15 Things You Didn't Know About Prince William And Kate

The Royals keep making headlines over the last few years. Weddings, babies, and two “common” girls now parts of the royal family have made for quite a splash in the media. The impending marriage between Prince Harry and movie star Meghan Markle is causing us all to wonder what she will be wearing for her big, magical day. Prince William and Duchess Kate are also eagerly expecting their third child very soon, and between both joyous events, all eyes are on the royal family yet again. There are many traditions that the royals adhere to that most people don’t even realize. But aside from just traditions alone, there are family rules that everyone is expected to follow.

Some are more obvious, like wearing hats to formal events. While others are less known, like the banning of a very well-known board game (hint it takes hours and hours to play!). Common delicacies to most of us, are completely off the menu at Buckingham Palace, and forget about getting your photograph signed by the Duchess herself…she will not do it, no matter how nicely you ask! The royal family has some rather weird rules, but we can’t help but be curious and want to know more. The Queen is the leader of the family, and whatever she says, or does go. They can’t even eat a meal without her allowing it to happen. If the Queen eats, you can eat. But don’t even think of taking another bite of your chicken if she has put her fork down!

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15 They Can't Fly Together

Prince William and Duchess Kate are much more modern than past royals. Though they don’t stray too far from what is expected, the family rules (so to speak)... they do every now and then blaze their own trail. The royal family is such an integral piece of the British way of life, that heirs are not to travel together. That means that Prince William’s successor, or next in line, should never be on the same flight as he is. In the case of the Prince and Duchess this is simply not always the case. Prince William has flown with his entire family (Kate and the kids) on multiple occasions. This is one of those family rules meant to protect the throne and next in line, but William would rather be with his kids and wife, even in the event of something going terribly wrong. Good for him!

14 Public Display Of Affection Is Forbidden


When out in public the royals are expected to be proper…At. All. Times. That sounds terribly exhausting and stuffy. But they sure do a great job of making it look easy. Princess Diana used to exit her car clutching her bag to her chest. This was her trademark move, but not for any other reason than to make sure she wasn’t showing cleavage, giving some photographer just the angle he was hoping for. In the same manner pubic displays of affection like kissing, groping…you know, the things your husband does to you in public…yeah William can’t do that! The royal family does not want to give anyone any photo or photo-op to use against them and make them look less than dignified.

13 Kate Is Technically Not A Princess


Royal weddings seem to have the whole world enthralled and eagerly watching. What could be more exciting than watching a real live fairy tale play out on TV? The bride walking down the aisle in one of the most gorgeous gowns you can imagine, and thousands, millions of people tuning in to see this joyous event. No other time in history could the whole world celebrate such an intimate affair. When a royal man gets married to a commoner, or woman of lesser rank, the woman assumes her husbands title. Though Prince William is a prince, it is said that Kate isn’t technically a Princess, because she was not born into the role. This is why Kate is referred to as Duchess Kate. The same will go for Meghan Markle…she won’t technically be Princess Meghan.

12 Monopoly Date Night Is Out Of The Question


The Royals are unlike the rest of us. They adhere to a different set of rules. The Queen doesn’t have a driver’s license but has the right to drive whenever she wants. The rules us commoners follow do not apply to them. Rules are important to keep the family safe, and to keep them upright and proper. Without rules they could run around in jeans, with a messy mom-bun, chasing after their filthy kids who just played in a dirty puddle like the rest of us. But the Royals simply do not act like that. They have strict rules and they must abide by them. One rule that is positively loony is that they are forbidden from playing the board game Monopoly. They say it’s too “vicious” of a game to play. I hope Meghan gets her fill of it before the wedding because after…she’ll be breaking serious royal code playing this excruciatingly long game. I wonder if the McDonald’s version counts, or if that’s a free pass?

11 ...Or A Lobster Dinner For Two


Seafood is thought of as a delicacy. A delicious, expensive treat most people enjoy only on special occasions. Prince William and Duchess Kate could afford to have lobster any day of the week, and twice on Sunday. You would think with figures as slim as theirs, that seafood would be a big part of their diets. However, according to the royal family rules, shellfish is a big no-no! Shellfish is said to run the risk of food poisoning depending on how it’s prepared. To avoid this risk, royals are to abstain from eating shellfish at all times. I wonder if Meghan Markle is chowing down on lobster bisque, crab legs, and shrimp before her big day. She ought to before it’s a banned delicacy she can only dream about!

10 There’s A Strict Dress Code


The royals follow a strict dress code indeed. But this month Kate made quite a splash by refusing to wear black at the BAFTA’s (British version of the Oscars). The all black dress code was in support of women’s rights and equality. The outrage seems a bit misguided. As a member of the royal family Kate is not permitted to vote, talk politics, or share her opinions about anything along those terms. While many claim this was not political, it’s understandable while she abstained from making a statement along the lines of women’s rights. As for normal day to day clothing, the royals dress etiquette is quite unlike anyone else. Prince George only wears shorts, with a nice shirt or sweater. He’s never been seen in trousers or a Mario Bro’s t-shirt. Many places they visit will not allow you to wear jeans because they are considered casual. This is one of the reasons they are always dressed nice…best to be prepared.

