15 Times Expecting Animals Looked How Mom-To-Be Felt

Carrying a baby brings many wonderful things. There's the pregnancy glow, which makes a woman radiant. For mom, being able to feel and see the baby move inside her stomach is incredible. There comes a point when pregnancy loses its charm and just having the baby already sounds really great. Some women love the whole 9 months, some do not. Just about every expectant woman gets to the point where they are over it. Usually around the last trimester.

Animals are a lot like us in when it comes to pregnancy and motherhood. The internet is full of pictures to prove this. We may think it's hard carrying around a baby for 9 months, but some animals are expectant for about 2 years! And their babies weigh 265 pounds! That makes 9 months look like a breeze.

No matter the species, all expecting mamas can agree—it's tough during pregnancy. First of all, growing a life is going to cause some wear and tear on a woman. Being fatigued is a normal part of pregnancy. As is getting big and round. Mom's ability to tie her shoes is nearly impossible as is carrying anything bulky. Although having a big old belly does come in handy to rest a plate or cup on.

It doesn't sound like much fun, and towards the end, it is not. It's a waiting game to get the baby out. The same goes for expectant animals, they get big and tired too. Towards the end of gestation, animals and woman alike, just want to be comfortable and feel like themselves again. Below are some hilarious pictures of expectant animals which perfectly describe what it's like for women.

16 Tired Of Everything Donkey

This poor donkey is so over it. She looks completely fed up with everyone and everything around her and wants her donkey baby out of her. And who could blame her? That tiny little frame is doubled in size. Imagine being her, and lying down for a rest. Then having to get her big old belly back up with the rest of her!

When a woman is big and pregnant it is a very similar situation.She is fed up and frustrated with everything! Things that normally didn't bother her now does. It's not hard to sit down or lie down, but getting up again is a whole other story. Some help may be required. Lots of frustration may be involved as well, perhaps even tears.

How a pregnant woman longs for the days when she could just sit down and get up like it was nothing. Much like this very round, pregnant donkey.

15 Things Is Hard

Being pregnant and bigger, and rounder than normal makes certain things hard. Like getting out of bed, getting up from a chair, putting on shoes that aren't slip on style. Among other things. Sometimes women are more restricted due to a medical concern. Wanting to do the things you are used to and not having to ask for help is normal.

It makes us become creative. Much like the giraffe pictured above. Poor mama just wants a drink of water, but her belly is in the way. She just stretches her legs out more and is able to get herself a drink. She must have been doing some prenatal yoga. I've never seen such a flexible giraffe! She sums up perfectly what it's like to be pregnant. Things are more difficult, but we find a way.

14 No Sleep For The Expecting

Being pregnant makes it hard to get comfortable. The bigger our bellies grow, the harder it is to get comfortable. Especially when it comes to sleeping. Before being pregnant I slept on my stomach. That isn't really possible when pregnant. Maybe if I wanted to do a balancing in bed on my belly every night...

So I tried switching to my back, my right side, my left side and propped up on some pillows. None were comfortable. Not that sleeping on my stomach would have been either. There gets to a point in pregnancy when sleeping comfortably just goes out the window. It seems a thing of the past. For animals too.

The cutie pictured above obviously couldn't find a comfortable way to sleep, except in a sitting position. I feel for her, but this picture is too funny not to laugh!

13 Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Now, this might sound far fetched but bear with me. There are woman out there that love being pregnant and feel fantastic the whole time! They even feel sexy. Something I did not feel while being pregnant was sexy or fantastic. I felt tired and fat most of the time. I know that it's not just me, I've talked to plenty of moms who felt the same way.

To the ladies who love being pregnant and feel great the whole time, good for you! And no, I am not being sarcastic. I genuinely mean that. The mama dog above obviously feels sexy and wonderful being pregnant. So much so that she had to do the classic pregnancy photo shoot. She looks relaxed and blissful lying out in the grass. If only pregnancy could be like this for everyone.

12 Tired Of This Pregnancy Crap

The look of the goat is how I suspect I looked during my last trimester. Big belly, sitting down wherever I could, not willing to move and just done with it. This phase lasts a week to the last few months depending on the person. The goat above is full throttle into the, as I call it, "tired of this pregnancy crap" phase.

