15 Three Year Olds Who Will Have You ROFL

I’ve been told many times by parents that the awful two’s are nothing compared to the traumatic three’s. Three is that magical time where a toddler is transitioning. It's filled with tantrums, and testing, and trouble-making, but also a lot of hilarity along the way!

Three is the final frontier of toddlerhood and perhaps the most entertaining of ages. You recall spending hours looking at your adorable baby, but they didn’t do too much did they?

Now at three you can watch your child form opinions, tell you about their favourite things, and even make up things entirely! It’s all about exploring their world, and no one has more fun with it than a three year old who’s awareness of reality is infused with make-believe, so much so that they don’t even tend to separate the two, making discussions with them all the more fun!

Three year olds don’t often know that they’re funny, they’re just trying to express their most honest observations and questions in the most innocent way. They have no idea of how their actions are interpreted and they don’t care about what people think yet, which is really something beautiful that I wish every single person could hold on to.

It’s their carefree nature that makes them able to speak their mind and we love them for it! Only a 3 year old could ask for a poop party and get one, or make up insane stories that spellbind the internet. There’s just something about 3 year olds that has the internet buzzing, and it’s all to do with their meme-worthy antics!

15 She's A Little Party Pooper

Image result for poop emoji party for 3 year old

Apparently that emoji was intended to represent pudding or chocolate ice cream, but no one has ever interpreted it that way, instead it's a glorified Mr. Hanky. This little girl's emoji game is on point, when asked about the theme for her party, she pushed the princess theme aside for a poo-moji theme and flat out refused to have any party at all unless it was poop-centric!

Most parents would say, “Ewww, no way!” but these parents were ready to take on the challenge their 3 year old, Audrey, had placed before them, now how to do a poop-themed party that won’t make the guests feel ill? Luckily Rebecca had a plan, you can always make poop cute when it has a face on it, so the poo-moji became the emblem for the entire affair.

Rebecca wore her poo-moji costume with pride, she provided a poo-moji cake and even some poopie themed games! Audrey was thrilled with how it turned out, even representing the theme with a large poo-moji sticker on her shirt!

14 Moving To Her Own Tune

This is always the best part about school concerts. The teachers are always sweating hoping it will go perfect, but everyone always remembers the kid that just decides to go with their own version of the play, or song, or dance. Even if the entire performance falls apart, and it often does when dealing with toddlers, it really doesn't matter, because they're so cute no matter what they do!

This particular performance was filled with a bunch of toddlers ready to show off their tap-dancing moves complete with purple tutus! All the girls looked pretty nervous save for one little girl who didn’t mind standing out from the crowd.

She has her own moves prepared and the crowd is loving it and all the enthusiasm she has throughout the performance, you can definitely tell she’s excited to be there and that she doesn’t have an ounce of stage fright as she makes up the moves and the words and just takes in all the applause. Future star here for sure!

13 She's Kickin' Some Monster A$$

Oops guess somebody's been dropping some inappropriate words around this 3 year old, it's bound to happen, 3 year olds are like sponges! Mom is shocked by her daughter’s response when she asks her about monsters and what her daughter would do if she saw one around the house.

The response is hilarious simply because of the shock factor, you don’t expect a 3 year old to reply, “I’m going to kick his a$$!” Mom tries to contain her giggles as she tries to explain her daughter why using that word isn’t nice, and once again, her daughter surprises her with her quick response of “if he comes in here he’s gonna kick my a$$!”

Clearly she doesn’t want to get bested by a beast, she wants to get the drop on him before he gets her! What's most hilarious about this use of the word is how she applies it so fearlessly, she'd make a great future Ghostbuster, she ain't afraid of no monsters, so I'm sure she ain't afraid of no ghosts either!

12 Greta's Quotes Are Amazing

This is just one of many great Greta quotes that her parents decided to share with the world. Apparently their 3 year old has many quotables ready to give you a serious case of the giggles. One time as Greta's mother was buying tampons, Greta looked at the teenage cashier and said seriously, "Be careful with those magic wands!"

The quote you see here is all about the innocence of a toddler, Greta obviously has no idea what a tampon is or what it’s for, so she compared it to something from her own life experiences, and apparently the closest thing to a tampon a toddler ever sees is a magic wand.

They may not be magical but they are useful, so I’ll still give Greta a point for that observation. The thing that makes this quote more hilarious is our vision of her mother turning a bright shade of red as her daughter exclaims this to the cashier, who just so happens to be a teen male. Face to palm moment, anyone who has a toddler has been there!

