15 Times Kids Went Savage With Make-up

Mom hears it - silence. As a rookie parent, she lovingly think to herself what wonderfully well-behaved children she has to play so peacefully. Then when she goes to check in on them, her billowy clouds of perfection fall from a cruel, cruel sky.


Not only were her sweet little angels doing something they ought not, but she also has incredibly colorful proof of their great big sins.

Yep, her babies got into her make-up bag...or a bag of markers. Apparently children hold no prejudice when it comes to substances with which to paint their faces. The worst part about this is not that the eye shadow now has huge craters in it or that the lipstick is broken off. The worst part about this is that it's so stinking funny!

Indeed the makeup bag is off limits and in trespassing they broke Mommy Law. Mom tries to bite her tongue and do the right thing when it comes to disciplining, but peeing her pants in laughter seems like a more appropriate response. The struggle is real and anyone with makeup can feel the pain and the laughter.

It's times like these where being a mom is tricky. What's the right thing to do?

For starters, we recommend getting the camera to document this "beautiful" moment for posterity. Just so mom knows by beautiful, we don't exactly mean Beyonce kind of beautiful. No, we're talking more along the lines of KISS or Marilyn Manson kind of beautiful.

But in the eyes of this sweet angel, he or she looks totally awesome! So, snap a good shot of this while they still have all that makeup caked on.

Here are 15 times kids went savage with make-up. Enjoy!

15 Nothing But Blues Eyes


Girls want to be beautiful. It doesn't matter if you're 4 or if you're 104, you want to be beautiful. Some days requires a little more work than other days, though. There are those days when your eyes are puffy and your skin is uneven. Some days you just need to add a little more color to your cheeks or lips. It's just how it goes.

This little one must have had a rough night before this artful event took place. She looks like she may have given her face a bath in a bowl of make-up!

Honestly, this is so much fun to do when you're a little girl. There's no such thing as just dabbing it on like when you're a grown-up. If you're doing your own make-up, you are going to do it 100%, whole-hearted, no turning back!

14 The Mascara Rogue


You cannot keep a straight face when you look at this little guy. For starters, his shameful expression is incredibly adorable. You know he knows he's in trouble, and that plastering his mom's mascara all over his forehead was probably not the best choice he's ever made.

Secondly, what look was he going for here? Was he going all mascara rogue by making a make-up style statement? Most likely he's just a little boy who forgot to pay attention to mom as she was actually using this product.

He simply saw the wonderful mascara wand and realized it was easier to open than anything else. In choosing a spot to paint, he just went for the most accessible area he could get the most coverage. Well done buddy, well done!

13 Braveheart The Beautiful


There is no reason only to stick with the contents of the make-up bag. No way, you will have more fun if you mix and match. For instance, grab a few markers. Even some paint will do. Rub it all over your face and wear it proudly!

If this isn't savage then we're not sure what is. She is definitely channeling the essence of Braveheart's William Wallace here. Hopefully the overthrow of an English army is not in the works, though.

On a side note, marker manufacturers have gotten smarter over the past several years. Now, washable markers come in abundance. These little treasures make mishaps like this easier to clean up. Before it was just scrub, scrub, scrub!

12 The Alice Cooper Look


No one defined Rock quite like the vile and violent Alice Cooper. Here we have a little one who is channeling his look. With the black eyes that sort of drag down and the long look on her face, she totally nails it.

Most likely during Alice Cooper's first time wearing make-up, he didn't completely get it right 100%, so we'll cut her a break when it comes to perfection. Really, if it's the Rock look she's going for she doesn't need to be perfect anyway. A little grunge goes a long way.

Why is it that when kids get into the forbidden make-up bag, it's always the stainable stuff that they grab? This little angel probably covered her face in either mascara or eye liner. No matter which one she chose, both are incredibly difficult to get off of skin...especially the entire face!

11 You Look Great, No Really You Do


There are two amazing things about having brothers. For one, they are usually big and strong and can protect you from mean kids at school (and big dogs). For two, they are great to harass. You can blame anything on them because...well, they're boys and they probably did it first anyway.

When it comes to applying make-up, painting fingernails and toenails, and curling/straightening hair, little boys are usually left out of all the fun. They just get to sit and watch as the beauty transformation happens. Sometimes they want to join in and sometimes they don't.

As a big sister or even a little sister (because we all know that boys are easy to convince) you hold the power of transformation in your hands. It's the greatest feeling making your brother look like a drag queen then telling him he's the prettiest thing since Wonder Woman.

10 I Need A Redo


What happens when the make-up heist doesn't exactly work out the way you had planned? The colors are all wrong and the shading just doesn't work out for you.

Well, you cry. You beg your mom for another try, because you really, really want to get it right. Most of the time she won't grant you another attempt at ultimate beauty, but it never hurts to just ask. And when asking isn't enough maybe the water works will be.

I mean think about it all you Moms. Not only did she just get busted for breaking Mommy Law, but she's a hot mess because of it. Her lipstick is out of the lines (to say the least) and this make-up thing just didn't go very well. Maybe she's paid her dues to the make-up sheriff and deserves another try at this?

9 I'm An 80's Baby

This is probably a personal favorite. You know as well as I do that this little girl is radiating confidence and beauty every day of her life. Checkout the candy apple red blush on her cheeks. She even drew a perfect circle on one as a starting point.

The lipstick is undeniably gorgeous and brings out the life in her eyes. THIS is what getting into mom's make-up bag is all about - color, color, color!

