15 Times Being Pregnant In Public Was Downright LMAO

Being pregnant is a crazy experience. There’s really no other situation quite like it. A lot of my worst, most embarrassing experiences happened while I was pregnant, but looking back, some of the incidents were pretty flippin’ hilarious too. I can laugh about it now—all the horrifying things a pregnant woman goes through—such as five people staring at your hoo-ha at the same time, or passing a cup full of urine to a smiling nurse every other week…

So many changes happen to the body while you’re pregnant and this can result in all sorts of funny things happening to you, such as losing control of your bodily functions, getting sick at some very inopportune moments, or having trouble getting your clothes on. They might not seem so funny when they’re happening, but if you have a good sense of humor, they will give you a chuckle later. Most of these moments happen at home, thank goodness, but sometimes they happen in public and though they can be embarrassing, they can also make others laugh.

Take a look at these 15 times being pregnant in public was downright LMAO. Maybe you’ve been through a few of these experiences yourself, I know I’ve been through a few of them. Maybe you didn’t want to be reminded, but it might make you feel a bit better knowing other women had some crazy, embarrassing, hilarious situations of their own!

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15 When Mom's Pregnant Crazy Is Showing

Pregnant Women be crazy: "Went to Walmart for groceries. On my way home I noticed my wedding ring was missing. I freaked out. Did a U turn and went back to Walmart. I spoke to management and they had ALL their janitors/available employees searching for my ring. I had a posse of people searching the parking lot. I made a police report and notified my insurance agent. It was HOT outside and stuff was melting in my car. After an hour or so I went home–defeated. I sobbed forever. By the time I got home I was wiped out and I crashed on the couch. My husband came home and I told him what had happened. I cried again. He went up to take a shower. When he came back down he asked for my hand and “asked for my hand in marriage again” and put MY ring back on my finger!!! I had apparently taken it off to wash my hands (which I never do!) And I left it beside my bathroom sink. Smh."

14 When You're Pukin' It Up

"I'm a flight attendant & I can usually feel it coming up so one day I walked as fast as I could to the lav, without anyone being alarmed. I threw up a little & felt better, so I started to stand back up and surprise! Puked EVERYWHERE. Can I tell you how much fun it is to clean up that much vomit in an airplane lav, while still dry heaving? The rest of that flight sucked lol" - klove88

Pretty sure we've all been there! When you're pregnant, you can't control when the nausea will hit. Though it would be super embarrassing on the spot when you're puking your guts out for all to hear/see, it sure is a great and funny story to tell later! I hate to say it, but the people on the plane will have been torn between disgust and interest. We humans can’t help but get a little laugh out of others' embarrassment…

13 When Your Hormones Get The Better Of You

"I cried at Smiths when they didn’t have any ripe avocados and actually told the produce worker “I hope you are happy, you pathetic punk…. I hate you….” He then found me in the check out and handed me 2 ripe avocados and said “my wife is pregnant too, it’s ok.”

Hahaha! This was definitely me—the hormonal pregnant chick—only I was always snapping at my doctors. I held each and every one of them personally responsible for all of my pregnant suffering, because I believed they held the secret to making me feel better but they were holding out on me. They were sick people who got off on torturing their pregnant patients, by denying them anything that would make them feel better. Alcohol? Nope, bad for baby. Caffeine? Nope, bad for baby. An Aspirin for the headache the doctor just gave me? Nope, bad for baby. It wasn’t until after my baby was born that I realized what a psycho I had been!

12 When You're Dealing With Pregnancy Farts

"I was at the grocery store and I couldn't stop farting... I was running down the aisle as fast as my little legs would take me sounding like a motor. And it stank. Lord be to jaysus it stank." –Natasha Lynn

Oh my gosh, are pregnancy farts as bad as period farts? I hope not, because those are awful! This story is hilarious, but this never happened to me... No Siree! Do you believe me yet? Too much denial? While pregnant, it gets really tough to control a lot of bodily noises and other functions. I know that I started snoring like a tractor when I was pregnant, and it was something I truly had no control over. I can imagine that farting becomes a lot more difficult to control as well, but I of course have no experience with this. Your body is changing, your insides are getting all squished...less room for gas...so out it poofs.

