16A 60-Year-Old Mystery

This next story is just as amazing as it is heartbreaking. Chilean woman Estela Melendez, 91, underwent an x-ray after suffering a fall. It was then that doctors made the surprising discovery that the uncomfortable lump she had harbored in her abdomen for most of her adult life was a

calcified fetus in her uterus. It had been there for the last 60 years!

Estela had lost her husband of 74 years earlier that year. One of their biggest regrets had been that they could never have children. According to the grieving widow, both her marriage as well as her life in general had suffered due to this infertility.

Her extended family were both shocked and saddened by this discovery. Not to mention astounded at the fact that the miscarried fetus had never been expelled from Estela’s body or caused her any serious health concerns.

After careful consideration, doctors decided that surgery to remove the baby was risky due to Estela’s advanced age so they left well enough alone. Estela described the uncomfortable lump on her stomach as a bitter sweet reminder of her late husband and their “unfulfilled dream” of starting a family of their own.

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