• 15 Times Bosses Fired Women On Mat Leave And Got Away With It

    One of the great things about pregnancy is being able to prepare for the arrival of a new baby. Within this, there is the stress-free feeling of going onto maternity leave- to relax before baby gets here- and not having to worry about not having a job to go back to as most will happily be able to return after maternity leave, when ready of course. Happy mum, happy baby, happy employment means happy life.

    But when sneaky employers and chauvinistic bosses have something to do with it, maternity leave can suddenly turn into unemployment instantaneously. Even worse, these ignorant people get away with it and the mums who are just trying to look after their child/children are the ones who end up suffering.

    From workplace bullying and being replaced to abortion ultimatums and stressed-induced miscarriage, the horrors these mothers have been put through all because they wanted to return to work after maternity leave is heartbreaking, sickening and aggrivating to read let alone experience.

    Ready to get frustrated to your core and ready to protest for what's fair? You are in the perfect place. Treatment like this just shouldn't be allowed, something must be done to protect the right of a working mother. Here is "15 Bosses Who Fired Women On Mat Leave And Got Away With It".

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    Downhill Straight Away

    Announcing you are pregnant is usually met with joy. Lots of hugs, tears and sometimes the odd screech of happiness, everyone is delighted and why wouldn't they be? A little child is being brought into the world; that is always something to celebrate. But one mum found when she told her work she was pregnant, joy and happiness were the last things on their minds. She and her unborn child were met with disappointment rather than celebration and things in her work life seemed to go downhill.

    Slowly but surely, opportunities were taken away from her. She was ignored by work colleagues, not told about important business and not invited to work meetings. This carried on until her work became meaningless and it was made clear that returning after her maternity leave was not an option for her. Mom was told she "wasn't committed enough." Ridiculous.

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    Just Replaced

    Someone to cover you and take over your roles and responsibilities when you are away on maternity leave is crucial. This person is usually a helpful person in your life, keeping the ship a float when you're away and helping you ease back into your role as an employee on your return. The perfect partnership.. until it turns from sweet to sour.

    One mom found that instead of taking over her roles temporarily, her maternity cover was gunning for her job on a permanent basis. As a younger and child-less candidate of course, on the few days prior to her return to work this mom found herself fired. "We found someone more suitable for this role," they told her. Who knew people viewed an innocent baby as such an inconvenience?

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    No Pleasing Some People

    You feel that you are on top of everything and ready to return to work after maternity leave with confidence and you will be willingly welcomed back by your colleagues and employers, right? Not for this mom. It was the opposite despite how organised she was.

    Knowing over half her maternity leave was over and that the task of being a working, single mum was something she was going to have to face in the near future, this mum decided to start getting prepared. She sorted everything from her uniform to her baby's childcare while she was at work. Even putting her baby in care weeks before hand to make sure she was used to going and would not be distressed meaning mum would have to leave work when she first went back. Caught up with what was going on in the company she worked for, she was happy to be going back.

    First day back: her employer asked her round for coffee just before the working day began. Mom dropped off her baby and went to meet her employer, only to be told that her services were no longer needed and she was to be let go immediately. An injustice to say the least.

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    Bullied Into Leaving

    Bullying of any type, anywhere is unacceptable. This includes pregnant women/mothers in the workplace. Unfortunately however, many women do experience bullying and harassment. In this case, it started when this mom tried to return to her work after her maternity leave and didn't stop until she quit. A tragic true story that happens much too often.

    Through her pregnancy and maternity leave, her bosses always seemed supportive and so did her work collegues. But things soon turned sour when she was ready to return, something she was not expecting. Left alone at the lunch table, the constant whispering about her being a 'lazy worker' due to becoming a mum and persistent trips to her boss's office where they would accuse her of 'not being committed', 'spending too much time at home' and having a 'mum brain' which apparently made her unable to make smart decisions.

    After being told she should just leave multiple times and her work now causing stress at home, she eventually gave up and left. She couldn't take it anymore. Not the support network she originally thought she had.