9 ...Like Wearing Hats To All Formal Events


The impending royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has the world waiting impatiently for the big day. Who could forget Prince William and Duchess Kate’s wedding day? She awed us all with her two wedding gowns, and since then no one can get enough of her fashion sense and accessories of choice. The upcoming wedding leads us to wonder not only what Meghan will be wearing, but Kate as well. Though we do know one thing Kate will be wearing…a hat of course. Royal women must always wear a hat to all formal events. A wedding is no different. Not all of us can pull off hats. I simply look appalling my baseball hat and disheveled mom bun while heading to the gym. But I’m sure Kate will make us all wish for a fancy hat of our own.

8 They Must Accept Gifts Gracefully


Will and Kate are not just celebrities. They are royalty. With that being said nearly everywhere they go, people offer gifts, teddy bears, flowers, etc. Royals must always accept gifts gracefully, no matter how absurd the gift may be. Personally, I’ve never even seen a strand of hair out of place on Kate’s head, so accepting gifts gracefully shouldn’t be an issue. Accepting the gifts and thanking their people are just one part of the gift giving/receiving process. The Queen has the final say. After the gifts are received the Queen will decide who gets to keep what gifts. A bit odd…but okay. The Royals have their own life rules. I guess if Kate gets handed a diamond necklace, she better stuff it in her purse or the Queen may be confiscating it!

7 When The Royal Grandma Stands, You Stand


If mama’s not happy, ain’t nobody happy! This is kind of the general rule of thumb for the royal family. If the Queen is eating, you eat. If the Queen is finished eating, you must be finished eating. If the Queen moves her purse from one arm to the next, she is finished speaking to you. When the Queen stands up, you better get on your feet! The Queen is literally the leader in “Simon says”, or “follow the leader,” in the royal family. Her every whim and need is thought to be the most important and everyone else better follow suit. Coming from common families it leaves one to wonder how hard that was for Duchess Kate to adjust to? Meghan Markle is a famous celebrity and is used to being waited on…but now she’ll be having to bow to the Queen, and do whatever “Simon says.” Sheesh!

6 No Voting!


Politics are not supposed to be discussed at dinner parties, on social media (yeah right!), or in the office. It’s because politics lead to discourse and arguments that aren’t exactly helpful or friendly. Politics can bring out the worst in people and can lead to people not liking you for your opinions. The Queen herself has remained politically neutral for as long as she has been on the throne. It is said that members of the royal family should never ever speak politically, give opinions, or even cast a vote! It sounds crazy but they must never break this rule, or they could risk damaging the family name. Even if they wanted to, the members of the family could not run for an office at any point in their lives.

5 They Must Pack A Black Outfit While Travelling


Duchess Kate has never worn an ugly outfit, or had a hair out of place for that matter. Travelling as a royal member of the family cannot be easy. Though I’m assuming having servant pack for you, load the car, load the private jet, yes that might make it much easier than it is for us commoners. However, they have so much pressure to be “on” all the time. To be perfectly kind, completely happy, and always charming…that would get tiring. When the royals pack their bags for traveling they are expected to pack along a totally black outfit just in case a family member dies while they are away, or they are needed to attend a funeral. Their plan is to always be prepared just in case. But geez! How morbid!

4 Pinkies Up!


Little girls love playing princess. They dress-up in frilly dresses, put on obnoxiously loud high heels, and usually end this parade with a tea party. Undoubtedly there is a high pinky as she slurps her tea from her plastic teacup. It’s what princesses do, right? It’s proper etiquette. Nope! Not according to the royal family. Holding a teacup is a very important part of the proper royal life. For one to hold their pinky upright is too pretentious and not what the royals do at all. The proper way to hold a teacup is with the thumb and index finger holding the handle, while the middle finger rests on the bottom. The drinker must sip from the same spot so she doesn’t get lipstick marks all over the entire teacup. Little girls have been doing it all wrong!

3 There's An Order They Walk In


Entering a room may seem like a non-issue. What could possibly be said about how someone enters a room as a member of the royal family, vs. the rest of us. In the case of the royal family you must enter the room in royal order. The current procession is Queen Elizabeth II, the Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Philip), the Prince of Wales (Prince Charles), Duchess of Cornwall (Camilla), Prince of Cambridge (Prince William), Duchess of Cambridge (Duchess Kate), etc. They are also supposed to be seated in royal order as well. If Meghan Markle expects “royal” treatment for being a celebrity, that is probably not going to happen! She will be one of the last to enter a room, and she’ll be sitting far away from the Queen.

2 No Autographs Allowed


Prince William and Duchess Kate can’t leave their residence without being bombarded by onlookers, paparazzi and fans. People adore them. They are watching them for when the baby will be born. Hoping to catch a glimpse of their children, or to greet them with a gift. They are royalty and they are famous by all accounts. Being a celebrity doesn’t just mean those in Hollywood. They are undoubtedly some of the most well known people in the world. But what is one thing that is forbidden for them to do? Sign autographs. That sounds silly, and slightly ridiculous but members of the royal family must never sign autographs because they are protecting someone from forging her signature. It’s all about safety for these royals. But really, who could blame them?

1 Expected To Learn Several Languages


The royals many rules aren’t just for show. Some are for safety reasons, some for tradition, and others are really quite awesome. Members of the family are expected to know several languages. It’s been reported that Princess Charlotte can already speak Spanish, thanks to her nanny. She apparently speaks to Prince William in her second language and the two have conversations. That is quite young for someone to learn 2 languages, but as a member of the royal family it is actually necessary to do so. Duchess Kate can speak French, so most assumed since her mom and the Queen speak French, that little Princess Charlotte would too, but her parents saw fit to introduce her to Spanish thanks to her nanny who is from Spain. Most of us barely pass Spanish or Latin in high school. They’re just making us all look bad now!

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