15 Times Chrissy Teigen's Mom Moments Were Us

We all have mom moments, but most of us are lucky enough to not have to experience them in public. While having a child is a wonderful experience, the changes that come along with it are not always easy, and the transition can be long and bumpy.

Though celebrities have a ton of benefits, such as wealth and helpers for their every need, they also have to live with people constantly observing their every move. That's hard enough before they become parents, but it's a whole different game when a baby comes into the picture.

Some celebrities maintain that untouchable status, refusing to share truths about their parenting experience or co mingling with the rest of us everyday parents. That's their right, of course, but it's a breath of fresh air when a celebrity comes clean about mom moments and helps other women feel they have yet another ally in the journey.

Chrissy Teigen is the latter, a mom of almost one-year-old daughter Luna who doesn't hold back when talking about the journey to and through motherhood. Teigen is a model and co-host, but her Twitter account shows the true depth of her personhood and her compassion and understanding for what it means to be a mom.

It's true, most of us don't have Teigen's killer body or perfect cheek bones, but we can all relate to moments when Teigen represented all of us as mothers. Here are 15 of her best.

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15 When She Shames Mommy Shamers

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We've all experienced those moms who love nothing more than pointing out when they think another mom is failing. Sometimes the jabs are direct, sometimes they are passive-aggressive, but the intent is always to put mom down.

Teigen is having none of it. As a celebrity who frequently shares life with baby Luna with her many followers, she knows the mommy shame is coming. People have questioned the way she holds her child, and she said she just expects to see comments about the car seat she uses or how close she stands to the stove while holding the baby every time she posts a picture.

In response, Teigen responds with words moms can applaud. From retweeting and calling out passive aggressive hate, to explaining that photos are a second in someone's life, not the whole story, she doesn't let mommy shaming slide. If a person wants to talk trash about a parent's decisions,Teigen is not the person to go to.

14 When She Stands Up For Her Mommy Friends

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It's no secret that Teigen is friends with Kim Kardashian, and the two have moved from single ladies to married women and now moms. Through all of it, Teigen has her friend's back.

When people on Twitter decided to attack Kardashian for saying she allowed her daughter, North, to pick her own outfits and then shop for the fabric to make them, Kardashian shot back asking why it was wrong to give a child the tools to nurse an interest they had. Teigen them jumped in, sarcastically asking what tools Kardashian might be allowing her child to play with and then informing her that babies didn't need to handle tools.

This exchange showed that Teigen didn't mind pointing out the stupidity of others to defend her friend, and that she is not only interested in defending herself online but also defending those she is close to.

13 When She Talks About Fertility Struggles

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Teigen has never shied away from discussing how difficult is was for she and husband, John Legend, to conceive. She took this sensitive topic and discussed it openly when she warned people about asking women why they didn't have kids because they might be struggling.

She also spoke openly about receiving in-vitro fertilization and choosing to have the first embryo implanted be a girl. Assuming the general public understood that she and Legend had not specifically created a girl embryo, only chose to implant the female first, she experienced tons of hate from those without any knowledge of IVF procedures.

When speaking about having IVF again when she and Legend are ready for another baby, she was even trolled for not trying the natural route, with the troll implying Teigen was averse to intimacy. Teigen, in classic form, shut her down by letting her know she had tried for nine years.

12 When She Gets Real About PPD


Many women experience postpartum depression and other postpartum conditions that make caring for an infant difficult. While PPD is discussed in the open now much more than before, many women still feel there is a stigma about the condition and experience guilt over suffering from it.

Even Teigen struggled to talk about this part of her life, only recently revealing in an essay she wrote that she had been diagnosed with postpartum depression and anxiety. She discussed experiencing the same feelings many have of letting others down, not enjoying life even though it's a good life, and not recognizing where her symptoms were pointing.

She talks candidly about still struggling but leaning on the help of antidepressants and hopefully counseling in the future. In true Chrissy form, she acknowledges that many will probably make harsh comments about her struggles, but she still thinks it's worth it to come forward with her story so other women know they aren't alone. Solidarity!