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    Told To Re-Apply

    This one is just ridiculous! It's hard to believe it is a true story but unfortunately like the others on this list, it is a genuine experience. When you apply for a job, get an interview and then get offered it to you, that should be the end of it, right? Well apparently not according to this boss; if you've had a baby, you now need to re-apply. That was this mum's experience when she was on maternity leave.

    Halfway through her maternity leave she received a phone call from her boss. Expecting it to be a pleasant phone call, she answered with joy. During this phone call her boss explained he would have to 'let her go' as they weren't sure since having her baby that she was now suitable for the role? (Nonsense!) Told she could 're-apply if she wanted' but that the probability of them considering her as a candidate was 'unlikely.'

    Hanging up the phone in shock and sadness, this mum now had to start applying for other jobs putting unnecessary stress on her. She did not re-apply for her old job.

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    Fired Followed By Miscarriage

    This one is truly heart-breaking. Workers can be granted leave for a number of reasons which is totally acceptable but for some reason maternity leave and leave for the loss of an unborn child seemed to be quite a problem for this insensitive employer.

    Going through IVF treatment, a woman asked her boss for a few days off. They granted it to her but said since she was starting a family she clearly 'lacked commitment' so cut her pay in HALF! An unnecessary and drastic measure, this mom-to-be clearly gained a lot of stress. Quite ill through her pregnancy and trying to keep up with the pace of her work in order not to get any more pay cuts, she was not getting as much rest as recommended by doctors. The sickness catching up with her, she decided to take early maternity leave (which she was more than entitled to) to which her employer abruptly decided to fire her. Meaning she did not have any maternity pay now either.

    Stressed even more than before and wondering how she was going to finance her new family, unfortunately days after this event she miscarried. To this day, she blames her boss for the miscarriage, something she could never forgive.

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    Abortion Or Redundancy

    Here's a crazy ultimatum, one that an employer should under no circumstances be allowed to put on pregnant women. Abortion or redundancy? This mom-to-be was faced with this sickening decision.

    When this woman told her boss she was pregnant, instead of being met with a congratulations she was met with an ultimatum. "If you don't get an abortion I will be forced to let you go, think about this carefully," was said to her moments after her announcement. Shocked and disgusted, she automatically shut him down and refused the abortion.

    Her boss kept her on until around the time of her maternity leave and kept his promise and fired her due to lack of commitment and 'failure to adhere to duties'. Last time I checked, termination of a pregnancy was not in any job description.

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    Opportunities Vanished

    It should never be this way but unfortunately it often is. Announcing you're pregnant to an employer means you find yourself under possible pay cuts, demotions or unemployment. If you keep it a secret for a bit longer than usual but still within legal time however, this could help prevent the unwanted outcome but most likely you are just postponing the inevitable. Which is exactly what happened to this mom.

    This mom-to-be kept her pregnancy 'hush hush' until the very last moment she could legally tell her boss and still get her maternity leave. Unfortunately, her plan failed and as soon as the news was out they quickly stripped responsibilities and claimed she was 'unable to complete tasks'. She was fired within the week just as she was about to go on maternity leave. Just plain wrong.

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    Impossible Training

    Training is an essential part of any job and every employee should attend. If they don't attend, they may be unfit to work due to not being trained. But when training is scheduled at impossible times, it is in turn impossible to attend. For this mom-to-be, her sneaky boss did all she could to stop her from getting to training, making her miss it so she could not work enough hours to be entitled to maternity leave. Possibly the most cunning scheme by a boss on this list.

    Every training session available to this mom happened to be scheduled whenever she had an appointment or scan. This meant the mom-to-be was unable to work due to no refresh training and therefore hours being too low to be granted maternity leave (or pay). Her job was gone before she even came close to having her baby girl.

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    Full-Time Or No Time

    Felixibility by the employee is obviously needed; you need to be able to work with the employer on your hours and when you are needed. But that goes the same for the boss. Unfortunately, this employer decided to make his own rules. Flexibility didn't seem to be in his vocabulary.

