15 Times Pink Gave Us Serious #MomGoals

Pink is the singer, and the mom, every mom wishes she could be! The American singer-songwriter, known to her loved ones as Alecia Beth Moore, has two beautiful children, Willow Sage Hart (don’t you just love that name?!), who is almost seven, and Jameson Moon Hart, who is just one year old.

The cool, funky, punky, and tough-yet-feminine Pink has been in our lives for over a decade. She entered into the music arena way back in the year 2000 and is still going strong! We know Pink for her hit singles including There You Go, You Make Me Sick, Don’t Let Me Get Me, Trouble, Get The Party Started, Raise Your Glass, So What, What About Us, and the list goes on and on. You have some of these stuck in your head right now, don’t you?!

We have eagerly and willingly followed Pink’s path in the music world, and then into her family life. Pink married professional motocross rider Carey Hart in 2006. Together, they have those two adorable kids of theirs, who you have likely seen at various events and award shows. Pink has maintained a professional career, even as she heads towards being 40 years old, and lead a seemingly regular life as a mom, just like us. She seems to have it all, and has given us lots of #momgoals!

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15 A Feminist Mom Leading The Way

Via: People

Pink has been praised for years as being a strong advocate for women’s rights. But, if you remember her speech back in August 2017 at the MTV VMAs, you got a real taste of what this amazing woman, and mom, is doing for her children, her fans, and really, all of us.

Pink addressed the cheering crowd at the MTV VMAs, and the hundreds of thousands watching at home, with a story a bit personal in nature. Stylist UK sums up exactly what Pink said in those first few moments, “Recently I was driving my daughter to school and she said to me, out of the blue […] ‘I’m the ugliest girl I know’. And I said, ‘Huh?’ And she said, ‘Yeah, I look like a boy with long hair.” Using herself as an example, she asked her daughter: “‘What do you think I look like?’

“And she said, ‘Well, you’re beautiful.’ And I said, ‘Well, thanks’.”

Pink went on to discuss how when she was a rising star, it was hateful people telling her she looked like a boy to try to beat her down. However, it was the very last moment in that speech, up on the bright stage, with her daughter Willow looking and listening on, when Pink said directly to that cute little girl of hers as she brought tears to the eyes of just about all of us, “And you, my darling girl, are beautiful. And I love you.”

14 Her Kids Wear Stuff We Actually Want

Pink’s instagram is chock full of adorable family pics that just make us melt. Those two kiddies of hers are just too darn delicious! One thing we love about Pink, though, is her awesomely unique style. She is cool and funky, and wears stuff we all want to wear too, and, the same goes with the clothes she puts on her kids! We want our kids to wear some of the trendsetting outfits Willow wears and some of the adorably funny onesies she puts on baby Jameson!

When that cutie pie newborn baby, Jameson Moon was needed a new outfit, Pink decided to put him in a hilarious graphic tee, and made us all laugh after posting it on Instagram. On her Instagram, is this funny as anything onesie that says “Straight Outta Mumma” (get it, like Straight Outta Compton?!). We all need this onesie for our little ones! It is so funny and so true too, that little baby really was straight outta his mama!

We haven’t forgotten about cutie Willow. We love her outfits so their coolness, and now the little girl is getting into makeup! According to People, Willow has made her own makeup tutorials that are full of good laughs. Gotta check those out!

13 She Genuinely Has Fun With Her Kids

Pink is like so many of us in that she wants to include her children in so many aspects of her life. Sure, there is always a time (and let’s face, a need!) to hire a babysitter and head out on the town kid-free, but Pink shows us how easy and normal it can be to want to have your little ones tag along. She has brought her kids to just about everything, including award shows and concerts.

It is not that she just feels like dragging them along, either. She wants them there! Last year Pink decided she wanted to go see the Zac Brown Band in concert. Sure, sounds like a plan! Only thing is that Pink wanted to make it a family affair! This included her newborn baby!

She had no shame, and even posted a photo to Instagram with the hashtag #familydatenight. Everyone has a giant smile.

