19 Times Parents Handled Tantrums Like A Boss

Kicking, screaming, crying - all of these things a parent can expect to experience during a temper tantrum.

Kicking, screaming, crying - all of these things a parent can expect to experience during a temper tantrum. It can be annoying and embarrassing if done in front of other people. Tantrums are the unfortunate effect of a child struggling to navigate between their words and their emotions, which aren’t well developed at a young age. Tantrums can start out of nowhere for any sort of reason. It can be something as simple as wanting an extra piece of candy, to something as absurd as wanting to wear a sheet dress (see below). Other times a tantrum can be the result of a mixture of emotions and physical stressors like sleeplessness and hunger.

Regardless of how it starts, how the situation is diffused is totally dependent on how the parent responds. Some parents like to coax the child with candy, toys or whatever else the child might stop for. Many experts say this is a bad idea. Others may just let their child’s tantrum play out. Whatever the solution, everyone can agree that a temper tantrum is no fun for any party involved. Every parent, regardless of their background, has experienced a breakdown of some sort with their child. Celebrities and normal people alike have fallen victim to public outbursts from their children. Every now and then, there is a parent that has a complete meltdown when their child acts out in public. Other times, there are parents who have genius ways of handling their kids’ temper tantrums. Below is a group of celebs and everyday parents who handled their children’s tantrums like a boss.

19Mom And Autistic Son Go Viral

In 2010, Amie Carter and her kids went out to eat at a restaurant. During their time there, her son Jayden (then 3-years old) noticed one of those claw games, and he really wanted to play. Carter promised to give her son money for the game if he behaved while they were eating. He did and she gave him the money for the game. Unfortunately, Jayden lost the game and didn’t win any toys. This sent him into full-on panic mode. As calm as Carter could possibly be, she and her kids made it to the parking lot before things started to go really bad.

At this point, Amie asked her daughter to film Jayden’s tantrum, because a doctor requested it so they could work on figuring out if Jayden had a mental illness. In fact, he does. Jayden is autistic, but onlookers and people who viewed the video that eventually went viral had no idea at first. Amie wasn’t loud or violent while she struggled to calm Jayden down and get him into the car. Because of her calm demeanor, many people chastised her for not being tough enough. Carter doesn’t care, though, because she felt that she made the right decision for the sake of her child who has special needs. She hopes that her story can bring about mental illness awareness.

18Kim Kardashian Handles North 

Kim K is a celebrity who wears many hats. She’s a fashion mogul, reality star, and wife to rap artist Kanye West. However, her most important job is being the mom of two beautiful, young kids, North and Saint West. Having two young kids who are 1 and 4 respectively can be difficult to balance, especially as the life of Kim K and her kids plays out in the public sphere. Kim K isn’t the only Kardashian with young kids or the only Kardashian that’s fallen victim to their kids’ public tantrums. But, this North West tantrum has to be the most memorable of all of the Kardashian clan’s children.

A few short years back, Kim K attended a New York Fashion Week fashion show for her hubby, Kanye’s fashion line. Needless to say, a fashion show is not the most entertaining place to be for a two-year-old. Luckily for Yeezy, North’s tantrum wasn’t a showstopper, although it garnered some amused glances from celebrities like Anna Wintour and Beyonce. After a few minutes of the front-row tantrum, Kim saved Kanye’s show by taking North outside and away from show attendees.

17Drew Barrymore's Disney Disaster

As you’ll note later on in this list, kids’ tantrums make for interesting photo opportunities. For Drew Barrymore, capturing her daughter’s Disney World-sized tantrum was priceless. In an interview with Seth Meyer on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Barrymore notes that tantrums will abound at some point when you bring young kids to Disney World. This was especially true for the oldest of her two girls, Olive, who is four going on five.

