• 15 Things You Can Do To Help Conceive A Baby Girl

    Many times when a couple finds out they are expecting a new addition to the family, one of the things the expectant mother and father look forward to the most is finding out the sex of the child. That is definitely a huge day during pregnancy, because it can tell you whether or not you and the baby's father will be using pink, blue, or any other gender specific colors when decorating the nursery and buying toys and onesies.

    While most parents who are adding to their family will tell you they don't care what sex the baby is, as long as he or she is born happy and healthy, some of us would also like to attempt conceiving a boy or a girl specifically. Though there are not yet any scientific ways that are guaranteed to help couples conceive one or the other, here are some tips that are said to assist those who would like to add a little baby girl to their growing families.

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    What Other Cultures Have To Say About This

    When it comes to using apps and calendars to track our menstrual cycles, many of us who are trying to conceive know that we can use them to predict when possible ovulation might occur, as well as when we might start our periods. These can also give us an estimate as to how long our cycles are on average, which is great to keep track of for medical reasons and for conception-related things as well.

    However, something that some couples do not realize is that there is also a calendar that can tell you what gender your unborn baby is. All you need to provide for this information is your age and approximately when you conceived the baby, and it will give you an answer. This is called the Chinese Lunar calendar.

    But if you have yet to conceive, and you have an idea as to when you would like to try to have a girl, then you can use it to predict when would be the best time for conception. But whomever decides to use this method should do so with caution, because it is not a for sure way to know whether you will have a boy or a girl.

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    Change Your Diet

    This is actually very important if you plan welcome a daughter into your family soon. There are specific things that some suggest you eat to conceive a boy, and other things to bring into your diet for a girl. So, no matter which you and your spouse would prefer, diet is a key part of the equation.

    If you wish to give birth to a female, eating foods that increase the acidity inside of your digestive tract is a good idea. Consequently, the acidity inside the vagina will increase as well if you do this.

    It is said that if a vagina contains more alkaline than acid, the chances of having a boy are higher than having a girl, and vice versa. Thus, if a woman eats foods that are more acidic, it will make it harder for the boy sperm to survive because they cannot sustain themselves in that environment.

    Studies that have been done in the past appear to suggest that a woman attempting to have a female child should have a diet like this for at least three months prior to conception. However, only eating foods that are high in acid is certainly not a good thing to do long term, because it can cause health problems.

    So, if you are wondering what foods are included in this kind of diet, here are two of them: grains and lots of berries. Grains enhance immunity, as well as strengthening our bones. Berries tend to decrease the amount of pH in the vagina, which is what makes it hard for male sperm cells to live.

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    Don't Forget To Drink Some Milk

    This kind of fits in with the point mentioned above, which is about changing your diet in order to conceive and give birth to a healthy little girl. But there is not denying that milk has it's own reasons for being healthy, especially in this case.

    Nutritionists say that it is great for everyone to drink enough milk, but especially those who wish to become expectant mothers of female children. One of the reasons for this is that the level of pH in milk is approximately 6.5, and it contains lactic acid.

    This means that drinking about three cups of milk a day can slightly increase the amount of acid that is contained inside of the digestive tract, as well as the vagina. Adding kefir grains to your milk and letting it ferment can be a great help, also. But as I mentioned earlier, do not over due your acid intake, as it can cause health issues such as acid reflux, among other things.

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    Try A Few Positions In The Bedroom

    Sex is obviously the most important thing when it comes to conception. But there are theories concerning which positions should be used when trying to conceive, and some of them are said to help determine whether or not you will be giving birth to a boy or a girl nine months later.

    These positions include the woman being on top, good old fashion missionary, and spooning. As far as women being on top, that is supposed to help produce a female baby because in that position, the woman can control how deep her mate is inside of her when he ejaculates. Male sperm are faster swimmers, so if he is not that deep, their chances of making it to the right destination before the female sperm are lowered, thus giving the girls a more clear pathway.

    Missionary is suggested because usually, the man is not that deep when this is the position they are in. Therefore it seems to do the same thing as the position mentioned above. Spooning is also said to do make it harder for male sperm to survive, yet easier for females to travel to the designated place.

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    Use Ovulation Trackers

    One of the most important things about conceiving a child, if you are trying to do so on purpose, is to know when is the best time to begin doing the deed. Though simply tracking your cycle does not help you conceive a girl specifically, it will give you the upper hand on conception in general.

    There are many apps and trackers you can use to do this. One great website to use is Fertility Friend. Not only does this site allow you to track your cycle and know when you might ovulate, but it can also tell you when you may or may not start your period. This is also available as an app for your cell phone, and it has features on it that allow you to record whatever premenstrual, ovulation, or pregnancy symptoms you may be feeling as well. There are, of course, other apps that will allow you to do the same.