11 When She Talks About Her Spouse As A Father

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Teigen and Legend were together for years before welcoming baby Luna, so they knew a ton about each other. However, Teigen admits that even after thinking she knew what Legend would be like with a baby, she was still surprised.

The famous singer is smitten with his daughter, and she with him. While this was no surprise to Teigen since she expected Legend to be a wonderful father, she did admit to being surprised that her daughter was a daddy's girl from day one. There was no getting used to someone besides mom for baby Luna. Luna and Legend fell in love from that first moment.

It's incredible to see our partners as parents, and it's fun to know that even people who live their lives in the public eye are transformed by parenthood, just like us. It turns out a baby wrapping their whole little hand around our finger melts us all.

10 When She Talks Post-Baby Weight Loss

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It's hard to watch celebrities give birth and then fit into couture gowns in no time, as if the weight that plagues most of our post-baby bodies just doesn't know how to cling to their genetically advanced skin. Images of celebrity moms who lose the baby weight before their two week check up add to the guilt many of us feel when months of hard work barely moves the dial on the scale down.

Teigen is transparent about the truth behind celebrity weight loss. She openly discusses having trainers, nannies, and nutritionists, and she emphasizes that fast weight loss after birth shouldn't be considered the norm. As she points out, celebrities, the ones with access to all of these perks, are also the ones in the public eye, so it's easy for our news feed to fill up with slim new mommies and leave us wondering why it's so easy for everyone else.

9 When She Gets Real About Baby Gear

Installing a car seat properly is an important way to ensure a child is safe. However, it is one of the most difficult, tedious tasks on the planet.

Teigen made her Twitter followers aware of this fact when she explained that if giving birth was harder than the car seat situation, she wasn't sure she could handle it. We all feel her pain.

The good news is that whether or not we are celebrities, we can find assistance when it comes to the car seat situation. Parents can search for places in their city where public servants help install car seats, and they can also install it themselves and have someone from their city check it. Oftentimes even if we actually get the seat installed, we find out when it is inspected that it isn't in properly, and that poses a threat to our little one.

8 When She Talks Social Life After Baby

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Most of us don't hit the red carpet for the Grammy's or have date nights with a singing legend, literally, who happens to be our husband. However, all of us can relate to Teigen's comments about social life after baby being a bit different than before.

Teigen posted a picture of herself on a red carpet pre-Luna, and the text accompanying the picture pretty much explained it all. She pointed to the differences of going out in high fashion to watching TV while nursing an infant, a reality all of us can relate to.

Teigen wasn't complaining, and she has praised her life with Luna repeatedly. She just doesn't pretend everything stays the same, especially our lives outside our homes, after a baby arrives. Her honesty helps all of us who have ever spent a night in sweat pants binge watching Netflix while smelling of rancid breast milk feel better.

7 When She Gets Real About Adult Diapers

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The adult diaper is a real phenomenon that occurs for every woman who has a child. Whether mom delivers vaginally or by C-section, she will walk out of the hospital in a large, mesh diaper posing as panties to deal with the blood issue that is recovering from birth.

However, most people don't feel the need to warn expectant moms about this little piece of post-birth life, so we end up surprised and mildly horrified when we wear a diaper while changing our child's.

Teigen addressed this issue head on when she tweeted about not knowing she would be leaving wearing the same underthings as her daughter. It's refreshing to know that even though Teigen is a supermodel with flawless skin and legs for miles, she still walked out of the hospital in a diaper. This fact unites moms around the world.

6 When She Talks About How Babies Disrespect Us

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Babies are cute, there's no doubt, but they are also a tad unruly at times, and consideration is not one of their strong suits.

Teigen's daughter is no different in this respect. When Luna kicked her in the face and then proceeded to pass gas on her, Teigen was quick to call her out on Twitter. While it would be easy for Teigen to only share the cute, social media ready moments and keep all the gross ones away from her adoring fans, she's honest about the everyday thanklessness of parenting.