11 When You're Dancin' Your Way To Labor...

Every now and then a pregnant lady has just got to let loose. I used to let loose by eating a pint of ice cream, drinking an extra cup of coffee that I wasn't supposed to have, or scarfing down a couple of brownies. I had to satisfy my sweet tooth, but this mama-to-be has to get her dance fix.

This hilarious pregnant lady knows how to have fun, and she is enjoying her pregnant body and allowing the rest of us to enjoy a good laugh as well. She's actually a wonderful dancer, but seeing that belly bouncing around is still a pretty LOL sight. I love people like this who aren't afraid to put themselves out there, and entertain the rest of us who are too shy to pull off a stunt like this. Thanks for giving us a good laugh! You should start a show Dancing With the Bumps!

Watch video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i869YhkU8cU

10 Outdo Your Friend's Slutty Halloween Costumes...

When you're heavily pregnant around Halloween it can be a tough holiday to get through. All your girlfriends are wearing their sexy skimpy costumes, looking so cute and attractive, and you just want to throw on a costume of the Goodyear Blimp, because you think you already fit the part. Here's where true creativity comes in to play, and you can be the life of the party by creating a seriously awesome costume idea using your belly. The Wrecking Ball costume above has to be one of the best Halloween costumes I've ever seen on a pregnant woman, and I guarantee the men will be noticing this outfit, no cleavage required. Not only is it clever, it's terribly funny! I've also seen a lot of other great costume ideas, such as a woman who dressed her belly as a pincushion. It was hilarious! Don't let that bump get you down... Use it to give others a good laugh!

9 When Your Belly Is Getting You Stuck. Again.

"During pregnancy, your body changes pretty dramatically in a relatively short period of time, especially when you get super-big. So it’s easy to underestimate your size when you’re, say, trying to squeeze between two clothing racks or get out of the car in a tight parking space. Then you end up feeling embarrassed because your belly swipes half the women’s size tens off their hangers, or you have to move to a bigger booth in a restaurant because you get stuck trying to wedge yourself into the first one. (Yes. This happened to me.)" - Rita Templeton

How true is this? I remember getting stuck many times, as well as not being able to maneuver in tight spaces. Having people help me up was a thing, and bending over to pick something up was not happening... I’m pretty sure that I myself got stuck on the couch a lot. I literally could not get up without help, after my pregnant self had sunk into the cushions.

8 When Pregnancy Throws Off Your Balance

"I'm 22 weeks & while sitting down & eating Thanksgiving lunch with my in-laws, the chair I was sitting in broke & I went down with it." - CarmenP29

I'm sorry, but for some insane reason seeing other people fall is hilarious. The Jackass people knew this, and they made a killing off of it. The first instinct people have when witnessing a fall is to laugh. Then they offer assistance. It happens almost every time. Maybe it has something to do with seeing a person's limbs flailing and their facial expression, but I don't think this truth will be changing anytime soon. Laughing at a pregnant woman is terrible, and we certainly don't want anything bad happening to the unborn child, but it's still funny when someone falls down. My balance was still off after I gave birth, because I was still carrying extra weight I wasn't used to. I had an epic fall on my new, very cushy, rear. And yes...everyone laughed.

7 When Your Pregnancy Brain Is Acting Up

"I was in a hurry one day, and weeks away from delivery… I left the house to take my son to school and run a few errands. It wasn’t until the cashier at the market said, did you know you have a towel on your head that I realized I hadn’t done my hair after a shower. I had gone to 2 other places like that before someone said something! I got in the car and cried."

How many of us can relate to this poor woman's experience? She dropped off her son at school like that, and went to other places and no one said anything to her! But I bet she gave a few people a nice chuckle! Pregnancy brain is for real, people! So is mommy brain for that matter! There are a ton of stories like this woman's—pregnant tales of absentmindedness or overly emotional behavior. Keep pregnancy brain in mind when you approach a pregnant woman! Don’t laugh too hard to her face!

6 When You Lose Control Of Your Bodily Functions

"I threw up at work into my office trash can while simultaneously peeing my pants. I had to walk out with a co-worker's sweater tied around my waist. He told me to 'keep it.'”

