15Life And Death Sentences

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A C-section can be a literal life saver for an expectant mother suffering from a chronic condition. While in the past, women who had diabetes or heart disease were advised against giving birth due to possible fatal complications (remember Julia Roberts’ character in the 1989 tearjerker Steel Magnolias?), there is

now much less risk associated with this thanks to C-section delivery.

Pregnancy places stress on a woman’s heart and circulation systems and when she pushes during childbirth, her blood flow and blood pressure levels change. As soon as the baby is born, blood flow immediately decreases through her uterus which can place some stress on her heart. But thanks to the advent of the successful C-section, childbirth is no longer considered a death sentence (or even a dangerous journey) for women suffering from chronic conditions.

Of course, special precautions are advised. While all pregnant women are encouraged to attend their prenatal appointments, they are especially important for an expectant mother who is deemed high-risk.

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