15 Thoughts Every Pregnant Woman Has

Even though pregnancy itself is a common occurrence, every woman is different and therefore every pregnancy is different. However, it's safe to say that the anxieties pregnant women face are painfully relatable - what name will be perfect? How to decorate the nursery? Do we co-sleep? Breastfeed? Vaccinate? The worries go on and on. And on...

So naturally, there are certain characteristics of pregnancy that are incredibly common. For example, the side effects, morning sickness, fatigue, muscle aches, and joint pain, tend to be a commonality for many pregnant women. And in addition to the physical side effects and common worries, there are the strange and distinct thoughts that women have when they are pregnant.

Pregnancy is a unique and specific experience so naturally many new and individual thoughts go through a pregnant woman’s mind. Many of these thoughts may be surprising to the woman experiencing them. Some of these thoughts are completely understandable, some of them are silly, and some are even a little naughty.

There is a stereotype that pregnancy makes women behave in strange and unusual ways, clearly, this also extends to their private thoughts, too. Here are 15 thoughts that pregnant women have at some point during their pregnancies.

15 There Is A Tiny Part Of You Growing Inside Me

Thanks to modern scientific advancements more women are choosing to become pregnant without the active participation of a male partner. Sometimes women turn to in vitro fertilization because they have trouble conceiving naturally, others because they do not have a partner but still wish to have a baby. However, most women are still getting pregnant the old-fashioned way. 

Still, a woman might find it strange, even though she knows she is carrying a baby boy, to think about male genitalia growing inside of her. If a person was to think about it they may agree that it is an odd thing for a woman to go through. It is one thing to be carrying a baby, but carrying a baby that is an entirely different gender is something else entirely. That is why most pregnant women, carrying boys, have thought about how strange it is that a small 'part' is growing inside her while she is pregnant.

14 Soon I Will Go Back To Having My Mensies...

It may seem obvious, but not all pregnancies are planned. Many pregnancies can come as a surprise to some woman. Of course, one of the first and most obvious signs that a woman is pregnant is a missed period. During pregnancy, a woman’s body generally stops releasing further eggs, and so her period will stop. That is actually a big part of being pregnant.

The lack of a period is quite possibly something a woman gets used to while pregnant. In fact, many women enjoy the nine-month break from having a period. Some pregnant women may even dread the postpartum return of their period. This is entirely understandable. As anyone who has ever had a period can attest, they are no fun at all. They are messy, painful inconveniences that can throw the woman’s mood entirely out-of-whack. Sounds a bit like pregnancy in general, doesn’t it?

13 I Just Wish I Could Just Go!

Everyone knows that pregnancy is a beautiful thing for the most part, but some of the side effects can definitely be less than beautiful. One such unpleasant side effect is that pregnancy can have a pretty drastic effect on a woman's bowel movements. Constipation is a very common side effect of pregnancy, and many women will struggle to have normal bowel movements at one point or another.

As one can imagine, such a thing is pretty frustrating, not to mention uncomfortable, for a pregnant woman. That is why just about every pregnant woman, at one point or another, will think about how desperately she wants to be able to poop. It can get so bad that some women are actually willing to down gallons of prune juice. Now that is sheer desperation!

12 Am I Ready For This?

As we have mentioned, not all pregnancies are planned. However, many pregnancies actually are planned, often down to the most minute detail. In fact, nearly everything about having a child can be planned to a certain extent. Some women read every book and talk to all their doctors and friends who already have kids. Despite that, however, pretty much every pregnant woman will ask herself if she is actually ready to have a baby - regardless of whether everything has been planned super meticulously.

Granted pregnant women that already have children may be less prone to ask themselves that question. But it’s not uncommon for women with children to question whether they are truly ready for another one. Having a child is, in all likelihood, the biggest life change a person can make. So it is not hard to understand why any pregnant woman would question if she is ready for it.

11 Am I Going To Get Large?

One of the most obvious side effects of pregnancy is weight gain. It’s the one time in a woman’s life where gaining weight is generally encouraged. This can be a tricky adjustment to make as no one really wants to put on weight. Of course, the thing about weight gain when pregnant is that no matter what, it will happen to some degree.

Whether it’s wondering if they are putting on too much weight, or not enough, it’s not surprising to discover that weight is on pregnant women’s minds a lot. All women what to be comfortable in their bodies and the inevitable changes can be difficult to deal with. This is probably even truer if a woman is very much into health and fitness. The bottom line is that all pregnant women gain at least a little weight. After all, weight gain means the baby is healthy so a woman really should not be all that upset or stressed about it because it's perfectly normal.

10 Please Let The Baby Be Healthy

Before a baby is born, mom-to-be will have many questions and expectations. The thing that most women will be worried about is whether or not the baby will be healthy. It is completely normal for women to be consumed by thoughts of their future child’s health. It is also normal to feel a sense of responsibility for their child’s well-being, even though many times the circumstances can be out of their control.

It is not hard to understand why a pregnant woman would worry about her baby being healthy. One has to remember that no one is guaranteed a healthy baby. Many times the mother is not at fault for the outcome, healthy or not. It’s important for expecting parents to remember that sometimes things just don’t go as planned, regardless of the best intentions. No one should feel guilty for having done their best.

9 Can I, Or Should I Do It?

Advancements in science have amazingly made it possible for a woman to become pregnant and still be a virgin if she so chooses. However, if a woman is pregnant the odds are overwhelming that she is no stranger to intercourse. As a fully grown, mature adult she will probably want to continue to be physical with her partner throughout her pregnancy. It’s not uncommon for pregnant women to wonder if they can or even should continue to be intimate.

