15 Times Parents Tried To Kill Their Kids

Most parents know what it is like to suffer stresses and strains in family life but, thankfully, few ever get to the point of wanting to end it.

Most parents know what it is like to suffer stresses and strains in family life but, thankfully, few ever get to the stage where they think a real solution to their problems would be to kill their children.

The murder of a child is something inexplicable and shocking to most people, but it is always much worse to hear that the individual who tried or was successful taking a child's life was the one who gave them that life in the first place, their parent.

Our kids correctly put their trust in us to look after them and keep them safe. No child should ever have to experience the horror of an attempt on their life, let alone experiencing that threat at the hands of the parent they look too to keep them safe. Unfortunately, it is not difficult to find incidents where parents have tried to kill either one or more than one child. The motives for these actions usually make sense to the perpetrator but as an outsider looking in it is inexplicable that you would try to murder your child to get out of paying child support or to sever your connections to a past life.

15A Father Attempts A Drowning

On June 3, 2017, after a heated row, Leland Doster went to the home he and his estranged wife had shared. Doster pulled his wife, Michelle Sorrells and their three-month-old twins into the bathroom. Forrells was threatened with a knife and then held by the throat as the father of her children began trying to drown the twins, a boy, and a girl.

Sorrells told reporters that she tried to fight off Foster who choked her with one hand while repeatedly pushing the babies under the water with the other.

Her 12-year-old niece ran to a neighbor's home calling for help. Luckily for Sorrells and the twins, that neighbor was Cash Freeman. Freeman grabbed his revolver, ran to Sorrells' house and shot Doster twice in the back.

Sorrells and the babies were rushed to the hospital and are recovering well at home. Leland Doster died of his gunshot wounds, and Freeman is being hailed as a hero.

14Murder-Suicide Interrupted

A two-year-old boy was found stumbling around in his home barely conscious, and his five-year-old sister was passed out on the floor when police broke into their home in June 2017. The police had been called to check on the welfare of Tracy Johnson and her children. Johnson was also discovered unconscious on the floor, and all three were taken to hospital where they recovered.

It was later revealed that Johnson had tried to kill her children to get back at her ex-husband. After crushing drugs into smoothies, she tied bags around their heads and turned on the gas in the apartment.

The five-year-old told prosecutors that “ mommy told her that she was going to put a plastic bag over her head. The 5-year old also said that one-night mom put a pillow over her and her brother’s head and squeezed tight because she was angry and said her brother’s father was not nice.”

Johnson is now being held on a $2-million bond.

13An Inexplicable Act

The estranged wife of Charles Lee Ewers called the police on April 4, 2015, after her two sons were not returned home after a scheduled visit with their father. When the police arrived at Ewers' home, they could hear a car running in the garage and forced entry to the structure where they found the car with yellow hoses running from the exhaust into the window.

Inside they found Ewers in the driver's seat with a replica airsoft gun by his side. Also in the car were the two boys, aged 8 and 10, who also had bloodied head and faces. The injuries were caused after Ewers tried to drug them with Ambien and when they did not fall asleep, he beat them about the head with a mallet.

After dragging the boys to the car, he told them they were all “going to heaven.”
Ewers was charged with two counts of attempted murder, use of a deadly weapon and causing bodily harm. He said he had been planning the murders for months and would try again given the opportunity.

12Autistic Teen Almost Killed By Mother

Isabella Stapleton, known as Issy to friends and family, was diagnosed with Autism at the age of two. Her mother Kelli had said in an interview with a local paper “She is a great kid with a lot of potential. She’s so smart. She started reading when she was 2. She’s got so much to offer, but her aggression is going to limit her life as much as anything.”

Keli felt responsible that an offer for Issy to attend a program in a local school was withdrawn and sent her husband Matt a message described as despondent. When police found the family van that night the windows were rolled up and coals burnt on the inside, filling the van with carbon monoxide.

Issy was placed on a respirator and after some doubt has made a recovery. Keli has been sentenced to 10-22 years in prison.

