15 Sick Times Parents Medicated Their Kids To Sleep

Stories about parents treating their children cruelly are nothing new, unfortunately. But in today’s world, some parents focus too much on controlling their kids and not enough on caring for them. So there are parenting gems like these fifteen stories, where moms and dads decided that they needed their children to be unconscious more than they needed them to be healthy and happy.

These parents didn’t see a doctor for prescription sleep aids or to have their kids evaluated for behavioral problems. They didn’t look into alternative therapies or changing their kids’ routines to aim for better bedtime habits. They didn’t even try reading their kids a story or singing them a song to make bedtime easier. They turned to drugs and manipulation to get their children to pass out long enough for mom and dad to get high, drunk, or whatever else they are more interested in than parenting.

It’s not worth losing your child, whether to CPS or to death, in order to get a few extra hours of peace and quiet. These fifteen stories are unforgivable, because the people in these kids’ lives who were meant to protect them ultimately caused them harm- all over bedtime battles.

15 Mom Drives Her Baby To Overdose


31-year-old mom Tristan Goodwin noticed her baby was teething and that he had a runny nose, so she gave him Benadryl and Tylenol to relieve his symptoms and help him sleep. Or was it more than that? Authorities suggest that Goodwin maliciously dosed her then-six-month-old with so much medication on purpose. The Tylenol that the mom gave to her baby wasn’t even recommended for children under 2, and the tot’s runny nose may have been an effect of the teething and not allergies.

Whatever the reason for the meds, mom Goodwin reportedly told authorities that she wasn’t sure why the child was unresponsive when she found him. His grandmother tried to perform CPR, NBC12 reported, but it was already too late. After toxicology tests came back and proved that baby Tyler died from an overdose, his mom was indicted.

14 Toddler Given Ten Times The Dose


Little Lukas Long’s mother gave him Benadryl in a bottle and a chewable Motrin tablet the morning before he died. The toddler climbed onto the family couch to watch TV and fell asleep. Two hours later, he was dead. Ultimately, the Detroit Free Press reported, Elizabeth Long was convicted of second-degree murder and second-degree child abuse. She faces 22-50 years in prison for overdosing and killing her little boy.

If Lukas had been sick or his mom’s behavior hadn’t been so strange leading up to the baby’s death, this might seem like an accident. But as Lukas’ father explained, Long often fell asleep in odd places, took drugs that weren’t prescribed to her, and even had morphine and hydrocodone in her system the day of Lukas’ death. Plus, the dose of Benadryl she gave her son was over ten times that of an adult dose of the drug.

13 Parents Force Daughter To Take Them


While their love story may have begun in rehab, two parents from England never managed to get their lives on track, even following the birth of their daughter. The child was born with problems caused by the mother’s drug addiction, the Daily Mail explained, and had to be fed through a nasal tube in early infancy. However, the parents kept the tube because of convenience, choosing to administer drugs through the tube rather than weaning their baby off of it.

These awful parents gave their two-year-old a drug meant for older children and also a sedative that’s used for severe anxiety. They were finally caught after they told a social worker that they used drugs to make sure they got enough sleep, but ended up only facing less than two years in prison each. Luckily, the daughter survived, and was able to eat normally shortly after her rescue.

12 Baby Given Tainted Formula


After dissolving sleep aid pills into their infant daughter’s formula, a mom and dad from New York were put on suicide watch as they awaited trial. NBC Connecticut reported that the 8-month-old girl died after her parents dosed her with a sleep aid meant for people ages twelve and over. According to police, the parents regularly drugged all of their children with sleeping pills, and called the resulting drinks “specials.”

When the infant began showing symptoms of illness, instead of calling 911, the drunk father sent the child’s mother a message on Facebook. By 3:30 am, the parents had exchanged numerous Facebook messages about the child’s worsening condition. By 7:30 am, police arrived and found the infant dead. The mother was the one to call authorities, and claimed she was unable to open the infant’s mouth to perform CPR.

