15 Times Kate Hudson Was In The Media

Kate Hudson—at one time—was most definitely in the running for “America’s Sweetheart.” With her long blonde flowing locks of hair, bright blue eyes and perfectly straight white teeth, she could be the dream girl of any young man. Not to mention the fact that she grew up in a home with two famous parents, most likely all the money or things in the world she ever wanted—which would be an awfully easy start for most people to be able to take off and do what they truly wanted to do in their lives.

Because of those last few reasons, it was also easy for common people to attack her, thinking she had it too easy in her life and didn’t have to work for anything she has gotten.

Living a life in the public eye can’t be easy for anyone, let alone someone who is the child of famous parents, and who tried to have her own fulfilling career and even turned into a mother herself. Despite any of the criticism she has received for her choices in life and the moves that she’s made, she definitely doesn’t appear to let it bring her down at all.

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15 Taking A Ride On The Coattails

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It is a well-known fact that “making it” in Hollywood doesn’t come easy to anyone. Well, to anyone who doesn’t already have an in with famous parents. Kate’s mother is actress Goldie Hawn, who has been in countless movies and won multiple awards for her acting jobs.

Hudson considers her mother’s longtime partner, Kurt Russell, to be her father. He came into her life when she was just four years old and has been a part of many blockbuster movies as well. Due to this, many critics have said that Hudson just got lucky in getting her parts in movies and hasn’t had to pay her dues or earn anything in her life. Some think it was just all handed to her.

In most any situation, the saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” usually applies. According to many people, that’s the reason Hudson has a movie career in the first place.

14 Taking The Easy Way Out

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If Kate Hudson ever wanted to try to seem relatable to her fans—or even the general public—she sure doesn’t go about it in a very smart way. In the October 2017 issue of Cosmopolitan, Hudson filled in an answer to the question “What’s the laziest thing you’ve ever done?” as “Have a C-section!”

Understandably, a negative reaction and comments on social media were swift. Moms face so much criticism for every choice they make and the way they give birth to their child is no exception. Many moms were quick to point out that C-sections are in fact major surgery, which one has to recover from at the same time as trying to care for a newborn baby—sometimes with minimal help from others.

Maybe she thought she was being funny, or thought that she could say something like that since the birth of her second child was a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). Either way, the comments are not something that will gain her any more fans—in fact, she may have ended up losing quite a few instead.

13 False Advertising

Kate Hudson is the brain behind the athletic wear company Fabletics. She has come under fire multiple times for owning a fitness clothing line, but not being “fit” herself. Most people apparently just consider her to be skinny and not fit or athletic. It isn’t a fair trait to be judged on in the first place, but that doesn’t stop the Internet trolls hiding behind their keyboards and talking terribly about others, especially celebrities.

Either way, Hudson claims that she works out in her clothing as well, not just modeling it or looking good because she has always had a slim body type. On the other hand, just because someone isn’t flexing with huge biceps or walking around with a hard six-pack of abs doesn’t mean that they aren’t a “fit” person. In the end, it just becomes her word against everyone else’s.

12 Scam Company

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In addition to Hudson coming under fire personally for being the famous face behind the clothing line, the public has called Fabletics a scam company. The business model of the company requires users to sign up for a “VIP” club in order to purchase the clothing at a discounted rate.

Some seem to be okay doing this initially to get good prices, but when they go to cancel later, they find it is nearly an impossible feat. Others claim that they have cancelled their subscription, but the company continues to charge them every single month without fail.

Others also complain about the quality of the clothes, specifically the tops and sports bras. Even celebrities have complained about the process, the most notably being Cher herself, who shared her disappointment about the company via some posts on Twitter. Hudson defended the company by simply saying, “You can’t please everyone.”

11 Kate The Cougar

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Two years ago, when Kate was 36 years old, it was believed she was a part of a relationship with the youngest member of the now defunct Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas. A celebrity couple is obviously not a new thing, but the fact that Nick was just 23 years old at the time they were suspected to be together raised more than a few eyebrows, especially when Hudson’s past relationships—with Alex Rodriquez, Chris Robinson and Diplo, to name a few—were with men that were more her age.

While it is clearly a woman’s prerogative to do what she wants or date whomever she pleases—and let’s be real, not many women would turn down a date with Nick Jonas—the public always has something to say about it. Unfortunately, it is very rarely something positive, especially when it comes to the media’s opinions.

10 Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

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Hudson was again under scrutiny when she shaved her head for an upcoming movie in 2017, stating that the character she is playing is a “shaved head kind of girl.” She also made comments about how easy it is to care for now and how she doesn’t miss her long hair at all—although she did panic as her head was shaved, stating she worried about the shape of her head under all that hair.

Public opinions on this have varied, with some taking offense to Hudson being so flippant about not missing her hair, and how easy the maintenance is with it gone—thinking of women who don’t have a choice and lose their hair due to illness. Not to mention, she was being accused of being vain and worrying about such minor things as the shape of her head.

9 Change Of Heart

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Just one week after deciding to buzz all of the hair off her head, Hudson apparently ended up regretting her decision, as she was then spotted wearing a long blonde wig while stepping out on the town. Once again, she has all eyes on her and tearing apart her every decision.

Some wonder why she would take the time to shave her head if she is just going to cover it up with a wig. The most obvious answer is the fact that it was for an upcoming movie role. The other answer is the fact that she is a woman; she can do whatever she feels like in regards to her appearance.

