15Tater Tots

In 2014, doctors were taken aback after discovering a potato growing inside a 22-year old Colombian woman's vagina. She was initially hospitalized due to severe abdominal pain. But when the attending nurse spotted the potato and its roots peeking out, she figured she was part of an elaborate practical


When questioned, the young woman admitted to inserting the potato there herself as a means of contraception. Because potatoes thrive in the dark, it only took two weeks for the veggie to germinate and sprout roots. That was when the pain started. Luckily, the troublesome tater was easily removed and the woman did not suffer any lasting effects.

She pointed the blame at her mother - who had apparently planted this faulty idea in her head in the first place. No word on whether the woman’s mother had been serious with the advice or just pulling her extremely naive daughter’s leg.

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