This is clearly a family who really does enjoy being together. It is difficult, if not impossible, to find a photo, like a paparazzi photo, of Pink and/or her husband, Carey Hart, getting angry or mad or yelling at their kids. They are always smiles, always. This is the family we all hope to be and wish we could be! Can we just get a smidge of Pink’s patience and love for life?!

12 She Is Teaching Her Kids How To Give Back

Pink doesn’t just love her own children, she loves ALL children! She gives back in a major way by being an ambassador for UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund).

According to People, Pink has made a motion for children around the world to dance their little hearts out. To encourage children worldwide in more than 130 countries to unite to help save other children’s lives, stand up and fight for their rights, and to help them fulfill their true potential and dreams, Pink has handed over her smash hit “What About Us” to UNICEF, where children will sing along to the tune and use a new signature dance move to create their own rendition for a music video.”

Pink’s children, her daughter, especially (since she is older at age six), are very aware of Pink’s involvement in making the world a better place for kids around the globe. Pink readily shares her UNICEF work and mission with her kids, and it is paying off big time. Parents.com reports, Pink revealed that, in addition to knowing that not every child has a bed to sleep in at night, Willow is always ready and willing to give her toys to those in need.

"We donate," Pink told People in 2015. "When one new toy comes in, eight go out. Willow loves being in charge of that. She loves looking around and going, 'Okay, I'm ready to give this one up, Mama.’”

11 She Understands The Importance Of Mommy Time

You gotta love Pink on Instagram. She is like the bad mom we all want to be! And we mean bad in a good way, of course! Pink is not afraid of what all the haters think, because she knows that the likes of you and me are keeping her afloat and loving her every minute. It is no wonder that Pink has stayed popular for so long.

She is uber-talented as a singer and songwriter -- that is obvious! But, to still be going strong after having a family, well, it is because she’s got many of us moms who have grow up side by side with her, and now look to her for some serious #momgoals.

Pink is a strong opponent for breastfeeding.

She readily admits to having to pump out breastmilk, sometimes in strange locations or right before she has to go on stage!

She takes motherhood responsibilities to a whole new level, and needs to be commended for that.

Like the rest of us, Pink knows how important breastfeeding is, but maybe even more importantly, how mama deserves a little something after pumping. With a bottle of wine in hand, Pink wrote this on her Instagram: "When you're almost done pumping, you know what's next...WINE. ALWAYS WINE."

10 She Runs A Label-less Household

What is a label-less household? Well, according to Pink, who termed it label-less, it is a household without set genders. In other words, a gender-neutral environment. For anyone who knows the singer Pink, she has been a true role model for breaking down barriers when it comes to gender roles. She has kicked right through what it means to be female, and everyone has been applauding (because, well, who cares about the haters!). Now that Pink is a mom, she plans to raise her children has gender-neutral, according to Independent UK.

That means, there are no defined gender roles or expectations in her household. Pink told this to Independent UK, “she's intent on raising her daughter Willow as gender neutral, allowing her to make free choices that aren't dictated by what society states women should or shouldn't do. We are a very label-less household. Last week, Willow told me she is going to marry an African woman. I was like: Great, can you teach me how to make African food? And, she’s like: ‘Sure mama, and we are going to live with you while our house is getting ready.’” She joked that her only question to Willow was, “who is paying for this by the way?’”

9 She Goes Shopping With The Littles Like It’s No Big Deal

Raise your hand if you dread having to go shopping with your little ones! For so many of us, going shopping, whether it be for groceries, clothes, or anything, is not a chore we exactly enjoy completing with the kids. In fact, many moms will rush out to the store leaving their kids at home with dad, just to get some alone time. (Hello to wandering the aisles of Target!).

If we have to bring our kids, sometimes it ends with buying too many toys or junk food, or having to leave the store empty-handed due to our toddler’s temper tantrum. We’ve all been there.

Which is why seeing Pink willingly shopping with her kids gives us some serious #momgoals! She does it with such ease!

She makes it seem like she actually wants to be there with them! On Pink’s Instagram, she put a picture of Willow pushes a cart full of Michael’s merchandise. We can’t see what is in the bags, but we know it must be something good! And prompts to Willow for obviously behaving quite well to let her mama buy all that good stuff! Who wants to take a trip to Michael’s now?!

