15 Times Moms Couldn’t Keep Their Baby Safe

The pain of losing a child is a pain that is incomparable to anything else a parent can face in their lifetime. We spend many months researching the safest car seats, safest way to clip their little finger nails, and the safest way for our baby to sleep. Yet, sometimes it still isn’t enough to protect our little ones from a tragedy occurring.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t hear of another tragic story about a mother who has taken the life of their child. This tragic phenomenon is called “maternal filicide” and according to the FBI, 450 children are murdered by their own parents each year.

But what about when the father or mother of a young child or baby miscalculates the dosage of medicine or falls asleep in a bathtub and they are responsible for the tragic accidental death of their child? Having to live with the enormous guilt that because of our actions or lack thereof our child is dead is an unspeakable burden to carry.

It was incredibly difficult making it through this list without wanting to stop and go hug my own children. But let these mothers' tragic stories serve as a reminder to us all to be more alert and to go with our gut instinct in some cases, the lives of our children depend on it.

14 Mom Falls Asleep While Nursing Her Baby

Mom falls asleep while nursing and drops baby accidentally killing them

On June 5th Kristin Hoffmann shared that her seven-week-old son, John Thomas Michael Abernathy, had passed away early the morning before. Kristin woke up to nurse John but fell asleep while John was nursing. When she did, John slipped off of her breast and into the blankets of her bed. Kristin urged other mothers to get up and go to a chair to feed their baby so this tragedy doesn’t happen to them.

But even in that, your baby could still slip off your lap and into the cushions of your sofa, right?

The best prevention is to try and keep yourself awake by any means necessary - some light reading on your phone, music, TV, talking to your partner, etc. And keep your bed free of pillows and blankets that your baby could slip into.

13 Baby Left In The Bath While Mom Is On Facebook

Mom accidentally forgets baby in bath while on Facebook

We all know how much a time suck Facebook can be. When we should be folding laundry we find ourselves sucked into looking at wedding photos from that one girl we met once at church camp and before we know it our husband is home and we have to explain why we haven’t moved in four hours. Oh, just me? Ok.

Well, for Cheyenne Summer Stuckey her Facebook time suck had a tragic ending. Cheyenne had put her 6-month-old daughter Zayla in the bath and left the water running and left the bathroom for a few minutes. Cheyenne claims that she got distracted by another child and then got on Facebook. At least 20 minutes had gone by before Cheyenne went back to check on her daughter, only to find her face down in the tub.

12 Mom Gives Baby A Lethal Dose Of Tylenol

Mom accidentally kills teething baby with lethal dose of medicine

Sleep regression, teething, introducing solid foods and learning to crawl can all seem to hit your baby at the same time. And although each of these milestones is different, they can leave a parent and baby all feeling the same thing. They're both tired and cranky from all the changes.

Teething especially has the ability to take the otherwise happy and calm baby and turn them into a raging monster. It makes that mom who usually handles everything with a smile, on the verge of tears and desperate to make their baby comfortable.

Tristan Goodwin experienced the absolute worst with teething when she accidentally gave her six-month-old son Tyler a lethal combination of Benadryl and Tylenol. The Louisiana County Sheriff’s office charged Tristan with involuntary manslaughter.

Make sure you speak with your doctor before giving medicine to your children.

11 One Bottle Of Formula Could Have Saved His Life

Mom accidentally kills baby by not giving him a bottle

We all know that breast is best. But the hard truth is that sometimes it isn’t. Jill Johnson says that if she had just given her son Landon one bottle of formula he would not have died. When Landon was 19 days old, after being on life support for 15 days, Landon died due to accidental starvation.

During those first 12-hours of Landon’s life, he did not receive enough colostrum. Jill had risk factors like an emergency C-section, PCOS, and borderline diabetes that would make it difficult to produce an adequate milk supply. By the time he was discharged he had already lost 9.7% of his birth weight.

Also, during those first few days, Landon was inconsolable which should have been a major clue that something was off. Sometimes using your mother's intuition can literally save your child’s life.

10 Mom's Vegan Diet Ends Her Daughter's Life

Vegan breastfeeding mom accidentally kills baby

Sergine Le Moaligou is a mother whose strict vegan diet and lifestyle accidentally killed her 11-month-old baby in March of 2008

After the autopsy was done it revealed that baby Louise, who was exclusively breastfed, was severely underweight and was suffering from a deficiency of vitamin A and B12. The vitamin deficiency was in direct correlation with the mother’s strict vegan diet and left the baby susceptible to infection. Louise died of a pneumonia related illness.

Even when the mother was warned at Louise's nine-month check up that she had bronchitis and was losing weight, Sergine and her husband still decided to treat her with cabbage and clay baths.

The mother and her husband Joel were charged and convicted of child neglect and served 5 years in a French prison.

9 Mom Gets High On Grass, Falls Asleep On Her Baby

Mom high on marijuana accidentally falls asleep on baby

All stories that involve the death of children and babies leave me feeling sad, especially if it’s something that could have been prevented. This story will leave you shaking with rage at this mother’s poor decision choices. Kayla Breniser, a mother from Pennsylvania, was charged in the accidental death of her one-month-old.

Kayla’s one-month-old daughter was found suffocated on a couch where her mother had fallen asleep on top of her. Kayla admitted to smoking marijuana while she was pregnant with her daughter and said she would still smoke while she was caring for the baby alone.

Police believe that Kayla was high on marijuana when the little girl died. Because Kayla was intoxicated, this is what contributed to her falling asleep while she was on the couch with the baby.