Yes, we almost all go through it. It started at about 6 months for me. The goat above looks like she was knee deep in this phase from the moment she got pregnant. Some woman and animals, just don't like being big and huge for so long. It can be unpleasant. Or maybe they are just impatient and have a hard time adjusting to all of the changes. The goat above knows what I am talking about!

11 Just Let Me Lie Down For A Minute

When in the throws of pregnancy being tired is an understatement. There is a tiny little human growing in there sucking the life from you. Not really your life, but your energy. Simple tasks such as grocery shopping, walking/jogging or cleaning house can be difficult. Due to the fact they make you so dang tired.

Who knew pregnancy would bring on such tiredness? I don't think I ever go over being tired either, I am always tired. The story of pregnancy and motherhood can be summed up in one word: TIRED. The tiger above gets it. She is worn out. Perhaps knowing what lies in store for her as a mother is making her tired as well.

Maybe that's why pregnant women are so tired. It's not just having a baby grow inside of us, it's also a mental tired. The knowing what motherhood holds in store for us, makes us mentally tired during pregnancy.

10 The Look

Many of the pregnant animal pictures are head on. This makes it possible for us to see just how big the bellies are. The animals all look somewhat irritated, tired, frustrated and maybe a little hangry as well. That is the look of a pregnant woman. Pregnancy changes the hormone levels in women and animals alike. The mood swings and the feelings described above are totally normal. For all species.

The pony above really nails the look. It's hard not to laugh, her belly is 3 times as big is she is tall. As a short woman, I can identify with this pony. Towards the end of my pregnancy, she and I could have been twins. No, not really. But I felt that big around. A lot of pregnant women feel so much bigger than they really are. How sad for the pony above, she is as big as she feels!

9 It Could Be Worse

Being pregnant has its ups and downs. There are many exciting moments and many uncomfortable moments. Thank goodness we only have to carry our babies for 9 months. Many animals have extremely long gestation periods. Elephants, for example, stay pregnant for almost 2 years! I couldn't imagine two years of pregnancy!

Getting around would be most difficult. The mama in the picture above looks like many pregnant ladies. Growing life is tiring. Maneuvering around with a large belly can be cumbersome. The pregnant elephant pictured above looks how many pregnant women feel. She looks tired. She probably is needing a nap, but we all know how hard that is when pregnant.

And Lord Knows napping goes out the door when the little bundle of joy arrives. Pregnancy sets the precedent for motherhood.

8 Pretty Mama's

While pregnant there are times when everything feels great. For me, my second trimester was that time. I had energy and felt great. I walked three miles every day, I felt like I had the pregnancy glow we have all heard about. Yes, it was a fine time. The first trimester sucked, as did the third. But for 3 glorious months, I felt great.

Looking back, that's kinda sad to only feel good for 3 months out of the whole 9.

The mama dog pictured above is positively glowing. Sitting there, actually posing, basking in the glow of pregnancy. She may be big, but so very pretty. Every pregnant woman deserves to have at least a part of her pregnancy that makes her feel beautiful and wonderful.

7 Perks Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with perks. Not many, but some. One of the greatest perks of pregnancy is eating what you want. Granted, being healthy is important. But if baby wants ice cream and pizza, baby is going to get ice cream and pizza. No shame in giving the growing baby what he or she wants, am I right?

The little squirrel above gave into many of her cravings by the looks of it. We all know that feeling. Giving into the baby cravings, but overdoing it. Then we are left feeling like this squirrel looks. There many times during my pregnancy I felt like I looked like this squirrel. Buffalo wings (as hot as I could stand them) french fries and crawfish were my favorite indulgences. And moderation was not in my pregnancy vocabulary.

6 Having Multiples

Having multiple children is a gift bestowed on many. Being pregnant with one child changes our bodies immensely. Imagine having two, three, four or even more! It's truly amazing how our bodies adapt to the changes pregnancy brings. The body can stretch and allow many babies to grow. The goat pictured above is definitely having multiples.

Looking at her wide belly is comical. It's not funny to her, nor to the mom's carrying multiples. But to outsiders, the sheer girth is amazing and somewhat scary. We know when we become pregnant, our bodies will most likely never be the same. This goat's figure may not ever be the same either. The poor dear. She may need to find a good plastic surgeon and have a tummy tuck after delivering her kids.

