15 Things You Didn't Know About Pregnant Women and Intimacy

In a world where hot mamas are on the rise, we can wonder, at what stage in mommyhood does one become a certifiably hot? It happens somewhere between the party stage and the mom pants stage, that’s for sure. But, one could argue that this happens before the baby is born. In fact, one might argue that this happens from the moment mom and dad mix bodily fluids and begin growing the baby that will make a pregnant mom ranking high on the hot-o-meter.

However, despite the many hot moms the world over, there are many misconceptions being passed off as fact about pregnant women and intimacy. These misconceptions range from painting soon-to-be moms as libido-driven maniacs, with a constant craving for some bedroom magic to frigid prudes that keep their legs clamped like steel bear traps, ready to catch the nearest limb in a death grip if ever any advances toward intimacy were attempted. However women are speaking out now more than ever to let the world know loudly and proudly that pregnant women are not all the same and that putting everyone’s experience in a box can close off the mind to what is actually happening. Dispelling these head-shakable misconceptions can help more people to realize that a pregnant woman is more than just a baby storehouse, but a brick house that may need climbing. Or not.

In a study of 188 women who had recently given birth at Santa Maria University Hospital in Lisbon, Portugal, intimacy researcher Joana Rocha Pauleta was able to uncover information right from the people who should be considered experts on the topic, mothers who were recently pregnant. The results of this study of women ranging from ages 17 to 49 help to uncover the truth about some very common misconceptions.

15 Pregnant Women Do Not Like Being Intimate

While women are different and can have a wide variety of experiences, many pregnant women actually report enjoying sex. In fact, some of them have said that they wanted it so much that they were always on the prowl, lying in wait for their partner, pouncing on them at a moment’s notice. Of course, most partners welcome this experience with excitement and pleasure, but sometimes, depending on a person’s drive doing the do, it can seem like a “my girl likes to party all the time” situation and become overbearing. It simply takes communicating with your partner so that both can be comfortable and enjoy healthy physical relationships. But, most women who have been pregnant probably had their eyes bulge out of their head when they read this because, due to a spike in hormones, it is very normal to have a higher libido during pregnancy than the other extreme, not wanting to be physically intimate. If there is concern in this area, advice from a medical professional would be helpful.

14 Pregnant Women Are Afraid They Will Hurt Their Baby

In Pauleta’s study, only a fourth of the women surveyed voiced concern about hurting their baby during physical activity. Likely, they were so busy enjoying their happy romps to concern themselves with this implausible fear. Or maybe it’s a lacking of sufficient inches on the part of their partner that allows them to throw their baby-poking fear to the wind. Also, more women are becoming more aware and educating about the functionality of their bodies and understand that there are several layers of tissue and liquid which separates anything which might penetrate the vagina and even get close to baby. There’s nothing like being in the throws of passion and having irrational thoughts pop into your head that could ruin the mood, so relax and enjoy it. Most mothers will tell you that babies can be the biggest sex mood-ruiners with all their crying and wanting to eat during normal sexing hours, so take advantage of it while you can.

13 It’s Too Difficult For Pregnant Women

We’ve all heard the saying: where there’s a will, there’s a way. This surely holds true in the case of a pregnant woman who’s hot under the collar. Some have said that the changing body makes things more difficult, but it actually can add spice to a monotonous routine. A thickening frame and more padding and cushion for the pushing can make a pregnant woman’s partner feel as though they are experiencing having sex with a new partner. How scandalous! This creates excellent opportunities for role play. It might not be a “let’s-meet-in-a-bar” type of role play, because, let’s face it, horrific stares at the woman with a bulging baby gut may elicit a discomfort not conducive for bedroom action. This might be more of a stay-at-home type of role play that just includes the pregnant couple. Or not. There really are no rules. There are loads (no pun intended) of information out about positions which are more comfortable for pregnant women during the various stages of pregnancy that can help pregnant women get the sexual pleasure that they crave.

12 It Will Trigger Morning Sickness

Nothing can run some sexy times worse than being puked on (unless you’re into that sort of thing). The thought is that the rocking motion will cause a pregnant woman to become nauseous and have bouts of morning sickness. Morning sickness has been traced back to a spike in a hormone, so the motion from sex will not cause morning sickness. In fact, it may actually help to easy symptoms simply by way of distracting a potentially sick, pregnant mama. And the hormonal cocktail released during a good orgasm may create a balancing affect that offers relief from puking, at least during the activity. And if it doesn’t, this might just be a new fetish area that some trolls might be interested in seeing, if you’re the show-and-tell kind of mom-to-be. For those completely disgusted by the prospect for which nausea may be an issue, there might be some oral options available.

