As long as it is nutritious and safe to eat, then, by all means, go for it. It is also suggested to eat your food chilled as many pregnant women prefer that over it being hot. It is also crucial to make sure you drink your water because being hydrated is critical.

If you are properly hydrated, then you may have an easier time with eating. Just take it good and easy!

8 Trouble Going

If you are having trouble with doing #2, especially around the time that you are expecting your period then that is a sign that you could be pregnant. The reason constipation happens is due to once again, the high levels of progesterone causing your digestive system to slow down- according to WebMD.

This actually makes sense because when that time of the month does come, so does #2 quite easily. That is the absolute cure for constipation, and it is due to the progesterone levels dropping.

However, during the first trimester anyway, this is a problem. And it is just another frustrating thing to put up with during that time. The only cure, in this case, is to keep drinking that water, consume lots of high-fiber foods such as whole-grains as well as fruits and vegetables. You will want to make sure to get plenty of exercise as well. Constipation can be also due to the fact if you are dealing with uncontrollable morning sickness. In that case, it is a double whammy for sure.

And the further you are in your pregnancy, you will notice that things start moving better, and that is because your hormones are calmer which includes your progesterone levels once the placenta sets in.

7 Kate Middleton's Affliction

Of course, nausea is the one symptom you were expecting to see here. The worst symptom that so many women experience in the first trimester. In fact, according to Parents Magazine, 85% of pregnant women deal with nausea and vomiting in the first trimester. As you know it is called morning sickness, but that is frankly a silly name for it considering it can happen at any time of the day.

Some women who are part of that 85% suffer from only nausea and not vomiting. I was in that group when I was pregnant with my daughter, probably because I am emetophobic and I willed myself not to throw up. But there were some close calls, that I can say. When I was pregnant with my son though, I ended up being part of the lucky 15% group where no degree of morning sickness ever gets experienced.

It is incredibly miserable. Some women have it worse than others, and they are the ones who need to be hospitalized if they are not able to hold anything in. However, it seems to usually start around the time a woman is six weeks pregnant. I had no nausea when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, and only started experiencing it a week later. I can honestly say that nausea is the worst pregnancy symptom.

6 Men Will Never Understand The Pain

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When you are newly pregnant, you will get cramps in a similar way to when you do whenever you are expecting your period. However, the difference is that the reason you have cramps during PMS is due to the fact that your uterus is contracting in order to shed the lining.

According to Parents Magazine, the cramping that you experience in early pregnancy is due to the embryo implanting itself on the lining, which is why you don't get periods when you are pregnant. Your progesterone levels continue to stay up when you are pregnant which keeps the lining intact.

Occasionally, you will end up with some spotting which is due to the implantation, and some women do have light periods while they are pregnant as well. However, between the embryo nestling into the lining, and your uterus expanding- you are going to feel some cramps. And even after getting that positive test- you will continue to feel some mild cramping due to the stretching and that is nothing to worry about at all.

If you are having extremely painful cramps then that is a reason to head right to the doctor. Even then it may be nothing but it is best not to chance it if you are in pain!

5 Make It Stop!

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Plenty of things cause you to get headaches. If you haven't had enough sleep even for one night, that can cause headaches. If your allergies are acting up, they can be a culprit as well! However, if you have been having headaches lately, that could be a symptom of pregnancy. Keep in mind that it's only a pregnancy symptom if you aren't normally prone to getting them.

According to Parents Magazine, headaches can be an early pregnancy symptom.

The reason for that is due to not just the hormonal changes, but also to the increasing volume of blood. Pregnancy headaches also feel more like mild tension headaches, instead of full-blown migraines. suffering from migraines. In either case, any a recurrent headache is always worth getting checked.

The thing is that these kinds of headaches can also be a symptom of PMS. And right when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I did not have tension headaches. I don't really get them often whenever I have PMS. But, later in the pregnancy, I did and some were quite bad. That said, if you are prone to getting these headaches during PMS, perhaps there is a higher chance you would suffer as well right after the time implantation happens. If you are pregnant, and you are dealing with these headaches often, talk to your doctor about remedies!

