15Do You Smell Cookies?

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According to Mother and Baby, this is one of the earliest signs there is whenever you are expecting!

Have you found you are smelling things that you normally wouldn't? Or, do you find that your sense of smell is stronger than ever before? For instance, if your mother constantly wears the perfume that you can't stand and she happens to visit, you would be unlucky enough to feel

queasy by smelling it from another room.

The fact that you can smell things as easily as your dog does is a sign of pregnancy.

Hormones obviously are the culprit and it can be pretty awful- especially if you are dealing with other symptoms such as queasiness and nausea. In fact, when you can't get away from a smell that you can't stand it can really make the whole experience quite awful.

By the way, even if something smells good like the scent of cookies or bread baking becomes too overwhelming- that can easily make you sick! This even applies if you aren't pregnant. However, if you can't get away from smells whether they are on the pleasant side or not, it can be a definite sign that you are indeed pregnant!

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