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When it comes to using apps and calendars to track our menstrual cycles, many of us who are trying to conceive know that we can use them to predict when possible ovulation might occur, as well as when we might start our periods. These can also give us an estimate

as to how long our cycles are on average, which is great to keep track of for medical reasons and for conception-related things as well.

However, something that some couples do not realize is that there is also a calendar that can tell you what gender your unborn baby is. All you need to provide for this information is your age and approximately when you conceived the baby, and it will give you an answer. This is called the Chinese Lunar calendar.

But if you have yet to conceive, and you have an idea as to when you would like to try to have a girl, then you can use it to predict when would be the best time for conception. But whomever decides to use this method should do so with caution, because it is not a for sure way to know whether you will have a boy or a girl.

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