15 Times Kids Did Something Innocent But It Looked Dirty AF

Kids are constantly oblivious to the things they do, or the implications that they may have. This is why we love them, and that is why shows like Kids Say the Darndest Things and Little Big Shots are so popular. We know they will come up with just about anything, and we can not get enough. There are times, though, when they seem to go a little far and a situation quickly goes from innocent to downright uncomfortable. Let’s get one thing straight though, it is NOT uncomfortable for the kid, but for mom and dad.

This is when you decide what kind of parent you will be, will you cower in embarrassment and shame, or will you turn to the people around you and laugh it off and find joy in the innocence of children. I think I am the parent who will pull out my camera and take a picture to show my kid when she is all grown. That is exactly what our next parents were thinking, we found 15 kids doing ‘innocent’ things that looked completely inappropriate to adults. Enjoy!

15 It’s Just A Kiss

One family was just enjoying their time at Disney World, when they came across a Rafiki statue. Rafiki was the wise and loving ape who helped our favourite lion king, Simba, out of some tricky situations. The family’s little girl innocently asked her mom if she could give Rafiki a kiss, and if her mom could take her picture. Boy, is her mom glad she did snap a pic, as the kiss ended up being anything but appropriate. I don’t think it is the girl’s fault, Rafiki’s butt is so colourful, I guess it could be mistaken for a face.

I am pretty positive that anyone watching this event unfold got a very good laugh out of it, and had a wonderful story to take back home as a souvenir. The parents have this wonderful photograph that they can share, and more importantly embarrass the little girl with when she is older. I think it would be good for a wedding slideshow!

14 Halloween Mishap

It is an amazing day for parents everywhere when their kid learns to dress themselves. It can also be a nightmare, as it seems to take kids about a billion hours to decide what to wear and to actually put the clothes on, but after an hour or so they are ready to go. Kids also feel really proud when they complete tasks like these on their own, it is like they feel all grown up. We love seeing the look of sheer pride on their face.

Often times, when kids are learning to do things on their own, there are bound to be mishaps. When you add Halloween in the mix, it can be even worse as kids try and navigate themselves into a costume. This was the case for this little boy, who just wanted to innocently put on his dinosaur costume. He (unfortunate for him, fortunate for his parents) put on the costume backwards, leading to this hilarious wardrobe malfunction.

13 He Found The Golden Ticket

Children love movies, and so do parents. It can (sometimes) give parents a few moments of calm and quiet while their little one is enthralled in a movie. One classic that never gets old is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, it’s the tale of a poor little boy who wins a golden ticket and gets to take an adventure in a chocolate factory. There is much more to the story, but clearly this little kid knew the movie very well. Most kids will find one movie and want to watch it over and over again, this is how they memorize.

One kid was very excited when he found his very own golden ticket at home, and raced to show mom. It was purely innocent on his part, as he just thought he had found some wonderful ticket to adventure. His parents probably told him how exciting that was, and then went in another room to laugh. I don’t think I would have made it to another room.

12 Never Too Early To Learn About Anatomy

Taking your kids out shopping can be really fun or a total nightmare. It can either be a time to bond and have fun, maybe stop for some ice cream. Or it can be mom chasing her kids around, and losing them at least once. Either way, this mom got more than she bargained for when she took her daughter shopping. I am not sure what the daughter was exploring, but it was purely innocent.

It was innocent to her, but to the mom and possibly every passerby, it looks anything but. I mean it makes sense, what is this crack and what can we fit in here? It is possible the girl did not realize yet that it was a butt or even a person. The best thing a mom (or dad) can do is just snap a picture, laugh and maybe show it at a wedding slide show later.

11 X-Rated Princess

Who doesn’t love Disney? I don’t know many people who do not love Mickey and the gang, or everything that the world of Disney has to offer. You also won’t find many little girls who don’t love Disney Princesses. They want to dress up like them, be like them and watch their movies about a billion times. So, when a little girl has a chance to meet some of them in real life, it is a dream come true.

One little girl thought she was just giving out some innocent hugs to her heroes, but for everyone else (and the princesses) it kind of looks a tad inappropriate. By the look of the outfits in all three of these pictures, it looks like all of these hugs happened on the same day (I’m not sure yet if that is good or bad). I also have to say, the professionalism of these princesses is on point. I don’t think I could have held in a laugh.

10 Tower Gone Wrong

You didn’t think you would get through this list without one accidental phallic-shaped object did you? Our next entry was a little boy who was tasked with making a tower to celebrate Easter. He decided to use plastic eggs that usually are filled with candy for a good hunt and create this very interesting design. I think what makes it worse is all the white glue, and yup, that’s all I am going to say about that.

This was clearly just an innocent art project that was done by a creative young child, but to us adults, it is a little bit more than that. It is one of those situations where you just want to say ‘bless his heart’. Also, thank goodness for technology. The fact that us moms and dads always have a camera in our pocket is nothing short of miraculous. How else could we capture these moments. I am sorry to say that I don’t think this kid has a future in architecture.

9 Future Cookie Artist … Or Maybe Not

OK, last one, I promise. The best thing about kids is that they really don’t know what they are doing. They are constantly learning, and usually following mom and dad’s lead. What was supposed to be just a fun afternoon baking with mom, turned into something that wouldn’t even make it in an R-rated movie. Baking with my grandmother (my mom didn’t bake) was always one of the most joyous things of my childhood I will always remember. I don’t remember making anything quite like this, but I may have. They didn’t have cameras so easily accessible back then.