What people need to keep in mind is that pregnant women will be focused on the health of her baby. With that being said it is not hard to imagine how some women might wonder if it will do harm to the baby. This is one thing pregnant ladies don’t have to worry about. With a little creativity and care, being physical can be perfectly healthy during pregnancy, though as always, if there’s ever any doubt they shouldn’t hesitate to contact their doctor.

8 How Bad Is Labor Going To Hurt?

As a woman's pregnancy progresses, one thing becomes abundantly clear: that baby is going to eventually come out! For many women that means a normal, low risk, v-birth. For others, birth can require medical interventions, sometimes even a cesarean section. However once the baby starts, it is likely going to hurt.

First-time moms especially, likely worry about how much the process of giving birth is going to hurt. The answer is, it depends. Like pregnancy, every birth is different. Some women describe it as no big deal, while others say it is the worst pain they have ever experienced. Not knowing what to expect really can be the worst part, but luckily today there are many resources available to expectant moms, both to prepare for the big day and to ease the discomfort during the main event.

7 What If It's Not My Partner’s Baby?

Here’s something that goes without saying: making a baby is not a solo activity. Whether in a lab or in the bedroom, conceiving a child requires both an egg and sperm. When a woman becomes pregnant the odds are that she will know who the father of the child is. Sometimes, however, there may be a question about the paternity of the child. In these cases, it is not uncommon for the mother to worry about the identity of the child’s father.

It is easy to think that only women of questionable morals would ever have this problem. That may be true to a degree, and sadly in certain situations, it is definitely false, but what is also true is that this thought could simply be irrational paranoia on the woman's part. She knows it can only be her partner’s baby, but she is simply not thinking clearly. Pregnancy brain is infamous for causing women to think less than rationally.

6 When Should I Tell My Family?

When a woman becomes pregnant that means that her life is going to change, that much is certain. It also means, more than likely, that the lives of the people around her will change. That specifically means the woman's family, like her parents for example. Of course, many women actually wonder if and when they should tell their family that they are pregnant.

Pregnancy is something that is pretty impossible for her to keep secret forever. There are, however, a few reasons why a mom-to-be might be hesitant to tell her family. She may be afraid that her family will be overbearing, or perhaps she is an unmarried woman and afraid her family will be too judgemental. And of course, there’s the sad and natural possibility of a miscarriage. These rational fears make it easy to see why a woman would worry about when to share the news with her family.

5 Was That A Kick Or Gas?

There can be little doubt that being pregnant has its fair share of joys. One such joy is a woman feeling her baby kick inside her tummy. Of course, the baby kicking can also lead to some problems like discomfort, sleepless nights, and nausea. At times it might be hard for a pregnant woman to know what exactly is going on with her stomach.

To be more specific a pregnant woman may have trouble determining if a movement in her stomach is a kick from her baby or gas. That is why pretty much every pregnant woman will wonder, especially at the earlier stages, if that punch in the gut is a kick or gas. They will also likely hope it is a kick. A baby kicking is a joy, but gas not so much as anyone can easily imagine, and pregnancy makes that discomfort worse.

4 What If My V Never Goes Back To Normal?

A woman’s body goes through many changes during pregnancy, labor, and delivery. We have already mentioned the one consistent fact of pregnancy, the baby will definitely be coming out one way or another. Since most births are from the sacred V, it is normal for pregnant women to wonder what effects this will have on their down stairs. After all, a full-term baby is quite a lot larger than the opening it is intended to emerge from.

Some people may consider this thought to be a little irrational, but no one can honestly blame a pregnant woman for thinking it. After watching her body undergo the various and sometimes extreme changes, it would be natural to wonder about changes down there. And many understandably worry about the potential for lasting damage, what with all the horror stories other women love to share on the internet.

3 Please Let The Baby Be Cute!

Having a baby is a joyous and exciting time for most expectant moms and their families. And new families, especially grandparents, love to share pictures of their new additions with the world. But what if the baby is not that cute? Surely we have all seen pictures of babies that do not fit our definition of cute.

Just as no one is guaranteed to have a healthy baby, no one is guaranteed to have a cute baby. It might sound a little shallow, but it is very common for a pregnant woman to hope and pray that her baby is cute. Though mothers are bound to think her baby is cute no matter what, due to a combination of love, hormones, and wonder at producing a child from their very own bodies. Nevertheless, a pregnant woman may still worry about what her baby will look like when it is finally born.

2 What If I Am A Terrible Mom?

Once a baby is born, it’s not all looks and health that a woman might be concerned about. Many women, and especially first-time moms, wonder if their babies will like them. A concern that may be related to a woman’s concern about whether or not she will be a good mother. It is pretty common for a pregnant woman to worry that they will be a terrible parent.

Though this fear may subside after the first child is born, it’s not uncommon for parents to have similar fears each time they welcome a new baby. Though a first-time mom’s lack of experience likely contributes to this fear, they should know that it’s entirely normal to worry about their abilities. There is a great deal of responsibility in caring for a child. But in all likelihood, mom is going to be perfectly fine. And if it’s any consolation, the baby likely doesn’t know what it’s doing either!

1 Did I Just Pee Myself?

There is one last unpleasant side effect about pregnancy that needs to be mentioned. That side effect is that pregnancy can have some unfortunate effects on a woman's bladder. It is pretty common for a pregnant woman to have to urinate quite frequently. It is a major source of the loss of sleep that many women suffer during the last trimester. In fact, a pregnant woman might even accidentally urinate on herself.

The growing baby places increased pressure on the organs inside the body, including the bladder. And growing babies eventually start moving, often punching or kicking things mom really wishes they wouldn’t. This is why it is common for pregnant women to need to use the bathroom incredibly frequently and even to wonder if they just wet themselves. No one can blame a pregnant woman for worrying about losing control of their bladder. It is pretty darn embarrassing thing to happen.

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