8 Baby Gets Beaten After Mom Leaves Her Alone

Mom leaves baby with little brother accidentally kills baby

When you have older children you always anticipate the day that they can step up and help you out around the house or even watch their younger siblings for you so you can get a break or run some errands. This 62-year-old Mom was not interested in waiting for the appropriate time and it cost her the life of her baby. Kathleen Steele was charged with aggravated manslaughter of her newborn daughter after she left her in the car alone with her six-year-old son and a three-year-old for more than a half hour while she went to fix her cell phone.

Police say that the infant started crying and in an effort to get her to stop the six-year-old began to beat her and tossing her like a rag doll.

7 Mom And Her Baby Fall Down An Elevator Shaft

Mom gets on elevator accidentally kills baby in stroller

Elevators are scary enough without having the horrific memory this one mom has. Back in 2016, a young mother was waiting for the elevator on the 23rd floor in a Coney Island apartment building with her six-week-old daughter Areej Ali, who was in her stroller.

When the doors opened the mom moved to step onto the elevator and when she did both she and the stroller fell down the elevator shaft.

Both Mom and the stroller, which of course still had the baby strapped into it, landed on top of the elevator car which was out of service 8 stories below. At the time of the accident, the elevator service man heard the mother screaming and pulled them to safety. The mother was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries, but the baby died at the hospital.

6 Hospital CEO Forgets Her Daughter In The Van

Hospital CEO accidentally kills 7 months old after leaving her in a van

Kari Engholm is CEO at Dallas County Hospital in Perry, Iowa and she is also a mother. This past July, Kari had her seven-month-old daughter Clare with her in her minivan and was supposed to drop her off at the sitter's, a job her husband usually did. But Kari’s mind was on the upcoming meetings for the day and she rushed straight to work.

When Kari went to pick up her oldest from his daycare center hours later, she discovered that she had left the little girl in the car during a day when the temperatures reached well over 90 degrees outside. Even the babysitter tried calling to see if Clare was coming in that day, but no one got the message until it was too late.

5 Mom Takes Daughter To The Dentist, Ends In Tragedy

Mom takes toddler to the dentist and ends up accidentally killing her

Betty Squire took her daughter Daisy in for her a check up at 14-months-old and was told that Daisy had two cavities that needed to be filled. They explained that this was a routine procedure that shouldn’t take more than 45 minutes.

While Betty waited in the waiting room, the dentist came out and said that there was more extensive work they needed to do for Daisy. Betty gave the OK and continued to wait. But just 10 minutes later the dentist came out again and said that Daisy was having trouble breathing. He said that they had performed CPR and were waiting for EMS to come and monitor her which they explained was standard protocol. By the time EMS got there to take her to the hospital, Daisy had already died.

4 Mom Starves Baby By Feeding Him Only Quinoa Milk

I understand wanting to feed our children the best food we possibly can. I mean, I’m still a regular customer of the McDonald’s drive thru. But I fully support your right to live a life where your kids don’t know what a McNugget is but can properly pronounce acai and quinoa. But there has to be a balance.

Sandrina and Peter, two parents from Belgium, found themselves facing charges this past May when their 9-month-old son Lucas died of severe dehydration and starvation. The parents, who own a health food store, believed their son suffered from an eating disorder and were feeding him only oat milk, rice milk, buckwheat milk, semolina milk and quinoa milk. At the time of his death, Lucas weighed only 9 pounds and had never been seen by a doctor.

3 Mom Accidentally Runs Over Her Toddler

Mom accidentally runs over toddler only finds out when someone calls her

It’s an absolutely devastating tragedy to accidentally run over your own child. Bernadette Small, a South African mother, found herself facing just that this past March. AJ was a 3-year-old boy who was playing on the family farm when his mother backed over him. But perhaps the most devastating part of this was that she didn’t even know until someone called and told her what happened. She immediately returned home to find AJ’s father performing CPR on him, but it was no use. The little boy was already dead.

And just a month later here in the US, retired football player Todd Heap experienced the same tragedy when he was moving a truck at his home in Arizona and killed his 3-year-old daughter, Holly.

A sobering reminder to always triple check before backing out.

2 Baby Chokes While Mom Feeds Him

This entire story is just bad from start to finish so prepare yourself. Erika Tomassian, a 43-year-old mother from Los Angeles, California was home with her two recently adopted children alone. At some point, Erika placed her one-year-old in the highchair and started to feed up. But Erika, who had just recently been treated for bronchitis, collapsed and died while she was feeding the one-year-old. When she died the baby suffocated on the food that was in his mouth and also died.

For two days Erika’s other son, a two-year-old, had to fend for himself while his mother and brother lay dead inside of their home. After a neighbor heard crying and screaming the LAPD busted into the apartment and found the two-year-old, thankfully alive, just dehydrated.

1 Mom Takes A Bath With Her Baby, But Falls Asleep

Mom takes baby in bath with her but accidentally falls asleep

Another bath time story with a tragic ending. Jennifer Wroubel ran a bath for her seven-month-old son, Dylan. When she put Dylan in the tub, he started to cry so Jennifer decided to get in with him. Jennifer and Dylan played for a little while and she washed him up. But after about 15 minutes of tub time, Jennifer fell asleep while both she and Dylan were still in the bathtub.

No word on how long Jennifer slept for, but when she did finally wake up she found Dylan floating in the water. She immediately called 911 and started chest compressions on the little boy. Once paramedics got there they took him to the hospital, but Dylan was pronounced dead.

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