11 Pregnant Women Are Not Adventurous In Bed

Between the libido-driven prowling and fetish puking, it should be clear that this is the farthest thing from the truth for many pregnant mothers. Because so much is shifting and changing in the body and life of a pregnant woman, she quickly learns to become adaptable. So, they will often seek out any chance that they can to have special adult time. They literally turn into McGuyvers, conjuring up space and opportunity for the most adventurous sexcapades. Anything is fair game for a mom with pleasure-on-the-brain from using toys, exploring with different partners, participating in fetishes… you name it! Obviously, this depends on how adventurous the woman is to begin with and what she and her partner are comfortable with doing during the pregnancy. Beyond that, it’s a great idea to explore and take time to explore the world of physical intimacy when a new baby is on the horizon. Again. No sleep ever again, basically, once the baby is born.

10 Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Get By Her Partner’s Mouth

What’s a little mouth play among friends? For most pregnant women, their partner is often their best friend. And best friends sometimes want to experience oral together. An orgasm from oral can be one of the most satisfying experiencing that a pregnant mother could have. The contractions in the vagina have been known to begin active labor. So, ladies, eager to have those babies? Your mate pressuring you about wanting the baby to hurry up and get here? Tell them that some good head would be a step in the right direction.

You’re welcome.

There is a word of caution, though. No one should EVER blow air into a pregnant woman’s vagina. This can cause an embolism, which can be very harmful to the baby. So, if your partner can resist the urge to blow your vagina up like a balloon, you may wish to wait until after the baby is born.

9 Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Try Any Backdoor Action

This misconceived notion may stem from thinking that there may be back door access to the baby that, if accessed, would suck a baby out like a airplane window. But, rest assured that everyone on that end is completely independent of any tubing related to or connected to the baby. And, actually, women who have concerns about vaginal intercourse may try the other hole. It’s just important to remember not to cross contaminate by engaging in anal and then returning to vaginal intercourse since bacteria from the anus can cause infection. So, if anal is on the menu, maybe it can be something done in or near a bathtub or at the end of a sexing experience. That way, there is no risk of any germs interrupting any further attempts at a sexy good time. But, just like any other sexual method, there are no real risks involved with a good butt pounding when done the right way.

8 Pregnant Women Can Only Do It Missionary


It’s true that the pregnant body can become a little cumbersome with each stage of development, but it would be a gross misjudgment to say that a pregnant mother can ONLY be in the missionary position. Many women might cringe at the thought of being confined to one position and, often, it may have been the position that they were in when they got pregnant. Saying that a pregnant mother can only do the deed in one position is like saying that a person can ONLY eat oatmeal for breakfast every day. Depending on the range of motion, a pregnant woman can do it in all types of positions. Some pregnant women like being on top while others don’t, feeling as though their partner is getting this strange forward-facing camera affect that’s a toss up between Jabba the Hut and Ursula from The Little Mermaid. Generally, though doggy style is a position of choice because there can be access all the way up until the day of delivery.

7 Pregnant Women Want To Be Intimate All Of The Time

Again, this may cue up the mental soundtrack of Eddie Murphy singing is ONE hit song. And, depending on the person, this can either be a good thing or a mild annoyance (let’s be honest; not many people are going to turn down lots of action). But, it is important to remember that everyone is different, so the experience will be different. With so many changes happening with almost tornado-like speed, she may experience a wide range of urges. Some days, the same woman who wants to have lots of sex may only want to cuddle. Or not even be bothered at all. Many partners have learned that, during pregnancy and sometimes beyond, the couch becomes their new bed. But, a good partner understands this and accommodating, ever forcing a situation just for their own personal benefit, but keeping in mind the development and health of both mom and baby.

6 All Women Wait Six Weeks After Having Their Baby

Learning that this misconception is not always true can help to relieve the judgmental tension in the room, especially from moms who couldn’t wait the recommend time before engaging in intercourse. Some mothers reported not even making it out of the hospital before finding a spare room or closet to do the deed in. In Pauleta’s study, 39% of women admitted to having sex during their birth week. Very likely, the numbers would have been more had the mothers feared not being judged or scolded by their doctors. But, even as it stands, that’s a pretty large number. And it’s understandable. There isn’t anything that can make you want to jump your partner’s bones then watching them lovingly care for your new baby. It’s almost enough to make you want to get a running start on making the next baby. Or at least get a few rounds of practice in where you can.

