Kylie Jenner Is Definitely Pregnant: 15 Pics That Prove It

Kylie Jenner may be Kim Kardashian’s little sister but over the last year she has made a name for herself. Kylie not only has a clothing line with her sister Kendall Jenner, but she also created a makeup line called Kylie Cosmetics - which has exploded in popularity and revenue over the last year. And did we mention she also has her own reality TV show called 'Life Of Kylie'?

This 20-year-old business mogul is definitely doing well for herself.

Over the last few months, Kylie has been in the news but not because of her business ventures or scandalous Instagram photos... Back in September, rumors circulated that Kylie got pregnant and she was now carrying her boyfriend Travis Scott's baby girl. Kylie never confirmed or denied the rumors, but Caitlyn Jenner has confirmed the pregnancy to media outlets. There is also a rumor going around that Kylie is actually Kim Kardashian's surrogate.

While fans still don't know for fact whether a mini Jenner (or Kardashian-West) will be born in 2018, Kylie has teased the world with pictures on Snapchat and Instagram. We've compiled 15 pictures, taken from Kylie herself and the paparazzi, that prove Kylie is indeed pregnant.

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15 The Picture That Started It All


This is a picture Kylie took of a group of friends. In this picture, it appears to be a small baby bump. This is the picture that started it all. If you look at the circled, blown up, version of her midriff on the right it appears that she has a tiny baby bump growing. She is hiding it with an oversized t-shirt, and she has been doing that an awful lot lately. It would be so much better if she confirmed her pregnancy because her loyal fans, and myself, are dying to know the truth. It definitely looks like she is sprouting a bump. In this picture, Kylie looks like she is having a good time with her friends. It’s also been said that she stopped drinking as well.

14 Kylie Literally Points To Her Bump

In this picture, you can see Kylie looking as beautiful as ever in this elegant blue, form-fitting dress- which I just absolutely love.  This is a definitely a picture we can say for sure that Kylie is pregnant. You can see a little bit of a baby bump popping up from under her dress.  It's tiny, but it's there. She is also seen here pointing at it, which makes you wonder if this is her way of confirming the pregnancy rumors. That really does have to be a sign. It's rumored that she is having a baby girl. If the speculations are true, Kylie is going to have to watch out when she gets older because her little girl will definitely be a heartbreaker. No matter what Kylie is having, I am sure the baby will be just gorgeous. Hopefully, she will be posting many more pictures like this instead of those cryptic ones she has been posting for her fans and the world to see.

13 The First Time Kylie Teases Her Fans

In the above picture, Kylie is teasing her fans to an all-time extreme. She has her shirt slightly lifted on the right side giving a glimpse of her tummy. The way her shirt is wrinkled on the left side of her, it's hard to distinguish if she is hiding a little baby bump under there or not.  Inspecting it further it looks like there may be slightly distended. Kylie loves to tease her fans about her the whole pregnancy rumors. She looks really happy in this picture and dressed down, just hanging out with her best friend- and this massive giraffe- on her besties birthday. The way she is grinning with her head to the side while she lifting the edge of her shirt seems like she's trying to say, "Here's a sneak peek, but this is all you're going to get!"

12 The Picture Kylie Claims Is Fake (But Isn't)

Kylie looks really relaxed and dressed down in this photo. When you look at the bottom of her shirt, you can see her baby bump poking out. It is very obvious here that she is pregnant and that she keeps trying to hide it. Even though she is dressed in a hoodie and sweats and her hair is just thrown up, she is still very pretty. This picture looks like a candid picture that was taken from a distance since it’s blown up. Kylie looks to be a couple of months pregnant based on how far her tummy pops out from the hoodie. There are a ton of pictures taken of her the day she wore this outfit, and in a few of the other photos, you can tell that she has a baby on board.

11 The Pink Baby Shower

This necessarily is not a picture of her baby bump, but I promise you it’s interesting. It is, even more, proof that Kylie is pregnant since she has not confirmed or denied that she has a bun in the oven. The very bottom picture of the tent is from her secret baby shower! It is hard to believe, but it was actually caught on camera. When you are a celebrity, there is no such thing as privacy, and the paparazzi are ruthless and will sink to any level to get a shot of their target. On top of that, the picture on the upper left side is a picture of her engagement ring. Travis Scott proposed to Kylie! These two things proof that she is with child. So, to recap, she had a baby shower and is next in line in the Kardashian-Jenner clan that will be walking down the aisle. Her baby shower was also pajama party themed.

10 Khloe And Kylie Joke About 'Babies'

In the Instagram picture above, Khloe and Kylie prepare to tell all... well, almost all. Kylie has yet to confirm her pregnancy, even in the YouTube video clip that the sisters, Khloe and Kylie, had done. This video was to promote their makeup collection collaboration that the two are doing. Kylie even makes a baby joke as she says, "We have so many babies, who knew?" Khloe and Kylie are both reportedly due in early 2018. This all seems like another teaser from Kylie. She seems to tease her fans frequently as we, her fans, hang on to her every word and wait for her to drop the ball on her alleged pregnancy. We can only hope that she slips up and talks about the new Jenner addition. Caitlyn reportedly already gave it up that Kylie is an expectant mom-to-be. One can never be too sure when it comes to celeb gossip.

9  And The Teasing Continues...

Kylie knows how to keep her fans (and the media) on their toes. Kylie made some pretty obvious posts regarding her pregnancy. In the image above, Kylie posted snapchats with the caption "nothing's gonna hurt you baby." Need we say more? Whether she was referring to lyrics or not, the word "baby" is clear that the lipstick-mogul is referring to her growing baby bump.

