15 Times Fans Saw A Celeb's Breakup Coming A Mile Away

It's amazing how deeply connected we can become to a celebrity's relationship. For all intents and purposes, they are essentially strangers. But somehow, we find ourselves caring. About their happiness, the details of their love lives, and about the future of their families. So, when these relationships inevitably fizzle, we end up feeling more upset that the actual members of the relationship.

Let's be honest though, sometimes we know even going into it that it's just not going to work out in the long run. Whether it's a matter of chemistry, style, or social circles, something just ends up not quite working out for a few of our favorite couples.

And though we may mourn the end of our real life ships, we can still fondly look back on the golden days, when love was true, and '90s love songs were in the air. It's always a disappointment, but when fans are following celebrity gossip, how attached can one really get? When fans don't know someone personally, it can be hard to really look at their personal connections through a compassionate sense. No, celebrity relationships are strictly entertainment for the vast majority of us observers. But, isn't that their job? Anyway, we still wish each and every one of these new and old couples all the best with whoever they next decide to date. Or, more realistically, get married to (for a very short period of time).

It's hard not to believe in that fairytale happily ever after though. Even if it happens to someone fans will never meet. So, here are all the celebrity couples whose happily ever afters we guessed weren't going to quite be forever.

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15 Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie: Too Good To Be True


This one was just too good to be true and we knew it. The bad girl diva and the King of Hollywood? No way this is as perfect as it looks. The public eyes can put a strain on even the strongest of marriages. However, we did think that with as many adopted kids as they had between them, as well as their own adorable children that they would stick it out. But, come on.

Was anyone really surprised to find out that between the busy schedules, celebrity gossip, and usual strain of raising a gaggle of children while working, that the magic fizzled out?

We weren't that surprised. But, we were sad. Brad and Angie lasted way longer than most other celeb couples. At this point, when a couple lasts a year we start hopping on the relationship bandwagon despite any evidence to the contrary.

Looking back on it, any time we saw this family together it seemed at least slightly staged. Otherwise, it was usually just Angie with the kids. Admirable, but certainly not ideal. Parenting is a full time job at the best of times. If you have another job to do on the side? Kiss free time goodbye.

14 Blac Chyna And Rob Kardashian: Too Much Drama


Whenever a new Kardashian forms a relationship, we tend to take it with a grain of salt. This family goes in and out of marriages like they go through shoes, and thought it's entertaining, it's not exactly "couples goals". Though, when Rob and Chyna (is that what she goes by?) announced they were going to have a child, we did become at least a bit more hopeful. Until Rob began fighting with his family over social media.

The lone male Kardashian member has always been a bit of a black sheep in his family's dynasty, so we couldn't help but root for him to establish his own legacy on his own terms. Alas, it looks like he will have to stick to parenting from afar and working on his new line of socks for the time being.

Another hint that this wasn't going to last was the weird connection Chyna had with Kylie Jenner's boyfriend at the time. The politics within this family can be hard to , ahem, keep up with. But, hey at least it makes for good tv?

Rob and Chyna have both essentially flown off the radar since the whole marriage, baby, and divorce fiasco. We doubt they will be reconciling.

13 Britney Spears And Kevin Federline: Obviously A Rebound


This was such a post-Justin rebound I don't think anyone took it seriously! Plus the obvious fact that Britney was so way out of Kevin's league it was actually laughable!

We guess she got two adorable kids out of it but let's be honest here, do we really think the sweat sock and flip flop wearing Federline is father material? Don't make us laugh.

Britney hasn't had an easy time of it, but she seems to be in a better place than ever now. Comfortable in her motherhood and femininity. Rumor has it she is now dating a personal trainer, and though we don't know much about this current relationship, we figure that is probably for the best. Publicity has been the bane of Britney's existence since she was 15, so we hope that her relationships can be healthy and unbothered by the spotlight for the near future.

As we have said previously, it can be tough to keep something going in the public eye, every problem you and your significant other have is going to be exacerbated by stranger's opinions. So, it is probably for the best that Britney just enjoy her private time with her new man and her adorable children.

12 Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston: Also Too Good To Be True


Before Brad and Angie. Brad and Jen were the iconic Hollywood couple we associated with the word "forever". Alas, forever is very seldom a reality in these trying times, and Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston went down in the fiercest of flames. Finding out that Brad was cheating on Jen with Angie on the set of the Mr. and Mrs. Smith movie was depressing for many, but surprising? Not quite. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had some brilliant chemistry in that movie and honestly? Jen just seemed a tad too sweet for the man who played Tyler Durden so convincingly in Fight Club.

Maybe it's the shady way his relationship with Jen ended, but even with Angie we weren't completely set on this one being long lasting. After all, once a cad, always a cad! Does this mean we think Brad was cheating on Angie? Not exactly.

Despite the rumors that he is planning on getting back together with the newly single Jen, we aren't convinced.

Brad may have gotten off easy the first time he cheated, ending up with the "other woman" in this situation. But something tells us, neither Jen nor Angie are going to be letting Brad back in any time soon.

11 Penn Badgley And Blake Lively: Clearly Just A Fling


Despite the insane chemistry between these two on the set of Gossip Girl, this one was never going to last.

