15 Things You Need In A Registry

The bun is in the oven. Mom-to-be is excited as anything. She can't wait to meet her bundle of joy face to face. There is so much to do before then. She is a little overwhelmed. Where should Mom start? Well, first things first, she needs to make sure she is healthy, that is, getting enough rest, food and down time in preparation for motherhood, one of the most intense times of her life. Things will never be the same once baby enters her world, and even then there will be those moments she misses pre-baby, she will be happy that motherhood has put her on a whole new journey of life and living.

One of the things she will most enjoy is planning out baby’s arrival with stuff from the baby registry. Whether or not she decides to have a baby shower, big or small, or have immediate family only help her purchase baby stuff, (or maybe simply her and her partner), looking at all the cool things to buy will be very entertaining for her. It will also be good that she has one central place where she knows what she needs to buy in order to have baby feel comfortable, safe and secure. There are lots of cutesy extras which are nice to have, but the most important things to buy for baby’s security need to be on that list, so parents are not wasting their time and money on the things forgetting the things they will actually need. Here are 15 Things that Moms will need to buy in a baby registry:

15 Sturdy Crib And Firm Mattress

The first thing any Mom would want to look for in a crib and mattress is good quality. Babies sleep for up to eighteen hours a day so they need to be comfortable. The best way to tell if a mattress is good quality is if it fits neatly tucked into corners of the crib. For the crib itself, staying away from anything that has fancy scrolling or workmanship is the way to go. Infants’ clothes have been known to get stuck in such handiwork and it could cause strangulation. It’s also better to buy new for both types of things, as safety standards are updated and changed all the time. Make sure there are no grooves or places baby can slip, and no sharp corners in the crib. It’s a good idea to buy both crib and mattress at the same time so Mom can see that they fit well and securely together.

14 Soft Sheets And Warm Blankets

With sheets and blankets, the rules are pretty simple as well. It’s fine to have a theme going, (and fun of course,) but parents need to make sure that the sheets are cotton and soft on baby’s delicate skin, and baby blankets should not be heavy. There is a risk of suffocation at the newborn stage, as baby cannot push off a heavy blanket from its body. That is why thin character blankets that are small are a Mom’s best and safest bet. Sheets should also not have any dyes or chemicals in the making that could harm baby. Mom’s maternal instinct would have her look at this, too.

Here, second hand or gently used materials would not be a problem as long as they are clean, light, and airy. Baby needs comfort above price - always. Other than that, Moms need to stock up on LOTS of sheets and blankets, as little ones will have accidents on them and they will get dirty fast. No one feels like doing more laundry than necessary, so having more to choose from will give Mom a break in this area!

13 Lots Of Bibs And Washcloths

This is something that Moms often don’t know of, but that is so obvious after baby comes into our life that we are shocked we didn’t put it in our registries. Bibs and washcloths are MANDATORY. Think-baby diaper clean up, MULTIPLE food and drool organizers, and food catchers. That is what these wonderful little devices do. And the best part of it all? They are available in many different sizes, shapes, and styles. Parents should have them in small, medium and large. The bibs that are the best are the plastic ones that clean easy.

With a dishcloth, it is rendered useless in seconds from baby’s lunch or drool! With all the additional laundry Mom and Dad will be doing, it is so nice to have bibs that are able to be hand wiped and quickly. For washcloths Moms and Dads can go with any style, but the higher quality material ones are best here so they will survive the wash and last much longer. Parents will need bibs for many reasons.

12 A Baby Tub For Bath Time

This is really a handy and great tool to have for baby’s first 6 months. Afterwards when they are able to sit up on their own, the sink or regular bathtub will do for bath time. Of course baby always needs to be monitored constantly and supported in the tub. Similarly to cribs and mattresses, unless it is very gently used, a parent is better off buying a new baby tub that meets all the safety regulations for baby bath time. They are not too pricey, and can make the first bath time experience more comfortable for parents and baby.

They are portable too, so wherever Mom and Dad find it comfortable to do baby's bath, they can take it, including to grandma and grandpa’s house if they don’t have their own bassinet for baby. Another good thing to buy with the bassinet are several warm hoodie towels that cover baby’s head and protect them from the cold, as well as a soft hypoallergenic soap for baby.