11 He Loves To Argue

He's cute, but he's also clever, in fact, too clever! Clever toddlers can lead to a lot of frustration for parents. It's especially hard to parent them when you can't get a word in edgewise! This hilarious little guy has even been on the Ellen show, described as one of the most argumentative toddlers you'll ever meet!

Once you see this video, you'll believe it, although it looks like he's mimicking someone, so parents beware, your children will absorb your personality and use it against you! He might be testing his mom with this act, but it’s hilarious and adorable at the same time!

Watch as this kid uses hand gestures as he tells his mom to “listen” multiple times to his side of the story so that he can avoid getting it trouble. Mom, Linda Beltran is trying to discipline her son for not listening to her, but it seems that he likes to argue right back and give a little attitude with it as he tells her “no, you’re not listening!”

10 Three Year Old Does The Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Bucket Challenge garnered a lot of attention for its hilarity and also because people love to be charitable in a fun way. The Ice Bucket challenge went viral from celebs doing it at challenging each other to friends challenging one another, to family challenging each other and even their kids to do it!

Of all the Ice Bucket Challenge videos you’ve seen, I'm sure you will have to agree that this one is the best! You wouldn’t expect a 3 year old to want to go anywhere near a bucket of ice, especially after seeing the reactions of the family members who tried it before her, but this little one seems all for it!

Her little British accent makes it all the more adorable and hilarious as she introduces the challenge and prepares to have the water dropped on her as she commands, “Now!” The most hilarious part is her reaction, as she yells, “Fackin’ ell” in her most adorable accent, we all know what she’s saying and anyone who’s had ice water dropped on them will feel her pain!

9 This Is What She Thinks Of Mom And Dad

Farts are funny to all, and especially toddlers. This 3 year olds parents were clearly teasing her about something, they laugh as she makes funny faces trying to ignore them or perhaps it was a fully body eye roll?

Not sure, but that’s toddlers for you, they don’t know how to communicate their feelings so well and it leads to a lot of odd behaviour, most of it absolutely hilarious, to the parents that is, they, on the other hand, are not amused!

What I’ve learned through having my own toddlers is that they are offended by almost anything and this little girl didn’t appreciate being laughed at so rather than stick out her tongue, which is their version of the middle finger, she decides to turn around, bend over, and launch a cloud of stink their way!

The fart was loud and obnoxious and done purposefully. This toddler looks quite proud of herself as her parents continue to laugh hysterically.

8 Never Share A Bathroom Stall With This Three Year Old

We all know 3 year olds lack filters, they just say the first thing that comes to their mind and sometimes it embarrasses parents, just like in this particular case, poor dad was only trying to use the bathroom, instead a little too much TMI and daddy shaming came into play.

This dad has no problem taking his daughter to the men’s room, he’s come to terms with the fact that if mom’s not around, bathroom duty is all him! This time, however, when daddy took her into one of the stalls at a restaurant they were at, his toddler had other plans.

After she tinkled, daddy realized he had to go, but instead of waiting for dad to quickly pee, she decided to leave the stall and explore while his back was turned. Two other men walk in and his daughter shyly retreated back into the stall, but what she says next is mortifying, she exclaims, and loudly, “Daddy, look at your little penis!”

Dad was unprepared for that one, and really confused to where she even got her frame of reference from! The other men in the restroom laughed and dad tried to laugh it off too!

7 What's In Her Juice Box?

When it comes to dealing with toddlers, there are the adorable moments, the exhausting moments and most certainly the WTF moments! This is one of those! The stories you will hear in this video are pretty out there! We often wonder what goes through the mind of a toddler, but maybe it's best not to know sometimes!

Starting the story time with a really weird creepy humming song, you already feel a bit like 3 year old Berry might have had too much chocolate. Chapter 1 is all about a robot girl who goes to a robot city where all the robots are, seems legit. Chapter 2 is about The Princess who was older than me? I’m confused by the title, but even more so by the story.

Skip ahead to Chapter 6 and 7, Berry just starts to turn Knock Knock jokes into stories to dad’s absolute enjoyment I’m sure, but dad gets the last laugh when he challenges Berry to make stories about boys and girls, looks like Berry ends up letting him win that battle.

6 She Loves Candy

Image result for girl eats cotton candy meme

If you haven’t heard of little Beatrix Hart and her love for cotton candy, then you missed a meme-opportunity! 3 year old Beatrix was at the ball game with mom and dad when they decided to treat he with some cotton candy, something she had never tried before, and the results were hilariously captured by those seated around her and even the local news!

