15 Cruel Times Celeb's Kids Were Shamed On Social Media

Celebrities know the pros and cons of the social media demon; it brings fame but it can also bring shame! Celebs know all too well that a little public shaming comes with the territory, but what they didn't expect was the absolute backlash their kids would get for no reason other than the fact that they have famous parents.

Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner started a legal battle back in 2013 that would hopefully protect their children from the paparazzi; they won that battle, but unfortunately not the war. People on Social Media are very liberal with their opinions, they feel they can attack whomever they like for whatever reason because clearly freedom of speech entails hate?

I'm not sure that's the point, I thought the purpose was to unite, but what do I know. It's downright dirty to attack children on Social Media, but the attacks on this list are just unforgiveable. Attacking kids for being kids is absurd, attacking kids for their appearance is just plain bullying, and attacking them because they’re not they’re celeb parents, well that’s just cruel. Being a child to a celebrity is hard enough, and these kids certainly didn't ask for the spotlight or the shaming that you'll read in these 15 cases.

15 Cruise And Holmes' Daughter From Space

When Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were dating, people thought it odd, especially Tom Cruise's behaviour, jumping on couches and such. After their fairytale marriage in Italy it seemed like the internet and the world began to accept the couple and perhaps even like them together, but that all changed when Suri was born. Suri was born into a regrettable amount of attention from the media; right from the start, conspiracy theories began flying around about her. One conspiracy theory was that Tom wasn't the father at all, another was that she didn't really exist, that she was a publicity stunt, and of course the most famous conspiracy theory, that she is in fact an alien!

The absurd stories seem to surround the fact that Tom is a Scientologist and social media isn't too kind to Scientologists in general, but none of that has anything to do with Suri, she's was just a baby!

14 Robin William's Daughter Harassed

In what is one of the most unforgivable social media shaming stories on the list, Zelda Williams was essentially chased off of Twitter after being criticized for not being there for her dad. As you know, Robin Williams tragically took his own life on August 11 of 2014, and naturally condolences began to pour in all over social media, but there were those who were spiteful enough to kick Zelda while she was already down.

Some of the messages were full of hate, blaming Zelda outright for his death; others were dark and twisted, sending images of her dead father to her, wishing to provoke a reaction on Twitter. Zelda had been terrorized to the point that she had to contact Twitter to mediate and when people’s accounts were shut down, they simply took to creating new ones. Seeing that there was no stopping the trolls, Zelda decided to delete all her social media accounts in order to find peace.

13 Barack And Michelle's 'Bad' Girls

The social media shaming of Malia and Sasha Obama was absolutely atrocious. These two ordinary teenagers were attacked for being just that, teenagers. To think, Obama doesn't lock his girls away in the White House, instead, he allows them to leave and lead an ordinary life! People seemed almost shocked by Malia and Sasha's ordinary teenage life.

The cruelty perhaps started when the sisters attended the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago. The girls were attacked for what they were wearing and Sasha was caught kissing a boy! Oh my! Social media found it important to chime in and let the Obama's know that they were bad parents for allowing such behaviour. It's difficult enough to grow up in the public eye, but to be attacked for just doing what every other teenager does, just seems absurd.

12 Kelly Osbourne Still Body Shamed

Kelly Osbourne is no stranger to body shaming, unfortunately being the daughter of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne has made her and her entire family a target for criticism. It's true that Kelly Osbourne took to losing weight and living a healthier life, something she attributes to her stint on Dancing with the Stars. There is an article out there that shows before and after images of Kelly Osbourne, stating she turned from ugly duckling into a lavender swan, due to her lovely locks of hair. Sadly this isn't the only article of its kind.

When I see the images comparing her then and now, I really don't see the ugly duckling part, she looks fantastic in both images; it's really an evolution, and something we all go through. Body shaming is a serious issue in Hollywood and around the globe; it seems that we spend far too much time deciding what people should look like instead of loving how they already look. I love that Kelly is standing up to this sort of shaming because it's improving, but far from over!

11 Whitney Houston's Lasting Impression

All I can think about when I hear about Whitney Houston and Bobby Kristina is how the media failed them and it's something I hope the media as well as the trolls out there will learn from. The media spent so much time focusing on the negative that it damaged Whitney, don't think words can't hurt celebrities, because they do, just as they hurt and harm us. Things like "career over, drug addict, and train wreck" swirled around Whitney, who became a victim of her fame and those who believe they have the right to judge her.

Bobby Kristina felt this same criticism when her mother passed; people began to hound her, to watch her, to expect her to make the same mistakes her mother did. In a time where Bobby Kristina needed so much support, social media failed her; she was met with hostility instead of help. People just wanted to hear more about how she failed to move on rather than healing, much like they did with her mother. It seems the juicier story is always the tragedy, not the triumph.

10 Will The Real Demi Moore Please Stand Up?

Rumer Willis is not her mother, yet for some reason, everyone expected Demi Moore's daughter to look just like her. Moore is certainly stunning, but to shame her children for not looking exactly like her is ludacris. The comparisons began early on, a sort of pressure that teenage girls certainly don't need, but being a child to not one but two celebrities, it becomes impossible to hide from the critics on social media.

Rumer admits the criticism made her feel ugly, made her feel that she was never skinny enough. She compared herself to her mother just as the media had, and there was nothing healthy about it. Every time she went out in public there would be a comment about how she looked, and it really affected her self-esteem. Thankfully Rumer has moved on from this and found a way to tune out the haters.

9 Gwyneth Paltrow - Apples To Oranges

Adorable little Apple will forever be criticized for her name, bullied for something that Kindergarteners might tease each other about but here are grown adults making comments about a name, calling it stupid and dumb! I feel for her, sometimes having a unique name makes you an easy target, but there is certainly nothing wrong with the adorable name Apple.