That's one reason Teigen is so popular among moms. She shares the realities of being a mom, from conception to farts directly in the face. It's not just creating an image; it's sharing a reality, and us moms appreciate transparency and sincerity almost as much as we do sleeping through the night without any interruptions.

5 When She Shares What A Realistic Push Present Is

Remember that adult diaper situation? It is only the beginning of the grossness of bringing a child into the world.

For women who deliver vaginally, they will have a down there situation like they've never known. Besides bleeding and discomfort, that whole situation will simply feel foreign after a child the size of a small watermelon exits from that region.

Because of this, Teigen decided to treat herself to a push present that screamed practicality: a perineal irrigation bottle. This bottle makes it possible to wash down there after labor without pain.

Sure, most people probably expected Teigen's push present to be diamonds, but her down-to-earth tweet about the realities of labor recovery are more precious than gold. It proves she identifies with all the women who have had to recover from labor, and she understands the struggles. Talking about them allows them to be destigmatized, and that is a gift for all of us.

4 When She Went Out On A Date After Baby

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It was the date night heard round the world. When Teigen left baby Luna to have a night out with Legend a couple of weeks after giving birth, shamers crawled out of the woodwork to let her know how unacceptable they found her actions.

From accusing her of letting her sitter raise her child to implying needing a date night equaled not loving her baby, Teigen was forced to deal with the public outcry to her dinner plans.

In true fashion, she responded that she had dinner, she was happy to have the time out, and her amazing husband backed her up with an honest assessment of the situation. Shocked that Teigen was not only being insulted but that she alone was being insulted, he tweeted his support saying that it wasn't fair for her alone to be insulted when they both went out.

He offered to take the ridiculous insults as a team, giving us all true relationship goals.

3 When She Shows Pics Of Her Stretch Marks

Via: www.lifestyle.com

Not only does Teigen acknowledge the difficulty for most women to lose the baby weight, but she flouts the less glamorous side of becoming a mom: stretchmarks. Teigen posted a picture of stretch marks, and her feelings about them were not of shame or embarrassment. She simply feels body changes after baby are whatever, and we should all feel the same.

Maybe it's because she struggled for so long to conceive, but Teigen's attitude about her appearance post-birth is refreshing. Sure, she still has the looks of a supermodel, so it's not like she has anything to complain about, but unlike some other moms in the public eye, she doesn't throw a everyone-can-do-it attitude at women when it comes to their bodies.

Her attitude simply encourages women to accept the evidence of pregnancy and childbirth as the whatever it truly is.

2 When She Gets Real About Baby Books

Via: www.yimg.com

There are a plethora of baby books that moms read to their children to help them sleep and build their literacy skills. Popular choices are Goodnight Moon, The Velveteen Rabbit, and The Giving Tree. However, most of these books contain odd messages, and some of the characters are just downright weird.

Teigen targets the themes and meanings of these books in her tweets, wondering why we would want to teach our kids about a child who takes so much he leaves other things depleted, such as in The Giving Tree. She also acknowledges what we all feel: that character who kept saying "hush" in Goodnight Moon felt like it was pulled straight out of a horror film.

As parents, we can all relate to these random issues that make parenting interesting and also provide us with a long list of questions about what authors are thinking when they write books for kids.

1 When She Pokes At Her Husband After The Baby Is Born

While most people can admit that relationships change after the baby is born, Teigen good-naturedly points out some of the bigger differences by giving her spouse a hard time.

When Legend took a nap and then woke up asking what Chrissy had been doing, she responded with the answer every mother already knows: watching the baby! What else would we be doing?

These jabs are not meant to be mean, but they do highlight something that even Legend points out about parenting: women are always expected to do a bit more, and they are shamed no matter what they do. Legend and Teigen are a power couple who work together to raise their daughter, but they don't pretend to be perfect or like their relationship isn't different now that a baby is on board.

They are refreshingly honest, pointing out the problems with picking moms apart and letting dads slide.

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