In the image below, Kylie posted fan art of herself and a little girl. It's hard for us not to believe she isn't pregnant, especially when rumors are flying that she is carrying a girl. Kim Kardashian also added fuel to the fire by uploading this Instagram post of herself, Kylie and Khloe with the caption "just the 3 of us." After news broke that Kim was expecting via surrogate along with Khloe confirming her pregnancy, it's obvious that the third pregnant mama is indeed Kylie Jenner.

8 Oversized T-Shirts Can't Hide Her Belly

In these two, the one of the left shows her stomach, and it is a little bigger than normal here. Kylie is typically a very thin girl, and you can see that in previous pictures. It looks she was has a bump that she is trying to hide like she usually does. In this picture, her stomach looks like it’s one of the earlier pictures of her pregnancy when she first started to show compared to some of the other pictures on this list. Kylie’s face even looks a bit bloated as well. She is getting a lot of media attention lately because of her pregnancy and the gossip surrounding it. This picture looks like she is walking in the picture on the left with how her shirt is clingy to her body. Hopefully, as her stomach grows, we’ll get a lot more pictures where her bump is highly noticeable.

7 Why Don't We See Her Full Costume?

In this photo, we have Kylie and her best friend Jordyn Woods in what would normally be called couples costumes. These best friends pulled off the devil and angel look very well. They were at a Halloween party and they were having a great time by the looks of the photos. You can’t see her baby bump in this photo, but that was intentional since she has not announced that she is expecting. Kylie’s costume had enormous wings and she kept her baby bump very well hidden. I wonder if she had any drinks at this party, but then again no one would know for sure if it contained anything other than just juice or soda except for the person serving the drinks. It is said that she doesn’t want to be photographed, but from these photos, it looks like she just doesn’t want any full body photos taken; which only proves that the rumors are true.

6 Baby's Night Out With Daddy

Here you see Kylie going for a walk in her Nike sneakers, but something else is a bit noticeable; her tummy. It looks like she is sprouting a bit of a baby bump. When we walk our t-shirts almost cling to our stomachs, as you can see that Kylie’s is doing. We all know that her stomach is usually very flat from her former pictures she used to post on Snapchat and Instagram. It would be hard to deny that there is no bump in this picture because it is pretty obvious. I believe that is also Travis Scott, the baby’s daddy, walking next to her in the picture. It’s adorable that the couple is taking a stroll and just being out and about here. Some men, when they think or hear that their girlfriend is pregnant, will just leave them. I’m glad he’s still around for Kylie.

5 The Growing Bosoms

This is a very recent picture that Kylie posted on social media. This may not be her belly or a baby bump, but this definitely can link to Kylie being pregnant. The reason it can be linked is that her rack grew, a lot. If you look at her other pictures, “the girls” are much smaller. In this picture, they have obviously grown which happens during pregnancy for most women. If you take notice, Kylie’s midsection is not in the picture. It is never really in pictures anymore, and we can’t help but wonder why. She must love the way “the girls” have filled out to be taking a picture of them. Could this be a clue that she is, in fact, pregnant? I would say so myself. What do you think?

4 Covering Up (For The First Time) On Instagram

Here you really don’t see her bump too much but more like she’s covering up. She loves to fuel the pregnancy rumors by posting up pictures like this. There are also a lot of snapshot of someone or something covering the bump that is obviously there. In this picture, her arm is covering her stomach. We know that she had to have done that on purpose. Her arm does look a little like it’s out a little further than it should be too. As if something under her arm was distended; like a baby bump could be there. You see it more towards the bottom of her arm. She just looks like she’s hiding some kind of secret by her facial expression. It’s like she's saying, “Keep guessing because I won’t tell!”

3 Do You See It?

This is a picture for the new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashian's. They all look so stunning, especially Khloe and Kylie. They seem to just be glowing. Now, take a good like at Kylie because there seems to be something noticeably different with her from the last season of KUWTK. Could it be that she and Tyga aren't together anymore, or is it something else? If your eyes have been drawn to her midsection, then you most likely see it too! It appears that Kylie is sporting a bump that is even noticeable from the front view of her. Maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part, but it really looks like there is a baby bump there. Since Kylie won't tell, hopefully, the new season of KUWTK will! If she does reveal the pregnancy on the new season, her reason for concealing it could be just the fact that their ratings will go up and people will be shocked either way as long as they air the news on the show first.

2 Baggy Clothes Won't Fool Us

In this picture, if you look at the bottom of her tummy you can see that it’s distended a bit. Her belly just kinds pops. She is definitely worked harder than anyone ever should to hide her pregnancy. Even in an oversized t-shirt, Kylie is still a very beautiful woman. It looks like maybe security or something is standing next to her in this picture. The very bottom of her stomach, where her hand is that is holding that chain, if you look to the left of the chain, you can definitely see that baby bump. It seems like no matter what picture you get, someone or something is covering her stomach. The same with the photos that were taken at her baby shower; her stomach was covered by some girl’s knee.

1 Caught Holding The Bump

In these two pictures, you can clearly see a tiny little bump. She is even holding it. Typically, when a woman holds her stomach like that, and there is a tiny bump on her belly, that is a clear indicator that she is, indeed, pregnant. Kylie looks fabulous in this picture, as always. This definitely has to be an older picture because her bump is so tiny compared to some of the other ones on this list. Kylie cannot hide her bump forever! I don’t know what she is going to do when she is nine months pregnant and not of her dresses fit her anymore. She won’t be able to keep this pregnancy under wraps forever. I hope that when she has her baby, she doesn’t try to be one of those parents who hide their kids.

Sources: dailymail.co.uk

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