11 She Injected Her Own Children


The parents of a 6, 4, and 2-year-old apparently made their habit into their children’s habit, SF Gate reported. Ashlee Hutt and Mac Leroy McIver were arrested on charges of criminal mistreatment, unlawfully giving a controlled substance to someone under 18, and assault on a child. While the 6-year-old told authorities his parents injected him and his sisters with “feel good medicine,” which he said made them fall asleep, the eldest child tested negative for heroin. The four-year-old had some in her system, as did the two-year-old.

Although admittedly addicts themselves, the couple claimed that their babysitter was responsible for injecting the kids with heroin. However, authorities reported that the house the family lived in was littered with aluminum foil rolls and cooker heroin, in addition to drug needles and rat poop.

10 Baby Dies From Methadone


17-month-old Utah toddler Jaslynn Mansfield started life with a methadone addiction, thanks to her mother’s drug problems. But Jaslynn’s life didn’t get any easier. Her mother, Courtney Howell, told authorities after her daughter’s death that she thought giving the baby methadone would help her sleep. Daily Mail also reported that the baby’s father died a few months before her birth. He died from a methadone overdose.

While Howell plead with the court for leniency, she received two consecutive 15-year sentences for adding methadone to her child’s bottle. The mother later posed at her daughter’s grave with a smile on her face, while facing the judge in the courtroom with pleas for forgiveness and tears.

9 Most Hated Mom In The World Dosed Toddler To Death


Most of the world hates Casey Anthony, and that’s no surprise since we’re reasonably sure she murdered her daughter back in 2008. At first, Casey’s story was that her daughter drowned, but something didn’t sit right with the public when they heard this story. Now, Casey’s father, George Anthony, has told Daily Mail that he knows Casey was “giving Caylee something” to make her sleep.

George Anthony claims that Casey used a Xanax-type drug to keep Caylee asleep for 10 to 14 hours overnight, and he thought it was odd Caylee always had circles under her eyes. He notes that the street name for Xanax is Zannie, which Casey claimed was the name of the nanny that Caylee allegedly disappeared with prior to her death. Regardless, Casey’s still on our list for one of the worst examples of parenting ever, even if she didn’t drug her to sleep.

8 Mom Fatally Doses One-Year-Old


A Wisconsin mom received only five years in prison for killing her one-year-old baby with methadone. Tallie Strommen gave her baby part of a methadone pill to get her to sleep on Christmas Eve in 2013, NBC 15 reported. Christmas morning, the little girl was dead. The girl’s mother was charged with child neglect causing death, downgraded from first-degree reckless homicide.

Baby K’Myah’s grandmother was also involved in the case, since she allegedly provided the drugs to her daughter. The younger Strommen claims that she did not give her baby the pills, and that somehow the baby got the pill out of her mother’s coat pocket while everyone in the house was asleep. Strommen apparently had other children who were also asleep in the same room as the pills and the coat.

7 Took Daughter's Life With A Cocktail Of Sleep Aids


Her parents told investigators that London Woodson had never had a normal sleep pattern. Fox 6 Now reported that the parents denied giving any of their children prescription drugs, while their older children claimed that mom and dad would break off pieces of pills and gave them to London to make her sleep.

Prior to the three-year-old’s death, authorities note, the 14-year-old child of the couple was afraid to say anything because the father gave the child a “look” that indicated they’d better keep quiet. The parents maintain that the child must have found and gotten into the pills on her own, but the child died of acute mixed drug toxicity and was obviously exposed to numerous types of prescription pills over a period of time. The parents face up to 25 years in prison for their daughter’s death.

6 Spiked Formula Lands Mom In Jail


Corinne Barndt, mother of an eight-month-old baby boy and allegedly an older daughter, landed in jail after authorities found out that she had used a drug to get her baby to sleep. The mom told police that she spiked her baby’s bottle of formula on numerous occasions over a period of six months.

