15 Times Pregnant Celebs Dressed Inappropriately AF

Some celebrities like the attention they get and some don’t, but part of being famous means being scrutinized for even the most insignificant choices. Everything is judged; from how celebs take care of their children, to who they’re dating, and more importantly—what they wear.

We as a society seem particularly fascinated with how celebrities are dressing for each occasion. Maybe we just want to live vicariously through the celebs we obsess over; because it’s not too often we get invited for a stroll down the red carpet. So we judge. We can’t help ourselves. We wonder why they chose the strapless when they clearly look better in cap sleeves. We scream at the T.V. when we see our fave celebs looking like a hot mess: “What are you doing? I’ve been looking forward to seeing your outfit for two weeks! You let me down!”

Celebs do their best to look like stars, but dressing while pregnant is difficult even for the super-humans among us. Some times we mere mortals have days where we just can’t be bothered to put on real clothes over our growing bump, and we stick with a man’s t-shirt.

Check out these 15 Times Pregnant Celebs Dressed Inappropriately AF. I guarantee these photos will help you feel better about your own badly dressed pregnant moments.

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15 A White-Hot Mess

Call me a prude, but too much cleavage just seems inappropriate anywhere other than the beach. Every woman has a right to wear what they want, but there are still some who feel showing off the girls a bit too much is a little raunchy. Some celebrities seem to do it on purpose, to garner more attention than they might otherwise receive. If that's how you want to pad your fame, no one can stop you, but it comes off as a little desperate. In the above pic, Katie Price is dressed to the nines, crown and all, and while she looks pretty, the overabundance of cleavage makes the whole look appear inappropriate for any occasion. Large breast are never something to be ashamed of, and feel free to dress in whatever makes you feel comfortable, but when the girls are in danger of falling out, the outfit might not be something you want to wear around your mother-in-law. Just one person’s opinion.

14 She Just Don't GAF

Britney Spears is known for being a bit of a train wreck. Honesty, at this point it's really part of her charm. Some days she can look fabulous, but other days she looks a little like trailer trash. It's really a toss up what you're gonna get with her. In this pic, Britney is pregnant and even though she's in public, she couldn't possibly be bothered to do her hair and makeup. Bleached out stringy locks should not be a fashion statement, and her makeup looks like it was done by a thirteen-year-old. Add to that the unfortunate top that has the job of containing those breasts and her baby bump. She looks like she just woke up and threw on the first thing her hands touched in the closet, whether it fit her growing pregnancy bod, or not. Oh Brit, we will always love you no matter what you put on, but we will also be cringing a bit on your behalf.

13 Clothes Should Fit When You Are Pregnant As Well

https://www.instagram.com/p/BLfMjy4h_An/?hl=en blacchyna Drinking @teamiblends Skinny tea, as it gives me great energy plus it's perfectly safe while pregnant! Can't wait to do the @teamiblends detox after I give birth to my lil girl Its the only tea I swear by to help me look my best! I have their tumblers in green, pink and purple use my code "CHYNA" to get a discount when you place your order! #thankyouteami #momapproved 36 weeks pregnant 4 weeks to go Source: Blac Chyna Instagram

Body-shaming is wrong, and we shouldn't do it to anyone, whether they are celebrities or not, but just because we should be accepting of all different types of bodies, doesn't mean you shouldn't dress appropriately for your body type. Case in point, Blac Chyna has a very curvaceous figure, and while she's an exceptionally beautiful woman, that doesn't mean she needs to be popping out of her clothes. Sure, she can wear whatever she darn well pleases, that's her right, but when she wears something so skin tight that it appears she isn't even wearing anything at all, it becomes a problem for the rest of us. If I am fearful that you are going to burst out of your pants and flash my children, then you might be doing something inappropriate. There is nothing wrong with showing off your curves, but make sure your clothes fit you—otherwise you just look inappropriate AF. And it ain't cute, either.

12 Why Even Bother With Clothes At All?

Meh. Who needs clothes when you're pregnant? Pregnancy is a hot time—we mean temperature wise—and we all want to wear as little clothing as possible. Tis true. And yet, I've always had a sneaking suspicion that if I walked around naked there was some kind of law against it...what's it called again? Oh yeah, indecent exposure. Yes, we can all agree that Laura Perlongo is a beautiful woman, but this—outfit?—just makes me uncomfortable. It doesn't seem appropriate to wear it anywhere, let alone some fancy celebrity gathering, like, oh I don't know—the VMAs. If head turning was their objective (which let's be honest, of course it was), they succeeded. But they didn't really turn heads in a good way. This photo is super awkward, and just plain inappropriate. If you want to walk around naked on your own time, go for it. When you are on a red carpet, could you try putting a shirt on?