5 Pregnant Women Experience A Lot Of Dryness Down There

This one is another one that is not universal. Does it happen? Yes, sometimes. And in cases where it’s a constant issue, it would be a good idea to seek professional medical advice. However, many pregnant moms actually report the opposite. Due to an increase in water retention, which is needed to help nourish and hydrate a growing baby, the cut may tend to runneth over, so to speak. So much so that some pregnant women have to wear pantyliners to catch the extra spillage. At the very least, it makes for a wonderful slip-and-slide experience for the excited partner who is ready to dive in.

There are products on the market which can help if vaginal dryness is an issue, but be careful that it states being safe for pregnant mothers. If you are unsure, err on the side of not using anything and working on it with your partner.

4 Pregnant Women Don’t Play With Themselves

The toy collections acquired by some pregnant mothers, bullets and jack rabbits alike, put this myth to bed. In Pauleta’s study, she found that 20% of the participants admitted to masturbating (the other 80% were probably lying, too ashamed to admit to a good DJ scratch every now and again). Sometimes, when a woman is pregnant, she may not want to share her body as readily with her partner. So, when the heat comes (no pun intended), a pregnant woman may find it more convenient to make sex a DIY situation. Plus, the margin for error is reduced significantly when you can save time by going straight to the easy button, so to speak. A woman knows her body better than anyone else, so masturbation may definitely be on the menu when it comes to having sex while pregnant. Also, a woman’s partner may not always be available when a sexual urge comes on, so being comfortable enough to masturbate can be a huge plus.

3 Pregnant Women Stop Doing Anything In Their Third Trimester

Some women say that the end is often the best time to get into some action. Long gone is the morning sickness hell and the newness of pregnancy has worn off. Feeling the growing baby move and sharing this experience with a partner can help to grow those loving feelings that have pregnant couples barreling toward the bedroom. Reportedly, 80% of women say that they have some sexual activity in their third trimester. There are certain cases where extreme caution needs to be taken, such as in the case of mothers with health risks that may limit physical activity. But, for the average, healthy pregnant mother, there is no real reason to stop going to Nasty Town at any point in the pregnancy (except maybe hold off while actually giving birth; this may not be the best way to introduce a child into the world by being met with an eyeful of their parents reenacting their conception).

2 Pregnant Women Stop Wanting It After The First Trimester

Pregnancy can be a beautiful thing at times and can also feel like a horror movie-induced rollercoaster. So, understandably, with everything happening and preparations being made to accommodate this human being for whom new parents will soon become responsible may put a damper on the bedroom action. But, this is all part and parcel with being pregnant and having a baby. However, this is not the case for all pregnant women. One study showed that most women did not have a change in the amount of times that they were intimate prior to pregnancy and during. In fact, 10% of women noted doing it more often, as they should if they feel up to it and are able. This revelation might do a lot to dispel the fears of partners who may be fearful of not having their sexual needs met. But, again, the mature and supportive partner will both understand and accommodate their mate in the best way that they can.

1 A Pregnant Woman Can’t Climax

About 11% of women experience sexual dysfunction while pregnant and inability to achieve orgasm has been listed among the symptoms associated with this. However, for the vast majority, orgasms are not only possible, but welcome with Southern hospitality. With so many stresses and chances happening, a good orgasm can do lots to put a smile (probably an incredibly large on) on the face of any mother-to-be. Partners who want to help dial down emotional outburst could use this as a tool to help infuse peace into the situation. Give your pregnant mate the gift of a mind-blowing orgasm and see if you both don’t have more enjoyment in your pregnancy experience.

Medical conditions notwithstanding, the rapid changes happening within the pregnant body may make it difficult for a pregnant woman to relax enough to achieve orgasm. Therefore, being creative and finding ways which can help to build more love, acceptance, and affection can help a pregnant woman to achieve a more satisfying orgasm.

Pregnant women can have amazing experiences in the bedroom. Pregnancy is not some debilitating illness, rending a soon-to-be mom helpless and useless. Neither is it some sort of libido-driven addiction that lasts for about 9 months. In fact, a pregnant mother can derive more enjoyment from pregnancy by maintaining her sexuality and sensuality. Remembering that not all pregnant women are created equal, meaning having the same wants and desires, can help dispel the myths and help more pregnant moms realize that they are not alone in their pregnancy experience.

To all the pregnant mamas (and those who plan to be), may you and your partner’s bodies be the wonderland of your waking dreams.

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