For those of you from the 80's, do you recognize this look? As a fan of that era, I think she's channeling 1980s beauty spot on. Although she may have used her mom's lipstick for blush, but she pulls it off well.

Notice the eyebrows are perfectly manicured, too. Ah, this is an epic beauty that will not soon be forgotten.

8 Fabulous And Proud Of It


One thing about the make-up in Mom's bag is that it is not picky about who applies it. The one purpose make-up has in its life it to make us humans feel fabulous. Like mentioned before, it doesn't matter if it's a 4-year old girl painting her face for fun or a 104-year old women wearing her Sunday best, make-up does its job.

What about those little boys who are curious about the stuff? We can't forget them and fail to mention the fun that they have.

It's not like they don't see how make-up can transform a person. They watch their mom put it on all the time, and see how pretty she looks. Now, little sister gets to play in it, so might as well give it a whirl little buddy!

Some dads might freak out at this, but childhood is to be experienced with a sense of humor. Might as well laugh it off and snap a picture of the moment.

7 Vaseline Overload


Every woman has something a little different in her make-up bag. Some ladies like to go a little overboard on the eye shadow in having 12 different cases of it. Others go mascara wild while some are nuts about bronzers.

Admittedly, lotion is what gets an overdose with the majority of women. From the common jar of Vaseline to the ethereal smell of a Victoria's Secret moisturizer, lotions can run the gamut.

Apparently, this little one seems to have fallen in love with Vaseline. Well, maybe she didn't fall in love as much as she actually fell into a tub of Vaseline - head first, no doubt. Aside from the adventure of removing it from her body, she will have the softest skin in her entire county for about a month.

6 Lucious Lips


We all want to have an Angelina Jolie pout, but this little one actually has the gall to pull it off. Sometimes you just have to put all your chips in and go for it 150%. She did exactly that, with bright red lipstick and all. Fearless is what she is!

Why is it that when kids get into the make-up bag they go for the most stainable piece of makeup you have? They never reach for the light pink eye shadow or the tinted primer. It's always the make-up you only wear on a girls night out, (i.e. red lipstick, blackest mascara, and of course the liquid eye liner).

It takes some skill to put lipstick on perfectly. To be perfectly honest, most of us look like we were riding a roller coaster while applying red lipstick. It's just that difficult. So, we'll cut her a break when it comes to application. Otherwise, she totally nailed the dramatic look.

5 The Faux Beard Look


Everyone knows that one way to get to mommy is through daddy, so here goes nothing. It's a fool-proof strategy. What better way to pull off the daddy-look than by growing a beard? Sounds legit, right? Plus, she's got the Taylor Swift bangs working in her favor to cover up any mistakes.

This little girl thought so, at least. I'm not sure what the line on her forehead is. Maybe she was just testing out the color or maybe her hand slipped. Either way, you can barely see it amidst all the beard make-up.

Honestly, she pulled it off. She got her mom's attention by looking like a mini-man dad. Oh, and she ruined  $20 eye-liner in the process, so that's got to hold some weight.

4 Lip Gloss Anyone?


There is truly nothing more velveting and delicious than moisturized lips. Add a tint of color and you've got a picture perfect pair of pouty smoochers. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing, though. At least this holds true for lip gloss.

As it turns out this little girl just wanted to have colorful and moisturized lips. Maybe it was really cold and her lips were really chapped. Who knows? Maybe she just got super bored and decided to explore. Whatever the case may be, we're sure that she'll love this picture when she's 16!

Mom got a kick out of it that's for sure. Thankfully lip gloss is fairly inexpensive to replace because there is no way that tube is getting anymore use.

3 She Found The War Paint


Make-up brushes are wonderful little inventions. Women from all over the world love them and use them on a daily basis. It's a little know fact that kids hate them. Yes, apparently when children are gallivanting around the house looking for trouble to get into, they will skip right over the brushes and head straight for the paint.

"We don't need no stinking brushes, " they say and forgo the artful tools. Rather, kids will  just dip their little fingers into the eye shadow or blush. The bigger crevasse made in the powder the better.

One great thing about make-up, especially eye shadow, is that it comes over with ease.


In addition to make-up brushes, many thanks to the inventors of make-up remover. Without you our children would look like war painted savages 24/7!

2 Moving Day Madness


Kalla is a stay-at-home-mom who also blogs at Living Motherhood.com. She has two little ones that are 13 months apart. These adorable little blue-eyed babies made the most out of their family's moving day. Lucky for us Kalla caught it on camera!

We all know how hectic moving day can be. Actually, it's more like moving month, because nothing every gets done in one day. Let's just be real here! So, as the boxes were scattered all over the floors of Kalla's new house, they unknowingly became fair game for her kiddos.

Well, this mom discovered her make-up covered kids after the damage had already been done. While she was trying to get organized in the new house, they were trying to get gorgeous!

We sort of think it worked. Luckily, the make-up remover wasn't too far away. Although it was in another box, it came to the rescue.

1 Looking Pretty Like Mom


Most little girls want to be just like their mommies. Even as a little girl yourself, do you remember waltzing around in your mom's high heels, using her curlers, and getting to wear her make-up for play time? When you become a mom, it becomes easy to forget how much your little ones listen and take note of your actions.

Mia is a 4-year old who very proudly got into her mom's make-up bag. Her mom just so happens to create make-up tutorials, so Mia has been familiarized with how this stuff works.

Her mom eventually busted her and asked why she was wearing so much make-up. Mia answered that she just wanted to look pretty like her mom.

Needless to say, Mia's mom reassured her that she was beautiful even without make-up. We think you're lovely too, Mia!

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