15 Times Doctors Do Know Better Than You

In today’s day and age, it is difficult to know what the right thing to do is. Ever. There is so much instant information and so many opinionated people that can spew their “knowledge” all across the entire internet. So it's sometimes difficult to know who actually knows what they’re talking about, and who is just pretending to.

A good guess as to who knows what they’re talking about is a doctor. These people have dedicated so much of their life to learning the medical procedures and complications, and gathering information on possible things that can go wrong, and many other issues. They are completely dedicated to the wellbeing of others, and they are never in it to hurt people.

One issue with information being so readily accessible by everyone is that everybody with an internet connection all of a sudden feels like an expert. They think that since they read something on WebMD that they now know more than their doctor. There is a general mistrust of doctors nowadays, as people are becoming “smarter,” but also more disenchanted with western medicine.

More and more people are trying to find natural remedies for things, and they are trying to DIY everything. This is a good practice for things like career selection or starting your own garden. When it comes to growing a person inside your body, however, it may be best to leave that up to the experts. Here we will discuss when it is time to give up on Google and just listen to your doctor.

15 If They Say She's Not Ready

It’s no secret that being pregnant is a crazy time for a woman. With her hormones the way that they are, and the fact that she is growing her child inside of her, she has a lot on her mind. Plus, in addition to all the beauty critiques and blah blah blah, pregnancy is straight up uncomfortable. Women want it to be over as quickly as possible, and to just have their baby in their arms. However, if the doctor says she’s not ready, then chances are pretty good that she’s not ready.

There are many possible reasons that he may say she’s not ready. Some women may want an early induction, or a c-section because she is tired of being pregnant. Or maybe she is running out of vacation time and she wants to begin her maternity leave. For whatever reason, it’s a good idea to listen to the doctor. If he says she’s not ready, it’s probably because the baby isn’t fully developed. Don’t rush the baking of an infant in the tummy oven.

14 If They Refuse Certain Treatment

Again, pregnancy is a time of crazy hormones. Therefore, a lot of decisions women make can be rash, or even if it's been well thought out, the thought process itself might not be 100% clear. And while women shouldn’t take everything the doctor says as law, they should take what he says and give it some thought. If he says she needs something that she didn’t know would be necessary, most of the time it’s BECAUSE SHE NEEDS IT. Doctors don’t get as many kickbacks as some people would like to believe.

The doctor knows way more about babies than non-doctors do. That’s his job. He spent an insane amount of time in school to learn about babies. Take his advice with some consideration. He is also able to see what is going on with the baby better than mom can. Between ultrasounds and fetal monitoring, he knows everything other than what the baby is thinking. Listen to the man (or woman)!

13 If They Suggest No Home Birth

It’s easy to see the appeal of a home birth. It really is. It’s more natural, it’s like how our primal ancestors did it, and all that jazz. However, something our ancestors didn’t have? Doctors. Doctors that are able to monitor the baby’s condition. Doctors that have access to medical libraries. Doctors that, believe it or not, have their patient’s best interest in mind.

A doctor won’t condemn all home births, keep in mind. If they feel the pregnancy has been healthy, and the mom has a good handle on what needs to be done, or she has a trusted midwife, or anything like that, they will often give their blessing. They are not saying women should give birth in a hospital simply to improve their numbers (although that may be the case sometimes, we’re talking about the vast majority here). Doctors want a healthy mom and a healthy baby. At least listen to them and hear out what they have to say.

12 If She Wants A Non-Medically Necessary C-Section

Like the home birth, one can see the appeal of a c-section. The ability to choose when the baby is born, the ability to avoid vaginal tearing, and many other things, but it is still not always a very good idea. There are many risks associated with a c-section, risks that often outweigh the benefits. If a c-section is necessary, a doctor will be happy to oblige and perform the operation. However, if it is not necessary, he will probably recommend a vaginal birth.

C-sections are dangerous. And although the frequency of their performance is much higher than it used to be, with about a third of all births in the U.S. being c-sections, it’s not always due to the best reasons. Most of the time its doctors afraid of being sued, so if they recommend you don’t get a c-section, know that it is going against their own well being, potentially, so one should really listen to them in this case.