Olive apparently spotted some sort of bird at the Florida theme park and decided she wanted to chase it. Barrymore didn’t allow this to happen and it ended with Olive throwing a tantrum. And the tantrum ended up in a glorious photo, where Drew throws her hands up in a way that’s not so defeated as it is amused. Barrymore notes that this isn’t the first tantrum she has experienced with her daughters, nor is it the first meltdown at a Disney theme park. Seth had two pictures of Olive having a meltdown. One was at Disney World and the other was at Disneyland. Hindsight is always 20-20, and looking back, Barrymore jokingly agreed that she should have just let her daughter chase the bird.

16Snooki Doesn't Give A-F

Snooki, a reality star apart of the original Jersey Shore cast has been known for her wild behavior, but what is it like having a wild child of her own? It may feel a little familiar for this mom. Snooki’s son Lorenzo has had his share of reality TV meltdowns. He wouldn’t be the first celebrity kid or the last to publicly air his grievances. However, his tantrums are certainly among the most memorable.

On the show Snooki & JWoww, little Lorenzo can be seen throwing a fit over the most minute things (as most toddlers do). Some of his fits are small and to the point, while others are a bit more...colorful. How does celeb mom Snooki handle all the drama? Well, she ignores it for the most part. She also has someone to help care for Lorenzo, so she may not bare the complete wrath of Lorenzo’s tantrums. Snooki is a celeb mom of two who understands that tantrums are just a part of the natural routine. She’s uber level-headed. In one sneak peak of the show, she can even be seen laughing off one of Lorenzo’s mini fits. Way to keep a cool head!

15J.Lo's Son Tries To Escape 

When you’re a huge Latin-pop sensation you’re always on the go and rarely have time to stop and smell the roses (or chase down toddlers!). For J. Lo and her twins Max and Emme, moving around from day to day is just a normal part of life. The twins are now nine-years-old, so hopefully, the days of tantrums and tears are generally over. However, when they were toddlers, it’s not hard to imagine the struggle Lopez may have faced having not one, but two energetic little ones around. All that traveling must have been pretty taxing for the kids of J.Lo and Marc Anthony because Max tried to make a run for it a few years back.

During what must have been a long day of shopping and/or meetings for JLo, little Max, Emme, and mom were all headed to their car when someone decided he wasn’t ready to leave. In a video taken by TMZ, little Max can be seen fighting mom to enter their vehicle before making a run for it down the sidewalk. Luckily, JLo didn’t have to worry about chasing Max down because her security guard was pretty much on it. She didn’t break a sweat or worry because she knew Max wasn’t getting far. Pretty smooth right? How’s that for handling it like a boss?

14Victoria Beckham Keeps Cool For Cameras

Victoria and David Beckham have to be amongst the poshest and stylish celeb couples that ever lived. The mother and father of four definitely have had their hands full with four kids, but that doesn’t stop them from being effortlessly chic while parenting their kids. In 2009, Victoria was seen out and about taking the Beckham boys for some fro-yo.

While out with her boys, one of the youngest named Cruz made faces at strangers and threw a few tantrums. Cruz, who was four at the time, could be seen trying to pull his mom in a different direction from where she was walking and get her attention. This didn’t stop Victoria, though, who eventually had a talk with her son about his behavior. Victoria managed to defuse what could have been a hostile situation through having a talk with Cruz and eventually getting the boys some ice cream. She managed to walk away unscathed and unbothered by the situation, even as paparazzi snapped pictures of her and her sons before, during and after the minor meltdown. The best part of this is she managed to do it all in six-inch, gray pumps!

13Supermarket Freakout 

Unless others have had children, it can be hard for them to grasp the frustration and embarrassment that accompanies a child throwing a public tantrum. Along with the tantrum comes the menacing glances of strangers who’d wish that both parent and child would go away and stop “disturbing the peace.” But having a child throw a tantrum is a normal part of life. In fact, show us a child that doesn’t...and we’d like to meet their parents! The point is even the adults giving judgmental looks have thrown tantrums at some point in their lives.

