15 Times Kids Dancing Was Better Than Watching DWTS

Dancing with the Stars, shmars. There are tons of talented kids out there waiting to show the world what they’ve got! I might have to suggest a mini dancing with the stars spin-off because the kids we found below are so talented we believe readers might just be clapping in front of their computer screens and demanding an encore!

For parents of little ones who love to dance, today’s article is one to share with them and show them that the world will dance with them. I know I was dancing along with my kiddos while hunting for these amazing videos. What’s beautiful about dance is that it inspires and brings people together.

Talented kids are so often overlooked, they have such passion for their craft and throw everything they have into their dance moves. It’s the purest showcase of joy, every time a kid goes on stage, they do so because they love it, they throw all their fears aside and allow the music to lead them.

Whether it be ballet, jazz, hip-hop, modern dance, ballroom, break-dancing or a blend of all dance techniques to make something entirely unique, one thing is common, there is pride in those steps.

Every kid who commits to dance trains just as hard as any adult would, and it’s time we spotlight them and give them the applause they so deserve! So never mind those reality television celebs prancing around part time, watch these 15 talented kids bring down the house with their stellar moves! Enjoy!

15 One Word, Fierce!

As Alicia Keys would say, “This girl is on fire!” She holds her own with choreographer Matt Steffanina, following every step and not missing a beat. Dancing to Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass, 11 year old Taylor Hatala is loving every moment of it.

The only thing better than her moves is watching her powerful expressions and confidence seep through every step. She must have practiced for weeks to make this look as natural as it did. I love how every time she hits a step she nearly smiles, she wears so much pride on her face and it only makes the dance moves more entertaining.

She’s fierce and fiery, perhaps even more so than the choreographer, nothing about the dance is gentle, it’s about smashing a step and showing the world your strength. Taylor definitely has what it takes to be the next big thing, and from what I can see, nothing is going to stop her.

14 Amazing Salsa Babies!

I'm not even sure how old these kids are, but they look too tiny to be this amazing! Perhaps they’re about 6 or 7 years old at most? Just watch how they captivate their audience, the crowds cheer them on as they do incredible lifts and spins like no adult could ever even dream of achieving!

I’m mesmerized by how quick these kids can move their feet, and perhaps a bit envious since I have trouble refraining from tripping over my own toes and toddler toys most days. Salsa needs oodles of energy and these kids definitely run on infinite energy, they don’t break a sweat, they don’t gasp to catch their breath, in fact, they make Salsa look too easy!

They must be amazing dance students and train like crazy in order to get those complicated moves down. It’s a little hard to believe kids their age can focus on such rigorous training, but hey, if they love it, I guess anything is possible!

13 They Have The Talent

You have to be pretty confident if you're going to appear on a television show like America's Got Talent. These two are hilarious and talented to boot! They may be tiny dancers, but they are large in personality.

You can see Yasha and Daniela’s personalities in their dance moves, which makes it all the more entertaining, even the judges can’t deny that! The star power oozing from their performance had me cheering them on in an instant, there's something especially natural about Daniela being on stage, she absolutely owns it!

You can tell these kids have been training for awhile, but I was shocked when they revealed they began training at only three years old! Wow! I remember barely being able to ride a bike at three let alone follow any sort of choreography.

Still can’t by the way, two left feet seem to be the culprit. I have a feeling I might be seeing more of Yasha and Daniela as the years go on, talent like that won’t be ignored!

12 Hover Hip-Hop!

We all know Ellen loves to dance, what she also does well is find talented kids and gives them a chance to show the world their moves! The amount of encouragement Ellen gives young dancers is absolutely heartwarming. I love to see their faces light up as she praises them and encourages them to go for their dreams.

One of those kids is 9 year old Aidan Xiong. He proves his awesomeness immediately as he decides to come in on a Hoverboard like a boss! And as if dancing on a Hoverbord wasn’t impressive enough, Aidan immediately gives us an astonishing back flip and goes straight into some sick moves, defying gravity at times and showing off the mature dance moves of a seasoned hip hop star!

No wonder Ellen has had him on multiple times, Aidan is very talented, and it looks to be something very natural to him, he can hear a beat and he knows how to rock every move.