11 Is That A Baby Bump?

I can't even imagine the planning that must go into designing the perfect outfit for the stage. One must consider all the different lighting, the size of the venue, what time of day the event is taking place, outside or inside? Will there be wind? Well, it's got to get infinitely more difficult to plan the perfect outfit while pregnant, especially when you haven't yet announced that pregnancy to the world. I'm guessing Jennifer Lopez had worked pretty hard to disguise that bump, but one can't plan for everything, can they? Whether it was because of too much wind or just too much dancing around, the world learned of JLo's condition by way of a bump slip. Unfortunately, when you aren't dressed to showcase your bump, and were instead trying to hide it, it can make for an awkward photo. The secret was out with this pic of JLo’s tum.

10 Someone Takes 'Pregnancy Glow' As A Challenge

Christina Aguilera has always had sex appeal, and there is no reason that she shouldn't look and feel sexy while pregnant, but did she really have to be naked on the cover of a magazine to prove she's sexy? I'm not sure if it's a growing trend in the world of pregnancy, but not everyone wants to see you naked. Save that for your partner, and please keep it behind closed doors. Unless you live in a nudist colony, nakedness isn't really appropriate in the everyday world. Maybe some day we will go back to nature, and all start walking around nude, but until then, it's just a little raunchy. I realize that technically her privates aren't showing in this photo, but this is a clear attention grab. 'Sex Sells' and all that can get a little out of hand sometimes. Prude coming out again…but put that mess away. Ain't nobody want to see all that, pregnant or not.

9 Too Lazy To Put On A Shirt, Or Buy Pants That Fit

Hey, we've all been there so we can relate. We've all had those moments while pregnant where nothing is comfortable, and so we either don't wear pants at all, or release the building pressure of the baby bulge as much as possible by unbuttoning the jeans. But...we probably shouldn't go out in public looking like this. In the above pic Courtney Stodden is out walking with her stepsister, and she's wearing an uber revealing top with her jeans completely unbuttoned and unzipped. You can even see her panties poking out, and that is just never a good look. This is entirely inappropriate for a public stroll, and I don't care how famous you are. Raunchy certainly attracts attention, but it's not a good style choice. Even though you're uncomfortable let's buy some maternity jeans that actually fit, yes? Or, if you're too cheap, at least put on a long top that covers up your underwear. It's underwear, not supposed to be on public display.

8 The Peeping Bump

Who doesn't love a nice pair of peep toe pumps? They're super flirty, they make EVERYONE'S feet look cute, and you only have to paint two of your toenails—that means for the laziest among us they are particularly perfect. But, until now, I'd never heard of the peep belly shirt. Did you? Am I out of the loop? Of course Cindy Margolis looks beautiful in this picture, not denying that. Also, the bump is nothing to be ashamed of, and if she wants to show it off, who are we to tell her otherwise, but it does look a little odd and inappropriate for everyday wear. Still, maybe she's going to start a new trend, a unique take on belly shirts for pregnant women. Pregnant women want to feel sexy too, and show off a little skin. If that skin happens to be wrapped around a growing baby that's cool.

7 When Did Lingerie Become Evening Attire?

We all love to hate Kim Kardashian West. Sometimes she rocks her clothes and we all wonder how she does it, and sometimes she forgets to put actual clothes on…and then we all shake our heads. This is one of the latter times. I don't understand what she was thinking when she looked in the mirror and thought this was great evening-wear. It also makes me question the fashion designers’ choices when they put these outfits on runways. It's not the revealing clothing that bothers me—fashion these days is like going to the gynecologist...there's no modesty left in the art—but the lacy style of the fabric and the fact that I can see her underpants makes this just too bedroom chic for me. I love looking at beautiful clothes that I will never be able to wear, but I don't really need a peek into Kim's bedroom ensembles, thank you.