A mom by the name of Paula described her experience with tantrums on her blog. Paula seemed to draw some menacing glances in Target one day because her kids were upset. Why? Because Paula is a great mom. According to her blog, she set rules for the children that if they misbehave, they lose the right to walk around the store and have to stay in the cart the whole time. Her kids were throwing a tantrum not for a lack of discipline, but because of it. Onlookers, however, didn’t realize why the tantrum was happening or that the children had already been disciplined. They were just annoyed by it. Paula’s response: to ignore the haters and continue being a good parent.

12This Toddler’s Presidential Conundrum Was Epic

This two-year old’s tantrum might just go down in history. Little Claudia got the chance to get all dressed up for a photo-op with President Obama during the Passover Seder that is held at the White House every year.

Unfortunately, Claudia didn’t understand or care about the magnitude of the thing she was about to do in front of the President of the United States. You see, Claudia apparently had a thing for wearing non-clothing items as gowns and fancy evening dresses. While her parents dressed her in the cutest most elegant outfit a two-year-old could wish to wear, Claudia wanted to wear something a little bit more like what her bed wore at home. Because there were no fitted sheets or comforters available for her to try on at the White House, she threw a fit just as POTUS entered the room. Cool and calm as usual, Obama didn’t mind the tantrum much and it made for a very interesting and amusing photo of the president motioning both hands toward the toddler who lay on the floor in full panic mode. Mom wasn’t as ill-prepared for the tantrum as one might think because Claudia’s grandpa managed to save the day and take both Claudia and her brother away from the area.

11This Mom Instagrammed Her Kid’s Tantrum

JoAnn who runs her own blog called, A Whimsical Life, completely understands the detriment of a supermarket meltdown. However, she still manages to find some humor in it. While she doesn’t really recommend snapping a pic instead of dealing with a child’s tantrum, she does note that it’s totally okay (and worth it) to snap a pic before going over to a tantrum-throwing child to defuse the situation. And she managed to do just that.

JoAnn snapped a picture of her son’s meltdown in Target, which she notes was his third one that day. He lay on the floor, face down with his arms folded across his face. JoAnn is both a teacher and a parent, so she is well-versed in the subject of tantrum de-escalation. She notes that the best way to neutralize a hostile situation (aka a tantrum) is to remain calm and let the child know that you won’t tolerate that kind of behavior. Afterward, feel free to post a pic on Instagram with the hashtag #crisisaverted.

10Red Robin’s Tantrum

As any parent with young children knows, a tantrum could happen at anytime for any minute reason. God forbid it happen at the most public place though. While out with family getting a bite to eat at Red Robins, a man by the name of Clint Edwards had to cut his outing a little short when his daughter started throwing a tantrum about not being able to throw her chicken fingers. Edwards who was out with his wife and their other two children, had already finished his meal, so he was able to leave the restaurant, screaming child in tow. He picked up his daughter, who was having a full on scream-and-kick fest and took her to the car away from other visitors while his family finished their meal.

However, what caused Edwards more agitation than his daughter’s tantrum was the dirty looks he got from people on his way out. While in the car, Edwards took to Facebook to post a picture of him with his daughter still crying in the background. In his caption, Edwards talked about the incident and schooled some childless people in the process. He said that anyone with kids can understand that a tantrum is a normal part of growing up, and that it is the parent’s job to teach the child right from wrong. He continued in his post by talking about the difficulties of consoling a crying child (especially in public), and notes that they are doing their best to be good parents and diffuse the situation. That post has since been shared hundreds of times.

9This Mom Seemed Completely Oblivious To The Tantrum

There was another kick-butt mom who didn’t even flinch at the sight and sound of her three-year old’s tantrum. This phenomenon was observed by a stranger, but still noteworthy enough to be included on this list. The last thing that a parent wants to do when a child is throwing a tantrum is to argue with them or give in to what they want. This mom did neither. Instead of making any sort of response, she just let the tantrum play out in the parking lot without barely saying a word.