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    Use Ovulation Tests

    This is yet another thing that will not help conceive a specific gender. However, it, along with other things you can do to keep track of your cycle, will help you conceive in general and that is why this is so important.

    Tracking your cycle and knowing when possible ovulation and menstruation may occur can help you become successful at getting pregnant, but the downside to those things is that you cannot always rely on apps when it comes to your own body because most of the time, those apps and sites generate their information from what is known about the average woman's body, not ours specifically, though there are those that are better at making the information more personal than some other apps.

    Because of this, it is also good to use ovulation tests combined with a tracker of some sort. You can usually find these is any drug store, as well as on the internet. Additionally, they come in different forms.

    Some of these tests will show a second line, just like pregnancy tests do. But if you use this kind, you must be made aware that ovulation tests are not considered positive unless the test line is as dark or darker than the control line.

    Other forms of these will give you a more direct and clear answer. These are digital tests that will usually show a smiley face on the display screen if it is positive.

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    Temping is Important

    Using trackers and ovulation tests alone can be pretty helpful when it comes to being one of the many couples who are trying to make their family grow. But sometimes it takes just a little more than that to confirm that it is, in fact, that time of the month.

    I am not talking about getting our menses, but that other time of the month. The one during which it is crucial to have intercourse if you are attempting to get pregnant.

    Some say that you can confirm ovulation by feeling symptoms. These include cramping, light spotting in the middle of your cycle, nausea, and sore nipples, just to name a few.

    However, many women do not feel any symptoms during this point in their cycle, so if they are trying to conceive a child they must have another way to confirm that they have ovulated. A great and effective way to conceive a baby is to take your temperature every morning, and keep track of it. It is suggested that you begin doing this a few months before you plan to actually try conceiving, so that you might be able to see a pattern in your cycle.

    Your temperature may take a small dip right before the big day. Afterwards, it is natural for your basal body temperature to stay elevated for the next three to four days, and possibly longer if you and your partner have successfully conceived a child.

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    Try This Interesting Method

    Most of the things I have mentioned previously in this article don't have much, if any, controversy surrounding them. However, there is one method when it comes to having a specific gender that does have a bit of controversy around it, but many women say it has worked for them.

    This is called the Shettles method. This method talks about specific ways to get pregnant with a little boy, as well as some things you can do to try to get pregnant with a little girl.

    One of the points in this method suggests that those who would like to add a daughter to their household take a break on ovulation day. What I mean is that in the creators of this method say that in order to successfully get pregnant with a female, we should have a lot of sex leading up to ovulation, and then stop two or three days beforehand.

    Then, resume two to three days afterwards, as our fertile periods are usually about four or five days long. The idea behind this is that if there are any lingering boy sperm swimming around down there, they will die off before making it to the egg. However, since girl sperm are said to move slow but live longer, it will give them a little more space to make it to the desired destination because there will most likely be no males to get in their way, or to fertilize the egg first.

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    Try Not To Orgasm

    Okay, let me be more specific here. Whether your partner orgasms or not during sex is a huge deal. He needs to release his sperm if you two are trying to make your family bigger, whether you both want a girl, boy, or to just be surprised.

    However, here is another point made in the Shettles method. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why it considered a controversial topic to some, and this might also be why some women do not want to try it.

    This point in the method discusses the female orgasm, and why it is important in the world of trying to conceive. More importantly, it talks about why we should not have an orgasm if we want to have a baby girl nine months down the road.

    The idea behind this is that during the time a woman is orgasming, her vagina releases an alkaline secretion. This sort of condition is good for male sperm. Additionally, if she does not orgasm, the area will remain more acidic and welcoming to many girl sperm. This does not sound like much fun for women, but if it works, it might be worth a try.

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    Whelan Method

    While some say the Shettles method worked for them when trying have a specific gender, be it a girl or boy, others have yet to find success based on that. But apparently there is another way to go about doing these things.

    Now that we have discussed the Shettles method, we need to also take a look at a less popular one. This is called the Whelan method. Though there are some similarities between the two, there are a few differences as well.

    If we are trying to have a girl, the theory behind doing it the Shettles way is that we should stop having sexual intercourse a couple of days before our expected ovulation, and resume it a few days afterwards. But the Whelan method has something different to say.

    According to this theory, we might be more likely to welcome a girl into the family if we wait to have sex until just a couple of days before the big event. This also says that if it's a boy you want, have sex five or six days prior to ovulation and then wait to have more intercourse.

