15 Things Women Miss Most While Pregnant

When mom-to-be finds out she's pregnant her world turns upside down. Her mind is blown because she has this new life growing inside of her. Everything she used to do is suddenly questioned. Am I OK to do this? Will it hurt the baby?

Instantly it is like you are a different person. So many parts of your normal routine change. Things you used to do all the time are a thing of the past. Everything you do is all about the baby, your pregnancy, and what is best for both of you.

There are many things on the forbidden list. Initially you are OK with it because you are so thrilled to be pregnant. As the months wear on, you realize life without your favorite things is hard. You really start to miss them, crave them even. The countdown to get them back is on.

By this time you are likely entering your third trimester. Your desire to have what you want is heightened by the fact that you are quickly growing miserable. You're huge! Everything is swelling. Sleep is rare because you just can't get comfortable. The days feel like they begin to really drag on making it feel that much longer to get this baby out and start feeling like your old self again.

As your delivery date nears, the list of things you miss most are finally feeling like they are within reach. It is so close! This is what dreams are made of.

These are the 15 things women miss (and dream about most) when they are pregnant.

15Caffeine At Will

There is something glorious about that first caffeinated beverage after you give birth! This could very well be one of the first things you request when you are cleared for a normal diet. I believe it tastes better because I've waited so long to have it, not because I am so tired that I desperately need it. It is well deserved! You went through so much these last 9-months that it is like the sweet taste of victory. You get to take a new baby home and have a cup of coffee (or two...or three)! Your caffeine addiction returns and it will pair well with the sleepless nights that continue as you care for your new baby. At least now you have something to help you cope. If you are breastfeeding, you may still be watching your intake a bit. However, some is better than none! Life is good again.

14Having A Drink

Whether it is a glass of wine at night with dinner to unwind or a night out with your girl friends, you probably miss being able to have a drink! Even people that aren't big drinkers to begin with will have times they miss alcohol. Maybe it's simply the fact that you naturally want what you can't have? Regardless, it makes the list. Some end up missing it so much they talk with their doctor about the risks of having a glass periodically. While it is typically frowned upon, there are many medical studies that show a small amount may not necessarily be all that bad. Some doctors say you can have a small glass of red wine once a week. I've even heard some people report their doctor approving one small glass per day. Talk to your doctor before making a decision like this no matter how much you miss it!

13Belly Sleeping

Admit it. Sleeping on your side all the time is annoying! It is not right for a person to remain in the same position for so long without moving at all. It isn't natural! That seems to be what is expected when you are pregnant. It is no wonder you haven't been able to sleep well. You would give anything to flip over and sleep on your belly just like you used to. It's been so long since you've done it you aren't even sure you will remember how. Yet you dream of how good it will feel! That first night home in your own bed, a moment of fear takes over. Will it be OK? As you roll over onto your belly...heaven!! You could literally sleep for days. After all, you need to make up for the lost time. C-section moms, it may take you a little longer to get there. It will be just as good!

12Sneezing Without Peeing A Little

Scratch that. Make it sneezing, laughing, running, bouncing, and really any sort of movement without peeing a little. It's like pregnancy makes us revert back to being a baby. We require diapers on a daily basis. I don't understand why we suddenly lose all control of our bladder?! One of the benefits of pregnancy should be that we don't have to spend money on pads and pantyliners for 9 months. Now we're spending twice as much because every movement you make causes you to pee a little in your pants. Talk about embarrassing! You go through pads like crazy. It is one of life's cruel jokes I guess. Well start doing your kegel exercises now to strengthen those pelvic floor muscles. Just maybe there will be hope of returning to a sneeze pee-free life after the baby comes. Someday anyways. A woman can dream, right?! Well it's worth a shot.

11Climbing Stairs Without Hyperventilating

All that extra weight really wrecks havoc on normal daily activities. Climbing stairs is an Olympic event. Just a few steps in and the hyperventilating begins. It takes every bit of endurance and stamina to make it to the top. Heck just simply walking without the need to stop and catch your breath is a miracle. You know the feeling so you completely avoid stairs at every opportunity. The elevator has become your new best friend. It is no wonder everyone thinks pregnant women get lazy. It isn't laziness, it's survival mode! The enjoyment of the simple things, like being able to breathe. Too much movement and labor will be knocking at the door. No one wants that. So for now, keep your eye on the prize, and take it easy. You will be taking those steps two at a time again before you know it. This is just temporary!

10Shaving On Your Own

Who would have thought shaving would be on this list?! It is one of those daily annoyances that you'd think women would be happy to take a break from. Not the case! That daily annoyance has turned into a major physical feat. The expanding belly makes it almost impossible to bend over, let alone bend over with one foot propped up on a ledge in the shower. You feel like a T-Rex cartoon because there is no way you can reach. Halfway through the pregnancy you are so desperate for a good shave that you beg your partner to shave for you. That takes your relationship to a whole new level. Consider it like a trust exercise. Have you seen how fast and reckless he shaves his face? Now imagine that under your arms, around your ankles, or god forbid your bikini zone. Yet, somehow it seems worth the risk.

9The Shape Of A Waist

Pregnancy belly is adorable! While you love your expanding belly and that baby growing inside, you really start to miss your waistline! Wearing your regular clothing that doesn't feel like it's trying to squeeze you in half. Being able to look down and actually see your toes. Placing your hand on your hips and not the small of your back with a slight bend backward for comfort. Some days you just feel so huge and bloated and miserable that you begin to wonder if you will ever see your waist in it's original form again. Probably not! However, if you try hard enough you may be able to remember what it felt like to feel normal and wear your old wardrobe again. Hold onto that memory for motivation. After this baby arrives your waist will return, it just won't be in the same shape it once was. That will take some work and effort, but it's doable.