Romantic flings are absolutely the norm when you're at the age these two were when they started dating, and most likely, they were more infatuated with each other's characters than with the real human beings behind Dan and Serena.

Blake Lively is now together with Ryan Reynolds and the two are now proud parents themselves. Those two seem to have a much more long lasting connection if their social media quips are any evidence!

Everyone loves the idea of the high school sweethearts who are together forever, but how often does that really happen? That is basically all that was between Blake and Penn anyway. Infatuation may be fun in a pinch, but true love and family lasts forever. The connection you create raising a child establishes a bond that lasts even if the marriage doesn't. It's easy to put someone out of your mind who you dated for a year, but the father of your children is always going to be there in the faces of those kids you made together. It can be difficult, but there is something very beautiful about it also.

10 Kim Kardashian And Kris Humphries: Too Boring To Be A Kardashian


What makes for good tv doesn't normally end up working in an everyday situation. Kris and Kim were more likely dating for the sake of entertainment than for any real world connection. Thus, the marriage that lasted only a little over two months.

Kris didn't seem to have much of a personality from what we saw on the show so it's hard to even imagine what him and Kim bonded over in the first place.

How does one fall in love with a blank slate?

Kanyes West and Kim Kardashian are our generation's power couple. And after so many years of trying to have kids, we are thrilled that Kim gets to finally experience the joys of motherhood. Now that Kim and Kanye have two children between them, we have a feeling this one is going to last. Was anyone really surprised that Kim didn't stay with Kris? The whole thing seemed so staged that the divorce was almost inevitable. As it is, Kanye has barely been on Keeping up With The Kardashians at all, which definitely lends to the evidence that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian-West are the real deal! We hope so, because their two kids are absolutely adorable!

9 Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner: Beniffers Can't Last


Bennifer! A classic Hollywood couple, and one more that we just knew was not going to last. Ben Affleck clearly has a thing for Jennifers if his romance with J.Lo is anything to go by. So when he hooked up with Jennifer Garner, part of us took a step back for a minute. Together they had three children but that didn't stop them from splitting up. Ben Affleck may also have a habit of dating his costars.

He and Jennifer Lopez weren't all that impressive in Gigli but then neither were he and Jennifer Garner in Daredevil.

However, the chemistry he had with both of these women was undeniable. Chemistry isn't everything though, and things never seemed quite right between him with either Jennifer in marriage, even with the addition of children.

Sweet, smiling, talented Jennifer Garner was clearly out of his league professionally too. If anyone has seen Jennifer Garner in Juno, then you know that woman can bring you to tears. Ben Affleck on the other hand has been a but more spotty. It's obvious just from looking at the two of them that Jennifer was born to be a mother. We just hope Affleck is more emotive in real life.

8 Ashton Kutcher And Demi Moore: Made It Longer Than People Expected


This one lasted such a long time that I'm sure many people thought they were going to make till death do we part stick. But, eventually this one fizzled out too. The age difference is probably what hinted at the end for most. As with Johnny and Amber, when someone is almost old enough to be your parent, it can make things a mite bit confusing.

Now that Ashton Kutcher is with Mila Kunis, and the two have formed a family of their own, it seems even more of an unlikely pairing in retrospect.

Ashton and Mila starred together as children themselves on That 70's Show, which gives them quite a bit of history. Plus, by the end of it, Ashton and Demi definitely didn't seem to be on the same page.

Of course this is all speculation from what little we got based off of tabloid fodder. You never know what is really going on in the lives of celebrities.

We do hope Demi is doing well now. She started dating Ashton nearly immediately after ending it with Bruce Willis so perhaps some time to herself is exactly what this lady needs. Serial dating is never healthy for anyone.

7 Jessica Simpson And Nick Lachey: Too Young, Too Public

Jessica Simpson was only 22 when she was married to Nick Lachey which isn't so shockingly young, but it's still pretty young! It's like we were saying, childhood sweethearts very rarely make it, so of course this wasn't going to last forever.

Especially not after documenting so much of their marriage on reality television. Since then, both Jessica and Nick have moved on. Jessica in particular seems to have a thing for football players, as is evidenced by whom she has chosen to move on with. Eric Johnson, former football player and current Jessica Simpson spouse, is also the father of Jessica's two children!

At the age of 22, you barely know what you want to do for a career, let alone who you want to be your husband and the father of your children. After you have had time to grow as a person and get to know yourself, then you will be more likely to be able to enter into a healthy relationship with someone else. Jessica has grown as a person and as a career woman since her marriage and subsequent reality tv show with Nick, so we feel confident that her new relationship will, hopefully, last longer than her marriage to Nick Lachey.

6 Katy Perry And Russel Brand: When He Wants Kids But She Doesn't


Sometimes you come across a couple who just seem right together, and initially, Katy Perry and Russel Brand definitely seemed like a good match. But, as it is, their marriage only lasted two years. Both parties have, of course moved on. Though, we can't say whether Katy Perry and John Mayor necessarily make more sense together, we do have to say that Russel Brand seems to be a bit more low key than one would think. His new relationship with Comedian Laura Gallagher seems fairly low key anyway.