The drug Barndt used is a drug that heroin addicts use to wean off heroin, and it’s a highly addictive opioid pain killer. Bardnt added the buprenorphine to her son’s bottle to get him to sleep, Daily Mail reported, but it’s not clear what the infant’s health status is, or whether the mom kept custody of him and the possible older sister. After her arrest for child endangerment and reckless endangerment, Corinne Barndt faced a $1 million bond and jail time.

5 Force Fed Entire Bottle Of Cold Medicine


A five-year-old boy died after being forced to drink an entire bottle of cold medicine, the Washington Post reports. His mother, Narges Shafeirad, admitted to forcing the boy to drink the liquid, although the bruising on his face after he died told the story well enough. During her trial, Shafeirad suggested that she killed her son as a result of a bitter divorce and vicious custody fight over her son, Daniel Dana.

Daniel’s father, Hamid Dana, maintained that although the couple had their struggles over custody, there was no reason for him to assume Shafeirad would hurt their son. The mother was about to be evicted from her apartment, and had also just lost her job, and apparently decided to kill her child and herself. After drugging Daniel, she set their vehicle on fire and suffered burns to 40% of her body while in the car.

4 Mistakenly Given Toxic Meds In Place Of Sleep Aid


Eight-year-old Andrew Sheldrick’s parents routinely dosed him with a medication his doctor prescribed for a sleep disorder. Except this time, the pharmacy made a mistake. While we’re sure the parents feel immense guilt over not realizing the switch, Andrew received three times the toxic dose of Baclofen, a drug that is actually a muscle relaxant, CBC reported. The drug is used for treating muscle spasms that result from conditions like multiple sclerosis.

Because the medication was mixed at a compound pharmacy, the label was correct while the liquid inside was a lethal drug which killed Andrew while he slept. Now the family has launched a lawsuit against the facility which mixed the drugs, a mix up that never should have happened. His parents note that Andrew didn’t even say the medicine tasted any different than usual.

3 Nurse Mom Plans Murder Suicide


Mom to six-year-old Lacey Carr killed the innocent girl with a combination of drugs including Benadryl, diazepam, and morphine. The former nurse allegedly drugged her daughter first then took the medication herself, leaving two suicide notes to explain their deaths. However, the mother, Kathleen Dymes, survived the suicide attempt, although she was found unresponsive at the scene.

Patch reported that little over two years later, after facing prison time for her daughter’s murder yet getting off with five years’ probation, Dymes again attempted suicide and was successful. She was found in a motel room, dead of an overdose. With a history of drug abuse, Dymes’ end wasn’t that much of a surprise. What was shocking was that she murdered her own child first by inducing sleep with a combination of dangerous drugs.

2 Mom Pulls Kids From School And Doses Them


If keeping her kids out of school and sheltered indoors for over a year wasn’t bad enough, Georgia mother Savion Piotter also routinely drugged her four kids, NBC4I reports. The children ranged in age from 1 to 8 and when the Department of Children Services workers came to the house, a 3-year-old answered but then closed the door quickly.

The mother is accused of drugging the kids so that she could control them, which is odd considering if she’d just sent them to school, at least they wouldn’t be cooped up inside all the time. The news report makes no mention of whether the mom attempted to homeschool her children, but she fled from authorities each time someone knocked on the door, making her case seriously suspicious. Now she faces charges of neglect for shooting her kids up with drugs and not taking them to the doctor.

1 Infant Slips Into A Coma After Melatonin Dosage


An 11-month-old baby was thought to have fallen into a coma after her parents gave her a bottle with melatonin in it to put her to sleep. The parents left the baby sleeping alone in a bed that had pillows around it to keep her from falling. However, when the mother checked on the child hours later, the baby wasn’t in the bed. She had fallen off the bed and into a clothes basket by the side of the bed, and was already unconscious.

Apparently the parents knew they could be investigated and charged with negligence for allowing the baby to sleep in a dangerous environment, so they lied to police at first. The Trinidad Express reported that police were told the baby slipped into a coma after drinking the melatonin-laced bottle. However, melatonin, even in large doses, doesn’t usually kill children or cause comas.

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