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If you are starting to notice that everything tastes like loose change or a metal rail in your mouth, it might be a sign that you may be pregnant.

The constant metallic taste that you have in early pregnancy is called dysgeusia, or it is referred to as metal mouth. According

to the Huggies Australian site, dysgeusia is due to the rise in estrogen during early pregnancy. The unfortunate part is that it usually presents itself during the time when you are facing morning sickness, which is a double whammy.

According to the same site, it is believed that dysgeusia is nature's way of signaling to the mom-to-be to consume more iron, calcium, and calcium, all of which are absolutely crucial. Your electrolytes need to stay balanced, and you don't want to be dealing with anemia and poor bone health while you are pregnant.

Another possibility is that while you are in your first trimester, you are retaining more water and dysgeusia can be linked to that as well. However, the good news is this metallic taste does go away in the second trimester when the hormones begin to level out. That certainly contributes to the meaning behind why the second trimester is referred to as the honeymoon period! Who wants to taste metal all the time, especially when you feel lousy?

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