15 Times Celebrities Told The Truth About Pregnancy

We all know of those celebrities who do their best to hide their baby bumps for as long as they possibly could. And you must admit that being six months pregnant without making it looking like, well, you’re six months along is quite the feat.

But we figured that it’s also time to acknowledge those preggy celebrities who actually told us the truth about their pregnancies, even before we’ve figured them out. Some of these pregnancy announcements are sweet, others funny, while yet others just the right mix of both.

So go out and show off that baby bump proudly, because these celebs certainly weren’t shy about it!

15 Gwen Stefani

Prior to Gwen Stefani’s 2005 pregnancy announcement, rumors were already going about. However, she did not actually confirm them until she was onstage on a tour. Stefani was obviously very much in the moment as the crowd sang along to her song, “Crash.”

It was then that the singer told the audience to “sing so loud the baby hears it,” solidly confirming the pregnancy rumors. She gave birth in May 2006 to Kingston James, her first son with former husband and fellow singer Gavin Rossdale.

14 Jessica Simpson

Not exactly a pregnancy announcement per se, but Jessica Simpson did make a slip-up during her pregnancy. Initially, she had wanted to keep the sex of her baby a secret from the public. However, during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, she offhandedly said that she never knew that “a wiener could make me nauseous.” She quickly realized what she said and owned up to the blooper, saying that she had just told the world that she was having a boy. About a month later, she gave birth to Ace, her second child with retired NFL player Eric Johnson.

Simpson had earlier announced this pregnancy with a twitter photo of their eldest daughter, Maxwell, with the words “big sis” on the sand.

13 Fergie

Black-eyed peas singer, Fergie, was also one to make a sweet pregnancy announcement. She announced her pregnancy on twitter by posting a collage of baby pictures of her and husband Josh Duhamel. “Josh & Me & Baby makes three!!!” she tweeted along with the photograph.

Incidentally, her husband also inadvertently revealed their baby’s sex on TV. On the show Live with Kelly and Michael, he was forced to pick between a pink and a blue onesie. After much hesitation, he finally grabbed the blue one! An August 2013, Fergie gave birth to Axl Josh.

12 Stacy Keibler

The tallest WWE diva, retired professional wrestler and How I Met Your Mother guest star, Stacy Keibler made a rather clever pregnancy announcement. Instead of posting a photograph of her belly on Instagram, she instead opted to post a literal bun in the oven instead! “Look what we’ve got cooking! A Bun’dle of love!” she wrote on the viral Instagram post.

She gave birth to Ava Grace in August 2014, her daughter with businessman Jared Pobre. Keibler has since said that she never really planned to have kids until she met Pobre!

11 Kevin Jonas

Speaking of cute pregnancy announcements, Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle also announced their pregnancy earlier this year through Twitter. The couple were sitting on the bed, Danielle surrounded with all sorts of sweets. Kevin, in the meantime, had a serious but almost shocked look on his face as he read his copy of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.”

“Preparing for baby number two!” the proud father posted along with this picture. The couple is due to have their second baby later this year. They already have a two-year-old girl named Ava Rose.

10 Alanis Morisette

Just this year, the alt rock icon Alanis Morisette announced that she was pregnant with her and her husband Mario “Souleye” Treadway’s second child. She told the world through a sweet animated video that chronicled the journey of how she met Treadway, up to a shot of them and their five-year-old son looking at the results of an ultrasound.

The video was produced by their friend, Guy Sigsworth, and played Morisette’s song “Into a King” in the background. A wonderful way to announce a pregnancy, we think.

9 Blake Lively

Gossip Girl star Blake Lively announced her 2014 pregnancy rather subtly. She did it on her once-upon-a-time lifestyle website Preserve with an article that featured women in backgrounds of autumn leaves and autumn households. At the very end was a photo of her proudly sporting her baby bump.

While Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds were upfront, although subtly so, about her first pregnancy, there are rumors that she is expecting yet again! During the final run of shooting for her recent film, The Shallows, some say that her bump had to be cleverly hidden behind her surfboard!