11A Deliberate Crash Intended To Kill

The father of two and a half-year-old Isaiah Weitzel told investigators “the reason he wanted to kill Isaiah was because being a father was a big responsibility and he did not think he was man enough to raise a child.”

Nathan Weitzel put his own seatbelt on but deliberately left his son unrestrained in the back of the car. Weitzel then drove at over 75 mph into a row of cars with the express intention of killing his son.

Cindi Rosa lives next door to the yard where Weitzel's vehicle ended up. Rosa called 911, and while she was on the telephone she saw Weitzel "hitting the child ... it looked like an elbow. It was horrifying."

The crash, on Aug 29, 2017, left Isaiah with half of his body in a cast and will not be walking for several months but he is expected to make a full recovery.

10Mown Down By Their Mother

The Osceola County Sheriff's Office in Florida had been dispatched to the home of Constance Gayheart 31 times in 10 years.On one of those occasions, Gayheart's children were removed from the home by CPS, but they were returned to the home when the state dropped the charges.

In January 2017 Gayheart was arrested on new charges of child abuse which were then upgraded to charges of attempted murder. The mother had already been accused of misdemeanor child abuse in December 2016 after one of her neighbors reported seeing her pushing one of her children to the ground.

The latest charges were laid after another friend witnessed Gayheart driving at two of her children in her SUV, hitting them both. The children are expected to make a full recovery, and Gayheart is being held without bond at the Osceola County Jail on counts of attempted murder, aggravated child abuse, battery and child abuse.

9Cancer Patient Poisoned By Mom

A fifteen-year-old boy in Indianapolis was being treated for leukemia when he began to have puzzling bouts of fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. The boy had been receiving chemotherapy in August 2016, but this strange illness sent him back to the hospital in September. Blood tests discovered microbes in his blood that is generally only found in feces.

This caused suspicion that the boy was being poisoned with feces in some way and surveillance cameras were set up in his room.

On November 17, 2017, his mother, Tiffany Alberts, was recorded injecting something into his IV line. Alberts claimed she was merely flushing his IV line with water, but it was discovered she had a bag of his feces stored in his hospital bathroom which she used to poison the IV.

8A Mother Saves Her Child From His Dad

Shortly after the daughter of Yang Xiaoqing and her husband was born, they were told she was actually a little boy with an atrophic penis. After this news, her husband declared their son a monster and tried to kill their baby boy on three separate occasions.

The first time Yang heard the baby crying and caught her husband putting a wet towel over their son's face. Three days later he tried again with a diaper, a wet towel, and a blanket but was stopped again by his wife.

Unable to kill the child himself Yang's husband enrolled the little boy's grandfather to help. When Yang realized her son was missing she called the police who found him abandoned at the roadside. His father and grandfather were arrested and charged with attempted murder.

"After he was found, he did not eat for 12 hours," Yang recalled. "My heart is broken. He may be a monster to others, but to me, he is and will always be my sweetest baby."

7Double Murder Attempt

New Hampshire mother, Wendy Miller-Wright, was ordered to a five-year commitment at the state hospital after pleading not guilty by reason of insanity to two counts of attempted murder. Miller-Wright's mental illness diagnosis was not shared with the court, but she was said to be a danger both to herself and others.

On June 18, 2013, she force fed her seven-year-old daughter and her six-year-old son, bleach. At some time during this process, the little girl managed to escape and fled to a neighbor's house where emergency services were called.

Miller-Wright told her children she was giving them medicine before drinking some of the bleach herself. She later told the police that she was trying to save her children and end her own life.

The mother can be assessed again in five years and may be recommitted at that stage.

6Dad Told, "I Hope You Burn In Hell."

The judge who sentenced Brian Stewart to life imprisonment said that he hoped Stewart would burn in hell and that he was the worst kind of war criminal. This was after finding Stewart guilty of injecting his 11-month-old son with HIV infected blood in an attempt to get out of paying child support.