Katy Perry simply doesn't seem mature enough to raise a child at this point in her life so we absolutely approve of Russel Brand's decision to move on with Laura Gallagher.

Katy Perry and John Mayor seem to have quite a bit more chemistry than Katy and Russel did as well. Not that it is impossible to be a good mother when you are young. Sometimes a bit of youthful exuberance can be helpful when raising children. But a mother must be able to set boundaries and take responsibility when needed. Katy may not be ready for that yet but that doesn't mean she never will be. After all, Russel seems to be doing a great job as a dad.

5 Channing Tatum And Jenna Dewan: When He's Way More Famous Than Her


This one was fairly surprising for many. Channing Tatum seemed so in love with Jenna Dewan that most were convinced this was built to last even before the birth of their child. Channing was such a catch, even as a young man starring in the film She's The Man! Plenty of young women were quite jealous when he was finally off the market, but he and Jenna were so adorable that the jealousy turned into joy fairly quickly.

However, when one party is more famous than the other, or more successful in their career, it can certainly cause some marital turmoil.

We think it possible that over time they simply grew apart. As sad as it is, it isn't surprising. Especially considering the rate of marriage and divorce in Hollywood. From the looks of things, the split was amicable, but every parent knows that kids can be sensitive to these things. We just hope that their daughter is doing alright with both of her parents even if they aren't together anymore. Divorces can be hard, but as long as everyone is friendly in the aftermath, things don't have to be so hard on the kids. After all, parents always must look out for their children.

4 Robin Thicke And Paula Patton: Who Would Stay After "Blurred Lines"?


Robin Thicke's marriage was basically over after he released the problematic and controversial "Blurred Lines" single and video. After all, what wife would be ok with their husband basically broadcasting to the world that he wants to disrespect women and mostly only values what they can do for him? The sad part is that they were together for ten years and had two kids before the split.

After they ended it, Thicke went off on a few public rants about how distraught he was and even released an album titled "Paula" in a bid to get her back. No such luck.

We think it will be some time before Robin can find another woman who will be able to trust him. All in all, it has been a rough few years for Robin Thicke, with his father's passing and subsequent inheritance battle. It does seem that it ha been all downhill since "Blurred Lines". We hope that Robin will be able to pick himself back up after this and find someone who he can love and respect for the long term. After all, once you have been through some tough times, often you are able to come out the other end a better person. Right?

3 Adam Levine And Anne V: He Sure Loves Models


Adam Levine was a classic ladies man up until he met his current wife. However, before now his longest relationship was with Victoria's Secret Model Anne V. What is worse than a womanizer? A modeler, which is exactly what we would call this Maroon 5 frontman. Strangely enough, there was a time period where we thought Adam and Anne would make it. But then there was that fateful Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

We all remember when Adam kissed his then girlfriend on the cheek, but what was most pointed out about the show is that Adam met Behati that night. Did sparks fly right away? Well, more or less.

Anne was in two of Adam's videos and now Behati has been in just as many. The difference? The rock star and the supermodel also have two children now! Does that mean Adam is ready to settle down? One can only hope! It becomes much more difficult to end a relationship once children are involved. But we don't want them to stay together simply based on obligation. We hope that the Prinsloo-Levines are truly enjoying domestic bliss with their two little angels. Will we be surprised if they split? Probably not at this point.

2 Johnny Depp And Amber Heard: A Troubled Man

Johnny Depp has been married so many times that it's hard to take any of his relationships seriously. This one was pretty much doomed from the start. It's hard to even imagine what Johnny and Amber had in common apart from their professions. We miss the days of Johnny and Wynona Ryder. And the there is his daughter Lily who is already a teenager. A ten year age difference between your daughter and your wife is going to be difficult to explain to any involved party.

Johnny's problem is that he is stuck in perpetual boyhood. He became famous very early on in his career.

Not that it was undeserved and I think most can agree that Johnny Depp is a catch. But the way he has begun to behave later on in his career is way too immature for his advanced age. And his current romantic interests only prove the fact. It can be tough finding the one, and the older you get, the more desperate you will be. At a certain point, when considering Johnny Depp, we have to ask if he is even looking for a specific personality anymore, or just the newest model-esque celebrity. Time will tell.

1 Zooey Deschanel And Ben Gibbard: Too Similar


This seemed like a match made in heaven at the outset but once again, there was no way this was built to last! The Indie lead of early 2000s emo band Death Cab for Cutie and the twee queen of Rom Coms seemed like an ideal pairing.

But there is such a thing as being too alike, and if Zooey and Ben had stayed together, it would have been almost as if they had just married a version of themselves. What would they have even talked about?

After divorcing Ben, Zooey married film producer Jacob Pechenik and they now have two children together. There is quite a bit of merit to the idea that opposites attract, and in this situation, we feel that more than ever. It's important to have things in common but a real relationship gives you something that you wouldn't otherwise have. You learn and grow together. When things are too easy or you have too much in common, you can become stuck and bored, which was probably what was happening between Ben and Zooey. Hopefully the relationship between Zooey and Jacob will be more long lasting. Splitting up is made much more difficult when children are involved.

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