15 Things You Didn't Know About Miley Cyrus' Family

Good readers behold the Cyrus family, everyone's favorite Honkey Tonk, hodgepodge, hot mess Hollywood Hicks!  Parents Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus are the proud parents of a brood of musical talents.  Son Trace plays in the popular band Metro Station, oldest daughter Brandy can strum a guitar and has been known to appear playing alongside her famous father and sister, Miley is one of the most well known current pop musicians and celebrity shockers to grace us with her strange and little Noah Cyrus is just about to break into the biz already scoring two hit singles at age sixteen.  Music and acting is certainly coursing through this family's veins, but so is drama and scandal!

While this family appears to stand united, supporting each other through thick and thin they certainly have racked up their fair share of skeletons hidings in their closets.  Try as they might to mask their families troubles, they couldn't hide the darkest, juiciest rumors from us. From Billy's secret son to mom Tish's craving for rocker dudes, check out these fifteen dark secrets we dug up on the Cyrus family.

We certainly hope this reveal won't end up breaking their achy breaky hearts!

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15 Miley Has A Secret Brother

If there is one thing that the Cyrus family has it's a smattering of children all over this country. Tish had two little ones, Trace and Brandi with her high school boyfriend before she met Billy Ray and eventually the pair had three children of their own. (Cyrus ended up adopting Brandi and Trace later on.) So while you gaze upon the Cyrus clan looking like one big happy family on the internet and on the covers of magazines remember, there is one Cyrus sibling missing from those images. Before Billy Ray and Tish gave birth to little Miley, Billy Ray became a father for the first time to son Christopher, the forgotten Cyrus spawn. (Christopher's mother is a waitress that Billy had briefly been dating prior to meeting Tish.) Miley and Christopher are only eight months apart!

14 Not Every Cyrus Loves Liam Hemsworth

While the majority of the Cyrus clan loves themselves some Liam Hemsworth, Miley's big bro Trace isn't quite sold on his little sister's on-again hunky, Australian fiance. Trace is said to be super protective of his siblings and sees Miley's man as unfit and lazy! The tiff has caused some tension between the siblings as Miley has reportedly begged her brother to try and come around and accept Liam into the fold, as Miley loves him with all of her heart. She holds her brother's opinion in the highest regard so it means the world to her to have Trace put his support behind the couple. Hopefully Trace and Liam can find some common ground for Miley's sake. I think we can all agree that he seems to be a stabilizing force in that crazy girl's world.

13 Mom And Dad Get Divorced Every Week

Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus have been together now for roughly a quarter of a century, which is practically unheard of in Hollywood. They have weathered Miley's antics and public displays of certified wackiness, unplanned pregnancies, blended families, secret love children and heaven only knows what else, and here they are...still standing. While the two remain united, that doesn't mean that they haven't been through their fair shares of marital road bumps. The two filed for divorce in 2010 because of cheating rumors and Tish's dedication to her children's careers and then again in 21013. After the second break up the two sought marital counseling to help them with co-parenting their kiddos, but ended up reconciling instead. Considering it's 2018 I would say they are about overdue for maybe-divorce number three.

12 Hannah Montana Broke The Family Spirit

Miley shot to fame while acting on the Disney show Hannah Montana along with her Pa, but while the show portrayed nothing but smiles, wise cracks and laughter, Billy Ray claims that the show destroyed their family. Cyrus painted a picture of pure hell having to film the final season all the while knowing that his home life was crumbling, his daughter was going off the rails and his marriage was in shambles. He holds the show solely responsible for sending Miley spiraling out of control. While her rise to stardom might have opened some doors for her partying in the USA ways, I think Daddy Bill might need to take a bit of responsibility for his daughter's upbringing and outlandish ways and quit passing the buck. Get over your achy breaky heart Billy Ray and man up. Just saying.

11 Tish Cyrus - The Mama Groupie

Before Tish Cyrus was a famous Mrs. she was a young mother of two childing living in Nashville, Tennessee. ( It took Achy Breaky Billy to tame this wild mama. Even back when she was living with her first husband and their children Tish still chased around hunky musicians.) The pair met while Billy Ray was performing at a bar with his band and the stunning blonde caught his eye. There's a good chance though that Billy Ray's head wasn't the only one turning for Tish as she was known back then as a groupie, often hitting up the music scene with her pals. (She was even known in certain circles as "Tish The Dish.") Even though Billy was married and had another girl preggers, Tish still managed to lock it down with the budding artist. Clearly she was a hot dish.

10 Miley Calls Out Her Dad On Twitter

Miley cant stop and won't stop calling her dad out on Twitter! The kooky pop star tends to let it all loose on social media and she has quickly become the Queen of Random Twitter Rants leaving no one safe from her scathing words and riddles. She took her tweet-shaming to a whole new level in 2013 during her parents second separation. Miley wrote some pretty cryptic and threatening words directed at her father saying that "since he wouldn't respond to her texts, she was giving him an hour to come clean or she would tell it all for him!" Whaaaaaaat? She then posted a picture of herself posing with an unidentified woman. The tweet was immediately deleted and Miley then tried to get on the damage control front. We see you and your shade Miley.

9 Babies Out Of Wedlock

These days the Cyrus clan is looking like one big happy, famous family, but life didn't always look so perfect for the Hollywood Hillbillies. When Tish and Billy Ray found out they were preggers with little Miley, whose name was actually Destiny Hope, Billy had one bun in the oven already. His ex-girlfriend was pregnant with his son and him and Miley are only eight months apart! Billy's conservative record company didn't think that him and Tish should draw any attention to their out of wedlock baby and urged the couple not to marry until things settled down. Tish already had two young children by her first boyfriend and it wasn't until Tish was pregnant with Miley's younger brother that they two went and been their love legal.