11 If They Recommend Induction

This one is sort of on the flip side of a doctor saying a woman isn’t ready for birth. In this case, they are saying that it should happen sooner than later. If a doctor recommends medical induction, it is usually because not doing so could potentially harm either the mother or the baby. It could be as simple as the pregnancy is lasting too long, more than 42 or 43 weeks. But it could also be as complicated as an infection of the uterus, or the placenta is separating from the uterus. Maybe the mother has high blood pressure, or the baby has a low heart rate.

Whatever the reason, it’s never just because the doctor feels like it. If he says the baby should come out now, it’s because the baby should come out now. Although it doesn’t necessarily mean the mother should be afraid, it is for a medical reason. Don’t panic and listen to the doctor; he is going to do everything he can to ensure the baby is born happy and healthy.

10 If They Say She Needs Chemotherapy

This one has gotten a lot of controversy. Of course, if the mother has cancer, then she should have it treated. The issue with that is, however, how should it be treated? It’s no secret that chemotherapy is poison, and radiation is, well, radiation. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. The fact of the matter is, if chemotherapy is the only thing that can save the mother’s life, then chemotherapy should be the road taken. After all, if there is no mother, then there cannot be a baby.

There was one instance of a woman refusing chemotherapy during her pregnancy, out of fear of hurting the baby. The issue with this, however, is the baby is then in a body that is riddled with cancer, and quite possibly could not survive. She, unfortunately, died a few weeks before her due date, so obviously, the baby died too. If she had accepted the chemo, the baby may not have made it, but she would (could) have.

9 If They Recommend Vaccinations

Vaccinations have spent a lot of time on the news lately. Are they necessary, do they cause autism, is it a good idea to get them done or skip them? Well, based on the evidence that continues coming out, yes they are necessary, no they do not cause autism, and yes it is a good idea to have them done. Especially if pregnancy is either upon the woman or is in her planned future.

It’s no secret that any illness that affects the mother has the potential to affect the baby as well. For instance, an expecting mother should get her MMR vaccine before pregnancy, the flu vaccine and tetanus vaccine should be given during, and then the regular cycle of vaccinations after the pregnancy. While there is some question as to whether or not giving live versions of the virus to a pregnant woman is a good idea, as it could possibly be transferred to the baby, if the mother gets the actual infection during pregnancy, that will certainly cause many issues with the baby, so it’s sort of a benefits outweigh the risks kind of thing.

8 If They Suggest Fetal Monitoring

This one is really difficult to understand, to be honest. Why a woman wouldn’t want their fetus monitored is sort of beyond reason. There are no risks, and it is simply to see what is going on with the baby. However, some people don’t like the idea, even though the doctor has explained to them calmly, cooly, and thoroughly that there are no risks involved, and it is just to see what’s going on with the baby.

With that in mind, let’s talk about why some women refuse the EFM, or electronic fetal monitoring system. They for one, like the idea of being able to move around freely, rather than finding a position that works for the machine. There are also arguments that EFM doesn’t actually improve the outcome of the delivery, so many people feel as though it is a bit unnecessary, despite the fact that it has been adopted by nearly every OB/GYN in the country.

7 If They Put Her On Bed Rest

If the doctor puts a woman on bed rest, for the love of god, she should go on bed rest. He is not doing this for kicks and giggles, he is doing this for the health of the mother, the baby, or possibly both. There was one woman who was so adamantly upset with her doctor for putting her on bed rest that she went to a yoga class and was complaining about her doctor the whole time. She was saying that he said she could go into labor at any minute, and should have someone around to drive her to the hospital at all times. A slight exaggeration to say the least.

There are many reasons a doctor would put a soon-to-be mother on bed rest. One reason is if the mother is hemorrhaging. There was one woman who had to induce labor at a mere 23 weeks because she was hemorrhaging so badly, as her placenta grew through her uterus and became attached to her bowels. Had she been moving around like a normal person, she would have lost the baby, who is now happy and healthy.

6 If They Recommend A Certain Diet

This is another one that doesn’t really make sense to logic. It seems like a no brainer that a woman expecting would need a certain diet, so as to ensure that the baby gets all of the necessary nutrients. Cravings are pretty severe during pregnancy, however, and for many women, satisfying those are more important than the health of the baby, apparently.