8 She Supports Small Businesses

Pink is all for the regular people. She likes to shop small and support small businesses that would rely on a celebrity such as herself to boost up some business! Some of those small businesses are kind of super small and are run by a certain someone who is near and dear to her heart- her daughter, Willow!

According to Pink’s Instagram page, Willow likes to run lemonade stands. What kid doesn’t, right?! Imagine walking by to see that cutie pie Willow selling some refreshing drinks? We’d buy some for sure! Only thing is, Willow is running her lemonade stand for a good cause. No, it is not to buy a video game or a new toy that she really wants, like other kids who set up their own lemonade stands.

Willow begged her mom to let her run one so she could donate the money to an animal shelter. Pink says on her Instagram that they made their own homemade lemonade, by hand squeezing 39 lemons! They also made homemade chocolate chip marshmallow surprise cookies, too. And, obviously, they raised a ton of dough. Good job, Willow! That little girl has a heart of gold, and a mama who makes us want to get our kids on board with a lemonade stand for charity.

7 She Gets Ultra Creative For Halloween

Halloween is a holiday that many moms love, but that a lot of moms dread! Coming up with the costume of the year is not an easy task. Unless that is, you are Pink. Then, apparently, Halloween costumes are your thing (in addition to all that singing and songwriting of course!). Pink gives us some serious #momgoals, and maybe even some mom guilt with the family Halloween costumes she devises. They are pure genius.

Pink is able to get her entire family on board, too, including her hubby. Not all men are willing to wear some crazy getup on Halloween, but he sure is down for it! They have dressed up as a family of pirates, an insect family, a family of birds in nests (when Pink was pregnant with Jameson), our favorite ET characters, and the list goes on.

The Halloween costumes that Pink comes up with are simple yet totally awesome. Sure, lots of time is spent thinking them up, but when it comes down to it, these are costumes that really anyone could do. They are not crazy elaborate or put together by a professional team of stylists. They are like neighborhood Halloween costumes. So, go ahead, which family costume set is on your list for this year’s trick or treating festivities?

6 Mom Duties > Work

Pink may be an award-winning singer, but to her, being a mom comes first. This is why Pink is seen pumping her milk on set or bringing her kids along to award shows. She wants to be there to raise them, but, also wants to have a career. And lo and behold, she is certainly having her cake and eating it too! She is able to balance the delicate mom-work-life balance that so many of us moms struggle with. Of course, she will admit to some struggles, but from what we’ve seen, she really can do it all. Those are some serious #momgoals for all of us!

Because family comes first to Pink, she has said that it is really up to her children whether or not she continues her career as a singer and all that comes with it, like roaming to globe giving concerts.

According to People, Pink is set to be on tour performing all those songs we know all the words to and more, until the end of 2019. She brings her family along for the ride! However, Pink says touring may not work as her family gets older, and says, “When touring stops working for the kids, if they decide they just want to be home and have a normal life, whatever that means, I’ll stop because they are by far the priority”

5 She Supports Her Children No Matter What

Just as Pink’s family supports her career and follows her along on the road in her singing adventure, Pink also supports whatever her kids want to do. Since she followed her dreams, it is Pink’s dream to have her kids be able to reach for the stars, no matter what it is that they are after, she will be there to support them.

We will remember that Pink’s husband is a professional motocross driver. That is a rough sport that could cause injury. Carey Hart has been injured before too. It should come as no surprise that their children will be interested in this aspect of their father’s life. Willow loves her daddy and wants to do motocross herself. Her parents supported her, and Willow had the ride of her little life.

One day, though, according to New Idea, Willow got a bit hurt trying to practice some of her dad’s skills. Sure, she has a way to go, but her parents took her minor injury with ease. Carey Hart said, “Willz got her first bloody nose! Took a good slam at the pump track, she is hands down the toughest kid I ever met. Cried for 30 seconds, and got back on her bike and kept riding. She wouldn't stop, even when I asked. Had to bribe her with ice cream!” Welp. If Pink gives us serious #momgoals, her man gives us some serious #dadgoals for all our hubbies!