4 Extreme Tiredness

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If you are finding yourself too exhausted to do anything out of nowhere, and you have a reason to believe that pregnancy is possible even though you haven't gotten your period yet, you could indeed be pregnant. I am not talking about being tired due to not having enough sleep (though if you are not sleeping because of having to go to the bathroom hundreds of times in the night, that will do it). Even if you are tired from not having a good night's rest, you may be drowsy during the day and trying to find time to take a nap in order to feel more energetic again.

The kind of tired I am talking about is when you are sitting at your desk at work, and you are struggling to stay sitting up because you are so tired to the point that you are afraid you might collapse if you stand up! If you are dealing with that kind of fatigue, then there is a good chance that you are pregnant.

According to Parents Magazine, the reason for this fatigue is not just due to hormones. It is because your unborn baby is starting to use up those calories that you are consuming which leaves you exhausted. Additionally, there is more progesterone and higher volume of blood being produced. That would certainly explain it!

3 Mood Swings

You may find yourself watching television and a commercial about new blinds might on causing you to weep without being able to pinpoint why a commercial about blinds put you in tears! Well, the fact that you were becoming emotional over something that normally does not make anyone cry is a sign that your hormones are most definitely up to something.

Then the next thing you know, your partner texts you and says that he is running late because he had to go into an unexpected meeting at work. And even though, under normal circumstances, you would not be happy with the fact that he is going to be coming home late, you might yourself to be incredibly enraged that this is happening! Again, that is the effect of your hormones being out of whack.

Sure, you could be having PMS since mood swings are known to happen at the time you are expecting your period. However, it is known to happen in early pregnancy too. According to WebMD, the mood swings are expected to occur during the entire first trimester since your hormones are peaking at this time. My advice to you is if you are dealing with this- hang in there, you will level out more in the second trimester when everything calms down!

2 Looking 2 Months Pregnant

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If you are having trouble zipping up your pants no matter how early you are in the pregnancy, then you can thank your rising progesterone levels for causing that to happen. Though, you want to make sure those levels are climbing during your first trimester because that is what will sustain things.

According to the clinical assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the Ohio State University Medical Center, Dr. Melissa Goist who spoke to Parents Magazine: the bloating that you feel early on in your pregnancy is due to the high progesterone levels. It is the same reason as to why you feel bloated when you are dealing with PMS. Then the bloating ends when your period comes, which is a sign that the progesterone levels drop. That is what causes the lining to shed.

However, if you are coming close to the day that you are expecting your mensies and your bloating seems to be worse than ever- then that is a sign that you could be pregnant.

If you are already a few days late and you have regular cycles, then this is a time to take the test. If you get that pink stick then that is what is behind the extreme bloating!

1 Uncontrollable Cravings

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It is quite common to have cravings when you are experiencing PMS. This is why chocolate is the best snack to enjoy during that time of the month. You might even crave something salty. However, if you are experiencing strange cravings, while you are also at the same time experiencing a loss of appetite and even nausea- then that is likely early pregnancy.

I have personally heard of many women who experience the same thing while they are dealing with PMS. Hormones just do all kinds of strange stuff to you. However, according to Parents Magazine, cravings in early pregnancy is not just due to the hormones- your body is exhausted from supporting a new life and it needs carbs. Therefore, that explains the cravings. And if you are craving something that you normally don't eat otherwise- then that means you desperately need some kind of nutrient that is lacking from that source.

I remember when I was pregnant with my daughter before I even knew I was pregnant, I was getting up at three in the morning and had a craving for a banana with a cup of orange juice. This continued throughout most of my pregnancy actually. That craving was not strange but the behavior was certainly different!

References: Parents.com, MotherAndBaby.co.uk, Huggies.com.au, WebMD.com, WhatToExpect.com

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