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    Bathing Might Help

    Bathing is obviously important in life whether you plan to have children or not. However, there are things that suggest bathing can be both helpful and harmful in terms of conception.

    Those who have been pregnant before know that taking a hot bath is not exactly a great thing to do during pregnancy, especially if you plan to be soaking for a long period of time. However, bathing may not be such a bad idea during the time of trying to conceive if you want to have a baby girl.

    The idea behind this is that men should soak in a hot or at least a warm bath before having intercourse in order to weaken the male sperm before they are released. In this case, they may still swim faster than the females, but they will not be able to sustain themselves as well due to the internal heat that is surrounding them.

    Additionally, the female sperm are stronger and they are not as affected by this type of environment. Therefore, the male sperm will die off faster, and you and your partner might have more of a chance of creating a little girl.

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    Lower Your Salt Consumption

    In order to conceive at all, one must make sure they have a healthy diet so that they can get pregnant. We must also make sure it is healthy so that in the event we do conceive, our bodies are healthy enough to sustain the pregnancy and help a healthy baby grow inside of us.

    Though this fits in somewhat with ways to change our diets that we talked about earlier in this article, there are specific reasons to limit our salt consumption during the trying to conceive journey. Especially if your goal is to have a happy and healthy baby girl in your arms at the end of it all.

    According to this theory, it is said that women who want to try to have a daughter should limit their intake of salt a few months before they start trying.

    Additionally, make sure you not only limit salt intake when eating out. Limiting this when you enjoy a home cooked meal is important as well. Foods you can cut out of your diet, or at less of at least, include bacon, olives, blue cheese, and some other processed as well.

    Whether this works or not, it is a good habit to practice. When you and your partner do become successful at getting pregnant, these habits will be something you should do anyway, so that you and the baby are as healthy as you both can be.

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    Track Your Cervical Mucus

    This point falls in line with others I have made about ovulation tracking and testing. Though it does not tell you whether or not you are going to conceive a girl or a boy when you ovulate, this is an important thing to pay attention to either way.

    Tracking the mucus that comes out of the vaginal area can tell you many things about your own body. It can tell you when you have an infection, and when you are about to start your period. But what makes it so important when it comes to getting pregnant is that it can also tell you when you are about to ovulate, as well as when you are actually doing it. This can tell you when to have sex, which will be extremely helpful if you plan to use either the Shettles theory or Whelan theory that I mentioned before.

    The stages our cervical mucus goes through each cycle include these: dry, sticky, creamy, watery, and egg white. The dry and sticky stages are what comes right after our period ends, and these are not considered fertile.

    The creamy and watery stages are still not quite fertile, but that means our bodies are getting close to a higher level of fertility. This occurs when we are beginning to get close to ovulation, but we are not quite there yet.

    The egg-white stage is considered to be the most fertile type of cervical mucus. It is usually stretchy, so if you choose to check this out, you might be able to stretch it an inch or two between two fingers. This occurs right before and on ovulation day.

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    Save Up Your Money

    There are plenty of natural ways to try to influence what the sex of your child will turn out to be when he or she is conceived. However, for those of us who want to be sure to create a baby girl, there is a pretty effective, and expensive, way to do so.

    While none of the points I have mentioned previously will definitely make sure you produce one sex over the other, here is a way that it is almost guaranteed. Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, which is also known as P.G.D., is something you and your partner might want to look into if you are both absolutely determined to have a little girl in your future.

    During the process, doctors take the mother's eggs and a sperm sample from the father. Once this is done, the eggs and sperm are taken to a lab where the eggs will be fertilized by the sperm. After approximately three days, many of the embryos will be developed enough for further action. It is during this time that specialists search for diseases in them, as well as looking for the gender the parents desire most.

    At this point, healthy embryos are then placed inside of the mother. If there are other healthy embryos, they might be saved for future use.

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    Eat Dark Chocolate

    We may have to cut out foods and drinks we like when pregnant or trying to get there. But that does not mean that we have to give up the good stuff completely, thank God.

    There are some yummy things we can consume while we are trying to get pregnant. One of the most delicious treats that those who are trying to conceive a girl can enjoy is dark chocolate.

    Dark chocolate has many health benefits, whether you're trying to have a baby or not. But it is said that this is something you can eat, along with the foods mentioned above, in order to have a girl. Among the benefits of this are increased magnesium and lower blood pressure.

    Another good treat to eat in this occasion is low-fat yogurt. This is not only full of magnesium, but it is also full of calcium as well. These benefits combined together are great for anyone, especially those who wish to have babies. This is because if your body receives the correct amount of magnesium, it becomes easier to absorb the calcium you take in.

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