5 Get Out Now

During the last trimester is when we get ancy and want the baby to come out. For the love of God, GET OUT of there baby! It's not only because we are tired of being huge and tired of being tired, we just want to see out baby or babies. To see them and hold them. To just love on them, and have our stomachs empty again.

The waiting gets harder and harder the closer to the due date we get. Many people can look at a pregnant woman and tell by the look in her eyes and on her face, that she is just so ready for the baby to get out. The kitty above gets it. She wants her kittens out of her, and she wants them out now. I feel you kitty, I remember that feeling well!

4 Talking To Me?

People have a lot to say about pregnant women. They love voicing their opinions and commenting on how big you are. They share helpful or not so helpful advice. It's not like there is an option to hide being pregnant either. We must go out shopping and have to deal with people wanting to make small talk and ask personal questions about the baby and the pregnancy.

It would be nice to be able to tell them to shut up and leave me alone. Or punch them in the face. People get bold when they see a pregnant woman. I'm not sure why, but they feel it is acceptable to rub the belly or ask rude questions. The goat above knows what I am talking about. By the look on her face, someone just asked a rude question about the paternity of her kids.

3 Proud Mom-To-Be

Being pregnant can make a woman feel strong, feminine and proud. Much like the little Toque Macaque above, who is obviously very proud of her pregnancy. Walking around and rubbing her belly. What pregnant woman hasn't done that? And why shouldn't we be proud to be pregnant? Growing a life inside of you, well it is simply incredible.

Being a mom is the hardest and most rewarding job ever. Be proud! Walk around and rub that belly. It is totally fine to brag a little and have pride in being pregnant. How many of us can say being pregnant didn't bring on a sense of pride and joy like never before? I sure can't. I walked around looking like the little Toque Macaque above. All pregnant ladies should be proud.

2  Feeling Like A Beached Whale

Ever heard the saying, "feel like a beached whale"? The seal above must have heard it. She is imitating a beached whale. Being pregnant can make one feel huge, much like a whale. While it may be uncomfortable, be like the sale. Bask in the glow of pregnancy and lay it all out there.

Feel like a beached whale? Or beached seal? Screw it. Don't feel bad. Go lay on a beach in the sun, or on your bed or wherever, and remember how hot and beautiful you are. Looking like a giant sea mammal, and feeling like a giant sea mammal will pass. It's not one of the most pleasant side effects of pregnancy, but it is not the worst either.

Remember, pregnancy is temporary. So go eat so delicious snacks and lie around wherever you feel like it.

1 Feed Me And Tell Me I'm Pretty

The little guinea pigs face says it all. Feed me and tell me I'm pretty. That's all any pregnant woman, or animal wants. Having reassurance that we are still pretty is important. Our spouses need to realize this. Some advice I can give to all significant others of pregnant women is this, bring home dinner or snacks and tell the woman carrying your child how pretty she is.

That will make her day. Pregnancy is hard. The hormones are crazy, silly things can make a pregnant lady cry or very angry. Growing big and not being able to see their feet is pretty hard too. Little things like feeding her and telling her she is pretty is not too much to ask. Look at that guinea pig. She obviously just had a snack and someone told her she was pretty. That's why she is so happy.

Pregnancy has its ups and downs. For humans and animals alike. The pictures above are proof of this. Some are hilarious, some are so accurate it is crazy. No matter what the species, pregnant women need to stick together. And on the days when it is especially hard, try to laugh about it. The pregnancy will be over soon enough, so try and enjoy it. Learn to laugh about it.

There will be many things that happen while being pregnant. Some of them are ridiculous, some are funny and some trying. Be thankful that human gestation is only 9 months and not longer like many animals! Animals really have it rough. They don't get married, and don't have the support of a spouse. Some species has the male help, but not many.

The poor animals have to be single moms, sometimes not even knowing who the baby's daddy is. They don't get child support either! No hospital visit and being cared for during and after delivery either. That kind of puts it into perspective, now doesn't it? It could be worse!

Humans don't have to go into the woods or just outside and have a baby. We have nice hospitals, with doctors and nurses to care for us. That is one big difference between pregnant women and pregnant animals. Obviously, there are many differences, but there are similarities too. And the animals feel exactly how pregnant women feel. They feel love, pride, crazy, hungry and tired. They get over being pregnant, just like us.

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