8 Miley's Father Is Not A Lyrical Genius

Tish might have had a hold on Billy Ray's heart for the past twenty-five years, but before Tish there was Cindy. Billy and Cindy Smith were married from 1986 until 1991 and it was actually her who helped mastermind his hits like Where'm Gonna Live and Some Gave All, both off of his first album. So although Billy was more than happy to lay claim to the penned lyrics, his ex wife most certainly gets credit for contributing to his 1992 album. Cindy and Billy didn't have any children together and his bumpy road to success more than likely contributed to their ultimate marital demise. All is well that ends well though considering Billy and Tish certainly seem like they were destined to be together all along. Thanks for the hit songs Cindy!

7 Bad Behavior

It was the bong hit heard round the world! During the week of Miley's eighteenth birthday, (way back before she was the world's most famous twerker and swinging nude from wrecking balls,) she was caught on camera hitting a bong! Miley publicly apologized for smoking a legal herb called Salvia, but with the leak her good girl image was gone for good. Especially when she captioned the shot with things like, "I'm having a bad trip," and "I want more of that sh*t." Even though kids her age all over the state of California were doing the same thing, Miley recognized that she has millions of young fans looking to her everyday and must uphold herself to a higher standard. That's a lot of pressure for a young girl.

6 Daddy Not So Dearest

While Billy Ray spends a lot of time publicly passing the blame for his families woes and his daughter's erratic behavior, he has started to realize in recent years that perhaps his less than par parenting skills were at last somewhat to blame for how his children have turned out. He admits that he often approached fatherhood from the perspective of a friend, not a parent. He was a great playmate for the kids, riding four wheelers and horses, building campfire and messing around, but when it came to discipline and school he admits that he was lacking in that department. While I think most of us parents can look back on our parenting styles and find fault somewhere, it's definitely important to have a balanced style Billy Ray.

5 Big Sister Woes

Nobody better mess with Miley's little sister or the gloves are coming off. 16 year old Noah Cyrus is growing up...and fast! She recently put out her first hit singles "Make Me" and "Stay Together" and has been seen flaunting around town with the big girls. While Noah is certainly enjoying playing grown ups, sister Miley is not so ready for her little sis to spread her wings and take on Hollywood. If anyone knows how cruel and twisted the celebrity world can be, it is Miley. While no Cyrus will stand in Noah's path to fame and fortune, Miley wants to make sure she stays close and protected until she is older and develops a thicker skin. Miley is bent on making sure Noah doesn't travel down a similar path as other young celebs who crash and burn at a tender age.

4 Momma Tish Is A Big Bret Michaels Fan...

Miley Cyrus's mom Tish loves herself some musicians.  Born in Music City she basically grew up chasing rock and roll and honky tonk hunks, so it's no surprise that she had the hots for Bret Michaels.  Those blonde locks, blue eyes, perfect eyeliner, he is every groupie's dream.  Back in 2010 mama and papa Cyrus filed for divorce for the hundredth time reportedly due to Tish getting frisky with her Rock and Roll Dreamboat.  Tish was seen attending one of his shows and he apparently asked if she could lend a hand adapting his memoir, the rest was freaky rock n roll history.  Micheals has vehemently denied that the two were ever anything but pals and claims that he has been friends with the entire family for years.  Come on Bret, just tell us who your favorite Cyrus is.  (I think we already know.)

3 Anxiety Is A Family Affair

Miley has had some very candid struggles over the years with anxiety and depression. Her panic attacks got so bad while starring on her show Hannah Montana that she would get hot flashes and feel like she was about to throw up or pass out. She also suffered from bouts of pretty serious bouts of depression when she was younger, but she isn't the only Cyrus sibling to battle mental health issues. Half brother Trace, who is part of the band Metro Station, once had to cancel his tour in Canada because his anxiety had gotten so out of control. He claimed that he feared the Border Patrol Agents would treat him like a criminal for the way he looks, even though Trace has never had any trouble with the law.

2 Billy Ray Was Scarred By His Parents' Divorce

Billy Ray's own little heart went all achy breaky when he was five years old watching his parents' marriage crumble. One has to wonder if Billy Ray has chosen to stick out his marital woes with wife Tish over and over again partly because of how deeply affected he was by his own parents' divorce. Billy's parents, Ron and Ruth Ann, couldn't make their marriage work during a time where it was virtually unheard of for parents to separate. Back then you just shut up and stuck things out. Billy even had to announce to his school teacher and class that his parents had indeed divorced. How utterly mortifying! I can't imagine there NOT being baggage from something like that. It didn't make things any better considering Billy was raised in conservatively Christian Kentucky and his grandfather was a preacher.

1 Body Blunders

I can't imagine being a sixteen year old girl, part of a famous family and growing up in front of millions of television viewers, but that is exactly what Miley did while starring on the hit television show Hannah Montana.  Her stint on the Disney favorite gave her some pretty serious issues including anxiety and body dysmorphia.  Miley revealed in a 2015 interview that she had "been made pretty" every single day while starring on the show at a very young age and once it ended she had no clue who she really was or what true beauty looked like.  The good news is Miley has certainly found her own voice and style in the years since Hannah Montana and these days she is rocking a look that is truly all her own.

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