Baby Brryan Jackson was not expected to live more than a few months but did not develop full-blown AIDS until he was five years old. At one stage he was taking 23 oral pills, three injections and two bags of IV medication a day and his mother was told he would not live past the age of six.

Brryan lost 70% of his hearing because of the highly toxic drug regime but in a twist, doctors have called miraculous, Brian is now 22 years old and has had undetectable levels of the virus in his blood for some years.

5Jesus Told Her To Do It

On November 17, 2016, Baton Rouge Police was called to the home of Gloria Ross at around 7:00 am. There they found Ross alone, holding the knife she had used in an attempt to cut her eight-year-old son's throat.

Ross readily admitted to the attempted murder and told officers that Jesus told her to kill her child. There had been no indications of mental illness before this point, and Ross, who is estranged from her children's father has no previous criminal record.

The other two children, who were home at the time said their mother just walked up behind the eight-year-old, told him she was sorry, pulled out a kitchen knife and cut his throat. Luckily all three children were able to escape the home and run to a neighbor's house for help. The little boy was taken to hospital with a cut to his throat that authorities have said is not life threatening.

4A Murderer In McDonald's

Customers at a San Leandro McDonalds were shocked to find themselves witness to the attempted murder of an 11-month-old baby while he was being held in his mother's arms.
The child's father, Marcel Brooks was said to have ‘baited’ the baby's mom, his ex-partner, into meeting him at the fast food location.

Brooks’ current girlfriend Adanna Ibe sat back at a corner table dressed in a hoodie, mask, and gloves. Ibe walked up to the baby's mom and aimed the gun at the little boy and shot from about one foot away. Ibe fled after she missed the child, and the bullet went through the window.

“She fired from 1 foot away,” he said. “In my opinion, it was a miracle that she missed.”

Both Brooks and Ibe were arrested the next morning and charged with attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

3"Mommy Said She's Going To Kill Us All"

Paw Eh of Dallas forced her four-year-old son to eat poison during an attempt to kill her three children and herself. Eh slapped the boy around the face after he struggled to keep his mouth closed and forced the spoon loaded with ant poison and water into his mouth as he cried. The little boy knew what she was trying to do because Eh had already told her three children she was going to kill them and herself.

Next Eh sought to force feed the two older children the same mixture, but they escaped and fled to their grandmother who lives in the same apartment complex.

“My mom wants to kill us with poison powder that kills ants and stuff,” the seven-year-old boy reportedly said, and the daughter told investigators that earlier that day her mother had told the three of them she was going to kill them.

The four-year-old recovered and the children are now with relatives.

2Saved By Strangers

Savita Chaudhari of Mumbai was arrested and charged with trying to kill her three-month-old son. Chaudhuri's husband Manish, with whom she has two other children, received a call at work to say the baby was in the hospital because he had been poisoned by an insecticide.

Manish rushed to the hospital and while he was reporting the incident to police, Savita took their son and ran away from the hospital.

A short while later two members of the public happened to pass by a secluded spot and saw Savita hit her son's head with a chunk of stone. The witnesses called the police, and the baby was returned to the hospital where he was treated for his injuries.

The baby is expected to make a full recovery and the Chaudhari family have said they do not wish to press charges against Savita.

1A Mom Who Gave Birth Then Death

A Romanian woman living in England admitted in court that she had tried to kill her newborn baby by abandoning him in a bin in a hospital toilet cubicle.

Orsolya-Anna Maria Balogh, who is homeless, pushed toilet paper into her young son's mouth after she gave birth to him in the bathroom stall on July 5, 2016. The woman has gone to the hospital emergency room at around 7:30 pm complaining of stomach pains and vomiting but when staff asked if she might be pregnant she vehemently denied she could be. Balogh left the ER and went to a publicly accessible toilet in the hospital where she gave birth to the baby boy before leaving the washroom at around 10:30 pm.

The baby was found by a cleaner a short time later. The umbilical cord was cut, his mouth was full of tissue, and he had been wrapped in a black plastic bag.

Fortunately, the baby is now thriving and living with foster parents.


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