15 Times Disney Villains Summed Up The Struggle That Is Parenthood

What’s so hard about being a parent? Well, to start with, the never-ending messes, the lack of respect, the attempts at discipline, the late nights and early mornings, the guilt, and the exhaustion. These are just a few of the reasons that raising a child is the hardest job a person will ever have.

Whether or not a parent was a fan of Disney cartoons before having children, progenitors are most definitely going to watch their share of these films after kids come along. The Moana soundtrack plays over and over in the minds of moms and dads as they attempt to fall asleep at night, and the smiling faces of Lightning McQueen, Mater, Elsa and Anna can be found decorating everything their children own from bedsheets to toothbrushes, diapers to toddler toilets.

Just like parents, the villains in Disney flicks don’t often get the credit they deserve. The bad guys and gals in Disney cartoons can be a bit dramatic sometimes, but when it comes to representing the emotions worn-out parents go through on a day-to-day basis, some of the gestures performed and statements made by nefarious characters from the best Disney movies are pretty much spot-on. The following 15 Disney villains have perfectly summed up what it's like to be a parent in a variety of different situations.

15 When Kids Talk Back

Shere Khan may be the most intimidating of all Disney villains. He's a surprisingly well-spoken tiger, and delivers chilling phrases with elegance and grace. Nothing is scarier than menacing words spoken with a smile, and this jungle cat has perfected this terrifying technique.

Every parent has a button kids should never, ever push, but that doesn't mean naive little tykes don't do it anyway. For many moms and pops, when a child talks back, things can get really scary pretty quickly.

Suffice it say, the offspring of those who don't appreciate the lack of respect that is demonstrated by being cheeky should watch their backs after talking back. This is especially true when mom or dad was up until 3 in the morning the night before making cupcakes for the school bake sale, or if a birthday or other cherished holiday is fast approaching. You've been warned, kids. You've been warned.

14 When Kids Pit One Parent Against Another

Maleficent is the beautiful but deadly villain in Sleeping Beauty. Sure, she's evil, but she's also got some impressive skills. One example? She's been blessed with the totally awesome talent of being able to transform herself into a formidable dragon.

She's also pretty good at being mean, just like parents are when they don't allow a child to something they reeeeeally want to do. Sometimes, kids attempt to outsmart Mom and Dad by pitting them against each other.

This tried and true method may have worked in the olden days when Pa was breaking his back harvesting wheat in the fields while Ma slaved away over homemade bread miles away in the family kitchen. Back then, parents had to face a long walk or a bumpy wagon ride in order to compare stories in the middle of the day, but now that moms and dads can communicate with just the swipe of a finger and the sending of a text message, children are SOL. Sorry, little ones.

13 When You Forgot (Again) That It's Your Day For Carpool Pick-up

Cruella De Vil may be a heartless woman, but she's also a dangerous, yet impressive, driver. Parents suffering from the problem known as "not enough hours in the day" could learn a thing or two from De Vil. She isn't afraid to plow through street signs, venture off of the beaten path or drive through trees to achieve her heart's desires.

It's important to note that parents harboring the desire to be on time just once, to just one time not be "the late parent," may risk a run-in with law enforcement when driving like De Vil. It may be a risk worth taking.

Everyone loves a punctual parent. Sometimes, in the world of raising children, you've gotta pick your battles. What's worse? A speeding ticket, or judgey glares from the other mothers in carpool group? Those who have endured the latter will take their chances with getting pulled over every time.

12 When It's Time For A Loose Tooth To Come Out

Sidney "Sid" Phillips is the antagonist in the first Toy Story movie. His main hobby is creating Franken-toys by combining various pieces of forgotten playthings. Some of his creations are pretty damn scary, but also very impressive. Whenever Sid is about to create a monster, he laughs his maniacal laugh and dons his medical mask.

Any parent who has endured watching a baby tooth wiggle and waggle for way too long will understand just how gleeful one feels when it's finally time to get that creepy little bit of bone out of a kid's mouth once and for all. It shouldn't come as a shock if pulling a baby tooth from a child's protesting mouth is one of the most satisfying feats a mom or dad ever accomplishes.

Evil laughs similar to Sid's have been known to escape the lips of these parents at the moment that a tiny dangling baby tooth is vanquished once and for all.

