15 Things You Didn't Know About The Kardashian Kids

Kardashian has become a household name. Kim got famous simply by organizing closets for the right people (that and releasing the infamous x-rated video tape). The rest grabbed her coat tails and went along for the ride. With Momager Kris at the helm willing to sell their souls, we watched them turn it all into a multi-million dollar family empire, complete with their own reality shows.

Everyone wants to keep up with the Kardashians. They are plastered on the front of every celebrity gossip magazine. They are designing clothes, walking the runways, and marrying basketball players and rappers left and right. Paparazzi follow them around the world. They are living the good life and pumping it full of drama. We can't seem to get enough.

Now most of them have gone off and had kids of their own. As the family grows, so does their empire. Ever wonder what it's like for kids born into the limelight like this? It's certainly different than anything the rest of us have ever experienced. Fame from birth. Lavish extravagance. Want for nothing. It's a good thing they are adorable. Let's take a look at life as a Kardashian kid.

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15 Pretend To Breastfeed

Just like any kids there is some jealousy. When Kim's son was born, her daughter was just 3-years old. She was so jealous of the extra attention the baby was getting, especially during his feedings. North hated that the baby was being held so she would act out towards him. In order to keep the peace, Kim came up with a plan to put North in the action with Saint. She filled a little container up with milk and placed it in her bra. She then fed the straw out for North to use. Some may find that ridiculous, but it sounds pretty ingenious. We all have moments we will consider doing anything just to keep the peace and get things done during the day. So why not pretend to breastfeed?

14 Real Time Birth

Rob and Blac Chyna had their own reality show, Rob & Chyna. It documented their life together as Blac was pregnant with Dream. They revealed the baby's gender, a girl. They showed the paternity test, that's normal right?! So as the big day got closer and they planned for Dream's entrance into the world, it should not be surprising they would plan to have reality show cameras there to film it all. While the season had ended, they planned to film an exclusive on her birth experience. Rob was eagerly anticipating the baby's arrival. Blac was anticipating tears from Rob, but the tears were hers. Rob said it was the happiest day of his life. Unfortunately, just as the birth story was airing, their relationship was coming to an end.

13 Models In Training

With so many fashion lines in the family it is no wonder these kids are models in training. This is especially true of North West as her mom and dad launch a kids line. She takes a pretty active role in choosing fabric for their designs. Follow Kim on social media and you will find numerous posts commenting on what North (or Nori as she calls her) is wearing. Many times it is something from their line. While Kim once commented that North never wore designer clothing, that is likely all she wears now. This is a child that has been sitting front row at Fashion Week since the day she was born. Her closet is full of designer names. She has even been seen sporting a $3,500 fur coat.

12 Fashion Trouble

Penelope is only 4-years old and her fashion choices are already causing drama, especially for her mother! Apparently, Aunt Kim bought Penelope a fake lip ring just like the one she has been seen wearing. Of course it was the coolest gift ever! Penelope wore it all day. When she fell asleep on mom's arm, Kourtney snapped a photo and shared it to social media. She commented on the ring sarcastically and thanked Kim. Mom shamers came out of the wood work and went crazy. They couldn't get over how inappropriate it was for a 4-year old to be sporting a lip ring. Kourtney was called every bad name imaginable for letting her daughter play with it. In spite of people defending her that it was likely fake, the controversy waged on.

11 Set Footware Trends

Penelope and North take after their mothers and have a love for all things fashion, especially shoes. Just as Kourtney and Kim used to play in their mom's closet, the girls do the same now. There are many photos out there showing the girls wearing their mom's shoes. Apparently they fight over them, too.

The cousins are often seen sporting faux-fur slippers by Akid. They come in several different colors. Penelope apparently has multiples. Like any child at the age of 4, she likely dresses herself (at least to some extent). People are definitely paying attention because paparazzi snapped photos of her wearing one white and one black shoe. Everyone went crazy! As a 4-year old, her fashion choices were likely random and forced by her mother telling her to just get shoes on. Fashion icon with no effort.

10 Nothing But Birkins

Don't know what a Birkin is? You're not alone. It's a super expensive French handbag designed by Hermes. The price ranges from $11,500 to $150,000. For most of us, we would never dream of paying this kind of money for a purse. However, for the Kardashians this purse gets converted into a diaper bag for the kids. Apparently it's the perfect size. It is full of diapers, extra clothes, Honest Co wipes, brand name snacks, and an iPad to play games on. Stuff is always getting spilled inside. No big deal! You know you've made it in Hollywood when you are carrying a Birkin as a diaper bag. Kourtney's kids each lived out of one. Kim has followed in her footsteps. Nothing but the very best for the Kardashian kids.

9 Million Dollar Smile

Celebrity baby photos (especially the first ones) are worth a lot of money! Media outlets will put together package offers with a huge payout just to obtain for the chance at an exclusive. This is exactly what happened for Kim and  Kanye when their son, Saint, was born. They had multiple offers ranging from $2 million to $2.5 million! The packages were seeking not only the first shot of the baby, but they wanted candid family photos to go along with the story. Ultimately, they rejected all offers that were put on the table. Instead, Kim took the lead and shared the first photo on her own website. It was on the anniversary of her own father's birthday. With North, they revealed the first photos on Kris Jenner's talk show. At least they have been consistent in not taking the cash.

