15There Is A Tiny Part Of You Growing Inside Me

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Thanks to modern scientific advancements more women are choosing to become pregnant without the active participation of a male partner. Sometimes women turn to in vitro fertilization because they have trouble conceiving naturally, others because they do not have a partner but still wish to have a baby.

However, most women are still getting pregnant the old-fashioned way. 

Still, a woman might find it strange, even though she knows she is carrying a baby boy, to think about male genitalia growing inside of her. If a person was to think about it they may agree that it is an odd thing for a woman to go through. It is one thing to be carrying a baby, but carrying a baby that is an entirely different gender is something else entirely. That is why most pregnant women, carrying boys, have thought about how strange it is that a small 'part' is growing inside her while she is pregnant.

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