17Where My Baby At?

In June of 2015, English woman Amber Hughes was in labor with her fourth child. She figured since her first three were born uneventfully that her fourth would follow suit. But she was mistaken. She went into labor at the 30-week mark and endured contractions for the next 36

hours before her doctor opted to prepare her for an emergency C-section.

However, when the doctor sliced her open there was a moment of baffled silence. Amber saw the shocked expression on her partner’s face as well as the panic on the doctor’s. Her womb was empty - as in: there was NO BABY in there!

Suddenly, the missing baby let out a cry and the relieved doctor located the newborn laying under the bed sheets between Amber’s legs. At first, Amber was under the impression that the drug cocktail administered to her had caused her to hallucinate the entire upsetting incident.

Thankfully, Baby Olly was fine and Amber and her family have since put the chaotic birth experience behind them. That said, Amber is still upset by the fact that not only was she cut open unnecessarily but that Olly spent the first few minutes of his life unattended and alone hidden beneath a sheet.

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