8 Busy Philipps

Star of Freaks and Geeks and Dawson’s Creek, Busy Philipps certainly didn’t wait to announce her second pregnancy with husband Marc Silverstein. She didn’t leave any room for subtlety either, simply posting a photo of a positive pregnancy test right on Twitter.

Soon after giving birth, she went right on shooting for Cougar Town, which we can imagine must have been quite an ordeal!

7 Carrie Underwood

As far as pregnancy announcements go, American Idol winner Carrie Underwood certainly has a great sense of humor! She announced her pregnancy with hockey-playing husband Mike Fisher by posting a photo of her dogs, Ace and Penny, on Twitter. In the picture, the rat terrier and the dachshund mix sported matching shirts saying “I’m going to be a big brother” and “I’m going to be a big sister.” How cute is that?

Underwood is certainly fond of her dogs. They’ve been the star of many of her Twitter photos, although now they might have stiff competition in the form of Underwood’s son, Isiah.

6 Coco Rocha

The very distinctive and award-winning model Coco Rocha announced her pregnancy in Instagram. A video was posted featuring Rocha in a nude bodysuit with the camera spinning all around her. Despite the fact that the bodysuit was form-fitting, we swear that you’d never know that she was actually pregnant until the cam zoomed in on her tummy with superimposed text that she and her husband James Conran were expecting!

Her daughter, Ioni’s Instagram fame didn’t end after that, however. The proud mom made her little one a Facebook page soon after her birth. Who else can boast more than 20,000 followers at 7 days old?

5 Kelly Rowland

Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland announced her pregnancy in the cleverest way! She’d married her manager, Tim Witherspoon, who is a big basketball fan. Rowland took to Instagram to tell the public the news. She posted a photo of her husband’s white Air Jordan shoes side-by-side with a miniature black baby-sized version of those shoes, along with the caption “I’ll be stuntin like my daddy…”

If that isn’t adorable, we don’t know what is! So far, at only a year old, their young son Titan certainly looks like he’s stuntin’ like his daddy.

4 Kobe Bryant

Speaking of basketball, All-Star NBA Champ Kobe Bryant was also one to announce his wife’s pregnancy with tiny shoes. Just last month, Bryant posted a pair of baby-sized black and red shoes along with a red ribbon and a white baby shirt with the print “Baby Mamba” written in bold letters.

This was to announce that he and his wife, Vanessa Laine, are expecting a baby girl! The pair already have two daughters, Natalia and Gianna.

3 Molly Sims

One other pregnancy announcement that we had to put up was the adorable one by Molly Sims. The model and Las Vegas star announced her pregnancy with husband Scott Stuber side-by-side with their son Brooks.

Sims posted a photo of her and her son on her website. The pair were holding chalkboards. Brooks’ chalkboard had “2 Years” written on it, while Sims’ had “4 Months.” The chalkboard and Sims’ cheeky smile in the picture said it all! Brooks would soon have a little sister, Scarlett, in March of 2015.

2 Olivia Wilde

Sims isn’t the only one who gave a clever pregnancy announcement with the help of her child. Just April of this year, model and House star Olivia Wilde revealed her pregnancy with fiancé Jason Sudeikis in a way we certainly won’t forget. She posted an Instagram photo of her side-by-side with their son Otis on a bed. The two both had their tummies out, with Wilde’s quite obviously a few months into her pregnancy already! Olivia captioned the photo “matching baby bumps!”

Prior to this, Wilde had successfully managed to keep her pregnancy all covered up with loose clothing. We figure she had decided it was just the right time, and the right photo, to tell us all about it!

1 Robert Downey, Jr.

Robert Downey, Jr. certainly is Ironman. He even has Tony Stark’s classic wit, at least when it comes to pregnancy announcements. He announced his wife, Susan Levin’s, pregnancy with their second child with a short but very apt Twitter post that read: “Yo. Susan. Me. Baby. Girl. Scorpio?”

Thousands of fans proceeded to congratulate Downey and his wife on the new bun in the oven. On November 4 of the same year, Susan gave birth to a bouncing baby girl. And, yes, she is indeed a Scorpio.

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