I am trying to figure out what the cookie artist was going for with this icing job, but that’s the other great thing about kids, is their imagination is so much bigger than we could even imagine. The child could have been going for literally anything here, and the result was both hilarious and horrifying.

8 Art Or Biology Class?

When our kids bring home their artwork from school or camp, parents want to display it proudly. Well, some artwork may make parents want to hide it in the closet. Of course, that never works, because if you are busted by your child, they are heartbroken. One little girl made this lovely fish at school one day, and brought it home to display on a shelf. When mom and dad looked at it a little closer, they saw something that only and adult would see.

The kid did not know what they were creating when they designed this fish, they were just going for that fish lip look, so they could have no possible way of knowing how ‘feminine’ their creation looked. Yup, that’s right, mom and dad have to display this lady-fish loud and proud! I wonder if they could just turn it around!

7 Barbie And Ken

One of the most popular toys for little girls (and boys) is Barbie’s. I know I had like a million of them when I was little, but I never had a Ken doll. One parent walked into their child’s room and saw that she had the Barbie dolls ‘arranged’ like this. Now odds are that this was not done intentionally, how could it be, a child doesn’t know about certain ‘positions’. It is easy for a parent to decipher.

I am sure many parents have seen toys put in awkward situations, and have a brief moment where they are wondering if they should be worried or not, just as this parent. The answer is usually no, you shouldn’t be, most of the time, it is just an awkward and embarrassing coincidence. Just laugh it off and help them tidy up their room!

6 Perfect Timing

If kids are innocent, then babies are so pure they may not even be real. Babies have no idea what they are doing most of the time, with anything. Some lucky parent snapped this great picture at just the right time. It is just two innocent babies sitting side by side, and while the little boy was just reaching out, for anyone watching it looks like he is going for something. What makes it even more hilarious is the face the little girl baby has on her face.

Neither of these two little ones had any idea what they were doing, but the outcome is equally hilarious for all who are lucky enough to see this photograph. Babies have no shame, and that is part of why we love them. They expel bodily functions like a trucker sometimes, and they are not even phased by it. That is one of the things I find both hilarious and adorable about my own daughter, even if I am a bit embarrassed when she does it in public.

5 Got Milk?

For those babies that are breastfed, they are all about the boob. They are boob crazy, and they aren’t judgemental about them either, any boob will do. This little boy happened to come across a half naked woman mannequin in a store and thought it was time for a snack. Now, the boy just thinks he is getting some milk, but to everyone else, it can look a little, well … awkward.

Society has sexualized breasts, when there real purpose was to feed our young. So, that is why adults looking at this may see it as a bit more than just a very confused, hungry boy. This can be very embarrassing to mom or dad, just as many kid moments can be. My message to all those parents who have ever been embarrassed by their kids, just roll with it. Laugh it off, as I am sure other people are laughing at the pure innocence that turned kind of naughty.

4 I Want To Be Like Mommy

Image result for kids do something innocent, but is totally dirty

This is one I am sure that many people have seen through social media. This was a picture that was drawn by a young school girl. The assignment was to draw a picture of what she wanted to be when she grew up. Much to her mother’s pride, she wanted to be like her. What the picture is actually supposed to be depicting is a time her mom went to the store to buy a shovel, but it was the last shovel, and people wanted to buy it from her.

To adults, the message that is coming from the picture is a little more X-rated. It appears to be her mom dancing on a pole while men are throwing money at her. I think that should be all I have to say about it. This is one picture that I am sure mom doesn’t want to hang on her fridge, but I bet she had to anyways. Poor mom, she is probably in for some pretty awkward parent-teacher conferences.

3 X-Rated Firefighter

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OK, I snuck another phallic-based one in. Police men, Fire fighters and doctors are very popular aspirations for children. They see them as heroes, and they are, and there are many kids who want to be like them when they are older. One little boy was doing a class project for school, where he was writing a letter to a fire fighter to thank them for all that they do to save people from danger. Seems innocent enough.

We, as adults, do see what the kid was going for. Showing a fire fighter with his hose fighting fires. What we see though, is not a hose, but rather … well, I won’t say it, but I think you know where I am going with this. Again, I wonder if the parents had to hang this on their fridge for all their friends to see. I think it is safe to say, that being an artist is not in this kid’s future.

2 I Hope They Are Playing Hopscotch!

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They say that children will send a lot of messages through their artwork, sometimes the messages are not exactly clear. We really hope this next kid was going for a nice picture of some horses doing hopscotch or some other playground game, and not doing the other obvious thing that this picture depicts. Of course, the picture probably only depicts a naughty act to adults, and not other children.

There is a possibility (a small one) that the kid knew what he was drawing if he had recently been to a farm during mating season. The more probable situation is that the kid had no idea that he was drawing something that parents would find a little worrisome, but hilarious. I wonder if the parents were called in for a meeting with the teacher who saw this picture. Again, not a lot of artists on our list.

1 No Idea What He Is Doing

Who doesn’t love a little boy, they can be so mischievous, but they give some of the best cuddles. One mom was out shopping with her son at an antique store, when she found him like this at an outdoor mermaid statue. Boys do not like shopping, that’s not a big secret, and when boys get bored that is usually when trouble is a foot.

I doubt the little boy knew what he was doing, he is probably just in that fun, exploring stage. He just found a funny looking statue and decided to play around. What mom and everyone else saw was something completely inappropriate and hilarious. What makes this even more funny is the look on the boy’s face. I wonder how the conversation went with dad when the mom and boy got home. There is always a way to blame dad for moments like these.

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