In addition to the general healthy way that people should eat anyways, getting all the right nutrients is especially important in a woman expecting, as the right things are essential to the proper development of a baby. A doctor might recommend she eat something extra, as maybe blood tests have shown a certain deficiency in a nutrient, or whatever the case may be. The man knows what he is talking about, it is absolutely silly not to heed his advice about diet. Filling up on sugar and simple carbohydrates isn’t doing the baby any good at all, and it will make losing the baby weight harder after birth.

5 If They Say She Needs To Do Certain Things

Most women have a pretty healthy pregnancy. They do their necessary amount of appointments, they eat (mostly) the right foods, and then they give birth to a healthy little baby. However, there are some women who do not have the healthiest pregnancy. Oftentimes this is due to dumb luck, but it is often due to some preexisting condition that the mother has, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. In these cases, her doctor will lay out a health plan for her, one which she should follow as closely as possible.

Don’t let anyone say “oh, my friend never ate that” or “my sister didn’t need to do that, why should I?” If she overindulged in candy and Coke for 25 years and now has diabetes, this changes things for both her and the baby. The doctor knows what needs to be done to ensure this baby is healthy, he’s not just making these plans up for kicks. Listen to the doctor.

4 If They Say Baby’s Health Is At Risk

Much like when the mother has a health condition, if the baby has certain things wrong with it, then again a certain health plan will need to go into effect. Oftentimes these things can be scary. Say the baby has a low heart rate or low blood pressure. Maybe the baby is breech. There could be lots of complications, but the doctor knows what the best course of action is going to be.

Say the baby is breech, but the mother wants desperately to give birth vaginally. The doctor knows that this is not a good idea, but she insists and insists. The doctor then lets her deliver the baby vaginally, but there are complications and the baby dies. If the doctor had been able to convince her to do a c-section, then the baby probably would have lived. Again, the doctor isn’t making these decisions just for kicks; he knows what is best for both mother and the baby.

3 If What She Wants Is Out Of Date

Some women are pretty old school. They listen to classic rock on vinyl while using a typewriter to write a letter to their friend. While watching a Blockbuster VHS. Alright, this is getting a bit out of hand. But one should get the point. These are the same women who still refuse to let go of old practices, such as co-sleeping. Despite the doctor saying this is a bad idea, they keep on doing it.

There was one woman who was a giant fan of co-sleeping. That is, of course, until she rolled over on her baby and suffocated it. These practices are outdated for a reason, and that reason is usually new information. There was a point when people thought the earth was flat, but then new information made that point of view mute. The same goes for practices in the pregnancy world. Your doctor has all the new information, he studies up on these things. Listen to the doctor!

2 If They Say No Recreational Activities

It’s 2017. We get it, pot is not the Devil’s leaf that it was once thought to be. It’s been clinically proven to help many medical conditions, from glaucoma to insomnia to anorexia. It even helps cancer patients find relief from their chemo treatments. However, pregnancy is not the time to exercise your "legalize it" opinions.

There is actually a large group of pregnant women who believe that THC, the most active psychoactive chemical in marijuana, is good for the development of a fetus’ brain. It seems they ignored all of the studies that show how THC actually hinders brain development, and have taken their friends' anecdotal advice to be more convincing. Some women use it to cope with morning sickness, which one can understand a little bit, but come on people. Too much caffeine isn’t good for a developing baby, due to its psychoactive nature, do they really think getting straight up high is good for the baby?

1 If They Say It’s Time For A Medical Abortion

This one is very tough. It’s easy to understand that. A woman has been growing this being inside her stomach for the past however many months, and now it is discovered that the baby is not going to make it. There are a couple options for the mother at this point, but perhaps the healthiest one is a medical abortion.

She can choose to wait and deliver the baby naturally, and just have it be stillborn, and many women find that way to be more comforting. However, doing that increases the risk of infection, and it could also be very hard emotionally for a mother to do that. A miscarriage also comes with its own set of medical risks, which are often far greater than any other option, so it’s best to try and avoid that option. That’s not saying this will ever be an easy option, but it sometimes is the best thing to do for all parties involved.

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