4 She Always Holds Her Ground

Pink is not shy in front of the camera. Pink is not the kind of woman that does things just because others want her to. Pink is the kind of fierce person that will do just as she wants, no matter what anybody else thinks. We love that about her. This is one of the reasons she gained so many fans early on. She was different than other singers out there. Sure, she has made some amazing songs, but her personality and independent nature keeps drawing us back to her, and now being a mom, she is the mom we all want to be!

Because Pink is not afraid to be herself, and put that person out there on display, she receives some backlash.

For example, Pink posted a photo to her Instagram where she was cooking dinner while Willow was climbing on the counter and Jameson was strapped to her in a baby carrier. Many of us would look at it like, no big deal, including the kiddos, good for her! Others, however, thought it was bad parenting.

According to Independent UK, Pink got lots of negative feedback for that post, with other moms of all people telling her how dangerous she was being and what a terrible mom she was for putting her kids at risk. Pink brushed it off, because she has the support of many, many moms who praised her for being the awesome mom she is!

3 She Admits To Missing Her Party Life

No matter how much we all love being mothers, it is fun to reminisce about life before we had kids. You know the life- the one where you went out partying til the wee hours of the morning and then got to sleep in the next day. Ah, it was a joy. Most of us would not trade it for the world. Pink is right there with us. It is very obvious she absolutely loves being a mom to her sweet little ones, Willow and Jameson. Pink is always posting on social media, and most of it includes her kids. They are a huge part of her life, in fact, they are her life. Just like our kids are our life.

Pink is more than happy to talk about the partying days, and even post a throwback pic on social media. It shows us that it is okay to miss the past. It is normal to remember life back then and miss it. Even if you love life now. Pink is funny about it, posting things like this on social media as reported by Parents.com, she's not afraid to say she misses it. Well, some of it. "'It used to be whiskey, tears and [smoking], now it's [my baby's] kind of tears, no [smoking], and the color of poop. Pure joy. I miss the whiskey, not the [smoking].'"

2 She Strives To Show That #BreastIsBest

Parenting.com gives us the perfect line when it comes to Pink’s stance on breastfeeding: Pink is proudly part of a young, informed, hip generation of moms who don't feel inclined to apologize for breastfeeding -- she'll fight you if you stand in her way -- and don't bat a lash in discussing their nipple piercings.”

In case you missed it, Pink is a strong believer that breastfeeding is completely natural and normal and no woman should ever be ashamed of needing and wanting to feed her baby!

Pink is sick and tired (like so many of us) of the breastfeeding haters. Parenting.com reports that Pink said, “I think breastfeeding is healthy and natural, and it's a comfort to my baby, so I [couldn't care less] what somebody else thinks. The first time we went out to a restaurant, there was a guy who walked by, I had a cover on… and this guy walks by and was like 'Uughhh' -- he was just disgusted. I was like 'You didn't get enough hugs when you were little.”

Pink’s response gives all of us breastfeeding moms some serious #momgoals. Even Ellen DeGeneres got in on the action by gifting a hilarious Ellen inspired breast pump!

1 She Admits Raising Kids Is Tough!

We have learned so much from Pink on her Instagram account, in particular. We see how she is a devoted and wonderful mom. She loves her kiddies to pieces and supports their adventures and desires one hundred percent. She has an adorable little family that is one we wish we could all be friends with! Pink is real. She says it like it is. She does not sugar coat the mom life, though, she makes a lot seem easy or just more natural to her than to us, which only inspires us to be better moms, hence the #momgoals.

Pink will admit that parenting is not an easy job, however.

Social media shows the highlights of one’s life, and Pink wants to show more than just the good parts. She has shown the struggle with breastfeeding and pumping. She has shown how pregnancy can be utterly exhausting, and how, once born, kids can really give us a run for our money.

When Jameson was a newborn baby, Pink wrote this on her Instagram, “Oh my god I'm so tired my soul has a headache but I'm so okay with it so whatever I'm just gonna take this little catnap real quick wake me up in ten seconds.” Is that not all of us, or what?!

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