Soon the little toddler went viral with her blue smeared face and her crazy wide eyes from the copious amounts of sugar messing with her toddler mind! The hilarious faces she made during the game were captured and posted and then meme’d up!

There have been lots of memes comparing her yellow jacket ensemble and blue smeared face to Breaking Bad’s Walter White. Beatrix’s parents confessed that Beatrix makes faces like these all the time and that it wasn’t so much the sugar as it was Beatrix just being her silly show stealing self! You can find endless memes of Beatrix, and as you know, becoming a meme is quite the accomplishment, it’s no easy task!

5 She Gives A Short Summary Of Star Wars

A future fangirl in the making, these parents are definitely keen on pop-culturing their kids at an early age, and it will certainly make for some great conversations! These parents decided to film one of the conversations their daughter had about Star Wars Episode IV, giving her interpretation of the entire film, which is definitely more entertaining than the official summary of the film.

After a lot of “Wells…” she’s ready to begin her Star Wars tale complete with hilarious expressions far beyond her age! I absolutely love how she calls lightsabers “little light up swords,” she’s not wrong, but it definitely makes it sound a little less epic which gave me serious giggles.

She knows that Darth Vader is not someone to mess with, she explains that you shouldn’t talk back to him or “he’s gonna get ya!” So what’s her final word on the film, did she like it, hate it, or is just plain indifferent? Turns out that it’s one “exciting movie” according to this toddler!

4 She's A Grumpy And Cute Three Year Old

All toddlers are moody, but I have to say, 3 year olds seem way moodier than the 2 year olds that get the bad rap for it! This adorable but angry toddler doesn’t want to be bothered while enjoying her cereal at the table.

Dad is trying to ask her a series of questions, but she’s definitely not a morning person as she makes faces at him showing how annoyed she is and finally uttering, “Don’t talk to me!” But dad continues to egg her on, because it wouldn’t be a funny video without a little extra rage from his toddler, she soon adds on, “Don’t talk to me! I’m angry!”

She even begins to hide her face, hoping perhaps that she’ll become invisible! No such luck though, dad keeps pestering, even threatening to eat her cereal. After a bit more attitude, this toddler decides to give dad the cold shoulder, no longer answering him, instead she sticks to talking to mom!

3 She Knows What She Likes

Thank goodness for the subtitles in this video, or else I would have had no idea what this little 3 year old was saying! Toddlers tend to have these adorable little accents that make it tricky for anyone besides their parents to understand; hence the translation is needed here.

The video starts off with Marlee talking about her favourite colour and animal, and how she hopes to be a Superhero when she grows up, but then she starts throwing in some very awkward and hilarious stuff, such as, “My mom says she’s going to die alone with 40 cats.” Definitely not something mom meant for her to share, but there it is!

Marlee is as adorable as she is honest, she is also absorbing lots of things she hears around her. There would be no way for her to know about politics unless she heard family members talking about Donald Trump and such. She made it very clear that she doesn’t like coffee or Donald Trump!

2 She Tries To Sing The Fifty States

You can't help but love the toddler accent, it's hard to make out what they're saying sometimes, but that really doesn't matter, their difficulty finding the words or the right pronunciation is so hilariously adorable, especially in song!

Watch as 3 year old Elise sings the 50 Nifty United States Song and does a wonderful job remembering all the states, even if her pronunciation of them is off, it perhaps makes the song even better because you have to love all the time and effort she’s put into learning it!

I love how her parents hilariously add phonetic subtitles to the entire video, you know, so we can do a toddler speak sing-a-long, which you really can’t help but do while you’re watching this! I love how Elise adds extra sounds to the names of the states she’s singing about and even combines a few into one word like “TukaWeeseeAnnaMare” which is supposed to be Kentucky, Louisiana and Maine.

1 He's A Mini Lawyer

This kid is so internet famous that he has his own spin off from his family’s popular YouTube Channel, The JHouse. Watch as little brother to Elise from the above video, channels some of daddy’s Lawyer’s skills. This spinoff is called JLaw, not to be confused with actress Jennifer Lawrence!

Toddlers can have some serious negotiation skills, but this is taking it up a notch! You can watch the 3 year old Lawyer until you simply can't giggle anymore! In his first video he arrives to work on his tricycle, already setting the silly tone to the entire thing.

He walks into the office with his suit and tie and tiny briefcase and gets straight to work, even taking calls and using the very famous line from A Few Good Men, “you can’t handle the truth!” and then slamming the phone down for effect! My favourite part is perhaps watching this 3 year old try to make a coffee, it just looks so foreign to him and I can’t stop laughing!

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