11 A Baby Wrap Or Sling 

When babies are held close to mother’s hearts, it can regulate everything from their heartbeat, to their breathing and mood. Many babies sleep better too in a sling or wrap with the constant movement of Mom or any other caregiver. For nine months babies are warm and close in their mother’s bodies. Birth can be jarring for many babies out in the cold world. If birth was a difficult experience for Mom and baby, baby wearing can help even more with things afterwards. All wraps and slings are not created equal. Moms should investigate and try different ones out.

Here second-hand or gently used can be just as good. A Mom’s best resource for finding the right baby slings? Other Moms online and her Mom friends who have used them. The sling must give good back and neck support to Mom, and remember, it is only good in the front till baby is five months old. After that, baby is heavier, so wearing baby on the back can be a good experience for Mom and baby. The other advantage of baby slings and wraps? Discrete breastfeeding, and Mom or the caregiver can go hands free and can get things done while baby sleeps or is settled close to Mom.

10 Up To Date Car Seat

This is a tricky one. Here the main rule of thumb is definitively to shop around and ask other friends and family who have recently become parents what kind of car seat they purchased. Do not go for second-hand as the safety regulations change every few years, plus there is always the danger that if that car seat was in a car where there had been an accident, it would not offer the same level of protection as a brand new car seat with current regulations would.

If one has to get a second-hand car seat, they should make sure they know its history. A parent must also make sure it is properly installed and is a good fit with the car. If not, parents need to keep shopping around for a good quality car seat that fits with their car. Finally, make sure it is a seat that has baby facing to the rear for as long as possible. That is safest for them. Make sure the seat is appropriate for an average baby’s weight and check if it has National Safety Standards label in it.

9 Portable Diaper Bag

This diaper bag will be like a baby assistant, or at least the second best thing. It will hold all of baby’s necessities for travel (even if you're only going down the street), and will need to have many compartments to house bottles, bibs, diapers, clothes, diaper rash ointment, snacks, toys, pacifiers, etc. It does not have to be top of the line nor gigantic, but should be a sturdy material and fit in most carriages, strollers, and over most Moms’ shoulders for easy and convenient walking and moving.

Remember, sometimes baby will be in Mom’s arms, so if it’s a bag she can carry while holding baby in her arms or baby wrap, even better. If not, it needs to fit neatly in a carriage or stroller and not be too heavy. This is just the beginning of several more years of Moms and Dads lugging around baby equipment due to their various needs.

8 Reliable Bottles And Pumps

This is an obvious one, but we don’t always think of purchasing bottles and a breast pump till we get to the end of the registry list. Good sturdy plastic bottles that are BPA safe, (which are pretty much all of them on the market today), are needed whether a Mom chooses to go with baby formula and later milk or whether she is breastfeeding. For breastfeeding, she will need a good breast pump and bottles to put the milk in should she want someone else to do a feeding or two so she can take a breather, or else if she decides to wean baby off breast milk.

It’s important to do one’s research on the different brands out there. Second hand, gently-used will still be fine for a new Mom to use, as long as all pieces are washed well, particularly the breast pump. Other Moms are good people to ask for what did and did not work for them, and a lactation consultant who generally works in most pharmacies can help a woman figure out what breast pump is right for her and her baby.

7 Sturdy Highchair Or Booster

The most important feature of a highchair is that it is solid, sturdy, and will stay in place to accommodate a growing healthy baby’s weight. Sometimes when they are older, highchairs can be shaky or collapse, so be careful and make sure it is still in good condition. Make sure the straps will hold the precious bundle of joy in securely, and that it will be good for baby all through to toddlerhood when they can start using a booster.

For the booster, the same rules about durability, straps, and it being lightweight are good ways to assure that it will be easy to transport to different parts of the house should one need to, and to other places like when family is visiting or to restaurants and food courts. Baby should be comfortable in both. Should a Mom see baby squirming or looking agitated, she should try another model that a friend or family member has that can serve baby well.