11 When You Just Really Want To Go To The Bathroom In Peace

The Wicked Queen from Snow White is probably the worst stepmother ever. Instead of following in the footsteps other Disney stepmothers and forcing her stepdaughter to clean a lot and wear rags, she actually sends a man on a mission to cut out poor, innocent Snow White's heart. Not cool at all.

She may be a horrible person, but she's spot-on when describing what happens when a child won't allow his or her parent even a millisecond of privacy. Ever.

When parenthood begins, privacy becomes a luxury of the past. Sometimes moms and dads can't take it anymore and need just five seconds to themselves. Is that too much to ask? Definitely not. If hiding from the kids is the only way to get a moment of solace, more power to the parents. There are worse offenses than harboring the strong desire to pee in peace every once in awhile.

10 When Kids Are Forced To Choose An Ice Cream Flavor

Ursula from The Little Mermaid is full of witty sayings and quick comebacks. She's an octolady with a sharp tongue. Those red lips of hers are always spouting something sarcastic or snarky. One of her classic lines is "Life's full of tough choices, innit?"

When the kids are whining because the reward their parents are attempting to bestow upon them is too stressful, it may be difficult to resist being very annoyed. We're referring to the little one at the ice cream shop who is crying because he can't decide which out of all the delicious flavors in front of him is the best choice.

Life can be tough, and attempting to choose which type of cold treat to eat is most definitely not one of the hardest things a child will go through. Someday, when he's a parent, he'll long for the day he wept over choosing between mint chip and rocky road. Let's just hope that when he finally does choose a flavor, his scoop of heaven doesn't accidentally slide off of his cone. That would be a true travesty.

9 When Kids Expect The Latest And Greatest Technological Device

Jafar is the creepy, backstabbing, power-hungry antagonist in Aladdin. He may not be the type of guy parents hope their daughter will bring home one day, but he does have one thing going for him: his villainous laugh is totally on point.

For some reason, kids seem to think that they are entitled to certain luxuries in life.  When they observe other children enjoying electronic perks, they may feel it's only fair that they should have them too.

When a tiny tot expects mom and dad to shell out big bucks for a device more expensive than the ones they themselves possess, it's time to laugh like Jafar until it is understood that this is never, ever going to happen. Sure, some parents purchase their 7-year-old children iPhone 7s, but those parents are either filthy rich or kinda clueless. Enough said. When these aforementioned parent's kids drop their shiny, new devices in the toilet or out of the car window, feel free to laugh like Jafar at them too.

8 When Kids Won't Touch The Hot Meal You Slaved Over

When the Wicked Queen in Snow White transforms herself from a stern, narcissistic beauty into a hooded elderly woman, she goes from extremely evil to just plain nightmare-inducing. No one is sure why Snow White eats the apple this one tooth wonder offers her. At least the poor, clueless princess won't make the same mistake twice.

Unlike the ill intentions of the scary old crone pictured above, it's completely understandable when a mother or father is hell-bent on getting everyone in the family to eat and enjoy a delicious, nutritious meal. After all this parent has taken precious time out of his or her hectic schedule to prepare it.

When five different fast food places are on the way home, all of which are cheaper than the ingredients that went into the healthy culinary creation being served, and it's a sure-bet the kids would have eaten every bite of their greasy fries without one complaint,  it's pretty heroic when a parent still cooks. Now eat up, kids!

7 When Kids Bring ALL The Germs Home With Them 

Captain Hook is an unfortunate villain. A sinister crocodile is as intent on nabbing a bite of him as Hook is on capturing Peter Pan. The aforementioned croc foils many of the captain's best schemes by showing up at the worst times, just like sickness, and causing Hook to suffer dire results on more than one occasion.

Parents can force their children to wash and sanitize their hands after every bathroom break, before every meal and every time a little one returns home from an activity outside of the house, but germs will still linger. Parenthood brings with it the certainty that every disease circulating at the local daycare or elementary school will eventually be passed on to them as well.

There is a silver lining to this fact for parents with multiple children: by the third one, they may possibly be immune to every strain of every common cold and flu to ever exist. Until then, happy sneezing!

6 When Kids Grow Two Inches Overnight

The Wicked Stepmother in Cinderella isn't winning a parenting award anytime soon. She's sneaky, vain and totally plays favorites. Plus, her cat is just the worst. She does, however, have one of the best shocked expressions we've ever encountered.