8A Good Lay

It's pretty likely good sex is what got you into this problem in the first place. I mean the good part, we all know where babies come from. Yet, the moment you get pregnant and those symptoms kick in, it is usually all over with but the crying. His crying that is. I know some people may disagree, but there is nothing sexy about a pregnant woman! Looking at her she just screams "Mommy" with that expanding belly. The further along you are, the more it gets in the way and complicates things. It can be so annoying that you just give up on the idea completely and stop trying. Or you give in to the fact that it is not going to be good for a while and deal with it. Regardless, this one is stereotypically only missed by the men. Yet, often ends up on on your list of missed things when you are pregnant.

7Bending Over

Talk about things not being attractive! Bending over requires a strategy. You have to spread your legs and knees to allow space for your belly to fit into as you bend over. It's like doing a squat while you are holding onto something to steady your weight to keep from toppling over. After someone sees you do it the first time, they will always offer to pick something up for you because they don't want to see it again. All you want to be able to do is bend over without sympathy (or strange looks)! Definitely make sure you don't sit down on the floor! That's worse. You learn early in pregnancy it requires a lot of physical effort and strategic contortion to get yourself back up. Anything that requires you to bend is so difficult and annoying that you begin counting down the days to normal movement being able to return.

6Having A Real Conversation

When you are pregnant, the first thing everyone sees when you walk into the room is your belly. Immediately the tone of the room changes. Before you can have any sort of conversation you are required to field the same questions over and over again. Look at you! How is the baby doing? You look great! How are you feeling? When is your due date? Do you know what you are having yet? I bet you're ready. It takes forever to move past these and into an actual, real conversation. Then there are the people that make you feel like you should be wrapped in bubble wrap and can't do anything for yourself anymore. It's like they forget you are even an adult. You seriously start to miss the pre-pregnancy days when you were treated just like everyone else. When conversations had some meat to them and you didn't dread entering the room.

5Doing Something. Anything.

Once everyone knows you are pregnant you will get put on the sidelines. Guaranteed! Even if you wanted to do something, you would not be allowed to do it. There will always be someone there to tell you to stop so they can step in and help out. You get the lecture that you shouldn't be lifting or you need to take it easy. This gets annoying! You feel like a completely helpless baby. You miss the days of being able to join in the fun. Go for a run. Hit the gym. Take a walk to the park. Climb a ladder. Lift a box. Carry a bag in from the car. The list goes on! It may sound luxurious to have someone waiting on you hand a foot or jumping in to help all the time. However, you long for the days when you could just do something...anything, yourself!

4A Full Pedicure

As your belly grows, it becomes increasingly more difficult to bend over (as was mentioned earlier). Just like shaving, any sort of self pedicure requires you to be able to lift your leg. Even if you could lift your leg, there is no way you are going to get your dominant hand down to your toes with a pair of toe nail clippers or to steady a nail polish brush. It just isn't going to happen! Heck, you probably can't even touch your ankles let alone your toes. If you're honest, you haven't even been able to see your toes for a while. You might as well adopt the feeling of out of sight out of mind and not even think about how bad your feet look. Use the excuse that you're pregnant or pony up for non-stop pedicures. It won't be too much longer and you will be back to doing it yourself.

3Having Energy

Fatigue during pregnancy is no laughing matter! How can one person feel so exhausted?! All. The. Time. It doesn't matter what time you wake up in the morning or how little you do throughout the day, you will not be able to stay up past 9:30 PM at night! Making it through the day can feel like torture! There were days I know I begged myself to just crawl under my desk and take a little nap at work. I didn't, but I wanted to more than anything else. It was painful not to. You will be so tired that you will literally be able to fall asleep anywhere. Even people that can't normally do that will be out like a light. You will definitely miss the days you had energy to get through the day and accomplish something on your to-do list. It won't be long!

2People Not Touching The Bump

I have a theory that the reason a woman waits 12-weeks to tell anyone she is pregnant is because it guarantees her 12-weeks of no one trying to touch her belly! It is such an invasion of space. Yet, everyone seems to forget that the moment they see your baby bump, they just want to rub it. It makes you want to scream, "It's not the baby people! Keep your hands off." Although, that would be rude. So you smile through gritted teeth and clench your fists in an effort to control your hormonal rage. The countdown is on. Belly touching is one thing you can totally do without. You long for the days when your belly was your own. When people followed socially acceptable rules for touching other people. Someday that will return again. Hang in there just a little while longer. It will all be worth it.

1Sleeping At Night

Sleeping while you're pregnant seems like a cruel joke. You are so uncomfortable all the time. Since you can't sleep on your belly or your back you have to force yourself to stay on your side. You prop yourself up with so many pillows you can't move. Not moving is unnatural so every time you feel the urge to move, you wake up. You move around a little bit and go back to sleep. Between that and getting up to pee 15 times during the night, there is no rest for the weary! You long for the nights when you had no disruption of sleep. Surely even having a newborn would be less interrupted sleep. I hate to say it, but once this baby arrives you will still miss sleep! Likely for the next 18 years. However, it does get a little easier to sleep in a few years. Hold onto that!

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