The little one kept insisting that their mom was “mean.” Which is really code for, “You’re not listening to me.” But this mom refused to budge. What makes it more interesting? She didn’t have just one kid under the age of three, she had two. Talk about a balancing act! Obviously, parents who have more than one kid are doing a balancing act of some kind all the time. But, it still takes strong will and determination to pull through a conniption fit or two unscathed and unphased. Especially when you’re trying to watch over several little ones at one time. While some experts argue against ignoring your child’s tantrums, it seemed to have worked just fine for this Super Mom.

8Mariah Carey Cares More For The Star

Mariah Carey is the diva of pop and R&B. She’s known to be this way even outside of her music. It certainly translates over to her everyday life, because you will never see this music icon lose her cool in public. Not even when dealing with her young twins in public. Mariah has two young kids named Moroccan and Monroe.

Back in 2015, when Carey was being honored with her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, her two twins Monroe and Morrocan were present for the ceremony. While it could hardly be called a big tantrum, it was pretty obvious that Moroccan was not entertained by the big crowds or the noise that accompanied it. What two-year-old would? Regardless, Carey managed to smile through it and Moroccan eventually calmed down. Carey runs a tight ship even in the midst of a large screaming crowd, and it was smooth sailing for the Carey clan for the duration of the ceremony.

7Kristen Bell And Her Kids

Kristen Bell was asked in a recent interview what the most embarrassing thing she had experienced with her children was. Her answer was pretty shocking - nothing. Or at least the actress was hard-pressed to think of something on the spot. Bell cited an example of her children throwing a tantrum in a public place like a grocery store. Should they be disciplined? Sure. Should she be embarrassed? Not hardly. Bell acknowledges that tantrums are just a normal part of growing up and that the embarrassment lies more with her kids than her.

Bell says that parents shouldn’t feel embarrassed by their children’s outbursts or tantrums and that sometimes it is just out of their control. The phrase, “kids will be kids,” certainly rings true here with Bell’s style of parenting. It certainly seems to be her mantra and it works for her. I’d say not being fazed by a temper tantrum or the gazes that it attracts is reaching boss-level status.

6Jennifer Garner And Her Kids

Jennifer Garner, just like many other boss parents on this list doesn’t tolerate tantrums of any sort. She certainly believes in the power of rules and boundaries. Even though she is a celebrity, she still believes in teaching her kids proper manners and acceptable behaviors to have in public. Garner told US Magazine that she holds her kids to the same standards as everyone else. She cited an incident where she and her children entered a bike store in order to have the kids’ bicycles fixed. Her youngest son took the opportunity to find something that he really liked and begged his mom for it.

Unfortunately for him, when Garner says no, she means no! She told the magazine that she laid out the ground rules before entering the store, one of which was not to ask for anything. This means that her son knew that his chances of getting anything were slim to none. Still, he pitched a fit and the people in the store even offered to give him what he wanted for free. However, Garner stuck to her guns on this one and declined the offer. Her sheer tenacity and unwillingness to bend has helped land her on this list. Even though she’s a celebrity, her kids don’t get any special treatment and for that, she’s a boss!

5TV Tantrum - Vick’s Commercial

This has to be one of the most iconic, awkward and hilarious commercials ever made. A commercial for Vick’s First Defense nasal spray shows a sick mom with her baby and young son shopping in the store for cold medicine. While the mom is picking up her nasal spray, her youngest son is off in the corner picking up a bag of chips and other snacks that he really wants. Clearly, mom is not in the mood, because shortly after she tells her son to put the items back, he throws a tantrum and she does the unbelievable…

She drops on the floor, flailing her arms and legs around and has a tantrum for all in the store to see. Clearly, it catches the kids’ attention. The baby smiles and the son actually seems slightly amused by his mom’s shocking display. He immediately stops whining and puts the items back as his mom motions for him to come along in a gesture that seems to say, “You see how absurd a tantrum is? So stop it.” It’s a commercial, so this mom isn’t actually a parent (at least not to this child). But, it’s still funny and a very interesting way to curb a child’s temper tantrums. This mom has got to have a spot on our list of bosses.