    Plain sailing for this mom through her pregnancy and early maternity leave, her work seemed more than accepting of her new role as a mother. But things were not as they seemed. When returning to work on her last week of maternity leave for a meeting on her new hours, this mom came in with what she thought was a fair plan of what hours she would work. She was trying to balance home life and work life as we all do, but her boss was having none of it.

    Practically sticking his nose up at her proposal, he exclaimed to her that she would work full time hours or no hours at all. Obviously this being impossible, the mother left telling her boss that she cannot do this and look after her child. No part time hours were offered to her and she was officially unemployed.

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    Unpaid Volunteer Role

    Volunteering is great... when it is a volunteer role you are going for. When you are trying to finance a family and put food on the table, turning your paid job into an unpaid helper role is far less than the ideal situation.

    Returning to work happily, this mom was ready to take back her employed role and to start rolling in the money to support her ever growing children. But after a few days, her boss informed her that they were bumping her down to an unpaid intern until she could work back up to her previous job title. Stunned, she explained she could not afford to be working for free and needed some kind payment. She was out the door before she could even blink. Losing a great employee who was more than capable of fulfilling her role, this boss had no idea what he was doing and we hope she gets justice.

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    Cut Backs

    Excuses and lies, excuses and lies. That is all this boss was full of, claiming that their firm was making 'cut backs'.

    Not even getting the chance to return to work, this mom got a phone call a week before the end of her maternity leave and it was explained to her that she could not return to the job she previously loved and worked hard to get.

    She was told that they were unfortunately making cut backs and her job title was not necessary and so she would have to be let go. Accepting this to start with and even being sympathetic towards her employer, she hung up the phone saddened but not angry.

    Frustration built however when she realized no other cut backs had been made. No other employees were fired; no cheaper options for the firm had been made. Just her. A close friend also told her that she overheard her ex-boss saying how easy it was to fire someone because they 'are a mum with silly baby brain.' SMH!

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    Never Seen Her Baby

    All work and no time for family, that is no way to live especially when you're missing out on your baby growing up.

    When this mom returned to work, she had thought she would be working part time hours, but immediately she could see this would not be the case. She was constantly being told to stay extra hours after she should be going home and being ordered to come in early for meetings or work through lunch. Her poor baby only saw her mommy 23 hours a week!

    After two weeks of hell on earth, this mom was having no more and demanded part time hours so she could be with her baby. This was met with a 'letter of regret' informing her her lack of commitment (seems to be a trend on this list) was unacceptable for her role at the company.

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    Simply Ignored

    Well this is one way to get rid of someone, the silent treatment. Not only unprofessional and childish, but just unacceptable behavior from any employer.  This mother apparently didn't even deserve an explanation.

    Knowing it was nearing her time to return to her job, she tried to get in contact with her boss or other work colleagues. At first she was told that her boss was 'busy' then her calls just went straight to voicemail. Her number was eventually blocked from the company's phone and her endless emails would go unanswered. She had no choice but to assume she was fired and therefore unemployed. Either that or they had just vanished into thin air? I think I know which one is more likely.

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    Cut Down More And More

    This mama went from non-stop duties to a lighter load to then having nothing to do. This ambitious woman had her duties stripped away from her one by one after her maternity leave until there wasn't even a job title yet and she became unemployed.

    Becoming unemployed in any circumstance is usually scary and difficult but when it is done in a sneaky way, so you don't even see it coming, that really is low. This mom returned to work after maternity leave happy to get back to her busy job as well as being a mum to her little girl - everything she had ever wanted. Slowly but surely, paperwork was taken away from her, her duties were given to other people and she was sent to do coffee runs instead of crucial tasks that were in her job description. She often heard her name muttered and the environment she once loved became hostile and uncomfortable.

    This continued until she was barely working more than two hours a week and as her boss refused to give her more hours, they decided she wasn't needed anymore and that was the end of that. Their loss, as it seems like she was a very hard worker.

    Another genuine experience that I just cannot believe is actually real - an unfortunate circumstance that should never be aloud to take place.

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