11 Balang Has Enormous Swagger

I know, I know, another Ellen kid, but this guy is going to steal your heart I promise! He’s got personality bursting at the seams, you just can’t help but love Balang! As I said previously, Ellen knows talented kids when she sees them! She's launched a few careers including Rosie and Sophia.

This little guy comes all the way from the Philippines and began as a YouTube sensation, people couldn’t get enough of this little guys adorable moves and he went viral! He may not be trained in any particular form of dance, but his love for music and a natural knack for groovy moves made him a star overnight!

He has now been on Ellen a few times and I have a feeling he’ll make another appearance someday. Balang is confident and animated as he dances to the song “Bang Bang.” Every hip roll and action he adds to the song just fills the crowd with glee. Balang finishes off his performance with the splits like only Balang can do. Just epic!

10 These Tiny Talents

Holy smokes can these kids dance! This was apparently a performance they did for a wedding. Well it would definitely be a wedding no one would soon forget. As the tiny dancers hit the dancefloor, the crowd is soon wowed by their stellar steps, as well as their adorable outfits that make them look as mature as their moves!

Honestly, how do these kids move like that? It’s a tad mind blowing as I watch them hit each step and every step perfectly. They ace even the most difficult of dance moves! The little bit of attitude they wear throughout the performance it too adorable for words, they know they’re not only dancing but playing a role, now that’s multi-talented in a nutshell!

The encore dance demands even more attitude from them and they deliver. I was so impressed by these two; their moves can only be described as perfection.

9 Mini MJ

For a second there, I thought this was actual footage of Michael Jackson, but nope, it’s a tiny imposter with all the right moves! It isn’t until he tips his hat up that you realize his age, he could be no more than four by the looks of him. From mimicking his moves to impersonating his style, this little guy is a genuine mini MJ!

Appearing on a dance show didn’t seem to intimidate this little guy one bit, he rocked the stage and slid around the entire stage with Michael’s supreme dominance of it. He must have studied MJ’s moves since birth, marking him as a talented dancer and a loyal fan.

It’s not easy to float around like that on stage, almost as if you’re weightless, and I’d imagine it’s even harder to pull off this illusion, but this kid made it look natural. I’m not sure if he won, but he definitely should have!

8 Like Mother Like Daughter

She got it from her mama, and there’s no denying it! Looks like mama taught her little girl all the dance moves she knows in this adorable side-by-side performance. I loved watching their Shakira inspired moves. From matching outfits to matching moves, these two definitely know how to groove.

Her little daughter is having so much fun performing and you can see it in her expressions, she’s so excited to be mirroring her mama. I love her mini solo at the end of the video, this kid just loves the spotlight, and makes the most entertaining faces proving her ferocity as she moves, she’s not just a dancer, she’s a bold and confident kid.

You can tell that she’s loving every minute of her dance routine, and that’s truly what it’s all about. The joy on her face is what we should all feel when we’re doing something we’re passionate about.

7 A Beautiful Bouncing Baby

Is there anything cuter than a baby who can find a beat? Meet Savannah, the baby that bounces to the beat! So maybe she isn’t a trained dancer, but boy can she feel the beat! This is perhaps the cutest thing you will watch all day, and it’s a shame that it’s only 24 seconds long because this kid seriously brightened my day with her adorable dance moves.

Watch as she attempts to do a few finger snaps and shakes her little booty to Iggy Azalea’s song “Fancy.” Her big sis can’t even compete with her moves! She bounces to the beat so perfectly that it’s hard to believe you’re watching a toddler dancing!

She does a few body wriggles and is very aware that she’s a good dancer too! Once she notices the camera on her, she gives a slight smile as if to say, “Yeah, you know I’ve got sick moves.” This kid clearly loves music and is a future dance star in the making!

6 J Crew Is Ready To Rock You!

This list wouldn’t be complete without at least one dance squad and J Crew is not only a cleverly named one, it’s also a well-trained one! Choreographed by Jade Jager Clark, who runs his own academy, these boys are only 7-9 years old and part of his youngest competitive dance crew.