6 Portable Crib Or Play Yard

This is important as it has to be comfortable for baby as well as safe. Again, similarly to a crib, there should be no places where baby can get clothing caught or anything tangled in any material. The portable crib or play yard also needs to be large enough for baby to move around and play in, (with toys etc. and books which do not have big pieces for the little ones), and also have enough room to sleep or nap in when baby has to be away from his or her crib. They are also great for older toddlers with the top part removed and the ones that are the most popular are the light weight ones that can easily fold and travel anywhere. Some parents will invest in the ones that have a change table coming with it. This way they don’t need to invest in a separate change table.

5 Baby Carriage And Light Stroller

Ah yes, the baby carriage. This is so important for those Mommy moments of freedom and fresh air, and er, oh yeah, taking baby out for that, too. Seriously, finding the right stroller for family activities is mandatory as this stroller will go inside and outside with Mom and baby (and maybe babies if you get the double one), for years to come. It needs to be sturdy, tough, good outside and inside (think cold winter days and how walks in shopping malls with a TALL coffee can save a Mom’s sanity with other Moms or friends), and it has to be able to do the whole park thing, grass thing, beach, etc. Moms need to be able to feel free and go everywhere with their little ones. A good stroller, heavier and lighter foldable one, needs to be able to move smoothly with the family and go with the flow of family life. A new or used stroller can work just as well.

4 Smell-Proof Diaper Pail

Not every Mom will think of this purchase, but it is a wise one. When a Mom SMELLS the evidence of leaving the diapers in a regular pail, she will kick herself for not having invested in one of these things. They can be complicated to use, so Moms need to read up on the ones that meet their requirements, and can ask around in person and in the virtual Mom community for advice on what the best diaper pail is to purchase. Think of how nice it will be not to have that aromatic diaper smell of poop and pee permeating in the air, or have to change the garbage twice as much due to the smell. Mom can concentrate on tending to baby, cleaning the rest of the house, and all that laundry that has backed up, and if she is lucky, crashing and catching up on a few more zz’s.

3 Comfy Nursing Pillow For Mom And Baby

This is a priceless invention that makes a very calming and beautiful act even more relaxing and comfortable. If Mom is struggling to find a good position to feed baby in (whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding), a decent nursing pillow is one of the best investments she will make. It will help baby settle faster, be more comfortable in how Mom is holding and handling baby, and the whole process of feeding baby will go that much better. Baby will see how relaxed Mom feels, and he or she will nurse better, bond better, and when baby is comfortable and sated, they will sleep better, too. It is also a great tool to place Baby up against if Mom’s arms need a break (under her supervision, of course), and Mom can even rest her arm or neck against it. It makes for comfort and bonding all around for mother and baby.

2 Lots And Lots Of Diapers

And who can forget the most obviously necessary piece of equipment on the registry list: diapers! Without diapers, a mother (and baby), would not survive all the changing and have something clean to put on all those cute bottoms! Diapers are something that is perfect to stock up on in advance, so Moms-to-be can really cash in on the sales and specials. The only thing to remember is not to buy too much of one size, particularly newborn, as babies outgrow that size quite quickly. It is important to have a lot more from the 12-18 month and up stage as babies will use those sizes for longer.

All diapers are pretty much the same. Some Moms do find they prefer one brand over another. For example, some babies’ skin is sensitive so they will not do well with a scented diaper. Those babies do better with hypo allergenic diapers that have no scents inside. Some brands are better fitted to boys, other to girls. Again, this is trial and error. Moms can ask around in their community to see what they have to say.

1 And Lots Of Newborn Onesies And Pajamas

Similar to diapers, babies of all ages (but particularly newborns) will go through A LOT of changes in the course of a day. Therefore, having good quality onesie outfits or pajamas with snaps or zippers for fast zipping and unzipping will go a long way to making Mom’s life easier and baby’s dryer and more pleasant. Moms don’t think of all the changes and additional laundry with the onesies, but this ends up being the case.

So save money and buy these for the first six months. It will be a pain changing a newborn from jeans, cords or skirts. Pajamas are more comfortable and practical for babies and Moms alike. Moms can get standard ones at department stores or higher end ones. It depends on her preference. As long as she is using gentle baby detergent, it doesn't matter which ones she buys. She and baby have to feel comfortable.

So that‘s a basic summary of what new Moms will need to get in the baby registry. There are always other things she could add, but after the above basics, the only top thing that needs to be there and usually already is, is her love for baby. Happy registry shopping!

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