8 Sharing Birthdays

Believe it or not, both of Kourtney's boys share a birthday. Reign was delivered exactly 5 years after his big brother Mason. Their big day is December 14th. Imagine the birthday parties they will have. The day Reign was born, Aunt Kim took Mason for a special viewing of Disney on Ice. They were trying to give him a fun, one last hurrah, before sharing his day. Following Reigns birth, Kourtney sent a big shout out to Mason on her Instagram account. She wrote, "“Happy birthday to the coolest little boy in the entire world. You teach me so much every single day and changed my universe the second I met you. You have taught me what life is all about and I am truly blessed and honored to be your mommy”.

7 Unusual Name Trends

Celebrities are known for choosing unique names for their children. The Kardashian's are no different. First up is Mason Dash Disick. As it turns out, Mason means the same thing in English as Kardashian does in Armenian. Happy accident. Dash on the other hand was Kourtney's dad's nickname. Next up is Penelope Scotland Disick. While Penelope didn't have any meaning behind it, Scotland was in honor of her father (Scott). Then came Reign Aston Disick. Reign is simply a name Kourtney liked. Kim's oldest daughter is North West, Nori for short. North means highest power. Kim and Kanye felt North was their highest point. When Saint came along, they chose his name because it meant blessing. The smallest Kardashian is Dream Renee. Her parents felt she was a dream come true.

6 Paparazzi Pros

These little Kardashian kids are pros when it comes to dealing with the paparazzi. They have grown accustomed to having photographers around them all the time. It seems they have all picked up some pointers from their mom's. There are multiple YouTube videos out there showing it. Kris and Kourtney took Mason and Penelope out for ice cream. Leaving the shop they were inundated with photographers. Almost in unison you can hear the kids saying, "No pictures please" over and over. The same is true of little North West. Headed out for ballet class they started snapping pictures. She put her hand in the air and said, "No pictures please". Of course the paparazzi did get some photos (and video) in each scenario. Yet, it was cute to see the kids trying to control the situation.

5 Over The Top

When you have Kardashian money, you can throw some epic parties! Considering Kim had childhood parties at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch, the bar has been set pretty high. Kourtney and Kim threw a joint birthday party for Penelope and North last summer. It was a mermaid theme complete with real mermaids, princesses, and costumes for everyone (even the moms). For Mason and Reign's birthday party, the theme was Fast and Furious complete with costumes and scooters for racing. When North turned 1, Kim and Kanye went all out. They hosted a Coachella themed party called "Kid Chella". Included was a ferris wheel, a lip synch booth, and a big bounce house. Kim did tone it down to limit publicity with Saint's first birthday. It was also a coming home party for Kanye after a hospital stint. She had a balloon party with hundreds of balloons. Still pretty fabulous!

4 Social Media Gurus

From the day they were born, they were social media famous as their photos were posted everywhere simply because they are Kardashian kids. It doesn't take long for them to figure out how to work it themselves. North has been known to post a hot photo of Kim without permission. She apparently has access to Kim's Twitter account with over 37 million followers. Kim says she follows and unfollows people all the time. Recently she even sent out her first Tweet without anyone realizing until a few hours later. The funny part, she got more likes and re-tweets than her mom gets! Then there is the youngest Kardashian. Dream has spent a lot of time on Snapchat. When she was just a week old, she was given her own Snapchat filter.

3 The Kids Rule

In this family it is clear the kids run the show (and spend the money). Even Rob has said, "I'll never say no to this woman" when talking about his baby daughter Dream. Some may say they are spoiled. They likely are! Kim and Kanye bought North a doll house worth $55,000 one year for Christmas. She also drives a toy car worth $12,000. Dream got a pink kitchen set from Kris for her first Christmas. She wasn't even a year old. For Reign's first Christmas he accumulated over 150 gifts! Their closets are overflowing with designer labels. They've been on luxury vacations all across the world like Costa Rica, Hawaii, Cuba, St. Barth's, Vail, and summering in Nantucket. They want for nothing. It must be nice being a Kardashian kid.

2 Bieber As Babysitter

The Kardashians had a pool party. Of course that means other celebrity guests would show up. Photos show Mason and Justin Bieber hanging out in the pool together. They played, splashed, and had a blast. Kris even references Bieber as the "best babysitter ever". During this time Bieber was spending a lot of time with the Kardashian family. Some say he and Kourtney were secretly seeing each other. That was never official if so. Publicly they say it was because he and Kendall Jenner appeared in a Vogue spread together and is now friends with the family. Whatever the case, he and Mason apparently hit it off. The family trusted him enough to let them romp in the pool. Though he probably wasn't actually babysitting. More child entertaining. What kid gets to call Justin Bieber their babysitter?!

1 Inheriting The Empire

These Kardashian kids have big shoes to fill. The family recently renewed their deal for Keeping Up With The Kardashians for an estimated $80 million. Each family member has had their own reality show at one time or another. Their empire includes TV, cosmetics, clothing, aps, health and fitness product endorsements, modeling, and other odd products along the way. They have become masters at creating a brand around their name and then making millions in licensing deals. Heck they make money just for showing up somewhere. With the kids they are able to start expanding into new markets, like kids clothing lines. Many people say that are famous for being famous. The kids will be well trained to follow in their footsteps. If it comes with a paycheck like theirs, who can blame them?

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