They may be young, but you can tell they are extremely disciplined and serious about their craft. You don’t earn moves like those without hours of dance practice sessions. They pull of some crazy flips and handstands, they’re not only break-dancers, they are tiny gymnasts!

Remind me again why breakdancing isn’t an Olympic sport?

With quick feet, perfectly synchronized moves, doing the splits, robotic limbs, a little bit of humour thrown in, and plenty of personality along the way, this is one crew that will win you over in a heartbeat and perhaps a few pop and lock moves.

5 She's On Pointe

The American Dance Competition is a very serious matter; many kids compete for this prestigious title each year as it is one of the largest youth scholarship ballet competitions. Amanda Hall is one of the competitors and she’s a tough act to follow.

You wouldn't know she's only 9 years old from looking at this performance, but this tiny superstar in the making is truly as talented as any seasoned Prima Ballerina! Ballet is one of the most disciplined dances and requires much sacrifice and hours of practice, but if you love it, this is a very small price to pay to follow your passions.

Amanda Hall is no stranger to hard work and her effortless movements prove that point. As Amanda dances a piece from the ballet Don Quixote she immediately dazzles us with her fan work and poise. Every step tells a story and is pushed forward with her confident strides.

4 Tiny Dance Machine

When you have it you really have it, and this little man has dance machine written all over him! You can tell that some are just born to hear the rhythm and then their feet just lead them for the rest of their lives. It’s so precious to see the beginnings of a dance and music lover.

The two year old in this video hears the jive of Elvis’ “Jailhouse Rock” and begins to rock across the dance floor in the most adorable impromptu routine you’ve ever seen. No one dares to step onto the dance floor while he has the floor, instead, everyone stares on in amazement.

This little guys name is William Stokkebroe and what actually inspired his little dance session was watching his mom and dad, Kristina and Peter Stokkebroe perform, so I guess the moves are truly in the blood. After watching mom and dad cut a rug, William decided to steal the show, and that he does!

3 Tap Dance Battle

Leave it to a toddler to breathe some life back into tap-dancing, a type of dance I attribute to early musical numbers. I love this fresh take on tap and I especially love this side by side, it truly shows that kids can do anything they put their minds to. This toddler dances next to this seasoned professional and truly holds his own.

Little Justin M. Lewis and Luke Spring performed this little number together at the D.C Tap Festival for all to admire.

The performance is a hilarious back and forth of, “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better.” Watch as the little guy smirks back any chance he gets, he knows he’s smashing every move as the crowd cheers him on. The moves increase in difficulty as the performance goes on, but this little guy doesn’t falter once. This might be one of the best and cutest dance showdowns I’ve ever seen.

2 She's A Breakdancing Diva

This kid will not be messed with, in a breakdance battle she’s the one to beat! The first kid to hit the stage is good, but once she hits the stage, there is no denying she’s the clear victor right from the start! Hoping out to the centre of the stage bursting with confidence is a little six year old girl, decked out in a sharp track suit and ready to take down her competition.

Watch how she taunts the other competitor in true breakdance battle fashion, it’s hilarious. Her stalls are absolutely epic and just when you think she’s done, she tells her competitor, “Nope! Get back over there, I’m not done yet!” And that’s when she pulls out all the stops, flying around in circles so quickly that she leaves imaginary dust in her competitors face.

If you weren’t impressed yet, she concludes her performance with a head spin that defies gravity, she came to win!

1 Amazing Mirrored Moves

This routine from So You Think You Can Dance is my absolute favourite of the batch today. Once again, I love the side by side interaction between the seasoned dancer and the younger dancer who still holds his own. This powerful modern dance performance is sure to give you the feels as you get a sense of nostalgia and a desire to return to the simpler times of youth.

I love the use of the mirror to show the former self, and to be honest, this couldn’t be pulled off unless a child was dancing in one of the roles. JT Church is such a talented little guy, if you search him online there are countless performances and all of them amazing. He’s a clear star!

The perfect mirroring of dance moves is what gives this performance its wow factor and when JT swings out of the mirror and joins his partner Robert Roldan, that’s when JT really steals the show, breaking our hearts and inspiring our inner child.

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