Recently recording artist Robbie Williams had his own little bundle of joy and when he met Gwyneth and her daughter he mixed up her name with another fruit, melon to be exact. He easily blamed his blunder on the name simply being "stupid." To think, he now has his own kid, I wonder how he’d feel about a similar statement against his own little one. Strangers shaming celebs kids is one thing but other celebs shaming celeb kids, well that’s a different beast altogether.

8 Kim K And Kanye - Bratty West

Poor North West, I think the world expected her to be a mini drama queen since mommy and daddy seem to enjoy a little drama themselves. North West is no more of a drama queen than any other tiny tot, they want it their way or the highway! The only reason why North West was targeted and called a bratty brat brat all over social media was because mommy is Kim Kardashian and daddy is Kanye West.

Not only has her name been dragged through the mud on social media, but now the world is waiting for little tantrums just so they can call her bratty once again. The most talked about incident was when little North was being followed around by paparazzi and yelled “no pictures” as she tried to hide her face and get past them. Firstly, shame on them for hounding a little girl for photos and secondly, she’s of a different world where cameras follow her, she’s bound to become annoyed.

7 Beyonce - Things Are Getting Ugly

Calling a kid ugly is one of lowest meanest forms of harassment on social media. How can anyone even say that about adorable Blue Ivy Carter? I'm baffled by the negativity surrounding Beyoncé’s little mini. She seems so sweet and happy and I would hate for her to have to grow up reading such terrible things about herself on the internet. The saddest thing about the comments is that the shaming is coming from grown-ups, so called adults that are supposed to know better, but instead they're no better than schoolyard bullies who name call.

This is exactly how self-esteem issues start and somehow the grown-ups calling her ugly can’t see the damage they’re doing. What’s even more disturbing is the fact that many of those doing the shaming online are women, most likely victims of the same crime at one point. No need to repeat history, we need to protect young girls from incidents like these.

6 Kristin Cavallari - Feed Your Kids

This adorable snap was posted to Instagram by Kristin Cavallari. The photo shows her two boys along with her hubby enjoying a beach day together as a family, but that's not what the internet saw. Instead internet trolls decided to zero in on the fact that you could see the bones on their body. Now those of you who have active boys with small frames will feel some outrage at the allegations that Kristin Cavallari doesn't feed them enough, some going as far to say that she's starving her children!

Body issues can come in all forms, calling kids too big or too small can hurt them or make them insecure, we all have some insecurity about our bodies, why should children be brought into this? Children never worry about being too big or too small, it’s society that pushes that upon them. Social media twisted this snap from a beautiful moment to one of judgement.

5 Jwoww - Twinning TOO Hard

Jwoww posted this hilarious little snap after playing dress up with her daughter Meilani, but not everyone saw the humour in it. Jwoww of Jersey Shore fame and her husband Roger Matthews had a little bet going about if their kids looked more like dad or more like mom, so they decided to take one kid each and dress them up as mommy and daddy.

The snaps are hilarious and all in good fun, but the internet roasted Jwoww for this "trashy" look, essentially stating that Jwoww was trash. Now this may not be direct mudslinging at little Meilani, but it certainly sets her up for understanding that there are people in the world that clearly feel they are better than her parents, that people will always look down on them, her included.

4 Kris Jenner - Kylie's Makeover

Kylie Jenner has become a little entrepreneur much like her Kardashian step-sisters. She has a fashion line and a cosmetics line and there's definitely been controversy with both. It seems that most people on social media are fascinated by her ever changing look, and some are less fascinated and more critical. There are several images like the one above floating around the internet where shamers have compared younger Kylie to the Kylie she is now and obviously, she looks different. We all look different over time, but social media felt Kylie might have had some work done. Social media users body shamed Kylie by calling her "plastic" and comparing her to Barbie. It was a swimsuit snap that sparked the vicious attack on social media, something that was meant to showcase body positivity quickly became a source for shame.

3 Billy Ray Cyrus Seeing His Daughter Shamed

Miley Cyrus has certainly been through the ringer on social media since changing her image and her music. Some loved it and some hated it; she expected as much, but I'm not sure she expected the slut-shaming that came along with her exploring her creativity. I suppose Madonna had done it all before her and pushed boundaries, for some reason the body is still such an offensive thing to display, I mean even breast feeding still freaks people out.

What began all this backlash was her VMA performance where she danced around in latex and stuck her tongue out more than necessary. This was a time where Miley was exploring who she was and where she wanted her career to go next and I don’t really see anything particularly offensive about glitter or short hair or multi-coloured outfits.

2 Angelina Jolie's Daughter Is A Boy

Shiloh has perhaps received the brunt of the backlash, being teased about what she looks like, her fashion choices, and the fact that she prefers short hair. This immediately got people talking online about how Shiloh dresses like a boy and the small minded voices of the internet just couldn't understand how her parents would "allow" this. There is nothing to allow, Shiloh is free to be who she is and is loved for it, simple.

1 Victoria And David - Everyone's An Art Critic

Brooklyn Beckham is known for having some seriously famous parents. The son to soccer superstar David Beckham and former Spice Girl and current fashion designer Victoria Beckham has definitely been a blessing and a curse. It seems that any time a celebrity's child tries to accomplish something on their own; they are immediately compared to their parents. This unfair comparison makes their achievements feel less valued and if they don't develop thick skin early on, it seems they are destined to give up on dreams they wanted so badly.

Brooklyn was clearly following in mommy's creative footsteps when he decided to curate a photography book filled with his own images. This art book was met with much criticism, calling the book "ordinary" and calling him "privileged” for getting a book deal at 17. I hope Brooklyn won’t be deterred from following his dreams, because it seems he’s quite passionate about photography.

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