6 Too Tight! A Little Too Tight!

When you learn you are pregnant, one of those fun things you get to look forward to is gaining weight and your clothes getting tight. Really tight. When it gets to the point where they no longer fit though, you are supposed to go out and invest in some maternity clothes. It's painful for all of us believe me, I've been there, but it's a necessary part of pregnancy. It's also much more comfortable to wear clothes that aren't chafing, and a lot less nerve-wracking for those of us watching someone like Blac Chyna walking around looking like her dress is going to split open at any moment. Blac Chyna likes to wear tight, revealing clothing—that's her thing and it's a personal style choice, but it comes off as inappropriate. It doesn't actually matter whether she is pregnant or not, but the above pic has me chewing my nails with anxiety. Come on celebs! You have the money...buy clothes in your size!

5 The Rosary Isn't Foolin' Us

Some women are always inappropriate; it's just their thing. Nicole 'Snooki' thrives off of it, as do many reality T.V. stars. I'm just stating the facts, not judging. Here she is wearing a tight, skimpy mini dress while pregnant. Wearing a rosary makes this outfit even more inappropriate, but whom would she be if she didn't do things like this? She would be a nobody, and she can’t live with that! This star is not known for being classy, and some people love her for it. Still, I don't think that mini dresses are really that appropriate unless you are going clubbin'. Maybe she is going clubbin', right after she's done at the grocery store, and after that she's heading to church to say twenty Hail Marys for being so inappropriate. If there weren't people like Snooki though, how would we be able to set the bar for what not to do?

4 Don't Mind My Sideboob

I'm going to put my opinion out there that if I can see your bra clearly, you probably aren't dressed very appropriately. I think it's even worse if I can see sideboob or underboob. What you wear is your choice, but posting photos of yourself wearing a shirt bra that doesn't actually cover your boob isn't classy. These are celebrities we are talking about here, and their every move is scrutinized. Yes, we feel sorry for the Princess Kates of the world, who are actually trying to be appropriate, but get their picture taken by long-range cameras while sunbathing in their own homes. But, if you are a celebrity walking around in public, or posting pictures of yourself to social media, then what you wear is up for discussion. What I wear is up for discussion as well, which is why I would never post pictures of myself like this. What is appropriate for me should be the same for celebs.

3 Pregnant Beyoncé

We all love the beautiful and talented Beyoncé; how could you not? She's one of the most famous celebrities on the planet, and her style is much admired. I do think that in general, she is a high-class lady, but this maternity style is a little inappropriate. I realize that she is at her own party, and again, she can do whatever she wants—she's Beyoncé, but the cleavage is too much. If your friends are worried that you're going to have a nip slip, then you might be dressed a little raunchy. If I were someone at this party, I would either spend half my time staring down at her breasts, or worried about them popping out, or trying really hard not to stare down at her breasts. How much attention you want your breasts to have, rather than you as a person, is totally up to you. If you want them to steal the show, then by all means, give them center stage! Just don't be surprised if no one remembers a word you said at the party.

2 I Refuse To Cover My Bump, Like, Ever

Some women are extremely comfortable with their bodies, and they don't mind showing that skin to the world. Obviously celebrities are among the most beautiful people in the world; it's a visual world and people love beauty, but when is skin a bit too much? Maybe never for some people, but for others, too much skin is too much skin. Is it really necessary to have slits in your dress that go all the way up to your waist? Is it appropriate to show as much skin as you can possibly get away with, while still being 'clothed'? That's a judgment call, and we all have our limits as to what we find decent. Some of us are a little more blaze about exposed skin than others. I probably wouldn't want my daughter to see pictures like this though, because it puts the importance of sex appeal into her head. We have to remember that celebrities are supposed to be role models, too.

1 My Baby Can't Even Move In My Bump Because My Clothes Are So Tight

Oh Kim! The woman who made the world understand how gorgeous a curvy figure really is! Kim is considered one of the most breathtakingly beautiful women in the world, and she is. Not everyone will admire how she became famous, and we don't really need to, but we all love checking out her fashion. We also have to give her credit for putting on a show for her adoring fans every time she steps out of her front door, but some of her outfits are inappropriate. Here she is heavily pregnant, and she does look lovely, but she would look even lovelier if her clothes actually fit. Being pregnant is difficult. It can be very frustrating trying to dress for the bump, especially when farther along in the pregnancy. That being said, Kim has all the tools at her disposal to kill it with her maternity apparel. She can have custom outfits made for her! So, Kim dear, get those designers to make a dress in your current size.

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