4Father Lip Syncs To Daughter’s Tantrum

This dad had a hilarious response to his daughter’s tantrum. The Sterners came up with the most creative way to deal with their six-year-old daughter’s tantrum: lip-syncing. The family uploaded a video to Youtube where Mr. Sterner could be seen mimicking or “acting out” his daughter’s offscreen tantrum. The cause of the tantrum? Mom made a dinner that, unfortunately, wasn’t to the six-year old's liking. She preferred to have Mcdonald's instead.

Well, clearly things didn’t go her way and she had thrown a tantrum for over an hour when Dad stepped in to make light of the situation and possibly calm her down. While the mocking only seemed to irritate the little girl further, it did cause the family to erupt with laughter. Many who have seen the video have found this dad’s way of dealing with the tantrum quite hilarious. Other people, not so much. But the one thing parents are advised not to do when their child has a tantrum is give in. And Mr. Sterner certainly didn’t.

3Don’t Cry Over Spilled Red Wine

This baby might have a slight drinking problem, and we’re not talking about breastmilk here. A father from the Dominican Republic posted a very interesting video to Facebook that has garnered millions of views and for good reason.

The video shows the little girl on the brink of tears while her parents try to coerce her with a plate of pasta and even a baby bottle with milk (what any baby wants, right?). Unfortunately, these things only add fuel to the fire, because the baby seems to have her eyes set on a glass of red wine! Sounds crazy and even a little bit frightening, but the video is definitely super hilarious. Dad places the glass of red wine down in front of the baby, and her mood is instantly lifted. It’s as if he read her mind. She grins and the video ends before the baby ever takes a sip (and dad already noted that she never did). The caption on the video is in Spanish, but it translates to, “my alcoholic baby.” Befitting am I right? While no one is advocating for parents to give their children alcohol, the hilarious video is an odd reminder that this little girl is all of us after a long day at work or running after kids.

2Don’t Believe In Santa Claus

Kids have such wild imaginations, and believe in so many fairytale creatures that it’s ridiculous. In fact, many parents use stories of made-up creatures to curb bad behavior in their children. It works for some, but clearly not for this child. The mother of a New Jersey toddler by the name of Lucy Adamsky was trying to convince her daughter that the “elf on the shelf” was watching the little girl’s every move and would let Santa know of any misbehavior. Well, little Lucy was having none of it.

The little girl then responded to her mother by insisting that the elf was not “really” (meaning he’s not real) and that he was just a toy. Despite mom’s attempts to persuade her daughter to think otherwise, Lucy continued to insist--rather loudly--that the elf wasn’t magic and wasn’t a real thing. The tantrum finished with lucy informing her mom that Santa isn’t real either. Lucy’s mom has several older daughters who no longer believe in things like Santa and elves, so she thought it would be a good way to keep some child-like Christmas spirit alive by having the elf at their home. Unfortunately, Lucy is a little too smart to fall for any of that. She knows that the little elf, playfully deemed, “Bubbles,” is nothing other than a toy that she’d like to play with. Nice try, mom!

1Queen-sized Tantrum

Earlier in our list, there is a story about a young girl throwing a temper tantrum in front of President Obama. Fast-forward a few months, a couple thousand miles and one gender over and you’ll find a two-year-old by the name of Alfie Lun who faced...similar circumstances. During the unveiling of a new war memorial, a little boy and his family had the opportunity to present the Queen Elizabeth III with a bouquet of flowers.

Needless to say he wasn’t impressed, and he wasn’t feelin’ it.The little one attempted to wiggle out of his mom’s arms so that he could sit on the ground. When his mother attempted to pick him up, Alfie threw a bit of a tantrum before finally settling down enough for his mother to pick him up again. After the minor fall out, Alfie gains just enough composure to help his dad hand over the flowers to the queen before starting to wriggle around again. The queen had quite a bit of patience though, as she waited out Alfie’s tantrum with a smile and received the flowers graciously.


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