Kids will shock their parents early and often, but nothing about having children is quite as surprising as the moment they choose to go and grow up way to fast. The shock-inducing moment when a mother suddenly notices her baby boy has a five o'clock shadow or that she needs to get her little daughter a bra ASAP are sobering ones.

Parents may long for the day when their house is quiet, clean and free of whines and name-calling, but when the kids do get old enough to talk politics or remind mom and dad that they really should be eating more broccoli, it can be really, really weird for parents.

5 When A Kid Can't Find Their Other Shoe...Again

Scar from The Lion King is a terrible uncle and an even worse brother. He's a murderous feline with a heart devoid of compassion or love. He also has horrible taste in henchmen. He's often annoyed by the wild hyenas that loyally serve him, but no one feels bad for him.

Parents are likewise often annoyed with their precious children, especially when the time comes to attempt -- attempt being the key word -- to leave the house. One would think that keeping track of two shoes wouldn't be that difficult of a task, but, for some reason, kids are pros at misplacing footwear.

Little ones also often insist that in order to find a lost shoe or two, mom or dad needs to be the one to overturn every couch cushion and crawl under every bed. Why? Because even if a treasured tot has already looked all over the place, it seems moms and dads are the only ones capable of seeing missing shoes. No one knows why this is, but it is most definitely a fact of life.

4 When You Kill A Spider The Kids Are Terrified Of

Gaston, Belle's villainous suitor in Beauty and the Beast, is a brawny man, but he's lacking a bit in the brains department. He's also a chauvinistic jerk who loves himself more than anything else. He's proud of his muscles and his strength and his little ponytail.

Parents are allowed to be pleased as punch with themselves every once in awhile. Unlike Gaston, they have good reasons to pat themselves on the backs on a regular basis. After all, it isn't easy to wipe runny noses, step on pokey little toys or subsist off of grilled cheese crusts and half-eaten chicken nuggets.

One of the shining moments for which moms and dads should demand they are revered and applauded is after they have vanquished a creepy house spider. These unfun arachnids lurk in basement playrooms, attic lofts and everywhere else the kids like to play. Spiders are fearsome creatures, and parents are freaking heroes for slaying them.

3 When It's Time For Bed

Jafar doesn't like it when he doesn't get respect. In fact, when his dignity is threatened in any way, it makes him really, really mad. Basically, he doesn't have a lot of patience for people who aren't willing to give him his way.

Most parents are the polar opposites of Jafar: they don't ask for praise, and are filled to the brim with patience...until about an hour before bedtime. Everyone has a breaking point, after all. When the kids have been awake for an extended period of time, all virtuous parenting qualities go right out the window and moms and pops are over everything.

They want respect, they want to lounge in a bubble bath eating chocolate-covered strawberries, they don't want to deal with the yelling or the sticky hands or the constant questions anymore. It's time for a break, and no one blames moms and dads one bit for feeling this way.

2 When The Kids FINALLY Go To Sleep

The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland likes to get her way. If she doesn't get what her heart desires, her reaction is to order the beheading of the unfortunate soul brave or daft enough to cross her.

Parents rarely get their way, but, for moms and dads, there is a golden hour in which all is right with the world, and they are free to do exactly as they please. It is the hour in which all of the kids are finally asleep. No one has had a nightmare, and no one has peed the bed...yet. This the time that parents get to do whatever it is they've been longing to do ever since the last time the little darlings were all peacefully snoozing.

No one should ever judge a parent for what he or she does after the kids go to bed. Want to eat nothing but gallons of frosting? Want to lounge on the couch without pants? Go right ahead, progenitors. You've earned it.

1 All Day, Every Day

Mother Gothel is an evil witch in Disney's Tangled attempting to use Rapunzel's magical hair to help her remain forever young. When she informs Rapunzel that "mother knows best," she's not lying. The only caveat to her statement is that she isn't actually Rapunzel's mother, so, unfortunately, this extremely true phrase doesn't apply to her.

Moms and dads are far from perfect, but they do know a lot. Parents also possess the innate ability to know what is best for their kids. What's best may not always be the most popular. However, someday, children will undoubtedly thank their parents for guiding them along the path of life, and keeping them from making horrible decisions like playing with matches in dry fields of weeds or eating Swedish fish, hot Cheetos and Mountain Dew at every meal.

The cool thing about being a parent is that even though mom and dad most definitely know best, they don't know everything. Kids will also unwittingly teach their folks a thing or two about life along the way.

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