Yet again, the public can’t help but feel the need to voice their own opinions on what others are doing. Despite that, Hudson seems to just rock on with herself and do whatever it is that she feels most comfortable with.

8 Big Belly, Don’t Care

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One thing the media—and even general public most of time—always likes to pick on about celebrities in general is their weight. That would be a difficult thing to deal with even under normal circumstances, but imagine having to hear that you are fat or letting yourself go, are unattractive when you are pregnant with your child and have zero control over your changing body!

That is what happened when Kate Hudson was pregnant with her first child back in 2003. Despite that, Hudson was reportedly comfortable in her pregnant body and loved her new curves. She also stated she had problems getting the pregnancy weight off after the birth of her son and thought that it was something most new moms could relate to—celebrity or not.

7 Just Say No

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It may have come as a shock to some that America’s sweetheart could possibly do something as terrible as use drugs and get high. Yet Hudson admitted to both of these things in a game on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen back in 2015. Playing “Never Have I Ever” on the set—with costar Zooey Deschanel—Hudson stated that she had smoked marijuana with some family members in the past.

Not only that, she also copped to showing up at an undisclosed awards show in her past while high as well. It’s no secret that drug and alcohol use run rampant behind the scenes in Hollywood, but it would seem like most fans of movie stars would rather look the other way and ignore the fact that it can happen with even the most innocent-looking stars.

6 Nudes, Nudes, Nudes

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Another surprising confession Hudson made during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live was the fact that she has sent nude pictures of herself to others—presumably her male friends. While nobody is innocent, celebrities have to be especially careful when doing things such as this. Phones can be hacked and it doesn’t take long for scandalous pictures or videos to go viral on the Internet—and as some have unfortunately found out, the Internet never forgets.

Once something is out there on the World Wide Web, it is most likely out there forever. Occasionally, it may take just one negative story on a movie star to come out and completely destroy their career. Typically, it is advised against doing things like this whether you are famous or not, but it doesn’t stop everyone. Hudson is just lucky it hasn’t come back to bite her so far.

5 Disowning Daddy

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Kurt Russell has been in Hudson’s life since she was four years old, having began a relationship with her mother, Goldie Hawn, in 1983. While Hawn and Russell have not ever married, she considers Russell to be her father. In the post, Oliver referred to the day as “abandonment day” and tagged Kate in a picture of the two of them with Bill.

Bill Hudson responded later saying that he does not consider Oliver and Kate his children anymore, and they are dead to him. He also claimed that Hawn cut him out of their children’s lives, thinking that it looked better that Russell was there for them and painted Hudson as the absentee dad.

Not many people can argue with Kate on this one, but there were still some naysayers who think she should have tried to mend fences with her biological father, instead of pushing him out and acting as though Russell was her only dad.

4 Mommy Dearest?

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Hudson split with husband Chris Robinson in 2007. At the time, they agreed to joint custody of their son Ryder, and 10 years went by before that became a problem again. Earlier this year–in February 2017–Robinson filed to re-open their custody case.

He wants to have their custody plan looked over with a child custody evaluator who will go into each home and have a visit with both parents and Ryder. This person will end up deciding if custody should change or stay the same.

It seems like it has come out of left field, as Hudson is no stranger to posting loving pictures of her family having a lot of fun on social media. Some are wondering if Robinson is calling Hudson’s parenting abilities into question. More than likely, it’s a dad just wanting more time with his son as he grows older—but that isn’t as fun for the public to speculate on.

3 Snapchat Fun

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Hudson has been accused of being offensive on Snapchat, but she can also be quite funny. One recent comedic act happened when Hudson posted videos mocking Kylie Jenner. Jenner’s videos follow a common theme of posing in a seductive way and speaking in her patented whisper voice to her followers.

Hudson made light of these actions—by posting her own videos—done in Jenner’s signature way. Hudson’s own followers seemed to delight in her antics, finding the obvious teasing a lot of fun.

Shockingly, there was no rebuttal from the Jenner camp—which is surprising as it seems they all love a good social media feud—but maybe something like that just takes time. Either way, Hudson knows how to have a good time and laugh and, even if Jenner came after her next, we’re sure she would find a way to laugh about that as well.

2 Like Uncle, Like… Nephew?

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Goldie Hawn definitely isn’t like your average mom. When she appeared on Watch What Happens Live in May 2017, host Andy Cohen asked her about her son Oliver’s nude backside appearing in some Instagram posts. Hawn laughed and went into a story about the day he was circumcised as an infant. Since then, that has raised eyebrows and made fans question whether or not Hudson has circumcised her own two sons.

Not that this is anyone else’s business of course, but as time has passed and circumcision rates in the United States have started to decline—along with no medical organization or research showing that it is something that should even be done anymore—it isn’t uncommon for mothers to wonder if they can find solidarity in celebrity moms who have also chosen to leave their precious new sons intact.

1 High School Mean Girl

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According to an anonymous source, Hudson was not the sweet, sunny blonde hippie that she has pretended to be. Supposedly in high school—especially during her Spanish language class—Hudson was beyond rude to her teachers, put zero effort into her work and just spent the whole time bonding with her group of friends.

That’s not to say that not all people—especially girls—go through that snotty teen phase, where it is much cooler to be a mean girl than it is to be kind and helpful. Either way, Hudson must have truly grown out of that phase, because with everything else that comes out about her—minus mocking others on Snapchat, we suppose—there hasn’t been much in the form of putting her down because of her attitude.

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