Hahaha! How can you not laugh at this? It is so sad, and mortifying for the woman in question of course, but I would be laughing about this for the rest of my life if it'd been me. True story: after my second birth I had a hemorrhage and I was so afraid I was going to die and leave my children motherless in the world, that my behavior was so insane, the paramedics were laughing! My husband and I still laugh to this day about how dramatic I was, throwing myself on the floor and asking everyone, "Am I going to die?" These experiences are terrible when they happen, but they are terribly funny later. I still can't think of my dramatics without cracking a smile!

5 When Your Water Breaks In Public

"Mine broke in the middle of a gas station. All I could do was laugh. I actually asked for a mop to clean it up and the cashier handed me about 20 towels and told me to get to the hospital. She cleaned it for me!" - momofplenty

Awww! This story is both funny and heartwarming! I totally believe people are eager to help pregnant women, and this story proves it. It would be pretty funny if your water broke at particularly awkward moments, like when you're in a board meeting giving a presentation... I feel like being at work would be the worst, because you can't escape the way you can any other time! Everyone understands what is going on though, so I don't think too many people are going to think you are gross because your water broke. They might laugh a little, but they won't refuse to speak with you ever again.

4 When Your Belly Becomes A Danger To Others

"I was pregnant AF and went to buy lunch at a nearby supermarket. They had a sample bowl of chips out that you’re only supposed to take one from and move on. But not me. I was so hungry I stood there and wolfed down half the bowl. When I saw the shop assistant judging the shit out of me, I thought I’d better go, but as I turned to leave my ginormous belly knocked over the bowl, breaking it and sending chips everywhere. I just mouthed ‘sorry’ and ran away." —antoinettefouriej

Poor lady! She's hungry, and she's knocking stuff down and breaking them with her giant belly. I know that I knocked over a kid or two with my belly. I couldn't see them beyond the great abyss. Kids are small...closer to the ground. How injured could they really be? It can be pretty funny when your belly becomes a defensive weapon.

3 When This Happens:

I still look back on photos of my pregnancy and I don't recognize myself! I was so big that I looked like a completely different person. I was not one of those pregnant women who gain weight only in the belly. I was one of those 'all over' weight gainers, and boy was it hard to deal with. If I had to leave the house during the third trimester, I felt exactly like the above picture...like I was trying to put fancy tight clothes on a walrus. I felt like everyone was staring and waiting for my fat bulges to burst out of my clothes! I certainly had trouble enjoying the evening out, because those tight clothes made me miserable and I just wanted to get home to my sweat pants and t-shirts. Still, I look back and smile at the way I handled my pregnancies. I was way too sensitive about things (hormones?) and I should have just enjoyed it, and laughed a lot!

2 When Your Belly Button Can Take Someone's Eye Out

Sometimes pregnancy can get so bad that you have to laugh, or else you'll be crying in your room for the remainder of it. When you get so big you can barely move, you start making fat jokes at your own expense, or teasing people about how your belly button could take their eye out, so they better not mess with you! Humor is life's greatest medicine, and only humor will get you through those final moments when you are waddling around like a platypus, can't see your feet, every part of your body aches, and you feel like you'll never be pretty again. You just have to remember that there's always someone who has it worse than you...the elephant or the giraffe, for example. Be grateful that you can be pregnant, be grateful that your pregnancy is uneventful, or that your unborn baby is healthy thus far. And laugh! Laugh at your crazy pregnant self, because life is all about experiences, and this is a precious one, even if you can't see that until later. Much later.

1 When Awkward Pregger Moments Happen

"One time at an OB appointment the doctor was literally between my legs, about to examine my lady parts, when she said, 'Well, you smell wonderful.' She meant THE LOTION ON MY LEGS, but obviously it sounded like she was saying my vagina smelled wonderful. My husband couldn’t stop laughing and the doctor — realizing how it sounded — was so embarrassed. I never saw her again because after that she asked not to see me anymore!"—mamameows

Can you imagine this moment? And she tells it so well. I can just see the look on the gyn’s face, and hear the husband’s laughter! How awkward are those moments with the OB gyn, anyway? Super painful. I swear it's one of the worst parts of being pregnant! This story is hilarious, and I'm sure we all have a few of these stories of our own. I had a gynaecologist with very tiny hands...and that's all I'm going to say.

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